Leipzig with kids

Leipzig is one of the largest cities in eastern Germany, and you can easily spend a day or two in Leipzig with kids. The city is a six and a half hour drive from Utrecht, making it unsuitable as a family weekend getaway. Still, the city is really recommended to visit once, when you book an extended vacation to Germany. We list the best sights and activities in Leipzig with kids for you.

Leipzig with kids #1: leipzig zoo

Less than a 15-minute walk from the center of Leipzig is the city’s zoo. The zoo is large and you can easily spend a day here with your kids. The zoo is divided into six different themes: Africa, Asia, South America. Founders Garden, Pongoland and Gondwanaland. The first three themes related to different continents speak for themselves and you will find animals of this continent. At Founders Garden at the entrance to the park, they go into the history of the zoo and the other two themes do deserve a little more explanation.

Gondwanaland is really cool because under a dome an entire tropical rainforest has been recreated and it is even possible in this part of the park to take a boat through the rainforest. It is very green and you can walk on wooden walkways through the greenhouse. Pongoland is all about the monkey. In this section, you can visit various monkeys.

This zoo does have most of the well-known animals such as the lion, elephant, giraffe, rhino and several monkeys. One of the zoo’s highlights is the koala enclosure. What is extra nice about the zoo is that occasionally there are special routes for the kids, where they have to climb and scramble at the different enclosures and where they have a better view of the animals.

The zoo also has two playgrounds, and next to them, parents can have something to eat and drink while the kids are playing. One playset is in the shape of a boat and with the other playset it is an entire structure in the shape of a three-headed dragon. In addition, a little train runs around the zoo.

Of course, there are plenty of places to eat at the zoo. Prices are quite reasonable and it is possible to buy a family ticket at a discount.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids #2: Belantis amusement park

In the south of the city of Leipzig about 20 minutes away by car is a large amusement park for kids. The amusement park is built on a former lignite mine. It is the largest amusement park in East Germany. The park is divided into seven themed zones: the realm of the sun temple, the prairie of the Indians, the island of the knights, the land of the tombs, the coast of the explorers, the beach of the gods and the valley of the Pharaohs.

The entire amusement park is built around a large lake that is supposed to represent the Mediterranean Sea. At the entrance you arrive at Belantis Castle with several halls and plazas. From there you can go to the various themed areas. The amusement park has several fast-paced rides, but also plenty of family attractions. Several attractions require a minimum height, so be sure to check online in advance to see what all your kids are allowed to enter. There are also several shows in the amusement park that you can watch.

The amusement park also has two different playgrounds for kids and also a water playground for warmer days. The park is only half full, so attractions will continue to be added in the coming years. Of course, there are plenty of eateries in the amusement park where you can get something to eat and drink.

The park is open from April through November, and the ticket price is quite hefty. Especially since it’s not a super-sized amusement park either.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids #3: Panorama tower

If you want to have a great view in Leipzig with kids, the panorama tower is a very good option. This skyscraper is right in the center and for a few euros you can go to the 31st floor, where there is a rooftop terrace and you have a 360-degree view of the city. The shape of the 142.5-meter-high skyscraper is unusual and the roof looks like a ski jump.

If you and your family order a drink at the cafe located one floor below the tower’s viewing platform you will get your entrance fee back. There is also a small playground at this skyscraper, with some play equipment for kids.

By the way, this panorama tower is not the only place where you can get a great view of the city. Thus, right in the center you also have the Thomaskirche, where you can climb the more than 200 steps of the church tower and where you also have a nice view of the city. For the price, you don’t have to settle for either viewpoint.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids #4: Monument Volkerschlachtdenkmal

This is one of the largest war memorials in Europe. Standing in front of the monument you can only see how enormous a building it is. You can go into the monument and get information about the history of the battle that took place here in World War I.

There are huge statues in the building and you can take the stairs all the way up and have a great view of the city of Leipzig from the 91-meter-high building here. The building is slightly outside the city and it takes you about 20 minutes by streetcar from downtown. Kids up to five years old can visit the monument inside for free.

The monument is located at the foot of a large city park, which is a great place to walk with your kids. Also in this park are some statues referring to World War I.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids: other kids’ activities

#5 Tour with Trabants: you can also discover the city of Leipzig with kids in an old Trabant car. Led by a guide, you can explore the city in a procession of old Trabant cars in an hour and a half. The cars are not super large, but with small kids in the back seat, it should definitely work.

#6 City Parks: there are a number of city parks in Leipzig that are worth visiting with kids. The Friedens Park is located fairly downtown and has a playground and also a small botanical garden. There are also plenty of grassy areas in this park where you can have a great family picnic. It is about a half-hour walk to this city park from downtown. The second city park is the Clara Zetkins Park and this one is a lot bigger. This park is quite large and has several lakes and several playgrounds, with Clarapark playground being a must.

#7 Canoeing: through the city of Leipzig flows the river Elsterflutbett and on this river you can canoe with kids. You can rent these canoes from March through October, and you pay a price per hour. You have canoes for one, two and three people, so you can also take kids together in a canoe. The canoe rental business is in the Clara Zetkins Park discussed above.

#8 Unikatum Children’s Museum: a small museum largely run by volunteers, where kids can discover things through various interactive exhibits. If you enjoy visiting a museum in Leipzig with kids, this is an option.

#9 Hop on Hop off bus: if you want a quick way to explore Leipzig with kids, these red buses in the city are extremely convenient. In a 2-hour round-trip, you will stop at 10 different places in the city. This way you get a quick impression of a city, and in summer you can sit in the double-decker at the top by the open roof. You also have roughly the same buses running but in yellow. And they take a 1.5-hour round trip and stop at 13 different stops.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids: the Christmas market

One of the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany can be found in Leipzig. The tradition of this Christmas market dates back to the 15th century and the market is very atmospheric. The market has as many as 250 stalls and starts in the last week of November until Christmas Day. In total, the Christmas market will be there for 28 days.

This Christmas market is also very family-friendly. Among other things, there is a fairy tree, Santa Claus comes to visit and there is a children’s land. For example, you can visit the market with your kids at the beginning of the Christmas vacations when they are free and you are planning a city trip to Leipzig with kids.

Leipzig with kids
Leipzig with kids

Leipzig with kids: car rental

If you are going to do the above described activities in Leipzig with kids, then a car might come in handy. Basically, there is public transportation in the city, but having your own car can obviously be an option. We actually find the cars from Sunny Cars are always top notch!

You actually have all costs included in the price here and are insured for most things (including your deductible). We have had problems with this in the past with other rental companies, because all kinds of costs are added at the destination. With Sunny Cars, you know that’s not the case and that’s a nice feeling. You can additionally cancel the car 1 hour before your reservation free of charge. You can also rent a car in Leipzig with kids from Sunny Cars.

Check out the different rental cars here.

Where to sleep in Leipzig with kids

Budget hotel: Meininger Hotel Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

Mid-range hotel: Capri by Fraser Leipzig

Luxury hotel: Vienna House Easy Leipzig

To search for other hotels in Leipzig with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Leipzig with kids

Leipzig card: like every major city, Leipzig has a card, which allows unlimited travel on public transport and gives you many discounts on many attractions in Leipzig. Take a look at what you want to visit in Leipzig with kids and then calculate if the card is advantageous for your family.

Environmental sticker: keep in mind that when you visit the city of Leipzig by car that you need an environmental sticker. These can be ordered from the ANWB website and will be sent to you within 5 days. To do this, you need to enter the car’s registration number and report code (found on the registration certificate) and then the correct color will be selected.

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