Langkawi with kids

Langkawi with kids: 6 fun kids activities in a row!

Langkawi with kids is fun! We stayed there for a whopping 11 days, which was a bit on the long side, but five to six days or so is a great time to spend with the family here! We did most things on the island and also visited most of Langkawi’s beaches. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Langkawi for you!

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

#1: the beaches of Langkawi

Pantai Cenang

This is perhaps the most famous and touristy beach in Lankawi. It is an elongated beach where you can do various water sports such as; parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating etc. On the beach you can rent two beach beds and an umbrella for about 6 euros. Consequently, this is frequently done by tourists.

We ourselves also rented a jet ski one day, went parasailing (you can take to the air with your kid) and sailed a banana. Check with the various booths on the beach for prices, as they can still vary from one another.

At the beach there are several small restaurants and bars where you can get something to eat and drink. Don’t expect trendy beach clubs because there are none here. Our favorite joint was Kalut. Here you can chill on the beach in a beanbag. Sophie absolutely loved the fresh-squeezed apple juice.

The street behind the beach has many stores and restaurants. We ate here just about every day. There are plenty of choices from Indian to Mexican to Italian to Thai. Of course, there is also a MacDonalds and a Subway.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

Pantai Tengah

This beach is south of Pantai Cenang and is less touristy. It’s a fine beach to walk on but you can’t rent beds here, for example. There’s a nice little beach all the way north of this beach, it’s called Hidden, where you can have a drink and a bite to eat.

Skull beach

We think this is the most beautiful beach we have visited in Langkawi. It has beautiful white, soft sand. After a short walk through nature, you will arrive at this little beach. Be aware of the many monkeys that are here. They are used to people, so they really come to you to take food and drink from you. Similarly, we had a confrontation with one of the monkeys here and it was quite frightening. There are no facilities at this beach. So you must bring your own food and drink.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

Black Sand beach

The name says it all, on this beach the sand is black. Unfortunately, when we visited it, the tide was high and we couldn’t see much of the beach. There are two swings in the sea on which you can take nice pictures. You enter the beach via a fun, colored staircase. At the top of those stairs is also a playground and there are some souvenir shops where you can also buy drinks.

Tanjun Rhu beach

This beach consists of two parts. Some of it is in front of the Four seasons hotel and some behind it. The part where the Four seasons hotel is located you can visit only if you are a guest of this hotel. So we visited both the other parts. The stretch before it is popular with locals. They come here to eat and drink in the evening.

There are several restaurants here and you can also book tours through the mangrove from here. This section also features the letters I love Langkawi. When we got there no one was on the beach so we only took a picture at the letters and continued by cab to the second part.

This second part is more popular among tourists. There are several souvenir stores when you arrive at the beach, and there are restaurants where you can get something to eat and drink. You can also rent beach beds and umbrellas there. The beach is beautiful but in the sand there are also some black pieces of sand which makes it look less beautiful.

If you walk all the way to the right you come to another little bay where there is also a swing hanging from a branch. Here you can take nice pictures.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

#2 Langkawi water park

You can also go to a very fun water park in Langkawi with kids. Located in the south of the island near the boat terminal, Splash Out Langkawi is a really fun water park. When we visited the water park, it was also not crowded, so we did not have to queue anywhere at the slides either.

The water park has two large towers with several spectacular slides, a children’s area with several cool slides, a pool with artificial waves, a lazyriver and another pool area with two family slides. The area of the water park is not super large, making it all quite manageable.

We visit the water park when it opens in the morning and, of course, our daughter wants to go down all the slides right away. Our daughter was eight years old and slightly taller than 1.30 meters and was allowed to go down all the slides, so that was very nice! You have slides where you have to go off with a strap or a mat and you have slides where you can go off without aids.

There are also plenty of options in terms of food and drink. Bringing food and drinks is not allowed and bags will be checked at the entrance. We had a great time in this water park for a whole day and it is definitely fun to visit the water park for a day.

To get an idea of the different slides and to buy tickets to the water park, check out Splash Out Langkawi’s website.

Langkawi water park
Langkawi water park

#3 Day of island hopping

We heard different stories about this tour. Not all of them very positive. But since the tour was very cheap, converting about 6 euros per person, we took the gamble. We booked our tour at one of the many agencies on the street behind Cenang Beach. Everywhere the tour is inexpensive but sometimes it can make a few euros difference where you book.

We will be picked up at our hotel at 9 a.m. and taken to the boat. With about 12 more, we headed toward the first stop. This stop is at an island where you first have to walk through a piece of nature. You still pay a few euros entrance fee for the national park here. When you get to the other side of the island there is a large raft made where you can lie down or sit on.

You can also rent a kayak for two people for half an hour for about 5 euros. There is also a tank of fish that you can go into with your feet so they will nibble at your feet. We stay in this place for an hour and that is enough. Unfortunately, there are few shaded areas in this spot so it’s nice not to stay here for super long.

The second stop is “eagle feeding.” This is a place where they feed the eagles and so lots of eagles can be seen together at the same time. This is nice to see from the boat, though. Then we sailed on to the last stop, which was an island with a beautiful, white beach. Again, we stay for about 1 hour. The water is beautiful, clear blue and the beach is white. You can also do some water sports here for a fee.

Then we sailed back by boat and the van took us back to our hotel. The tour lasts a total of 4 hours. We thought it was definitely worth it, especially since the tour is not expensive and we found it a fun way to explore the Langkawi area.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

#4 Mangrove tour

We also heard different stories about this tour. We decided to go to the place where the boats leave for this tour, to book a ticket there. We preferred to go on a private boat this time so that we could decide where to go and how long to stay in the places.

You can also book this tour from the street behind Cenang beach. We think the prices are about the same as if you book the tickets at the place where the boats leave (next to Tangjun Rhu beach). We took a Grab cab to Tangjun Rhu beach.

Once there, the prices turned out to be many times higher than in the town. In retrospect, this was because the Grab driver also gets a share of the ticket proceeds. We then walked around and our Grab driver had left. Then we got to a stall, so without our Grab driver, and then suddenly the prices were a lot lower.

The brochures that were there had prices of around 100 euros for a private boat. But when we indicated that we were without Grab, the prices were suddenly more than halved. The lady at the booth indicated that she could do this because we did not have a Grab driver with us that she had to pay.

So tip is to get a Grab cab to drop you off at the beach and indicate that you want to go to the beach and not book a tour. Then the Grab driver leaves and you can book the tour at a lower price.

We ended up booking a private boat for 3 hours for about 50 euros. First we left for a snorkeling spot. It was super nice to snorkel here for a while. The water is clear and beautiful, colorful fish can be seen.

Then we went on to the Batcave. This cave is full of bats. At the entrance, you have to buy a ticket for about 50 cents. In addition, you can rent a flashlight for about 20 cents. The trip through the cave is not much, but it is nice to see the bats for a while.

At the entrance and exit of the cave, do watch out for the monkeys. These are very cheeky and snatched a bottle of water from a kid’s hand. If you have anything of food or drink with you, it is likely to be snatched from your hands by a monkey.

Then we visit the Crocodile Cave. This is a cave in the shape of a crocodile, but there are no crocodiles. At low tide, you can sail through this cave. That was possible with us. Once you have sailed through the cave, you enter the mangrove. Super beautiful to sail through this. On both sides you can also see monkeys.

Finally, we saw many beautiful eagles. Our guide had chicken with him and threw it into the water, allowing the eagles to be seen up close.

We really liked this tour. The surroundings are really beautiful and looking at the beautiful scenery from a boat and overlooking the sea is super nice.

Mangrove tour Langkawi
Mangrove tour Langkawi

#5 Climbing Park Langkawi

If you want to go climbing in Langkawi with kids, you can go to Skytrex Langkawi. They have two different courses you can take. One is for kids taller than 6 feet and one is for kids smaller than 6 feet.

We were at the climbing park and after getting instructions on how everything worked and doing a trial round, a huge rainstorm broke out for several hours, which unfortunately prevented us from doing the course. So we cannot judge how the course was either.

But from what we have seen of it, it is certainly a challenging course for younger kids who haven’t climbed much yet. You can buy some drinks at the climbing course. The climbing park is also near the Langkawi cable car, so you can also combine these two children’s activities in one day.

Langkawi climbing park
Langkawi sights

#6 Skybridge Langkawi

With the Cable Car, you can go up to the Sky Bridge. It is not possible to purchase a separate ticket for the Cable Car. You always buy a combination ticket for the Cable Car, SkyRex, SkyDome and 3D Art Langkawi. This ticket costs about 17 euros per person converted. For kids, it’s a little cheaper.

You can also choose a VIP gondola (where you sit alone with your family) or a glass bottom gondola for an additional fee. There is also the option to choose the Express lane (then you don’t have to queue but get priority). The latter was not necessary for us because it was not crowded on the day we visited (August 2023).

From the Cable car you have a nice view of the area. You can also admire some of the waterfalls from above. Just make sure you go in good weather, because if it is very cloudy you may not see much.

Once at the top, you can take pictures of the view from various platforms. Note the monkeys sitting here. They are used to tourists and they try to take away your stuff. From this platform, take another Cable Car up to get to the skybridge. Here you can take a nice photo of the SkyBridge from above, allowing you to see it in its entirety.

Here you must also buy an additional ticket for the Skybridge. This costs about 2 euros converted to walk across it (about 320 steps) and about double to go on the SkyGlide (this is a small train that takes you up and down the SkyBridge). We chose to walk because there was a huge line at the train. It’s about a 10-minute walk and not super strenuous. Again, many monkeys on the road. 


As mentioned, you buy the ticket for the Skybridge at the terminus of the Cable Car and it costs about 2 euros. You can get to the SkyBridge by stairs (about 320 steps and 10 minutes) or, for an additional cost, by the SkyGlide (small train). On the SkyBridge itself, you can walk up and down and enjoy the beautiful view. Also, some pieces in the bridge are made of glass through which you can look down. 

Please note that in high winds, rain or other inclement weather, the SkyBridge may be closed. So before you buy a ticket for the Cable Car, check downstairs to see if the SkyBridge is open.


As indicated, you can only buy a combination ticket and not a separate ticket for just the Cable Car. So access to the SkyDome is included for free. SyDome is a kind of planetarium. You can enter here for a short film about the universe. It’s not much, but since it’s nearby anyway, it’s fine to drop in.


This is a 4D attraction and is also included in your ticket for the Cable Car. It’s an attraction where you sit in a cart and get 3D glasses on. Then the cart starts moving and making movements while you watch a 3D movie about dinosaurs. Fun to pick up while you’re there, but this attraction is not high quality either.

3D Art Langkawi

This museum is best compared to a selfie museum as we know it in the Netherlands. There are all drawings here on the walls with a 3D effect that make it seem, for example, as if you are standing in a dino’s mouth, hanging like a koala from a bamboo stick or trapped in a bottle. This is a fairly large museum with lots of different 3D Art. 

There is also a short show with lights and sound. Besides the bridge, this is really the most fun to do. If you don’t have much time, we would only do this in addition to visiting the bridge. 

Skybridge Langkawi
Skybridge Langkawi

Where to stay in Langkawi with kids?

We stayed on Langkawi for ten nights at the Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah hotel, which we found to be a very nice hotel to stay at. We had a very nice spacious room with a king-size bed, a balcony and a view of the garden. In addition, we had breakfast at the hotel.

On the third floor sits a very nice pool that gives views of the surrounding area. This is also where breakfast is in the morning. We thought the pool was a bit like some kind of beach club. The beach was within walking distance and you could be brought from the hotel by golf cart.

Breakfast was very extensive and they had a kids club and a gym. We spent ten nights here wonderfully. For more information on the Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah hotel, take a look here.

Of course, there are plenty of other nice family-friendly accommodations on Langkawi. For a list of all family-friendly accommodations on Langkawi, take a look here.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi with kids

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