Kuala Lumpur with kids

Kuala Lumpur with kids: 7 kids activities in a row!

Kuala Lumpur with kids is fun! If you are going to tour Malaysia with kids, Malaysia’s capital is a place you are definitely going to spend a few days. During our trip through Malaysia with our daughter, we visited Kuala Lumpur three times and stayed there for a total of about a week. We list the most fun kids’ activities in Kuala Lumpur in this blog!

Kuala Lumpur with kids
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#1 Petronas Towers

The most famous towers in the city are the two towers of Petronas. These towers are very photogenic and you can take beautiful pictures here with your family. Surrounding the tower is a nice little park with quite a large playground and water play area. Our daughter had a great time here until it started raining hard.

You can also visit the towers, but you must book in advance, as only a limited number of visitors are allowed inside each day. Of course, in the towers you have a great view of the city. Also near the towers there is a large shopping center, where you can shop, as well as get something to eat and drink.

Kuala Lumpur with kids
Kuala Lumpur with kids

#2 Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur was a few minutes’ walk from our hotel in a shopping mall. It is a fun museum to visit with kids. You can see and experience all kinds of illusions.

For example, you can stand in a room where it appears that one person is much taller than the other, and there is a mirror where you can look into it from two sides so that it appears that your face is half one person’s and half another’s. You can also create different types of puzzles.

Since it can be quite hot and also rain often in Kuala Lumpur, this museum is highly recommended. We enjoyed ourselves here for about an hour. You can buy tickets to the museum at the box office or on the Museum of Illusions website.

Children's Museum Kuala Lumpur
Children's Museum Kuala Lumpur

#3 Batu Caves

This is one of the most famous sights in Kuala Lumpur and it is definitely fun to visit these caves for a while. The caves are slightly outside the city and within half an hour you can get to them by Grab cab. In the parking lot near the caves you have all kinds of stalls, where you can buy something to drink, but where believers also buy all kinds of things to sacrifice.

You see right as you enter the parking lot the large golden statue of the war god Murugan. You also notice right away that there are a lot of monkeys walking around. These monkeys are constantly looking for food which they occasionally get from tourists. Because of this, many of the monkeys are also very bold and not at all afraid of humans.

So make sure when you walk toward the temple that you do not have any food or drink in your hands, nor do you have a plastic bag in your hands (the monkeys then suspect that there is food or drink in here).

Also keep in mind that women must be dressed appropriately. They stop you at the stairs otherwise and then you have to buy some kind of scarf for a small fee to enter the temple. Then you have to climb up a very photogenic staircase with 272 steps to the temples. There are also quite a few monkeys on the steps.

Upstairs you have different temples for different gods. Our daughter found it super interesting to see the rituals of the believers here and exactly how everything works. You will spend about an hour or two to three with this activity (including transportation).

Batu Caves with kids
Batu Caves with kids

#4 Escape Petaling Jaya

If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity in Kuala Lumpur with kids, Escape Petaling Jaya is a really fun option. This is a climbing park located in the Paradigm Mall, which is about a 25-minute cab ride from downtown Kuala Lumpur.

We visited Escape park in Penang before and we thought it was a really cool park, so our expectations were high. And also this climbing park was absolutely top-notch. You have several courses to climb first. They can do so at three different levels, with two different courses at each level. We did most of these courses, with the top course being quite tough for our eight-year-old daughter.

In addition to the climbing courses, they also have a Ninja course here, where kids can complete an entire course. There are also several other climbing opportunities such as climbing against a house and climbing a tree.

There are also crazy bikes you can climb on, there is an attraction where kids are launched, there is a really cool slide and kids can do acrobatic tricks.

In short, you can easily spend a whole day at this climbing park. At the beginning of the day, they take a picture of your face, which allows you to walk in and out of the climbing park throughout the day, which also allows you to grab a bite to eat at the mall. We had lunch at the Italian restaurant located next to the climbing park and that restaurant is very good.

For more information about this climbing park, check out Escape Petaling Jaya‘s website.

Climbing Park Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur with kids

#5 Menara Tower

We visited this TV tower because we had read in advance that you have a nice view of the Petronas Towers from this tower, but we actually found it quite disappointing. Because you see the towers at an angle, you can’t see the two towers side by side nicely.

In addition, it was very crowded when we visited the towers. You have two glass containers where you can have photos taken, but the waiting time here sometimes runs to nearly three hours, leaving everyone waiting on top of the tower. As a result, the tower itself is also quite crowded.

At the foot of the tower there is also a house, where everything is upside down, but we did not visit it, because the house was full of tourists when we wanted to visit it, so we had to wait half an hour.

You can also hike a nature trail here, which we had read online beforehand was free, but you pay quite a fee to hike this trail these days. So we skipped this ourselves.

Therefore, the visit to the Menara Tower and its surroundings was a bit disappointing for us. We expected a little more of it ourselves.

Kuala Lumpur viewing tower
Kuala Lumpur viewing tower

#6 Petaling street

Chinatown includes Petaling street which we had visited 15 years earlier and which has actually changed very little.

In these streets you will find a market where you can buy all kinds of things. Especially fake brand products such as, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry etc. Also lots of souvenirs, of course. It is pleasant to walk through these streets for a while. Our cab driver indicated that you have to haggle 75% because otherwise you pay too much 😉.

In a street behind Petalin street is a beautiful, colorful, temple you can go inside. This is the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. You are not allowed to enter with shoes on so you must have them stored at the entrance for 20 cents a pair.

For that matter, if you are looking for some more Western brands for dining or shopping, the various shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are a good option. We regularly visited the Pavilion mall, as it was a few minutes’ walk from our apartment.

Truly all stores of all brands can be found here. From the H&M to Chanel etc. Upstairs and in the basement are all restaurants. The Indian restaurant on the top floor is definitely recommended.

Also, in this mall there is a very large supermarket in the basement. Here they also have a very extensive vegetable department, where we bought fruits and vegetables for our daughter every day.

The area around the mall is also a lot of fun to visit in the evening, as the lights and advertisements make it a very lively place.

What to do in Kuala Lumpur with the family
What to do in Kuala Lumpur with the family

#7 Water parks Kuala Lumpur

You can visit several water parks in Kuala Lumpur with kids. You have some great water parks around the city that are definitely worth visiting. However, it is smart to check in advance what the prices of the water parks are and which slides your kids are all allowed to go down.

Sunway Lagoon Waterpark is the most famous water park that is fairly close to downtown Kuala Lumpur, but that is also a fairly expensive water park. We were in Kuala Lumpur during the rainy season and felt it was too much of a risk to spend a lot of money on a water park and have rain maybe half the time.

We therefore personally visited the Bangi Wonderland water park, which is about a 40-minute Grab cab ride from downtown. They have some cool slides here, but there are length and weight restrictions.

For example, certain slides only allow you to weigh 85 pounds and require you to stand on a scale beforehand. You can then sign a document that if you weigh more that you take the slide at your own risk.

Keep in mind that in Malaysia most people are Muslim and they enter the water park with clothes on (including the men). Because of this, we did feel very uncomfortable being almost the only one walking around in swimwear, while there were hundreds of local people all walking around the water park in full dress.

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Other children’s activities in Kuala Lumpur

Of course, we did not do all the children’s activities in Kuala Lumpur during the week we visited the city.

For example, you can also go to Kidzania done. Here kids can do all kinds of occupations. Kidzania you have in different countries and we have already visited Kidzania in Singapore and our daughter really liked it. However, it can be tricky that the kids are given instructions everywhere and they are in English and that can be difficult for the kids to follow.

You also have the Berjaya Times Square amusement park. We hesitated to go here, but we did find it quite pricey and in some of the attractions you had to be 1.40 meters and our daughter is not that. This amusement park is also located in a shopping mall.

You can also take a day trip to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur. This city is a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and this city has a lot of street art, as well as historical sites such as Dutch Square.

Family-friendly hotel Kuala Lumpur

You have super many family-friendly accommodations in Kuala Lumpur where you can stay. We returned to this fun city no less than three times with our daughter and slept in an apartment at Canopy Lives in the Tribeca Residence building all three times.

We had a very spacious nice room here with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. In addition, this apartment complex had two really cool rooftop pools overlooking the city. The price per night was very reasonable and we really enjoyed the fine apartment.

The Tribeca Residence building is in the middle of the city and around it are several malls, where you can go for food and drinks. For more information about the Canopy Lives apartment, take a look here.

For a full list of all family-friendly accommodations in Kuala Lumpur, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Kuala Lumpur
Family-friendly hotel Kuala Lumpur

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