Knysna with kids

Best travel time Knysna with kids

You can visit the village of Knysna with kids all year round, but there are good and not so good months in terms of weather for some activities. The summer and winter months in South Africa are just the opposite of how they are in Europe. Because of this, the months of June/July and August can still be quite chilly and not as good weather for swimming, for example. We ourselves visited South Africa in the summer and then the weather in on the Garden Route was nice, but too chilly for swimming.

The months of November through February are summer in South Africa and it can be very hot. Consequently, most rain falls during this period. That may be a disadvantage of this period. Of course, you can go swimming more easily during this period. The months in between this summer and winter are the best months to visit Knysna.

During the months of March/April and May, it rains very little in South Africa and temperatures are also very pleasant. This makes this a good time to visit Knysna with kids. Even in the months of September and October, the temperatures are good and the environment is also green. Of course, one drawback of these months is that most families with kids do not have a vacation.

So in that respect, you can visit Knysna all year round just fine, but you have to consider the limitations of the climate during that period in some months.

Knysna with kids

Transportation to Knysna

Most families with kids visit Knysna with a rental car. It is possible to travel by public transport between cities, but you will be on the road for a long time, and especially with kids, this is not the ideal way to travel. Especially if you want to visit the Garden Route, you want to be able to stop at several places and not depend on public transportation all the time. Then you are wasting unnecessary time.

Children’s activities Knysna

#1 Knysna Lagoon

Knysna is situated on a beautiful lagoon and if you are going to visit the village of Knysna with the family, then of course you must visit the lagoon. The most famous beach located on this lagoon is Bollard Bay Beach. This beach is south of Knysna and you reach the beach in about 15 minutes by car.

Bollard Bay Beach is a beautiful white sand beach, where you can lie on the beach in the summer months of South Africa. Just keep in mind that there are no facilities at this beach so you have to bring your own food and drinks. It is a quiet beach and because the water is also very calm, it is also ideal for kids to go in the water.

Another fun activity you can do at Knysna Lagoon is to take a boat ride on the lagoon with Paddle Cruiser. This boat goes several times a day and the tour on this boat takes about 1.5 hours. The boat is big enough for more than 100 people and you can enjoy drinks on the boat while exploring the beautiful lagoon.

Knysna with kids

#2 Knysna Forest

You can also get out into nature in Knysna with kids. The Knysna Forest is a huge forest area with several old trees, which is great for hiking with kids. You can hike various routes in this forest, but for kids, for example, the 3-kilometer Woodcutters Trail is a fun route to walk. The walk takes about 1.5 hours with kids. The Knysna Forest is very extensive and it is even possible to encounter elephants here in this nature reserve.

A fun children’s activity you can do in the Knysna Forest is ziplining. At Knysna Ziplines, kids as young as 8 can go ziplining at this park. This tour takes about 2 hours and is obviously a fun activity to do for parents and kids alike. You just don’t have to suffer from vertigo, as you will be at altitudes of 200 meters.

In addition, just a few minutes’ drive from Knysna Ziplines is also the Garden of Eden. This is also a great place for hiking. Here you can take a one-kilometer walk on a wooden platform through the forest. This is also a hike you can easily do with small kids.

#3 Knysna Elephant Park

You can also go wildlife spotting in Knysna with kids. For example, you can visit Knysna Elephant Park. This park is located east of Knysna about a half-hour drive from downtown Knysna. The park is known for taking in elephants from the area and then preparing them to return to the wild.

What is a fun activity to do for kids at this park is to feed the elephants. You can buy a bucket of fruit at the park entrance and then feed this bucket of fruit to the elephants. You go by car to look for the elephants and then you can get close to the elephants. In addition to elephants, a number of zebras also roam the park.

Kruger Park with kids

#4 Emzini Township Tours

You can also book a tour to a Township in Knysna with kids. With Emzini Township Tours, you will go on a 3-hour tour led by a local guide, visiting different things in the township. First, you will visit a school in the township here. Then you go by the cobbler, the hairdresser and also a supermarket.

Then you will go to another room, where music is made and tourists can drum on drums. You will also go to a beautiful viewpoint. In short, you will see different aspects of the township in the 3 hours of the tour. Part of the revenue from the tour, goes back into the community, including several projects for kids.

#5 Knysna Heads

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Knysna with kids is Knysna Heads. This is perhaps the most famous spot in the village and you have several viewpoints where you have a viewpoint over the sea and these Knysna Heads. Knysna Heads are two huge rock outcroppings on either side of the entrance to the Knysna lagoon.

The two most beautiful viewpoints are Heads Lookout and Knysna Beach Lookout. You can park for free at most points, but there is often a local who will keep an eye on your car and can give you a few fringes afterwards. With any luck, you can also spot whales from the viewpoints. The best chance to see these animals is from June through September.

If you drive past the various viewpoints then it is nice to end at East Head Café which is discussed further below under the heading ‘family-friendly restaurant Knysna’.

Children's activities Knysna

Family-friendly restaurant Knysna

You can eat well in Knysna with kids at several places. We list some of these family-friendly restaurants in Knysna below.

Ile de Païn: This family-friendly restaurant in Knysna is a nice restaurant to go for breakfast or lunch. Ile de Païn is located by the water and you can eat delicious sandwiches and other dishes here. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and you can sit outside with the kids in good weather. They also have delicious pastries at this restaurant that include chocolate.

Tapas & Oysters: Knysna is known for its oysters and you can eat them at this family-friendly restaurant! The restaurant also serves hamburger, pizza, nachos and other tapas. This restaurant is around the corner from Ile de Païn and has a playground located near the restaurant. The restaurant also has a children’s menu. In addition, kids can watch movies at this restaurant.

East Head Café: this family-friendly restaurant in Knysna is located slightly outside the city center and is about a 15-minute drive away by car. You have a beautiful view of the Knysna Heads at this restaurant and there is a play area for the kids. You can enjoy lunch and dinner at this restaurant, but it can get crowded at times. Unfortunately, reservations cannot be made at this restaurant.

Family-friendly restaurant Knysna

Family-friendly hotel Knysna

You can stay in Knysna with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly hotels in Knysna where you can stay for 1 or 2 nights. We list below the top rated accommodations by families with kids in each price range. Click on the blue link for more information!

Organized trip with the family

In addition to arranging everything yourself, you can also book a trip where the flight, hotels and activities are already arranged for you. You can then choose to travel around South Africa with a group and a guide or go out alone with your family. For more information on this type of organized travel, check out the website of tour operator TUI.

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