Johannesburg with kids

Best travel time Johannesburg with kids

The best travel time to visit Johannesburg with kids is from April through September. From October through March, it is quite warm in Johannesburg and you also have plenty of days when it rains. In April and May the temperature is around 24 degrees which is, of course, a wonderful temperature to visit a city with kids. It rains a lot less then, too.

During the summer months of June, July and August, the temperature drops further but almost never rains. The temperature is then around 20 degrees. Of course, the summer months do tend to be the busiest months in South Africa, so hotel and activity prices can also be a lot higher.

By September, the high season will be over and temperatures will also start to rise again. We were there in the summer months and of course it was crowded in terms of tourists, but we really liked the temperature and did not have any rain.

Transportation in Johannesburg

Public transportation in the city is very poor and not really recommended in Johannesburg with kids. If you have your own rental car like most tourists, you can get yourself around the city. In general, you can park your car well anywhere.

If you don’t have a rental car, the best option is to get around the city by cab or the hop on hop off buses that run through the city. Especially with these buses, you can see a lot of the city of Johannesburg in a short time. We used these buses in Cape Town and found it to be a fine mode of transportation, with the buses passing most of the city’s attractions.

Johannesburg with kids

Children’s activities Johannesburg

You have enough children’s activities in Johannesburg to keep you entertained for a few days. Especially if you have just arrived by plane, you can make a nice schedule with some relaxing by the pool of your hotel and occasionally visiting things in the city. Below we list the best children’s activities in Johannesburg.

#1 Bicycle tour of Soweto

Soweto is Johannesburg’s most famous township and is especially fun to visit with kids. This is a neighborhood with a huge history, home to famous South Africans such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. A fun way to visit this neighborhood with kids is by bike.

You have bike tours of 2.5 hours, 4 hours and of a whole day, but especially if your kids are going to bike by themselves, 2.5 hours is more than enough. Along the way, you will also have lunch with your guide who accompanies this bike tour and taste local snacks. Children ages 5 to 12 pay half the fare and kids under 5 years old, can ride on a seat with parents on the back of the bike.

Johannesburg with kids

#2 Johannesburg Zoo

You can also go to the zoo in Johannesburg with kids. The Johannesburg Zoo has all the great African animals that you can also see in the wild. For kids, this can be a great introduction to the animals they may see in the wild later on the trip. You can have a great time here for a whole morning or afternoon in Johannesburg with the family.

#3 Gold Reef City Theme Park

You can also go to an amusement park in Johannesburg with kids. The Gold Reef City Theme Park has several attractions, including 16 exciting rides, 7 family rides and 21 rides especially for young kids. This amusement park is located slightly outside the center in the south of the city. By car, you can get to the amusement park in 15 minutes.

You can have a great time here for an entire day and the entrance fee is very reasonable. They have fun attractions here for both young children and older kids. Just keep in mind that with the large attractions, there is a height restriction of usually 1.30 meters. If your kids are just under 6 feet tall, they may be just too old for the young children’s rides and not allowed in the big rides because of their height.

You can park your car for free at the amusement park and there are plenty of restaurants in the park, where you can go for a snack and a drink. Keep in mind that during the busy summer months the lines at the attractions can be quite long.

#4 Acrobranch Melrose

If you and your kids love climbing, then Acrobranch Melrose in Johannesburg is a really fun option. This climbing park is located slightly outside the city center and you drive to it in about 15 minutes. You have courses here for kids as young as 3 years old. For example, for kids ages 3 to 6, you have two different courses with about 20 obstacles per course. You also have mega trampolines for this age group, where they can jump.

For the slightly older kids ages 7 and up, you have 3 courses that differ in height and difficulty from the two courses for kids ages 3 to 6. For kids ages 9 and up, you then also have 2 courses with more than 20 obstacles per course. So you have your own course for each age group.

Kids ages 7 and up can also go down several ziplines. In total, you have 3 ziplines here, one of which is 140 meters long. We ourselves always find this a really fun activity to do with our daughter because it is often challenging enough for the parents as well, making it truly a family activity in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg with kids

Other children’s activities Johannesburg

In addition to the children’s activities in Johannesburg described above, you have a number of fun activities you can do with the family. We briefly list the other children’s activities in Johannesburg below,

#5 Apartheid Museum: this museum in Johannesburg is one of the most famous museums in the city. As its name suggests, it portrays 20th century apartheid. This museum is not suitable for young children, and this museum is open to kids 10 or older.

In the museum, they show the horrific images of South Africa’s history. You will learn to understand more about the history of the country. Of course, Nelson Mandela’s history is also reflected here in the museum. A very impressive museum to visit in Johannesburg.

#6 Constitution Hill: here too you will find much of the history of the country of South Africa. You will also find the cell, where Nelson Mandela was detained. You can join a tour that lasts about an hour. This sight is also especially suitable for slightly older kids.

#7 Mall of Africa: if you as a family love shopping, then a visit to this mall cannot be missed. It is the largest shopping mall in the entire continent of Africa and, of course, you will find a lot of stores here.

There is a food court which is always convenient with kids and you will also find a large supermarket where you can buy groceries for your continued tour of South Africa. The food court also includes a small playground for kids, where they can play while the parents are eating.

#8 Bungeejump from the Orlando Towers: if you have kids 12 years or older, the most exciting activity you can do in Johannesburg is this bungee jump from the Orlando Towers. Here you will make a jump from a 100-meter tower and, of course, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed. You can jump here from Thursday through Sunday.

Children's activities Johannesburg

#9 Carlton Centre: it is also possible to view Johannesburg from a great height. You pay a small entrance fee and then go up to one of the top floors of this skyscraper. The Hop on Hop off buses also stop here.

#10 Crocodile and Reptile Park: about a 40-minute drive from downtown Johannesburg, this animal park is located. Here you can admire the crocodiles and other reptiles and there are also several shows with these animals. The highlight of this animal park is that it is possible to zipline across a lake with crocodiles.

#11 Bounce Inc: you can also go to a trampoline park in Johannesburg with kids for an hour (or 2). Bounce Inc is located slightly outside the city center about a 30-minute drive from downtown. A great activity for your kids to have a blast.

Children's activities Johannesburg

Family-friendly restaurant Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a metropolis, and of course you can have great food in this city with kids. The city also has a number of family-friendly restaurants. We list some great family-friendly restaurants in Johannesburg below.

Bambanani: This family-friendly restaurant is located in downtown Johannesburg. The restaurant has all kinds of activities for kids from 6 months to 12 years old. For example, the restaurant has a four-story jungle gym, a changing room, a play area with game consoles such as the Playstation, Wii, Xbox, and children’s movies are played continuously in this area.

There is also a library of interactive books for kids of all ages. There is also an activity program with a variety of activities such as pottery, face painting and paper folding. A magician is also sometimes present at this family-friendly restaurant in Johannesburg for the kids. In short, a super family-friendly restaurant!

Smoke Daddy’s: this is another family-friendly restaurant in Johannesburg. You have two different large play areas for kids at this restaurant. These play areas are so large that they resemble an indoor playground. The restaurant has tables especially for kids that they can sit together and the food is also geared toward kids. So you can get pizza, burgers and milkshakes in the restaurant here.

Family-friendly hotel Johannesburg

You can stay in Johannesburg with kids just fine. There are several family-friendly hotels in the city. Especially if you arrive in Johannesburg after a long trip, it can be nice to sleep in a good hotel that also has a pool. That way you can also relax right away in Johannesburg and recover from the trip.

We have listed below a hotel for each price range that is super well rated and all of these hotels have a pool. Good thing with kids! Click on the blue link for more information!

Organized roundtrip South Africa

If you don’t feel like arranging everything yourself, you can also have a travel agent arrange everything for you. The tour operator then books all the flights, hotels and activities, and you can then choose whether to go as a family alone or with a group. For more information on this type of organized travel, check out the website of tour operator TUI.

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