Ipoh with kids

Ipoh with kids: 5 kids’ activities in a row!

Ipoh with kids is fun! We visited this city in the middle of Malaysia for five days and had a great time! There are enough activities in the city to keep you entertained for at least a day or two to three! We did several fun things here. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Ipoh for you!

Ipoh with kids
Ipoh with kids

#1 The street art in downtown Ipoh

Malaysia’s cities are known for the many fun street art that can be found in the centers of these cities, and there is plenty of this in Ipoh as well! Ipoh is a small town and feels like one. There are a few tourist streets where all the nice restaurants and cafes are.

Around these streets, you have plenty of cool street art and you also have two streets in the center with only street art in these streets. Especially with kids, it’s fun to shoot fun photos here. Our daughter really enjoyed becoming part of the drawings on the wall in these alleys.

Ipoh with kids
Ipoh with kids

#2 Cameron Highlands

From Ipoh, you can make a great day trip to the Cameron Highlands. From Ipoh, it is about a 2-hour drive to the Cameron Highlands. Since it is difficult to take a Grab cab back to Ipoh from the Cameron Highlands, we booked a private guide to accompany us to the Cameron Highlands. We only visited the BOH tea plantation, because the tea fields are really the highlight of the Cameron Highlands anyway.

From the BOH tea plantation’s restaurant you have a beautiful view of the plantations. You pay no admission and you can also walk around the factory to see the process. We did not find this to be much and within 5 minutes you are through the factory.

At the BOH tea plantation, you can also get something to eat and drink. When we were there, it was very busy and you had to stand in line to order some food. Of course, there is also a store where you can buy the tea. At the BOH tea plantation, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to walk through the tea plantation itself, so you only have a view from above.

Before you arrive at the BOH tea plantation, there are a number of points where you can stop. Here you also have beautiful views of the tea plantations and can also walk into the field. So for a great view, you don’t necessarily have to go to the BOH tea plantation itself. You do have other sights around Cameron Highlands, but the tea fields are really the highlight as far as we are concerned.

Cameron Highlands with kids
Cameron Highlands with kids

#3 Lost World of Tambun

During our stay in Ipoh, we also visited the amusement park/water park/zoo Lost World of Tambun. The amusement park has a number of attractions like a small roller coaster, a carousel, a haunted house (you have to pay separately for this and a swing ship.

The water park is the biggest part of this park and the most spectacular. It has several slides, with and without bands, and there are fun slides for both kids and adults. Sophie also really liked the zoo part of the park. For a small fee, you can also feed animals such as raccoons, goats, birds, horses, fish and even a giraffe!

The park is super nicely located in nature so it is also very nice just to walk through and enjoy the surroundings. We spent an entire day there and really enjoyed ourselves. So we found this park definitely recommended to visit if you are taking a city trip to Ipoh with kids.

Lost World of Tambun
Lost World of Tambun

#4 Rafting in the vicinity of Ipoh

Near Ipoh, near the village of Gopeng, you can go rafting. It is a category 3 river (scale of 1 to 5) so not a very wild river and therefore fine to do with kids. We saw on the internet that you can go rafting with kids as young as 4 years old here.

Sophie is 8 years old and for her it could have been a bit wilder she said afterwards. There were three of us and a guide in the raft boat. You will be given clear safety instructions beforehand and everyone will be given a life jacket and helmet.

Please note that you will not be given a wetsuit so you must wear your own clothes. It is recommended that you put on shorts and a shirt (preferably quick-drying). Also, you must wear shoes (flip-flops are not good enough, and bare feet are not allowed).

Sophie and Joep both carried water shoes and Sanne bought fabric sneakers in a store for a few euros. We booked this tour through Klook’s website.

Rafting in Malaysia
Rafting in Malaysia

#5 Visiting temples around Ipoh

There are several temples to visit near the city of Ipoh with kids. We visited several of them.

Sam Poh Tong temple

This temple is about a 10-minute drive from downtown Ipoh. This temple is located in a cave and next to it are 2 other temples.

So you can visit 3 different temples in 1 place. It’s a beautiful temple where you can walk through the cave after which you enter a kind of garden. There is also a beautiful, photogenic temple here. The nice thing about this temple for kids is that you can also feed turtles there. At the entrance to the temple you can buy a bowl of tomatoes for a few euros, which you can then feed to the turtles.

The turtles do not roam “free” but are inside an enclosure. Fortunately, they quickly figure it out when you have food with you and come to the edge of the fence making it easy to feed them. Inside the temple, of course, are beautiful, colorful statues of various gods.

Namur Thean Tong temple

This temple is located next to the Sam Poh Tong temple. And is located in a garden where there are super many statues. It is a very colorful event. The temple is not big inside, but you can walk around outside and admire the most beautiful, crazy (they also have a monkey god) statues.

Sophie enjoyed burning incense sticks at all the statues. You can buy those at the entrance of each temple (with 60 at a time) for about a euro.

Ling Sen Tong temple

This temple is located next to the Nam Thean Tong temple. This is a Chinese temple. Atop the temple is a giant golden god. You can also walk through the garden here. Watch out for the monkeys, there are plenty of them here.

Perak Tong cave temple

This temple is a temple in a cave where you can climb all the way up for a beautiful view. There are also beautiful statues in the temple and you can burn incense stick.

Temples in Malaysia
Temples in Malaysia

Where to stay in Ipoh with kids?

We stayed overnight in Ipoh at the M-Roof hotel a little outside the city center, but we honestly did not find that to be a top hotel. We found the Internet connection in the hotel to be poor and the water in the shower was only hot for a minute or two and then became lukewarm to cold. In this regard, the price-quality ratio of this hotel is moderate.

Other options that may be better than the hotel we had:

Budget hotel: D Eastern Hotel

Mid-range hotel: MU hotel

Luxury hotel: The Haven All Suite Resort, Ipoh

For the entire list of all family-friendly hotels in Ipoh check here.

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