Groningen with kids: 5 fun activities in a row!

You can visit the province of Groningen with kids just fine during a weekend family trip or a short vacation. This province not yet discovered by many tourists has enough entertainment to keep you and kids entertained for a few days. Following our visit to the far north, we list the best activities in the province of Groningen with kids!

Province of Groningen with kids
Province of Groningen with kids

Province of Groningen with kids #1: the city of Groningen

The largest city in the province of Groningen is the city of Groningen. We found this to be a very nice city. Downtown is compact and there is a nice atmosphere in this college town. In Groningen you have a nice city park you can visit with kids, which also has a large playground and nice petting zoo. Furthermore, for a great view of the city, you can check out several vantage points, including the famous Martini Tower.

There is also a fun scavenger hunt through the city, where you will search with kids for different animals hidden throughout the city. In addition, the city also has several playgrounds and you have a large lake in the south of the city, where you can swim in the summer. For a comprehensive report on all the activities you can do in this city, read our report Groningen with kids.

Groningen with kids
Groningen with kids

Province of Groningen with kids #2: Nienoord amusement park

This amusement park has been winning awards for several years as the best outing in the province of Groningen. The park is actually a large playground with mostly outdoor play equipment. There is one area that is covered (monkey cage) where kids can play if the weather is bad. There are also motorized tractors and horses for kids to ride.

In addition to having a huge amount of playground equipment, there are also several indoor and outdoor tracks with miniature trains. Here kids can use buttons to trigger certain things, such as the carnival rides. There is also a little train running around that kids can ride around in by themselves.

Furthermore, there is a kind of petting zoo on the premises for the kids. The park’s entrance fees are reasonable and you can combine a visit to this park with the swimming pool. They have both an indoor pool and a large outdoor pool, where it is good to be in the summer. For older kids, there is also expedition Nienoord, where they can run an entire obstacle course across the estate. For more information on admission prices and opening hours, check out the amusement park’s website.

Groningen province with kids #3: ‘t Speulparadies

There is also plenty to do for kids in eastern Groningen. For example, you have ‘T Speulparadies in Groningen where you only have to pay one euro per kid and have access to a large playground. Among the things they have here are a cable car, an air cushion and an adventure trail for kids. Parents can eat and drink on the large terrace here.

In addition to this large playground, there is also a petting zoo, where they have various animals roaming around such as goats, chickens and alpacas. If you want more information about this playground and petting zoo check out the playground’s website.

If you drive east of Groningen ten minutes further, you will arrive at the large playground in Winschoten. Playground Association Sint Vitushof also charges one euro admission per kid for this colorful playground. For more information about this playground check out the playground’s website. As you can see, with both playgrounds you can have a great time for half a day in the province of Groningen with kids.

Groningen province with kids #4: Waddenfun adventure park

If you are looking for an activity in the province of Groningen with kids with bad weather, adventure park Waddenfun is a good option. Waddenfun is the largest indoor park in the Netherlands and is about a twenty-minute drive from the city of Groningen. The indoor climbing park has three different courses that kids can do.

For the smallest kids you have a course at two meters high, for the slightly older kids you have a course at 4.5 meters high and for the slightly older kids they have a course at eight meters high! Kids up to 10 years old must always be accompanied by one parent when climbing.

Besides the indoor climbing center, you can do many other activities here with the family, such as archery, canoeing and an escaperoom. For information on prices, opening hours and all activities check out Waddenfun’s website.

Province of Groningen with kids #5: Legio Museum

If your kids love LEGO, then this museum in the province of Groningen is a fun option to go to. The museum does not belong to LEGO itself, but was created when a number of collectors joined hands. You can look, build and play with the famous LEGO bricks in this museum.

For example, in the museum located in an industrial area with two other museums, you have display cases full of LEGO structures. There are entire villages and cities made of LEGO, and some display cases allow kids to use buttons to turn on certain lights of the city, for example. It is not a super big museum and in an hour (or two) you will have seen it too. The museum also includes a restaurant.

City Hotel Winschoten with kids
City Hotel Winschoten with kids

Where to sleep in the province of Groningen with kids?

Of course, you’ll find most of the province’s hotels in the city of Groningen. We found this a very nice town to stay in and it is also a great starting point to explore the region. Want to see the range of hotels in the city of Groningen please click here.  

In addition to the hotels in Groningen, we also slept once at the Cityhotel Winschoten. This hotel is close to Winschoten Playground and ‘t Speulparadies. When we were there, the hotel had not been open very long and the owners were still busy implementing all kinds of plans with the hotel. We had an excellent overnight stay here and also a nice breakfast. We wrote a comprehensive review about this hotel which you can find here

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