German cities with kids: All cities described!

You can do and see a tremendous amount in Germany with kids! If you want to see all the cities described below you could easily spend a few months traveling around the country with your family! We have described more than forty states and cities in Germany, and many of these states and cities you can already visit from the Netherlands in a weekend. We have divided the country into four areas: north, east, west and south. Based on these areas, we describe what there is to do in Germany with kids.

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Germany with kids
Germany with kids

Germany with kids: Bremerhaven, Lübeck and Mecklenburg

In northern Germany, you have a number of nice places to go. So you have a number of beach towns, including Bremerhaven and Travemünde which is about half an hour from the quaint town of Lübeck. In Bremerhaven, you can visit a fun zoo and they have a special museum dedicated to climate (Klimahaus). There is also a science museum in town, you can go to different beaches when the weather is nice and there is a museum about immigrants. Therefore, you can have a great time here with the family for a day or two.

The city of Lübeck is surrounded by water and you can see the city just fine from the water. The city is a great base for going to the beach or visiting various amusement parks in northern Germany with kids. Furthermore, the city is known for its marzipan, so if you are a lover of this confectionery, you should definitely be here. The city of Lübeck is located in the state of Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, and in this state there is plenty to do for kids.

For example, you can visit a beautiful castle (Schwerin Castle) here. Furthermore, in the town of Rostock there is a nice zoo, where you can admire most of the large animals and whose entrance fee is a lot lower than Dutch zoos. In addition, in this state of Germany you have some nice islands with excellent beaches, where it is very nice to stay in the summer with kids. If you are curious about any of these places or this state click below for a comprehensive travel blog.

Bremerhaven with kids

Lübeck with kids

Mecklenburg with kids

Germany with kids: Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover

You can also visit some great cities in northern Germany with kids. For example, to the north you have the city of Bremen, known for the fairy tale the Bremen Town Musicians. In this great city you have plenty of activities for kids including the fun science museum Universe.

Bremen also has a nice center where you can grab a bite to eat and a drink, and a half-hour drive from the city you can go to the beach (Bremerhaven). You also have a number of city parks worth visiting with kids.

The second largest city in northern Germany is the city of Hamburg. Hamburg is a four-hour drive from Utrecht, so it is possible to visit the city in a weekend from some parts of the Netherlands. In all, we have listed fifteen fun activities for this fun city what you can do here with the family.

For example, you have Miniaturwonderland for kids here, the city has some nice parks and a city beach, and you can also take fun photos with your kids at the Museum of Illusions. In addition, three times a year there is a fair in the city and it is fun to take a city trip to this city during this fair.

The third major city to visit with kids in northern Germany is the city of Hanover. In Hanover, they have made it easy for tourists by using a red thread running across the ground to connect all the sights. One such attraction here is the Hanover Zoo.

You can easily spend half a day here with your family and all the major African animals are almost present in this zoo. You also have some beautiful parks in this city with lovely gardens and many playgrounds. We have listed a total of ten fun activities in this city and below is our travel blog about it.

Bremen with kids

Hamburg with kids

Hanover with kids

Germany with kids: berlin, potsdam and wolfsburg

The most famous city in eastern Germany is the capital city of Berlin. You can do enough in this capital of Germany with kids to easily entertain yourself for a day or three. For example, you have a number of world-famous landmarks such as the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. You also have a number of family-friendly museums in this great city, and it depends a bit on your kid’s interest which one is the most fun to visit.

You can also take the family to Legoland and the city’s large zoo in Berlin. There are also a number of nice viewpoints, parks and a city beach, so you won’t get bored easily in the city. In all, we have listed 22 fun activities in the city for you. From Berlin it is half an hour by train to the town of Potsdam, where you can also have a great day with kids.

Potsdam is known for its green surroundings. You have beautiful parks here with lovely castles and especially in the summer it is great to visit this city for a day. This is also great to combine with a city trip to Berlin. A big advantage is that you can vacation in eastern Germany with kids fairly cheaply. The prices of various attractions are a lot lower than in the Netherlands.

The city of Wolfsburg is also still great to visit in a day trip from Berlin. You can visit the Volkswagen museum in this city in eastern Germany with kids. Wolfsburg is the central location of the car brand and if you are crazy about cars then a visit to this city is a nice option. Furthermore, the city has a fun science museum, city park, climbing park and castle to go to with kids.

Berlin with kids

Potsdam with kids

Wolfsburg with kids

Germany with kids: leipzig, dresden and saksen

Other famous places in eastern Germany are the cities of Leipzig and Dresden. There is also plenty to do in Leipzig for families with kids. For example, the city has a huge zoo, where for little money you can have a day of fun among elephants, lions and rhinoceros. In addition, you can ride a boat through the jungle.

You can also visit East Germany’s largest amusement park with kids here. In Belantis amusement park you have plenty of attractions for young and for older kids! In addition, the city has a nice observation tower, city park and monument to visit and you can explore the city in a Trabant car.

The city of Dresden is still slightly to the east of the city of Leipzig and is almost up against the border with the Czech Republic. We have listed here no less than 21 fun activities you can do in this city with kids. Thus, you have various means of transportation, with which you can explore the city including the old Trabant car. Furthermore, you also have a large zoo in Dresden, where you can walk around for a whole day for little money.

The city also has a number of family-friendly museums, a fun city park, a city beach and a fun roller coaster restaurant where your food is served from a roller coaster. In addition, the city is a great base for taking several day trips to nature and to a nearby castle. Located in the state of Saxony, this state has more in store for families in addition to the two cities described above.

For example, the region of Saxony is known for its many castles, some of which you can visit with your family. There is also plenty of nature such as the Saxon Switzerland, where you have more than 1,000 kilometers of hiking trails. The town of Bautzen is also fun to visit in this region because of its many towers. For a detailed report on the cities of Leipzig and Dresden and the state of Saxony, see below.

Leipzig with kids

Dresden with kids

Saxony with kids

Germany with kids: Duisburg, Essen and Düsseldorf

You can visit most cities in western Germany with kids just fine on a weekend trip. Advantageously, there are also plenty of nice cities in this part of Germany that are worth visiting. For example, you have the cities of Duisburg, Essen and Düsseldorf that you can easily visit in a weekend from anywhere in the Netherlands. These cities in Germany’s Ruhr region have enough to offer for families to keep you entertained for a weekend.

For example, you can visit a fun children’s museum (Explorado) in Duisburg, where play and discovery are key. On three floors, kids can do experiments on movement, technology and communication. In addition, here you have a very cool blast furnace complex which has been turned into a park and where kids have plenty of places to climb and clamber. The city also has a zoo and a weird work of art in the shape of a roller coaster that you can walk on.

If you love industrial architecture then the city of Essen is the place to be. In this city you have old industrial complexes to visit that are very photogenic. For example, the Zeche Zollverein complex has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site and you can see this entire complex for free. There is even an opportunity to swim here among the heavy machinery.

Furthermore, Essen has a nice city park, which you can ride a tourist train through in the summer. It is also fun to visit the city at Christmas, as Essen’s Christmas market is known for its beautiful lights. The city will have as many as 450,000 additional lights in the city then.

You can also have a great day in the city of Düsseldorf, despite the activities for kids being somewhat on the low side. It is, however, one of the most pleasant cities to visit in Germany with kids. Along the river, it’s great to grab a bite to eat and a drink with the family.

Duisburg with kids

Essen with kids

Düsseldorf with kids

Germany with kids: Cologne, Bonn and Phantasialand

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, and many Dutch people visit the city because of its large Christmas market in the pre-Christmas period. Yet the city has much more in store. For example, in the city center, you can visit the tower of the Cathedral and from there you will have a wonderful view of the city. There is also a large zoo in the city, which will take you at least half a day to see all the animals with your kids. You can also view the city from a great height from the cable car.

Keep in mind that if you take a city trip to Cologne by car that you will need an environmental sticker for the car. This applies to many cities in Germany, so always check in advance if you are going on a city break in Germany with kids to see if you need to order a sticker. You can order these stickers online at the ANWB website. A city trip to Cologne can also be combined well with a visit to Phantasialand amusement park.

Phantasialand is one of the biggest amusement parks to visit with kids in Germany. The amusement park is divided into six different themed areas and has enough attractions for young and older kids to have a great day at this amusement park. It is also possible to stay overnight at the amusement park and make a weekend of it.

Another city close to the amusement park is the city of Bonn. The city does not have super many activities and attractions for families with kids, but it has enough greenery in the city to make it a fun day. Also visit the city’s wildlife park, which also has plenty of climbing equipment for kids.

Cologne with kids

Bonn with kids

Phantasialand with kids

Germany with kids: Frankfurt, Kassel and hessen

Frankfurt is also one of the larger cities in Germany that is great to visit with your family. It has no less than two different zoos you can visit in this city and also a number of family-friendly museums, such as the Experimenta museum, for example. There are also multiple ways to explore the city such as by bicycle. The Dutch company Bajabikes organizes bike tours in several cities in Germany, and they also have either a bike seat or a children’s bike available for kids. In addition, you can visit Germany’s oldest Christmas market in Frankfurt with kids.

Most Dutch people who visit the town of Kassel come for the water spectacle that takes place here twice a week in the summer. On Wednesday and Sunday, they let a huge amount of water flow from Wilhelmhöhe Castle into the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park. This flow of water produces waterfalls, rivulets and streams throughout the city park, and it is great fun to watch this with kids as the water flows into the park in different stages. Furthermore, Kassel is a city with lots of greenery and you can have a great time here with the family in one of the city’s city parks.

Frankfurt and Kassel are both cities of the state of Hesse. You can find plenty to do with kids in this central German state. In addition to visiting the two aforementioned cities, you can visit Lochmühle amusement park with young kids. Actually, this is just a big playground with some small attractions. Furthermore, you can take a fun hike at the Felsenmeer over huge rocks and there are a huge number of activities for kids to do at adventure mountain Hoherodskopf such as miniature golf, climbing and tobogganing.

Frankfurt with kids

Kassel with kids

Hesse with kids

Germany with kids: Osnabrück, Hameln and Bielefeld

In summer, you can have a great time in the city of Osnabrück, which is just over a two-hour drive from Utrecht. The city has a nice zoo, a nice center with several playgrounds and you can take a nice walk on the mountain near the city (the Piesberg). The city also has several nice outdoor swimming pools and you have a large lake (Alfsee) nearby where you can lie on the beach or go water skiing in the summer.

In the town of Hameln, everything revolves around the fairy tale the Pied Piper of Hameln. You can visit several cities in Germany with kids that are linked to one of the famous fairy tales. They also call it the fairy tale route you can ride. Hameln does not have super many activities for kids and in one day you have really seen the city.

In the city of Bielefeld you can do several things with kids. For example, there is a wildlife park in the city with various animals, you can visit a castle in the city, you can have a cocktail at a beach bar on the city’s lake, and you can climb and scramble among the trees in the city’s kletterwald.

Osnabrück with kids

Hameln with kids

Bielefeld with kids

Germany with kids: Bochum, Dortmund and Movie park Germany

Bochum is a small place near the cities of Essen and Dortmund, and in the summer you can make a great day trip to this place in Germany with kids. The city has a zoo with mostly some smaller animals, where you can certainly have a few hours of fun. The rest of the day you can take a walk at the city’s botanical gardens and lake (Kemnader See). At this lake you can book a boat tour or spend the rest of the day at the outdoor pool by the lake.

In Dortmund, soccer fans can get their fill at the stadium of Germany’s second largest club, Borussia Dortmund. Westphalia Park is also highly recommended when visiting the city. You can relax by the lake here in the summer or rent a pedal boat. There are also many playgrounds around the lake for kids. And of course in this place in Germany you can go to the zoo with kids. It is also possible to visit a cool coal and industrial complex here with the family.

Near both of these cities is also one of the larger amusement parks in Germany: Movie Park Germany. The amusement park has more than thirty different attractions and especially older kids, can have a great time here. For example, there are as many as 15 attractions in the amusement park that are described as extreme. You can see most of this amusement park in Germany with kids in a day.

Bochum with kids

Dortmund with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids

Germany with kids: Münster and Oberhausen

The city of Münster is known for its Christmas market, but the city also has plenty of activities for kids. Of course, there is a zoo in the city and in this zoo you can see most of the large African animals such as the elephant, lion and zebra. Furthermore, the city has a nice green promenade completely surrounding the city center. Therefore, an ideal way is to explore this city by bicycle. You will also pass a large lake (Aasee) during this bike tour, and on this lake you can take a boat or book a tour. Especially in summer, the water here is very crowded.

The city of Oberhausen has enough entertainment for the family to spend a weekend there. For example, in this city you can visit Sealife and Legoland Discovery center. The two “theme parks” sit side by side and are great to visit in one day. In addition, near Legoland and Sealife there is also a large water park (Aquapark Oberhausen). You also have an excellent city park in the city center and Moviepark Germany is a 15-minute drive away. So if you want to go to a city in Germany with kids where there is a lot of entertainment for kids in a small area, this city is a very good option for your family!

If you want a list of all travel blogs of all German cities in alphabetical order, click on the German city trips link here.

Münster with kids

Oberhausen with kids

German city trips with kids

Germany with kids: Aachen, Eifel and Winterberg

Aachen is close to the Dutch border and near Aachen you can visit the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with kids in seconds. In fact, the tri-border point is a 15-minute drive from the city, and there is enough to do here to keep the family entertained for half a day. Furthermore, Aachen has a nice center and of course there is a zoo!

The Eifel region is a beautiful area for hiking in Germany with kids. Indeed, you have here the Devil’s Canyon, where you can walk a beautiful route among the high rocks. The Eifel area is also home to a fun amusement park. Eifelpark Gondorf is a fairly large amusement park where you can easily enjoy yourself for a day. In addition to a section with animals, it has a large section with rides, playground equipment and a large toboggan run.

The town of Winterberg is also a popular destination to go to in Germany with kids. Both winter and summer are fun for kids here. For Dutch people, this is the ski area, where you can basically go in a weekend. Even in the summer when there is no snow, there is still plenty to do for kids. For example, you have several mountains here, where there is plenty to do for kids. From tobogganing to climbing the various play equipment. You can spend a week in this area without getting bored. In our extensive travel blog about this destination, we distinguished between a vacation with and without snow.

Aachen with kids

The Eifel with kids

Winterberg with kids

Germany with kids: Munich, Neurenberg and Bavaria

You can also do enough in southern Germany with kids to keep you entertained for a few weeks. For example, in the south of the country are the major cities of Munich and Nuremberg. For the city of Munich, we came up with 15 fun activities and sights to do in the city. There are some nice city parks here with lots of playground equipment. There is also a large science museum (Deutches Museum) with as many as six floors of all kinds of experiments.

For soccer fans, a visit to Germany’s biggest soccer club Bayern Munich cannot be missed. Furthermore, in the city you have a city beach, swimming pools, beautiful gardens, a zoo and Sealife, making it easy to spend a few days in this city in Germany with kids.

Nuremberg is the second largest city in this region and there is a lot less to do here than in Munich, but the activities you can do are certainly fun. Thus, they also have an excellent zoo in this city with many large animals. You can also visit the Playmobil Funpark here, if your kids are absolutely crazy about these toys. And the advantage of Germany’s big cities is that there is always an excellent city park, where you can take a nice walk, rent a pedal boat or have fun with your kids in one of the playgrounds.

Both cities are located in the state of Bavaria, and in Bavaria, in addition to visiting the aforementioned cities, you also have great opportunities for hiking. Especially near the town of Sankt Englmar, you can take your family on great walks, as well as tobogganing and climbing and scrambling among the trees. Furthermore, in this state it is possible to visit Sleeping Beauty Castle with your family.

Munich with kids

Nuremberg with kids

Bavaria with kids

Germany with kids: the Moselle, Cochem and trier

The Moselle River also flows in the south of Germany, and this area around the Moselle is also beautiful to visit. So you have beautiful historic towns like Trier, Cochem and Saarburg that are worth visiting in this region around the river. Furthermore, here you have one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe, where you should not be afraid of heights.

In the town of Cochem there is a beautiful castle that you can visit. You can take a cable car up here, and from the castle you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. In addition, there is a Wild Freizeitpark in this neighborhood. Besides zoos, these wildlife parks are parks where you can go with kids in Germany and admire animals such as deer, wolves and bears. At this Wild Freizeitpark, in addition to the animals, you also have plenty of different attractions, such as a roller coaster, a white water ride and a horse track for kids.

If you enjoy learning about Roman times in Germany with kids, a visit to Trier is a fun option. This cozy town has several Roman attractions such as two bath houses, an amphitheater and an ancient Roman city gate. In addition, the center is cozy for eating and drinking and you also have a playground located in the center, making for a nice combination of seeing things, eating and drinking and playing.

The Moselle with kids

Cochem with kids

Trier with kids

Germany with kids: the black forest, karlsruhe and europapark

The Black Forest is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Germany with kids. You can buy a Black Forest card and then you can do a lot of activities in this region for free. The Black Forest is a region for families who enjoy an active vacation. For example, in this region you can take many beautiful walks among the trees and these walks are designed so that there is also a lot to play for kids.

In addition to hiking, kids can go tobogganing and climbing in climbing parks in many places in this area. You also have two large lakes (Titisee and Schluchsee), where you can relax with the family on and along the water in the summer. There is also a huge tropical water park available for the entire region with lots of different slides.

In addition, there are several amusement parks in this region of which Europapark is certainly the largest. Europapark is the second largest amusement park in Europe after Disneyland Paris, and you need at least two days to fully see and experience this theme park. The amusement park is divided into different country themes and each country has its own food, atmosphere and attractions.

The largest city in this region is the city of Karlsruhe. In Karlsruhe, you can go to the zoo and visit a beautiful castle. There is not super much to do in the city for kids, but one day you can easily entertain the family there. For a detailed report on this city, see below.

Black Forest with kids

Karlsruhe with kids

Europapark with kids

Germany with kids: Saarburg, Heidelberg and Stuttgart

The last three places worth visiting in southern Germany with kids are Saarburg, Heidelberg and Stuttgart. In Saarburg which is located around the Moselle you can do many different activities with kids. These include a large toboggan run where kids can go down the mountain accompanied by an adult.

In addition, there is a Baumwimpfel trail in this town. You see this in more places in Germany and it is a walk you take between the trees and often there are all kinds of play equipment for kids on the path along the way. Also at this trail is a huge playground and there is also a really cool observation tower with a great view of the area.

The place Heidelberg is a 4.5 hour drive from the city of Utrecht and you can go to the zoo in this city (in which city in Germany not ;)) and you also have a nice amusement park for small kids located here. Actually, this amusement park (Märchenparadies) is a big playground with several small attractions for kids. Furthermore, you can also visit a nice castle in this city in Germany with kids.

In the city of Stuttgart you will find the museum of Mercedes Benz. For car enthusiasts, this is obviously a fun outing. You also have a city park, which has no less than two large playgrounds and a water playground. Especially in the summer a fun option to go to with the family. Of course, you also have a zoo in this city with quite a lot of playground equipment among the animals you can admire. We have listed a total of 13 fun activities for this city, which you can read in our comprehensive blog below.

As you can see, you can easily travel around Germany with kids for a few months without getting bored with your family. The country has plenty to offer parents, and the great advantage is that from our own country we can be in Germany in no time.

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