Genoa with kids

What to do in Genoa with kids

What to do in Genoa with kids? We have been there with our 5-year-old daughter when we took the ferry to Sardinia and in this travel blog we give all the information what to do in Genoa with kids. You can easily spend one to two days in the city of Genoa with kids. In addition, Genoa is a great base to visit the city of Milan and the villages of Cinque Terre.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

Genoa with kids: places of interest

Most attractions for kids are near Genoa’s Old Port. We list the various attractions in Genoa with kids.

Acquario di Genova

Located on the waterfront, this Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Europe.

They have pinquins, sharks, dolphins and thousands of other fish here. They also have a museum about the harbor at this aquarium, an elevator with a 360-degree view of the city and a tropical garden.

The Aquarium alone costs 18 euros per person and for all together you pay 44 euros. Set aside two to three hours for the aquarium.

Note that it can be very crowded in the summer. There is an option to pre-order tickets and bypass the line at the box office, but of course you will pay more money for a ticket.

Ferris wheel

If you want to see the city of Genoa from above with kids, the Ferris wheel at the old port is a great option. A ride on the Ferris wheel is quite pricey we did find. Adults pay 8 euros for a ride on the Ferris wheel and for kids aged 2 to 12 you pay 5 euros. A family ticket for two adults and two kids costs 24 euros.

Pirate ship ‘Galeone Neptune’

In the harbor is a pirate ship which was built thirty years ago for a movie and now kids can tour the ship. Admission is 5 euros. Of course, you can also view it from the promenade.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

Swimming pool at the old port

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring our swimsuits when we visited the city, but by the old harbor you have a nice open-air pool.

Definitely a must in Genoa with kids to cool off at the end of the day, if you don’t have a pool at your hotel (as most hotels in Genoa don’t have one).

The pool is open from June through September and admission costs only a few euros.

There is also a fine little tent next to it, where you can enjoy a drink in the reclining chairs there.

We regretted afterwards that we didn’t have swimwear with us, so when visiting Genoa with kids, keep this in mind!

La Citta dei Bambini

This interactive museum has 50 interactive exhibits where kids between the ages of 3 and 14 can do all kinds of things.

They have three rooms for different age groups, where kids can do all kinds of experiments.

Of course in bad weather, like the aquarium, it’s a great option for entertaining your kids for a few hours.

For more information about this museum, click here.

Kids pay 7 euros and adults 5 euros.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

Bouncy cushions

Near the old harbor is also a playground with several bouncy castles. You pay per 15 minutes here.

Please note that the bouncy castles are in the middle of the sun and can be very hot in the middle of the day. By the end of the day, when the temperature has dropped, the place is a lot busier.


Also in the old harbor are two playgrounds close to each other. Our daughter was able to entertain herself there for another hour on the swings and slides.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

Hop on Hop off bus

Also in Genoa, a hop on hop off bus runs through the city. Tickets can be ordered online here.

A ride throughout the city takes a total of 60 minutes, and the bus passes by the sights every 20 minutes.

The bus runs from March through October. The bus has free WIFI on board. The bus stops at 11 different points in the city.

Of course, this bus also stops at the old port, where you can board with your kids.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

The old city

One advantage of the Old Town is that part of the Old Town is pedestrian-only. During the day we found this part of town very quiet.

Because the buildings are quite tall and the streets very narrow, it is fairly cool in these streets. At via Garibaldi there are several churches and palaces to visit here and also you have a tourist office sitting here.

Find out where the street is beforehand, as we asked several locals where the street was and they had no idea where this well-known street was (maybe it was because of our pronunciation 😉 ).

Piazza de Ferrari

This square with fountains is a fun sight to visit in Genoa. There is some kind of artwork, where you can take a fun photo with your kids and our daughter really enjoyed scooting around the fountain on her scooter.

Around the corner from this square are several cafes where you can have a nice drink. From here you can also walk to the old port in a few minutes.

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Genoa with kids

Beach in Genoa with kids?

For the beach, you should not go to Genoa. There are some beaches with mostly pebbles and no sand, though, and at most beaches there are few facilities. If you want to cool off, spend a few hours in the center with your kids at the pool at the old port.

If you do want to go to the beach with your kids in Genoa, then beach club Centro Surf club does come highly recommended. The entrance fee is a bit on the high side, but you have a pool, beach with beach beds and you can get some food and drinks.

For more information about this beach club click here.

Eating out in Genoa with kids

At the old harbor you have several fine restaurants located, where you can eat well with kids. Of course, most restaurants have lots of fish, pizza and pasta on the menu, but you can also order a burger at most restaurants.

Genoa city break with kids?

Would we recommend a city break with kids? For just Genoa, we don’t think it’s worth it. It can be done for a few days, if you use the city of Genoa as a base for the area.

For example, you can be in Milan in two hours by train, and in just over an hour you can visit the popular Cinque Terre villages by train. In this way, you can quite entertain yourself for four to five days.

In addition, Genoa is known for its starting point for various cruises. We ourselves visited the city when we were on our way to beautiful Sardinia. From Genoa, you can get to Sardinia by ferry in about 10 hours.

We took the night ferry by car at 9:30 and slept wonderfully in a cabin on the ferry and were on the island of Sardinia by 7:30 the next morning. From the Netherlands, it is about a 12- to 13-hour drive to Genoa.

Genoa with kids
Genoa with kids

Sleeping in Genoa with kids?

Most hotels in Genoa center do not have a pool, unfortunately. You will then have to book a hotel slightly outside the city center, and the Novotel Genova City is a great option with a great outdoor pool.

Are you looking for an apartment with your own bedroom for you there are several options downtown. These two options are highly rated (over a 9) based on hundreds of reviews. Then you can be sure it’s right. For more information, click here and here for these apartments.

If you still want to sleep in a luxury hotel, then the Hotel Bristol Palace is a good option. The hotel is 100 meters from the aforementioned Piazza de Ferrari. So this classic hotel is right in the center and breakfast is included in the price.

Genoa with kids

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