Fukuoka with kids

Fukuoka with kids: 6 fun activities in a row!

What to do in Fukuoka with kids? That’s what we wondered as we flew from Seoul in South Korea to Fukuoka in Japan during our trip around the world. We found Fukuoka a very nice city, where you can spend a day or two just fine. The city does not have super many children’s activities, but there are some activities you can do with the family in this city in southern Japan. We list below the various children’s activities in Fukuoka.

#1 Fukuoka Zoo

Fukuoka Zoo is a fun activity to go to with kids in the city. This zoo is not super big, but there are enough animals to spend a morning or afternoon entertaining yourself here. Another big advantage of zoos in Japan is the price! We visited several zoos in Japan and we paid at all of them, only a few euros entrance fee for the whole family. In that respect, it really is a budget outfit in Japan.

The zoo has quite a few different large animals such as the elephant, rhino, giraffe and different types of monkeys. What we did have was that some stays could be a little bigger. We found those to be really a bit on the tight side with some animals. The zoo is located a bit on a hill, so you do have some walking up and down among the animals.

Besides the zoo, you also have a botanical garden that you can visit. Here you can go from the zoo by a kind of train. All in all, it is an excellent children’s outing if you visit Fukuoka. For more information about this zoo, check out the Fukuoka zoo website .

Fukuoka with kids
Fukuoka with kids

#2 Nobolt

A fun children’s activity in Fukuoka is Nobolt’s indoor climbing park. This indoor climbing park is located in the Marinoa City Fukuoka shopping center, and from the subway, it does take quite a walk (about 20 minutes). You can also take the bus from the metro to the mall, but we didn’t know that at the time ;).

At Nobolt, you can purchase admission tickets at the box office. We bought a pass for our daughter, which allowed her to do all the climbing activities, and we paid a small fee to enter the climbing park ourselves. We did not climb ourselves. In the climbing park, you can do all kinds of things. For example, you have a climbing course on several floors with all kinds of different obstacles. These were definitely challenging for our eight-year-old daughter (the higher, the more difficult the obstacles were).

You also have all kinds of other games that kids can do, such as jumping and moving in front of a screen, a kind of assault course that goes on time and also a section with different trampolines. We spent a total of an hour or two inside and our daughter had a great time at Nobolt in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka with kids
Fukuoka with kids

#3 Ohori Park

If you are looking for a city park to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Ohori Park is a fun option to go to with kids. Ohori Park has a very large lake in the middle of the park, where you can also take a pedal boat out on the water in the summer. In addition, you can take a nice walk around the lake and there are also playgrounds in the park.

Next to Ohori Park are also the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. We didn’t think this was much of a deal. You also have Maizuru Park next to Ohori Park, where you can see beautiful flowers, but we found this park a bit disappointing (we visited the park in October and this may not have been the best time when everything is in bloom).

You can get to Ohori Park by subway that stops almost in front of the park. We spent a total of two hours in this park. You can take quite a long walk through the park here.

Children's activities Fukuoka
Children's activities Fukuoka

Other children’s activities Fukuoka

We spent one day in Fukuoka with our daughter and obviously did not do everything in Fukuoka. Of course, there are other children’s activities in Fukuoka. We list them briefly below.

#4 Fukuoka Tower: If you want to see Fukuoka from a great height, the Fukuoka Tower is a nice option. The tower is more than 200 meters high and has three observation decks. The highest point where you have an observation deck from the tower is at 123 meters.

#5 Uminonakamichi Seaside Park: this is a national park with lots of flowers. These are seasonal flowers though, so check beforehand to make sure the flowers are in bloom. You also have some animals there for kids at the Animal Forest. Here you have some small animals. There is also a large trampoline and some things for kids.

We did not visit this area because we found it quite difficult to get there. We did briefly look into biking through the area, since you do have a number of bike rental companies in Fukuoka, but we ended up not doing so. You have to make choices when traveling ;).

#6 Fukuoka Dome: Japanese love baseball and this is also the biggest sport in Japan. Fukuoka also has a professional baseball team (Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks baseball team) and of course it is fun to catch a game of baseball with the family. The stadium can hold more than 35,000 spectators, and of course, just for the experience, it’s fun to catch a game in Japan.

Note: We had read on the Internet that you can also go to the Kashii Kaen Sylvian Garden in Fukuoka. We traveled here by train, but unfortunately this park has been closed for a few years. In retrospect, this can also be read back on the Internet, but just know that you cannot go here in Fukuoka with the family anymore!

Children's activities Fukuoka
Children's activities Fukuoka

Where to stay in Fukuoka with kids?

We slept at the The OneFive Terrace Fukuoka during our city break to Fukuoka. We found this to be a very nice hotel to stay at. Very nice beds, a hot shower and quite a spacious room. In addition, the hotel was in a lively neighborhood and reasonably close to several metro stations (a few minutes’ walk).

What we also really liked at the hotel is that in the afternoon they make a nice tea for you with some goodies with it. They are little things of a hotel, but we liked it very much. For more information on The OneFive Terrace Fukuoka, take a look here.

Of course, there are other family-friendly hotels in Fukuoka. For a list of all family-friendly hotels in Fukuoka, take a look here.

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