Florence with kids

Florence with kids: 20 fun activities listed!

Is a city break to Florence with kids fun? If we are honest it is not the most suitable city to go to with (young) kids. The city is beautiful and if you are in the area on vacation, you should definitely go there for a day with your family, but we would not recommend the city for a few days with young kids. In that regard, the city actually has too few fun activities that are really suitable for kids. But for a day trip to this city during your vacation, it is a city well worth a visit. We list all the attractions for your visit to Florence with kids.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids

Florence with kids: not-to-be-missed sights

Florence has a number of sights that are world-famous and cannot be skipped during your visit to the city. We list them briefly below.

#1 Duomo Cathedral: this is Florence’s most famous landmark and well worth a visit. You can visit different parts of the cathedral, for which you have to buy tickets, but the cathedral itself is free to visit. Therefore, visit the cathedral early in the day when it is not so crowded (if you are visiting Florence with kids during the summer vacations) and see the cathedral from the inside.

You can buy tickets for the dome, museum, rooftop terrace, bell tower and baptistery. Please note that you can visit the cathedral only if you are wearing appropriate clothing. If you do not want to have to stand in line all the time during your city break, then it is advisable to order tickets online in advance and also reserve a time slot on time.

#2 Ponte Vecchio: This is the oldest and also the most striking bridge in Florence. Several stores are located on the bridge, and some of these storefronts overhang the water outside the bridge. You can walk from the Duomo Cathedral to this ancient bridge in a few minutes.

The advantage of this attraction is that you don’t have to stand in line and you can get the bridge nicely photographed without a lot of tourists. It is fun to take a picture here at the bridge with your family and you don’t have to spend a lot of time here at this sight either. The stores on the bridge itself are not very interesting. In fact, you will find many jewelers on the street.

#3 Viewing the city from the heights: Florence is a beautiful city and you can view the city from a great height in several places. Overall, it’s also a fun activity to do with the kids all those steps uphill. We ourselves climbed the dome of the Duomo Cathedral and here you really have a wonderful view of the city (see photo below). You have to climb 463 steps here and you will have a beautiful view of Florence and the surrounding hills, as well as the adjacent Campanile, the bell tower.

Other places to see Florence from high altitude with kids are Torre di San Niccolò and Torre di Arnolfo. An advantage of the latter two towers is that you pay a relatively low fee (a few euros per person) for entrance to the tower, and these towers are a lot less crowded than the dome of the Duomo Cathedral.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids

Florence with kids: public swimming pools

During the summer months it is quite hot in Florence, and then it can be nice to spend a few hours cooling off with your family by a pool. We list some good options.

#4 Pool Costoli: This public pool is located fairly downtown near the stadium of soccer club Fiorentina. The swimming pool has two different pools. A large paddling pool for young children and a 50-meter pool for older kids. Around the pool you have plenty of sunbathing areas where you can soak up the sun and there is a snack bar by the pool where you can get something to eat and drink. Of course, you can also bring your own food and drinks from the supermarket.

Admission is a few euros per person, and keep in mind that you must wear a swim cap while swimming and identify yourself with ID.

#5 Pool Le Pavoniere: this pool is located in Parco delle Cascine and from the center you can reach this pool in about 25 minutes by public transport. From the Duomo, it is a little over half an hour’s walk, but then you are already walking along the river and through the park part of the time. This also has a pool for young children and older kids as well as a bar, restaurant and pizzeria. Again, identification and swim cap are required.

#6 Swimming Pool Di Bellarive: this pool is also located on the Arno River and actually has the same features as the first two pools mentioned. For example, there is a pool for both younger and older kids and you also have a restaurant sitting by the pool here. By public transportation, you can get to this pool from downtown in half an hour.

Florence with kids
Tuscany with kids

Florence with kids: exploring Tuscany

Florence is the ideal base from which to explore the rest of Tuscany. We stayed almost a week in Florence and visited the rest of the region by train. Trains in northern Italy are reliable and fast, and Florence is in the middle of a number of beautiful cities and towns. We mention some that we have visited ourselves:

#7 Lucca (1 hour 20 minutes by train): this is a beautiful town that is great to explore by bike with your family. The place is not super big, so you can easily see it in a few hours. Near Lucca is also the children’s park of Pinocchio.

#8 Sienna (1 hour 15 minutes by train): when we visited Siena by train from Florence, the city was just under the spell of the Palio, a horse race that takes place twice a year in the city and where each horse represents a district of the city. This is also a very beautiful place, where it is fun to walk around the old center with its beautiful cathedral. Again, you can easily see the city’s highlights in a day.

#9 Pisa (49 minutes by train): of course, this town has one major highlight and that is the tower of Pisa. Naturally, it is quite crowded around the tower and many tourists try to take funny pictures here, appearing to push the tower over. It is also possible to climb the tower and from here you will have a nice view of the surroundings.

#10 Bologna (35 minutes by train): this city is also beautiful and you can also explore this city by bike. Again, you can view the city from a tower in the center of town at a great height, and there is also a tourist train running through the center that takes you up the mountain.

#11 San Gimignano (1 hour 10 minutes by train): we found this perhaps the nicest place of all. San Gimignano is not the most famous place in Tuscany but the place is known for its many towers. It is a medieval village located in the mountains and it has no less than 14 towers, some of which you can climb.

Tuscany with kids
Florence with kids

Florence with kids: other activities

In addition to the activities mentioned above, there is more you can do in Florence with kids. We briefly mention the other activities below.

#12 Eating Ice Cream at Sbrino: Italy is known for its delicious ice cream, so of course when you are in Florence with kids you have to go for ice cream in the city. One of the city’s most popular ice cream makers is Sbrino. This ice cream shop impresses with its quality and surprises with its originality. Also because of the ice creams with alcoholic flavors. Of course, you have plenty of vendors of delicious Italian ice cream throughout the center, so you don’t have to look far in that regard.

#13 Piazza della Republica: This square is a two-minute walk from the Duomo Cathedral and is a relatively young square. You have a number of coffee shops sitting here where you can have a cup of coffee, and the square also has a carousel for the kids.

#14 Mercato Centrale: We always enjoy visiting an indoor market hall in a big city. This is also possible in Florence with kids, and the market hall is a five-minute walk from the Duomo. There is plenty of good food to buy on the different floors of the market hall and it is a great place to have lunch with the family, for example.

#15 Children’s Walk Ciao Tutti: To make a visit to Florence with kids more fun, the website Ciao Tutti has developed a children’s walk about 2.5 kilometers long. You can purchase this walk for a few euros, and the walk will take you past the city’s famous landmarks.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids

#16 Looking at traffic signs: it’s fun to take a good look around the city’s road signs in Florence with kids. In fact, many of these road signs have been taken in hand by artist Clet Abraham, making many of the signs look like art. Obviously a fun game to play with your kids around town, who can spot the funny road signs.

#17 Bike tour of the city: you can also explore Florence with kids by bike. There are plenty of bike providers where you can rent bikes. You can also take a bicycle tour of the city with a Dutch guide. BajaBikes organizes these tours of about three hours through the city, cycling past the city’s famous landmarks. It is also possible for kids to rent a bike and if they are still too small they can ride on a bike seat on the back of the parents.

#18 Hop on Hop off buses: an easy way to visit Florence with kids are these buses. You can buy a ticket for the buses for one, two or three days, and the bus will travel a route through the city and stop at the city’s most famous attractions. In all, there are two different routes and the buses stop at 44 locations.

#19 Boboli Gardens: these are the most beautiful gardens in Florence and you will find many statues and a large fountain in the gardens. Just keep in mind that you have to pay an entrance fee to these gardens and bring plenty of water while visiting the gardens.

#20 Parco delle Cascine: this is the largest city park in the city and is located on the banks of the river. On Tuesday mornings you have the largest market in Florence in the park. As we mentioned earlier, you have the public swimming pool Le Pavoniere located here and on a bike you can have a great ride around. Walking or picnicking by yourself is not recommended, as there is also quite a group of strange characters walking through the park.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids

Florence with kids: firenze card

If you want to visit a lot of museums and attractions in Florence with kids during your vacation in Italy, it may be advantageous to purchase the Firenze Card. When a parent purchases the card, the kids are included with the card right away. One advantage of the card is that you can avoid the long lines at some museums, but you have to visit quite a few museums in 72 hours to get the rather expensive card out of it. So check carefully in advance what all you want to see in Florence and whether the card will benefit you and your family. For more information about the card check out the provider’s website.

Organized trip Florence

You can of course arrange everything yourself, but you can also book a package tour if you want to take a city trip to Florence with kids. You then book the airfare and hotel in one package. That saves some more arranging. Often you then also have the choice of which airport to fly from in the Netherlands or Germany. For package tour options to Florence, take a look here.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids

Where to stay in Florence with kids?

You have plenty of accommodations in Florence with kids where you can stay overnight with the family. What we ourselves always look for when booking a hotel in a major city is how the hotel is rated by other travelers, and for reliability, we want a hotel that has been reviewed many times. We then always look for accommodations that score at least an 8 or higher, as you will generally be fine. In the different price ranges, we have listed some good options for families in Florence.

Budget hotel: Hotel Bavaria

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Centro

Luxury hotel: Palazzo Gamba Apartments al Duomo

For a list of all accommodations in Florence with kids, take a look here.

Florence with kids
Florence with kids
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