Bloemendaal with kids

Bloemendaal with kids: family-friendly beach bars!

A day at the beach in Bloemendaal with kids is a good idea! Last summer vacation we visited several seaside resorts on the Dutch coast, including Bloemendaal aan Zee beach. We did this during a weekend trip to Amsterdam and had a wonderful day on the beach and in the various beach bars that the place has. Based on our experiences in this seaside resort, we list all the information so that you can make a wonderful beach day with the family to Bloemendaal.

Bloemendaal with kids
Bloemendaal with kids

Bloemendaal with kids: general information

As we mentioned in the intro, we visited Bloemendaal beach during a city trip to Amsterdam with our daughter. You can go to the beach from our capital by car, but it is also perfectly possible to travel from Amsterdam to Bloemendaal aan Zee by public transport. However, you should then keep in mind that in Haarlem you still have to take the bus to Bloemendaal for a bit, since there is no train station here. In total, this will take you a little over half an hour.

We also visited Bloemendaal aan Zee once from Haarlem by bicycle. In total, you can be on the beach by bike in less than thirty minutes then. You then also ride a fun route through South Kennemerland National Park. Around Bloemendaal aan Zee beach you can park your car just fine, but this is paid parking. You have several parking lots at the beach.

Around Bloemendaal aan Zee beach there is no shopping center, where you can go shopping or go to a supermarket. You do have a neighborhood Spar supermarket at camping de Lakens, but it is a bit of a walk from the beach. If you like to bring food and drinks from home, we would recommend purchasing them in advance and keeping them cool in a cooler, for example.

Bloemendaal with kids: the beach

Bloemendaal beach is similar to other beaches in seaside resorts in the provinces of South Holland and North Holland. The beach is spacious and clean and has excellent soft sand for kids to play in. When the tide goes out on the beach, puddles/lakes form everywhere, which kids can play in as well. In this regard, the beach sand is ideal and we can actually list few negative points.

When we visited the beach there was a breeze, so it did feel quite chilly, and the sea is also quite chilly in the Netherlands. You immediately notice the difference in temperature when you are out of the wind, so renting a windbreaker at the beach is definitely not a luxury. Of course, you can also bring these from home.

Bloemendaal with kids
Bloemendaal with kids

Bloemendaal with kids: eating and drinking

You can have a great bite to eat and drink on the beach in Bloemendaal with kids. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few nice beach clubs that you can visit with your family. We personally visited the beach area in Bloemendaal at Parnassia, as we also parked our car here, and we had lunch at the beach tent Parnassia aan Zee. You have a great lunch menu here with plenty of children’s dishes on the menu.

This beach tent is located at a specific entrance to the beach (Duiningang Parnassia), but the main beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee has about ten more different beach tents. So you have several beach bars with a small playground at the beach bar itself like Renato’s for example, but if you are looking for a really nice beach bar with a really big playground then you should really go to restaurant Gestrand.

Bloemendaal with kids
Bloemendaal with kids

The only disadvantage of this beach tent/restaurant is that it is not directly on the sea, but belongs to the campsite the Linen. This beach club is a 15-minute walk from the beach, but it does have a really cool playground where kids can have a great time for an hour. 

In addition, it is very nice that the beach tent is located all the way between the dunes and because of this the temperature is very pleasant (it can be very hot here especially on very hot days). We had drinks here in the afternoon and our daughter had fun in the playground the whole time. On that note, you can have a great time in Bloemendaal with kids at several fun family-friendly beach bars. 

Bloemendaal with kids
Bloemendaal with kids

Bloemendaal with kids: conclusion

You can have a great day at the beach in Bloemendaal with kids. We have been there in both summer and winter and enjoyed the beach both times. Of course, the most fun is to visit the beach in Bloemendaal with kids on a hot summer day, as you can play on the beach. In terms of facilities, you actually have everything in Bloemendaal and in addition, it is also nice to visit national park Zuid-Kennemerland. This is also a great place to play with your kids in the dunes, and it is also great fun to bike here with the family!

Bloemendaal with kids: where to stay?

In Bloemendaal itself, you have few accommodations suitable for families with kids. Fortunately, near this village lies the cool city of Haarlem. We have already visited Haarlem several times and we already wrote the blog Haarlem with kids, with an overview of the different activities you can do in this city.

In Haarlem, we stayed in several hotels and we list the recommended ones in this city below. Click on the blue link to learn more about the different hotels.

Ibis Styles Haarlem City: this hotel is located in the north of the city of Haarlem near the fun Haarlemmer Kweektuin. This modern hotel has several family rooms, you can park for free right outside the door and they have a nice breakfast in the morning.

Hotel Lion D'Or Haarlem with kids
Family-friendly hotel Haarlem

Carlton Square Haarlem: in the middle of the city of Haarlem, this hotel is located. Besides getting a luxurious room here, it also includes a good restaurant and the possibility of renting bicycles. We rented bicycles from this hotel and cycled to Bloemendaal in the winter. 

Hotel Lion D’or: another hotel that sits right in the center of Haarlem is this hotel. Located opposite the train station, this cozy hotel has a café lounge area, where you can have a drink and play a game with your kids.

For a list of all accommodations in Haarlem for families, take a look here. 

Family-friendly hotel Haarlem
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids

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