Fiji with kids: what is there to do for kids?

Fiji with kids: 4 top sights and tips!

Fiji is a beautiful island, which is known for its beautiful beaches. Most families combine a tour of New Zealand or Australia with a week in Fiji. We also spent more than a week on the island of Fiji with our family after visiting the island of Tonga. We will list the best attractions for a trip to Fiji with kids!

Trip to Fiji

Fiji with kids

Fiji with kids #1: Island hopping

Fiji has many paradise islands and the starting point is Fiji’s capital city. Through the organization Awesome Adventures, you can visit the famous Mamanuca and Yasawa islands. These are one of the most beautiful island groups in Fiji.

To get here, you can choose from two different passes. The first pass is the Bula pass and it is for inter-island boat transportation only. You can purchase a pass for between 5 and 15 days of transportation. Departing from Nadi Harbor every day at 8:30 a.m., the boat makes a tour of the 27 spots where it stops. The boat begins its stops on the Mamanuca Islands and during the day it moves to the Yasawa Islands. At the end of the day, the boat made its round trip and returned to Nadi harbor.

In addition, you have the Awesome pass and in this pass, in addition to transportation, accommodation is also included with the pass. You can choose from three different types of accommodations with this Awesome pass (Simple, Relaxed and Upgrade) and the pass with the most luxurious accommodations is also obviously a lot more expensive.

Look in advance at which islands you want to stay with your family and then see exactly which room you want to book. It is probably cheaper to book the hotels separately in advance and only take a Bula Pass for transportation. There are also some resorts on the islands where it is adults only.

Trip to Fiji
distant islands
Sunset bounty island fiji with kids

Fiji with kids

Where to sleep on mamanuca islands in Fiji with kids

For the Mamanuca Islands, you have a number of resorts that are very suitable for families with kids that the boat calls at:

  • Beachcomber Island Resort
    . At this resort, kids can enjoy various water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing and canoeing. Here you already have a room with your family for 159 euros per night including all meals. You will be in a somewhat cramped room. For 223 euros you have a waterfront bungalow including breakfast, lunch and dinner. By Fiji standards, this is not very expensive.

  • Treasure Island Resort
    . This beautiful resort with a large three-part pool is all set up for kids. All bungalows are less than thirty meters from the snow-white sandy beach. There is a kids club at the resort and they have a program for little turtles. There is also a mini-golf course for the kids and a games room at the resort. You can get a room for a family here from 220 euros. Families with kids rate this resort a 9.5.
  • VOMO Island Resort. If you really want to go for luxury accommodation with your family then the VOMO Island Resort is for you. At this resort, food is already included in the price, which also makes the price for a cottage a lot more expensive. Prices here start from 1100 euros per night, so that won’t be affordable for most families. Families with kids rate this resort a 10!

Fiji with family and kids
Sunset Fiji with kids and family

Fiji with kids

Where to sleep in the yasawa islands in Fiji with kids

For the Yasawa Islands, you also have a number of family-friendly resorts. Once again, we list three here.

  • Paradise Cove Resort
    . This large resort has a private beach and families can rent kayaks here for free. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, the resort features a spa, an outdoor pool and a restaurant. You pay 207 euros per night for a bungalow here.

  • Octopus Resort
    . This resort with large outdoor pool is slightly off the beach, and kids can also rent kayaks here. The resort organizes cooking classes, campfire nights on the beach, kava ceremonies and traditional dances. There are also regular movie nights at the pool, where your kids can enjoy free popcorn or ice cream. Prices for a bungalow for a family of four here start from 182 euros per night.

  • Barefoot Manta Island Resort
    . The eco-friendly Barefoot Manta Resort is in an ideal location for swimming, diving and snorkeling. All bungalows face the beach. Kids can play a game of volleyball and kayak. A beachfront bungalow for a family of four starts here from 155 euros.

Of course, it is also possible to simply book a week at one of these resorts and be picked up from the port by a resort boat. That in turn saves the cost of a Bula pass for the entire family. Of course, it is more fun to visit different accommodations and islands, but with small kids, one place can also be nice.

Swimming in Fiji with kids and family
Fiji Bula with kids and family

Fiji with kids

Fiji with kids #2: Taking day trips to different islands from the mainland

Of course, you can also take various day trips from Nadi (where most flights arrive) to the various islands.

In the port itself there are all kinds of agencies offering all kinds of excursions and selling tickets for different boats. Often the accommodation includes a small agency that sells excursions. At our resort, we also booked a day trip to an uninhabited island, where we snorkeled all day and saw baby sharks.

From Nadi, you can also book a number of day trips online on your trip to Fiji that depart from the port:

  • Tivua day trip
    . You can take a day trip to this uninhabited atoll of the Mamanuca archipelago. The day trip organizer also has a kids club, where kids can play volleyball, make sandcastles and treasure hunt.
  • South Sea Island day trip: this day trip includes drinking for the entire day. You can snorkel, kayak and play volleyball on the beach here. A day trip is then 97 euros.
  • Malamala Beach club Other island and about the same facilities as the other two day trips, only this does not include drinks. The day trip will be a lot cheaper (65 euros per person).
  • Castaway Island. This island is a bit more built up and there is also a swimming pool on the island. The price for a day trip is 120 euros per day for adults.

So you see, there are plenty of options for booking a day trip from Nadi on your trip to Fiji to an uninhabited island. These day trips include entertainment for kids and so you can make it a great day with the family.

We ourselves were at the
DoubleTree Resort by Hilton
, which is only 25 minutes by cab from the airport. The cab cost 26 Fiji dollars (about 11 euros). The hotel had a beautiful pool overlooking the sea.

Beforehand, we did have the cab driver stop at a supermarket and we had gotten drinks for a whole week and snacks for our daughter. The prices were not super expensive in the restaurant, but for evenings when our daughter was asleep it was nice that we could have a drink on the veranda of our bungalow.

distant islands
Beautiful pool Fiji with kids and family

Fiji with kids

Cottage Fiji with kids
Hotel Fiji suitable for families and kids

Fiji with kids

Fiji with kids #3: Exploring the main island of Viti Levu by rental car

You can rent a car on your trip to Fiji for a day and drive around the island of Viti Levu. Take a look at
our travel blog
on rental cars what all you need to look out for when renting a car. There are a number of attractions on the island:

  • Kula Eco Prak: A 1.5-hour drive south of Nadi is the Kula Eco Park. The park has the only pool with slides. In addition, there is a kind of pool/ splash pool for smaller kids at the park. In addition, you can go hiking and there are various animals such as monitor lizards and turtles. There is also a possibility of canopy (trek through the trees on cables).
  • Sri Siva Subramaniya temple. This Hindu temple is located in the city of Nadi. The temple is free to visit, but do cover your legs and shoulders.
  • Sabeto Hot Springs. A 20-minute drive north of Nadi are the Sabeto Hot Springs. The video below shows what is meant here.
  • Navala. Visit an authentic village in Fiji. The village of Navala is a 2-hour drive from Nadi.

Fiji with kids #4: Visit the nature of Taveuni Island

From Nadi it is about a 1.5-hour flight to the island of Taveuni, but then you are also completely in another world. This island is one big natural park with a huge number of waterfalls on the island. You can also dive well here and get your diving license for 300 euros. You can also snorkel with mega-sized manta rays here.

Best travel time for a trip to Fiji with kids

The best travel time to visit Fiji’s islands is between May and October. This is because it is the dry season and then it is about 25 degrees, which is of course an ideal temperature with kids.

Fiji hotel with family and kids
Fiji with family round trip

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