6 great family-friendly restaurants in Zwolle

In this blog family-friendly restaurant Zwolle, we list the best restaurants in this city for families. Zwolle is a family-friendly city, with plenty to do for families with kids. We already wrote the blog Zwolle with kids, in which we listed all the fun kids’ activities in the city. In this blog, we list the best family restaurants in Zwolle!

#1 Brasserie Jansen

The first family-friendly restaurant in Zwolle from our list is located in the city center. You can enjoy lunch and dinner here and for kids they have poffertjes, a burger with fries or a portion of kibbeling with fries. What makes the restaurant family-friendly is that the restaurant has a play corner where the kids can have fun while the adults can still have something to eat and drink.

For the extensive menu and further information about the restaurant, take a look at the Brasserie Jansen website.

#2 City Cafe Happy

The second restaurant in our list of family-friendly restaurants in Zwolle is also located right in the center on Zwolle’s Grote Markt. Stadscafé Blij is a popular place for families in Zwolle. The restaurant has plenty of options for kids, including burgers, sandwiches and fries. It is also possible to have the kids eat with the parents. Then you just get an extra plate for the kids on top and pay nothing for the kids.

It is also possible to have a High Tea here with the kids in the restaurant. For more information on the menu, High Tea and photos of the restaurant, take a look at the City Cafe Blijwebsite.

#3 Pancake Ship Zwolle

The third family restaurant is located at the edge of the center on the water and that is the Pancake Ship Zwolle. Of course, a pancake house is always a good idea to eat with kids, and of course it’s extra nice that you can do it here on a ship. The ship has tables outside, where you can enjoy outdoor dining, especially in the summer. 

Of course, the whole menu here revolves around kids, and you can eat lots of different kinds of pancakes. 

#4 The Bears

This restaurant sits in the middle of the city and has branches throughout the country, usually located next to the movie theater. So is this family-friendly restaurant in Zwolle. The restaurant has a play corner for children and kids can also get a coloring sheet with coloring.

Restaurant de Beren also has a vastly expanded children’s menu with lots of different options. If you are curious about this menu, check out the website of de Beren Zwolle.

#5 Restaurant Food & So

This restaurant has the all you can eat formula, where you can eat unlimited food from the buffet for two hours. With kids it’s easy since they can scoop up what they like. They have several world dishes you can taste and for kids there is also a play corner in the restaurant, where they can have fun.

We do think the downside of this type of restaurant is that you do spend a lot of time away from the table with the family (picking up food all the time), so you spend less time at the table. It is an easy concept with kids, though, because you don’t have to wait for food.

Family-friendly restaurant Zwolle
Family-friendly restaurant Zwolle

#6 Bistro the Stadshoeve

This restaurant is located near the park the Stadshoeve and kids can play outside and cuddle with the animals that roam here on a summer day. The restaurant is geared toward kids and also has all the facilities for kids. In addition, they also have a children’s menu.

Just keep in mind that this bistro is located a bit outside the center of Zwolle and you have to drive about 15 minutes by car to get to this restaurant.

Where to stay in Zwolle with kids?

Zwolle is a family-friendly city that is great to visit during a weekend getaway. There is enough to do in the city to keep you well entertained for two days. Of course then you have to stay somewhere overnight with kids.

We have slept in several hotels in Zwolle and have listed all family-friendly hotels in the city. In doing so, we have listed the positives and negatives of each hotel so that you as parents can make a good choice of hotel. You can find this overview in our blog family-friendly hotel Zwolle.

Van der Valk Hotel Zwolle with kids
The Pelsertoren Zwolle with kids

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