Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam: 8 hotels tested!

Rotterdam is a wonderful city to visit with kids, and you have plenty of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam to make it a fun weekend getaway. We ourselves have visited the city dozens of times and also wrote the blog Rotterdam with kids about it, in which we list all the activities about the city. We have now stayed in eight different family-friendly hotels with our daughter in Rotterdam, and based on these overnight stays, we list our findings below.

Room mate Bruno

The first hotel we put in our list of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam is Room Mate Bruno. This family-friendly hotel immediately stands out for its colorful decor. The hotel looks beautiful from the inside and the interior of the hotel will appeal greatly to most kids.

You can park your car in the parking garage below the hotel, and public transportation will get you to the city center in a few minutes. So in terms of location, this hotel is ideal.

The hotel has different types of rooms, including some family rooms for families. So you have huge rooms for families of four. We ourselves were in a beautiful room for three, which was very high and had special colors. We also had a balcony by the room overlooking the harbor. In addition, we had a modern bathroom with large bathtub in the room. In that respect, the room was really top notch!

The hotel’s bar has also adopted the style and colors. You can have a nice drink here after walking around Rotterdam with kids all day. What we also found very cool is that in the same building of the hotel there is also a foodhall, with all kinds of international joints. The three of us had a wonderful dinner here in the evening.

At the hotel we took advantage of breakfast in the morning and, as with almost all hotels in this list of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam, it was very extensive and delicious.

If you want more information about the Room Mate Bruno Hotel in Rotterdam take a look here.

Room Mate Bruno with kids
Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam

Savoy Hotel Rotterdam

The second hotel in our list of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam is the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam. The location of this hotel could hardly be more central. The hotel is a few minutes’ walk from Rotterdam’s famous market hall. We park the car in a parking garage opposite the hotel and we pay a reduced rate for 24 hours because we are customers of the hotel.

Because of the hotel’s central location, most of Rotterdam’s sights are easily accessible by bicycle, public transportation or simply on foot. We had booked a family room at this hotel, which was suitable for families of four. The room actually consisted of two sections, so our daughter had her own room. They have rooms for families of up to six people at this hotel.

Another big plus of our room was that there was a large balcony attached to the room. The hotel was completely renovated not long ago and the rooms look modern and sleek. Pictures of old Rotterdam hang everywhere. Funny detail of the room we found the different pillows we could choose from for the night. For example, you could choose a very firm pillow or a very soft pillow.

We ourselves had delicious Indian food that day at our favorite joint in Rotterdam’s market hall, but the hotel also has a cafe of sorts where you can have lunch and drinks during the day. We did take advantage of breakfast in the morning and it was very tasty and very extensive. Super many different options to choose from for breakfast!

For more information about the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam, take a look here.

Savoy hotel Rotterdam with kids
Savoy hotel Rotterdam with kids

Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam

Another great place to stay in Rotterdam with kids is in various apartments offered in the city. Similarly, during a city break in Rotterdam with our daughter, we slept in the apartments of Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam. Again, we put the car near the apartment complex in a paid parking garage.

These apartments are very close to the center, as the apartment complex is practically opposite the central train station. So you can also get to Rotterdam by train and walk right into the hotel. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk and there is also a fitness center in the building for guests.

We had booked an apartment for four people and in this apartment Sophie slept on a sofa bed in the living room. From the apartment we had a beautiful view of Rotterdam and especially after dark, this is a beautiful sight with all those lights. In addition, we had a large dining table, where we could play a game and eat something.

What we also found very cool about this apartment is that around the corner from the hotel was a large playground (Playground Weena), where our daughter played for over an hour in the afternoon.

In terms of food and drink, it is possible to cook something yourself or, of course, eat out in the city center. We ate in town during the day and in the morning we walked to the Albert Heyn across from the hotel and got some sandwiches, spreads and fresh juice for breakfast.

If you want more information about the apartments at Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam take a look here.

Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam with kids
Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam

SS Rotterdam

If you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in Rotterdam that also has plenty to do for kids on site, the SS Rotterdam is a great choice. You then sleep on a cruise ship and you also really have the idea that you are about to sail on the ship. The crew is also all dressed up in style, and the hotel has all kinds of things to do.

For example, there is a playroom on the ship where kids can play with all kinds of toys, but the ship also has a swimming pool, which is especially pleasant to stay in during the summer. We were not there in the middle of summer, but our daughter had a great time in the pool with another girl. Around the pool is also a restaurant, so you can have a snack and a drink yourself in the meantime.

It is also possible to do a scavenger hunt from the SS Rotterdam hotel. We are given a packet with a map and compass and we have to look for QR codes hidden on the route. This scavenger hunt will also take you past a playground and also past the famous Fenix Food Factory, which is a great place to grab a bite to eat and a drink.

You can also take a tour of the ship. Guides show how things used to be on the ship. These are all volunteers who are now retired, but who talk passionately about the ship. We also really liked this tour of the ship.

Our room on the ship was beyond our expectations and we had a double bed and Sophie had a separate bed. There was also a small sitting area in the room.

There is a terrace on top of the ship where you can have some food and drinks, and there is also a restaurant here. We had some appetizers here in the evening, but this was also because the restaurant was already fully booked. In the morning we did use breakfast here and it was super. We had nothing to complain about that at all. We also found this hotel super fun to stay at.

If you want more information about the SS Rotterdam hotel, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam
SS Rotterdam with kids

The Coaster Rotterdam

A somewhat smaller scale family-friendly accommodation in Rotterdam is De Coaster Rotterdam. This is a houseboat owned by a private individual with three different rooms you can book. Two of these rooms are also suitable for families of four. Or you have to rent out the entire boat, then you can have a total of ten people on it.

The boat is very central in the harbor and you can walk from the boat to Rotterdam’s central Market Hall in a few minutes. The houseboat is very popular among tourists because of the jacuzzi located on the boat. You can rent the jacuzzi for a few hours as a guest, which is obviously very relaxing after a whole day walking through the city of Rotterdam. Just don’t be afraid of being watched in your bikini, since you’ll obviously be in the center on a boat in a Jacuzzi. However, you can hang some kind of screen for a little more privacy.

We had booked the Popeye’s Cabin and we liked the nice thing about this room that the parents’ bedroom is separate from the living room, giving you privacy as parents. You also have a kitchen in the room, which makes it fine to make some food for yourself as well. Because the boat is so centrally located, parents can also very easily grab something to eat in the city center or stop by the Albert Heyn, which is also located in the market hall.

If you want more information about the Coaster Rotterdam, take a look here.

The Coaster Rotterdam
The Coaster Rotterdam

Hostel Room Rotterdam

Yet another very different type of accommodation in our list of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam is Hostel Room Rotterdam. This is an international hostel and we find this quite relaxing from time to time. In particular, the atmosphere that often hangs in a hostel reminds us of times when we ourselves were still traveling the world with a backpack.

Hostel Room Rotterdam definitely has a relaxed atmosphere and especially with kids that can be very nice. In the downstairs area of the hostel our daughter had a great time coloring and playing shuffleboard, while we had a drink in the bar and when we got hungry, they baked some pizzas in the hostel and we ate them here. Super fun!

The hostel is close to the famous Erasmus Bridge and with the water cab located in front of the hostel, you can head towards all sides of Rotterdam. At the hostel we had booked a family room and it looked super nice, with a kind of little house that our daughter slept in. If you are looking for a nice hostel in Rotterdam with kids, this is a very nice option.

For more information about Hostel Room Rotterdam, take a look here.

Hostel Room Rotterdam with kids
Hostel Room Rotterdam with kids

The James Rotterdam

The James Rotterdam is another family-friendly hotel in Rotterdam located in the city center. When looking for a hotel, we often select hotels based on location. Surely it is nice that when you walk out of the hotel, you are right in the center of the city.

The James Rotterdam is a very nice hotel that gives a luxurious feel. You can see that as soon as you walk into the hotel, and it’s actually implemented throughout the hotel. Also, our room is very luxurious and is fully equipped. We had booked a spacious family room and this room had four single beds.

What we also found very cool about this hotel was the friendliness and attention of the staff. And that’s often in small things. A manager of the hotel who stopped by and asked if everything was to your liking, a beautiful wind lamp in the room for Sophie and a little welcome bill. Small things that do make you feel tremendously welcome.

We had also rented bikes from the hotel and brought our own for our daughter, which made it very easy for us to explore Rotterdam this way. The hotel further allowed you to have drinks downstairs. In that respect, really a very nice and family-friendly hotel right in the center of the city of Rotterdam.

For more information on The James Rotterdam, take a look here.

The James Hotel Rotterdam with kids
The James Hotel Rotterdam with kids

Urban Residences

Perhaps the most luxurious accommodation in this list of family-friendly hotels in Rotterdam is the apartment by Urban Residences that we booked. This aparthotel caught our eye online right away because of the beautiful view you have of the city of Rotterdam from the room and balcony. 

We really loved spending a night here in the B-Tower located near Rotterdam’s De Bijenkorf. Therefore, the aparthotel is also just a 1-minute walk from the famous shopping streets of Rotterdam such as the Koopgoot, for example. Again, this apartment was super central to the city. As a result, to get a bite to eat or to run an errand, we didn’t have to walk far with our daughter. 

You can rent several apartments at Urban Residences, including several very large apartments with families. The largest apartment is even 120 m2 in size. We too had booked a Family Suite and it was really top notch with a sleeping area with a double bed, a sleeping area with a sofa bed and a large living area. 

Again, it was super to see the lights of the city around the apartment in the evening in a homey atmosphere. Certainly the view is one of the biggest pluses of this apartment, and especially in the summer, the apartment’s large balcony is absolutely great. Because there is a kitchen in the apartment you can cook for yourself, but of course you can also go for a bite to eat in the center. We got some cheeses and some sushi at the supermarket and ate it in the room. 

For more information on Urban Residences apartments, take a look here. 

Urban Residences Rotterdam with kids
Urban Residences Rotterdam with kids

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