Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam: 11 hotels tested!

What is a family-friendly hotel Amsterdam? Where is a great place to stay in Amsterdam with kids? All questions from parents who want to take the kids to our capital for a weekend and also want to stay family-friendly. We have visited Amsterdam with our family dozens of times now and wrote the blog here before Amsterdam with kids about, in which we list all the fun activities in the capital, but in this blog we give eleven reviews of the family-friendly hotels where we slept with the family in Amsterdam.

Volkshotel Amsterdam review

The first hotel we discuss in our list of family-friendly hotel Amsterdam is the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. What we especially liked about this family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam was the nice atmosphere inside. Everyone is welcome at the hotel and the hotel exudes that. You see a very diverse group of guests at the hotel, including plenty of families with kids.

The hotel is in the old headquarters of the Volkskrant newspaper and you can see this reflected in the hotel. The rooms, the corridors refer to the history of the building. The hotel also has plenty for kids to do. For example, downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant you have a large play area, where the kids can enjoy playing.

There is also a children’s playroom on the first floor of the Volkshotel Amsterdam, where kids can play dozens of games. You have to think of such things as a shuffleboard, a table football table and a huge block tower (game of Jenga).

The hotel has lots of different types of rooms and many of the rooms have completely unique styles and interiors. You have XL rooms for families of four with an area of 45m2. From many of these rooms you have a beautiful view of Amsterdam.

On the top floor you have a really cool restaurant sitting, where you really have a great view and perhaps the best thing about this hotel is the rooftop wellness of the Volkshotel Amsterdam. Here you have three hot tubs and a sauna, and we thoroughly enjoyed the view of Amsterdam while having a drink in our hot tub. Lovely to relax on the roof of this hotel after a day in Amsterdam with kids.

For more information about the Volkshotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Volkshotel Amsterdam with kids
Volkshotel Amsterdam with kids

Olympic Hotel Amsterdam review

The Olympic hotel Amsterdam is located next to Amsterdam’s Olympic stadium. This family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam is close to the Amsterdam forest , and if you rent bikes from the hotel, you’ll be in Amsterdam’s world-famous Vondelpark in minutes. Anyway, one of the nicest ways to explore Amsterdam with kids is by bike.

Of course, in the Olympic Hotel Amsterdam you will find all sorts of references to various Olympic sports. For example, the rug in the hotel’s hallways looks like a running track.

The hotel has several rooms and also enough rooms for families with kids. For example, there are rooms with multiple bunk beds for large families. We ourselves had a room, where a bed for our daughter was added to the room, and we really had a beautiful view of Amsterdam’s Olympic stadium from that room! Really super cool!

The reason we booked this family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam during a city trip to Amsterdam with our daughter is because of the hotel’s hot tubs. Also at this hotel you have hot tubs with a view, where you can relax with your kids. We visited the Olympic Hotel Amsterdam in the winter, but in the summer you can also relax on a bed or in a hammock in the sun in this wellness area. The hotel also has a sauna on the same floor for its guests.

The hotel also has a café and a restaurant in the hotel, allowing you to eat at the hotel three times in one day. We ourselves only used the buffet breakfast and it was very tasty and very extensive.

For more information about the Olympic Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Olympic Hotel Amsterdam with kids
Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam

The Albus hotel Amsterdam review

The third family-friendly hotel Amsterdam we visited is The Albus Hotel Amsterdam. This hotel is really right in the center and you can walk to various sights in the city such as Dam Square in a few minutes.

The arrival at the hotel was immediately very cordial and we parents were immediately given a glass of Cava and Sophie was given a water ice cream. She was also told that they could come and get as many water ice creams from the front desk as they wanted. Needless to say, our daughter immediately thought this was a top hotel!

At The Albus hotel Amsterdam, they also have several rooms for families with kids, including some family rooms and some suites. We ourselves booked the Spacious City Suite and this room was quite large. Personally, we always really like it when we have a spacious room with our daughter, so that we can also move around a bit in the room.

In addition, in the room we again felt very welcome! There was a bottle of Cava on ice and a beer tender on the room’s desk. For Sophie, there was also a small package with some coloring and some candy. Often it’s also in the little things that make you feel really nice at a hotel!

This hotel also has its own restaurant and this restaurant has won several awards for the food and drinks it serves. On that note, this is a great place to eat with the family in Amsterdam. Of course, you don’t have to, as the hotel’s central location means you have dozens of other restaurants and cafes surrounding the hotel, so there is something tasty for every member of the family.

As with most of the hotels in this list of family-friendly hotels Amsterdam, this hotel includes breakfast, and in fact, these are always good! Very extensive buffet breakfast with lots of options. Almost every time we slept in a hotel in Amsterdam with our daughter we left the hotel with a well-filled belly!

For more information about The Albus Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

The Albus Hotel Amsterdam with kids
The Albus Hotel Amsterdam with kids

The Unbound Amsterdam review

This is perhaps the most exclusive hotel in our list of family-friendly hotel Amsterdam. We had wanted to book here based on the pictures for a long time, but there is quite a price tag on this hotel in Amsterdam.

The complex of The Unbound Amsterdam is located a bit outside of Amsterdam and it is somewhat like a sauna complex. You can park your car in front of it for free, and the hotel has several options in terms of accommodation, including several cottages with a hot tub.

It looks a bit like the familiar tinyhouses and the cottages are simple, but fully equipped. Because the cottages are spaced apart you have quite a bit of privacy, and of course the hot tub at the cottage is one of the reasons people go to The Unbound Amsterdam.

This does involve a whole procedure to get the water up to temperature. Thus, we must stoke the fire vigorously and stir the water frequently. Sophie, our daughter loves doing this and couldn’t wait for the water to be warm enough to go in. In addition, the complex has a sauna you can rent and a beach with a pedal swan for kids. In summer, this is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine.

We booked the cottage The Wikkel with wood fired hot tub and this cottage could accommodate four people. For the kids, there is a separate room in the cottage with a bunk bed. In addition to the hot tub, we enjoyed using the fire pit and sitting around it in the evening.

At the hotel there is a restaurant where you can eat very well, but we ourselves did not take advantage of this. We ate in Amsterdam during the day and in the morning we drove to the Albert Heyn (a five-minute drive) and had breakfast at the cottage. The next morning, the hot tub was still warm enough, so we once again enjoyed sitting in the hot tub after breakfast!

For more information about The Unbound Amsterdam, take a look here.

The Unbound Amsterdam with kids
The Unbound Amsterdam with kids

Vondice hotel Amsterdam review

Another special cottage we include in our list of family-friendly hotel Amsterdam is from the Vondice Hotel Amsterdam. This cottage served years ago as a pumping station as part of the water treatment plants in Amsterdam East. When the pumping station ceased to serve a function, it was converted into a hotel.

The cottage is in the middle of a residential area and you get two bikes included in the price when you book the cottage. Our daughter was able to ride on the back with us, but be sure to check with the Vondice Hotel Amsterdam beforehand about the possibilities of taking your kids on the back of the bike. In twenty minutes we cycled to the city center and immediately had our ideal mode of transportation in Amsterdam to explore the city.

The location of the cottage is ideal with kids. There is a supermarket within walking distance of the cottage, and two large playgrounds are also a two-minute walk from the cottage. In addition, we were able to park the car in front of the door for free, which can also be considered special in Amsterdam.

The cottage has a special shape and is suitable for families of four. Sophie has her own little room hidden somewhere in the house. In addition, the cottage is luxurious inside and it is very nice that you also have a seating area outside, where you can sit in the sun with your family.

In addition to the two large playgrounds, there is also one of the largest skate tracks in Amsterdam, so if your kids love this, be sure to let them bring their scooters, rollerblades or skateboard. There is also a climbing wall, a soccer field and a basketball court on the same property. For food, visit the supermarket or the local French fry shop or pizzeria around the corner. If you want to eat a little better, it’s best to do so in Amsterdam itself.

For more information about the Vondice Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here!

Vondice Hotel Amsterdam with kids
Vondice Hotel Amsterdam with kids

Westcord Art hotel Amsterdam review

Another fine family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam is the WestCord Art hotel Amsterdam. This colorful hotel is completely filled with art by painter Herman Brood. This art style can be found not only in the many paintings on the walls of the hotel, but also in the rooms. Our room looked very colorful, which obviously appeals greatly to kids.

Downstairs at the reception of this hotel, kids have also been thought of. For example, at the hotel you have a rooms with games, as well as a dollhouse and a puppet show.

The hotel is located in the north of the city and by bus you will be in the city in about 15 minutes. This hotel also has different types of rooms, including family rooms for families with kids. We had also booked this one and with this room our daughter Sophie had her own room. Super nice that so you can put the kids to bed and they don’t sleep in the same room as the parents. That gives just a little more privacy.

There is plenty to do for kids around this family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam. For example, in summer you can go to the swimming pool (Brediusbad) located next to the hotel. You can also walk toward the Wild West in just over ten minutes. We have already discussed the Woeste Westen in our blog Amsterdam with kids, but this nature playground is quite unique in Amsterdam and a very cool place to let your kids run wild for an hour. Westerpark is also nearby.

The hotel rents bikes, so you can quickly get to the city center with your family. In terms of food and drink, you can visit the hotel’s brasserie. So you don’t have to leave the door to eat and drink at this hotel either. We ourselves took advantage of the Art Hotel Amsterdam’s extensive breakfast in the morning and, as with most family-friendly hotels in Amsterdam, it was very good.

For more information about the Art Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam
Art Hotel Amsterdam with kids

Eden hotel Amsterdam review

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam with beautiful family rooms, the Eden hotel is definitely a good option! Again, this hotel has a tremendously central location and you can walk to Rembrandtplein, among other places, in three minutes. This also makes it easy to get around from this hotel to other places in Amsterdam by public transportation.

We booked this hotel in Amsterdam because of the cool rooms they offer here for families with kids that are very attractively decorated. Our room was very spacious and in the middle was a large mirror that formed a sort of partition between our daughter’s bed and our bed (see photo below).

In addition, the room is fully equipped and Sophie especially liked the ice cube machine in the hallway of the hotel. As parents, we were provided with ice cubes in our drinks all evening ;).

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam has no less than two restaurants in the same building including a Michelin-starred restaurant. If you and your family absolutely love this, then of course it’s great that you can go straight upstairs into bed after dinner. We only used the breakfast at the hotel and it was absolutely great.

One special thing about this hotel is that there is a kind of small unstaffed supermarket in the hotel that is open 24 hours a day. You can grab food and drinks here and you can then check it out yourself. Super convenient! Especially with kids.

For more information about the Eden Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam
Eden Hotel Amsterdam with kids

banks Mansion hotel Amsterdam review

Another special hotel in this list of family-friendly hotels Amsterdam is the Banks Mansion Hotel Amsterdam. This hotel is also located right in the center on the herengracht and operates on a kind of all-inclusive principle. The drinks and appetizers were included in the price of this hotel.

By the way, we generally park the car at a P&R parking lot when we book a downtown hotel. You then pay 1 euro for a weekend to park and you pay a few euros for a return streetcar ticket. Also for this hotel, we parked the car in the P&R Rai and took the streetcar to the hotel.

The Banks Mansion Hotel Amsterdam has several games in the lobby that you can play with kids and there is also a large table, at which you can play those games. We sat here in the afternoon playing cards while enjoying a drink and a snack (there are several appetizers including cheeses, sausages and different kinds of chips).

This family-friendly hotel also has several rooms for families, and we ourselves had booked the Mackinlay Junior Suite. This was a tremendously spacious room, with a record player and all sorts of other items in the room and also a lovely bathtub, where we had a wonderful bath both in the evening and in the morning (of course with the rubber duck we got in the room with it ;)). The contents of the minibar in the room were also included in the price.

Of course, we also ate at this hotel in the morning from the extensive breakfast buffet and again, this was really recommended. After all, it’s always very nice to start the day off right with a good breakfast, so you can get on with the rest of the day in Amsterdam.

For more information about the Banks Mansion Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam
Amsterdam with kids

Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam review

In addition to the Art hotel, the Westcord has another hotel in town and that is the Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam. Of course, this four-star hotel is all about fashion. This is also reflected in the hotel lobby, where several well-known fashion brands display clothing.

This hotel also has plenty of fun children’s activities near the hotel. For example, the hotel is very close to Rembrandt Park, which we ourselves found very nice to visit. You have several playgrounds here, some animals and also an area where you can build with kids. The Vondelpark is also within walking distance of the hotel. There is also a playground opposite the hotel with a house with a slide, swing and trampoline. This is where we played with our daughter at the end of the day.

What is also a big plus of this family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam is that there is a wellness at the hotel with a pool. We loved staying here at the end of the day and relaxing. In addition to the pool, you also have two saunas and a steam room here for parents.

We had booked a Junior Suite at this hotel and this was a nice spacious room with a large bathtub in the room. For us, it is always a very nice thing if there is a bathtub in the room and we often select our rooms on this.

Like most family-friendly hotels in Amsterdam, the Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam has several catering establishments in the same building. In fact, you have a Grand Café, Skybar and brasserie sitting at the hotel, where you can go throughout the day for snacks and drinks.

For more information about the Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here.

Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam with kids
Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam with kids

The Bank hotel Amsterdam review

If you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in the Jordaan area, The Bank Hotel Amsterdam is a nice option. We find the Jordaan a very nice neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam. We really like the restaurants, cafes, the stores and the whole atmosphere of the neighborhood. The Bank Hotel Amsterdam is right in the middle of this neighborhood! 

Therefore, from the hotel you can quickly reach various attractions in the city of Amsterdam on foot. Also for this hotel, we parked our car in a P&R parking garage (North) and traveled to the hotel by public transportation from there. That saves an enormous amount of money. Another option is to travel to Amsterdam by train, and from the central station it is about a ten-minute walk to this hotel. 

The hotel used to be a bank and downstairs in the basement you can still see the bank’s old vault. Today it houses a restaurant. The hotel has different types of rooms and we had booked a family room here that was a whopping 35 square meters. This room also had a bathroom with a bathtub and also at this hotel we took advantage of the extensive breakfast buffet in the morning. 

For more information about The Bank Hotel Amsterdam, take a look here. 

The Bank hotel Amsterdam with kids
The Bank hotel Amsterdam with kids

Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam review

And in addition to these ten family-friendly hotels in Amsterdam discussed above, we also slept at a campsite in Amsterdam once. At the Zeeburg campsite in Amsterdam, we had booked a small cottage. Unfortunately, when we booked the cottage during the winter period, the campsite was not that busy, but during the summer period, this is definitely a very cool option to stay overnight in Amsterdam with kids.

You can rent bikes at the campground and then you can cycle from the campground to the city center. It also has a beach and you can rent kayaks and take to the water in the summer. We also like camping from time to time, since you obviously have space here with kids.

For more information about Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam, take a look here.

Amsterdam with kids
Amsterdam with kids


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