Europapark with kids

Europa-Park with kids is a lot of fun! The park is not super well-known to most parents, yet it is the second largest amusement park in Europe after Disneyland Paris. From Utrecht, you can drive there by car in just over five hours, making it not an amusement park you visit in a weekend for most Dutch families. In that regard, the amusement park is big enough to have a great time with the family for two to three days. Following our visit, we list all the information about visiting Europa-Park with kids for you!

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa park with kids: GENERAL INFORMATION

Europa-Park is divided into 18 different themed areas and most of these themed areas are European countries. You have the following themed areas: Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Adventure Land, Fairytale Forest, Kingdom of Minimoys, Ireland and England.

In the respective theme area, everything is also based on the country. That is, the attractions, the food, the clothing of the employees is in the atmosphere of the respective country. For example, you can eat poffertjes and bitterballen in the Netherlands area. We found this really super fun (and sometimes relatable) and were impressed by how beautiful the park is.

The park has more than 100 rides, including 13 roller coasters. The park also has seven darkrides (rides that are covered). Also, the amusement park has a huge number of shows you can go see. It is therefore impossible to see Europa-Park with kids in one day. We saw most of the park in two days, but a third day would not have been a luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for lodging nearby.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa-Park itself has six different hotels and a campground for visitors. Of course, it is also possible to stay cheaply outside the park. There is also no shortage of restaurants at the amusement park. There are dozens of eateries in the park, and there is plenty for kids to eat what they like.

Like Disneyland, you can also go to Europa-Park with kids and watch a parade every day. There are also several figures walking through the park that kids can take pictures with. At the park entrance, you can get bands for kids that you can write your phone number on, in case you lose your kids in the crowds.

There is also an app from the park, which allows you to get a good orientation through the park. Here you can also see right away the current waiting times at the various attractions, so you don’t have to wait in line too long somewhere at an attraction. We used this app a lot in the park and it is also how you can arrange a fastpass for certain attractions. The amusement park has been voted the best amusement park in the world eight times.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

You can buy tickets to the amusement park on the Europa-Park website. Unfortunately, there are few discount offers around tickets. Efteling season ticket holders do get a free day at the park once per calendar year.

Europa-Park is located in the Black Forest and you can easily combine a few days of amusement park with a vacation in the Black Forest with kids. You can also visit Europa-Park with kids during a city trip to nearby cities such as Strasbourg. Or you can visit the amusement park as a stopover on your way to your vacation in Italy to Lake Garda, for example.

Europa park with kids: Virtual Line

You can use a VirtualLine at Europa-Park amusement park with kids. You download the app and turn on your location and then enter the barcodes of the tickets you have from the park. Then you can get some kind of fastpass for one attraction at a time. You can get this pass for the attractions: blue Fire megacoaster, Arthur, Euro-Mir, Pirates in Batavia, Wodan and Eurosat.

We used this system frequently both days. Right in the morning at 9 a.m. we looked in the app and grabbed a time slot for one of the attractions right away. Suppose we grabbed the 10:00-10:10 time slot for the Wodan attraction at 9 a.m., we could walk through with our pass to the trolleys almost right away during that time period, saving us sometimes up to an hour of queuing.

After we visited the attraction at 10 a.m., we could then request another fastpass after 10 a.m. Of course, it soon seems like there are no more passes available all day, but every ten minutes passes become available again for three hours later.

What you should do then is: stand on the particular attraction and wait until it is, say, 10:20 a.m./10:30 a.m. or 10:40 a.m. and then you should respond right away when the passes are available again. If you are already in the attraction in the app, you have a good chance of getting a pass.

That way we could get passes for as many as four attractions each day. So at 10:20 a.m. sharp, passes will become available for the 1:20-13:30 p.m. time slot. This way you will get much more out of your stay at Europa-Park with kids.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa park with kids: THE THEMED AREAS + ATTRACTIONS

Europa-Park is thus divided into several themed areas and each themed area has its own attractions. We briefly describe below the different themed areas you can visit in Europa-Park with kids and also describe the different attractions in these themed areas.

Germany: when you visit Europa-Park with kids, this is the first themed area you encounter at the entrance. The theme area is centered on the different federal states of Germany. Of course, it is possible to eat a typical bratwurst here. In the garden of Balthasar Castle, you can take an excellent walk.

In Germany, you can take the monorail and tour the amusement park. Here you can see the amusement park from the height and get a good first impression of it. There are a number of attractions in this themed area, including a boat ride through the world of fairy tales and puppets, a little train that runs through the park, a boat ride past fairies, electric cars that run along a track, a train ride on a track through Lommerland and the spectacular attraction Voletarium.

In this last attraction, you fly around in a theater, so to speak, past various objects and buildings in Europe. This attraction does require kids to be at least one meter tall. We thought this was a very cool attraction and it reminded us of the Thisisholland attraction in Amsterdam. Furthermore, you have two more museums in this theme area. One about the park and one about carnival.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Italy: this themed area centers on a large pond, where the reference is made to the city of Venice. Of course, you can eat pizza or get a delicious Italian ice cream in this themed area. The theme area has three different attractions. For example, in this part of Europa-Park you can take kids on a ride in a haunted castle, take a ride in a gondola through Italy, and you have the Volo Da Vinci carousel here (only for kids over 90 cm.).

We actually enjoyed visiting all three of these attractions. The haunted castle is very nicely made and also Piccolo Mondo is a very nice indoor ride, which you should definitely visit in Europa-Park with kids.

France: in this themed area you can eat French pancakes (Crêpes) and find the Moulin Rouge and the Quartier Francais attractions. You can take kids on several spectacular roller coasters in this part of Europa-Park. The most spectacular roller coaster is the Eurosat, a roller coaster you can visit with and without VR glasses. This is a special attraction though and visitors are given the headset before they even enter the attraction and this is where the show begins for them. After this, they board the roller coaster with the other visitors. You do pay an extra fee for this roller coaster with VR glasses. Of course, you can also visit this roller coaster without glasses and then the roller coaster is free.

Furthermore, in this part of Europa-Park with kids you can visit the 75-meter-high Eurotower for a nice view of the amusement park, visit the indoor ride with dinosaurs Madame Freudenreich and take a ride on the roller coaster Silver Star. The latter roller coaster is the largest and highest roller coaster in the amusement park. You must be at least 11 years old and 140 cm tall for this roller coaster. The roller coaster goes 130 kilometers per hour.

Switzerland: if you love cheese fondue, then this themed area is for you. You have three different attractions in Switzerland that are mainly for older kids. In fact, you must be at least 120 cm tall at all three attractions. So you have a bob track, the roller coaster Matterhorn Blitz and some kind of airplanes where you take a glacier flight. These are three attractions that do get crowded during the day and these are great attractions to catch right at the beginning of the day when it is not yet crowded.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Greece: this themed area focuses on the Greek islands and, of course, the Greek gods. For a Gyros sandwich, this is the place to be. You have a number of attractions here in this themed area, including a water attraction. In water roller coaster Poseidon, you go down the mountain in a cart and splash in the water. It is a combination of a roller coaster and the familiar attraction of the tree trunk. Keep in mind that you will get pretty wet.

Furthermore, you have the attraction the Curse of Cassandra which is a bit like Villa Volta at the Efteling where it looks like you are going over the top in a house. There is also an indoor attraction where you have to shoot infrared guns in a submarine and there is a children’s roller coaster (for kids from 100 cm) in this part of Europa-Park with kids.

Russia: this themed area features another fast roller coaster (Euro-Mir), where you go as fast as 80 kilometers per hour in your cart. This roller coaster is for kids 8 years and older with a height of at least 130 cm. For small kids, there are also two fun attractions here. For example, you can take a Russian sleigh ride through a fairytale world (we also found a very nice attraction) and you can drive electric cars along a track. Only kids can ride in these electric cars.

Luxembourg: if you want to cool off in Europa-Park with kids, this themed area is perfect for it. The themed area which is central to the park has several water fountains, where kids can cool off on a hot day. Otherwise, there are few attractions in this area except for an exhibition on Rulantica the water park. In this area, the parade passes by every afternoon.

Holland: you can go to Europa-Park with kids also to our own country. You can enjoy poffertjes in the Holland themed area, and there is plenty for little kids to do here. So in Holland you have mini bumper cars, a ball pit, small airplanes, coffee pots spinning over a plate and spinning boats.

The only attraction inside here is the Pirates of Batavia, where you take a boat through a pirate’s world. The attraction looks a bit like the Fata Morgana at the Efteling. We really liked this attraction and definitely recommend it if you visit Europa-Park with kids.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Scandinavia: this themed area focuses on a colorful Scandinavian village and the famous Fjords. There are three different attractions in this area that you can go into. So you have a big swing ship, a whitewater ride and a darkride (attractions inside) Snorri tours, where you go in a trolley through the world of Rulantica (nice attraction).

Iceland: you must go to this themed area in Europa-Park with kids if you love roller coasters. In fact, there are two fast roller coasters here. In Blue Fire Megacoaster, you go to 100 km per hour with your trolley in just over 2 seconds and also go over the top. For this attraction, kids must be at least 7 years old and be 130 cm or taller. There is also a wooden roller coaster (Wodan), where you go 80 kilometers per hour in your cart. Here, kids must be at least 120 cm. We thought these were the two coolest roller coasters in the theme park and we did both roller coasters twice during our stay at Europa-Park.

Furthermore, you can take a trip on the water in a boat and shoot water cannons at other boats with tourists sailing there. Also located in this area is a large water playground with slides and all.

Portugal: in this themed area you have an indoor playground for the smallest kids and there is a water attraction (Atlantic Supersplash), where you pop down into the water in a big boat at 80 kilometers per hour. Obviously you can get pretty wet in this attraction, but we didn’t think it was too bad how wet you get in this attraction.

Spain: this themed area focuses on Andalusia and the city of Seville. Flamenco is danced here and you can eat tapas and paella and drink sangria. You have two attractions here and in both you can get very crazy. Both Kolumbusjolle and Feriaswing make countless rounds.

We actually found these two attractions to be very similar. In one you spin around in a kind of cart and in another in a boat. Kids really like this, but as a parent, you quickly get nauseous here. For kids up to 120 cm, you also have a large playground with water elements here.

Austria: you go to the alps and the town of Tyrol in this part of Europa-Park with kids. In this section you will find a carousel, a family roller coaster with a little train and the traditional water coaster with the logs. For kids under 12, you also have a playground here.

In addition, you also have a roller coaster in this themed area, which requires you to put on VR glasses. Again, you pay a little extra for this, but then again you have a special 3d experience on a roller coaster. We found this Alpine Coaster to be very cool. We have done the roller coaster once with VR glasses and once without VR glasses and in perception, because of the VR glasses there is a huge difference in how you experience the roller coaster. Also definitely recommend this attraction during your visit to Europa-Park with kids.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Adventure Land: in this themed area you can get away from the roller coaster crowds and unwind in nature. There is a water playground for children up to 12 years old, and furthermore in this part of Europa-Park you can take kids on a raft and on a boat as you sail through the Imperial Gardens of Josefina (Austria).

Fairytale forest: in Germany you can take a fairytale route along several towns, and Europa-Park also features the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales. You will find the following fairy tales in the Fairytale Forest: Cinderella, the Golden Goose, The Brave Cutter, Doctor Knows Already, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Donkey Strekje, Woman Hollow, Dwarf City, Rapunzel and Frog King. There is also a puppet exhibition and a fairy tale gallery in the fairy tale forest.

Kingdom of Minimoys: again, not a country, but a fairy world. You can take kids down a carrot slide, up and down the freefall tower and in a spinning carousel in this part of Europa-Park. There is also a spectacular attraction (Arthur) that kids as young as four years old with a height of 100 cm and above can enter, where you fly on a roller coaster in a chair over a course. We also thought this roller coaster was very cool and we also did this roller coaster several times!

Ireland: This themed area is perhaps the most fun themed area for young kids. You have the most attractions for young kids here (a whopping 11 of them). For example, here you have small water boats, a large playground in the shape of a castle, a traffic square, a small roller coaster with a little train, a water playground, a ride in an electric tractor down a track, a playground, a small swing ship, a carousel with boats and one with dragons and an attraction where kids can pull themselves up in a cart via a rope. You can easily spend a few hours here at Europa-Park with kids who are still young. Fathers can have fun here in the Irish pub.

England: this themed area focuses on Shakespeare’s theater and the city of London with its red buses. You can in this part of Europa-Park with kids through a labyrinth full of lasers, in a flying city bus, in the bumper cars, in a carousel, on a course with electric cars and in the attraction crazy cab, where you ride in cabs crisscrossing each other.

As you can see, there is enough to do at Europa-Park with kids to have a good time with the family for at least two days!

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa park with kids: THE VARIOUS SHOWS

Europa-Park is known for its many shows you can visit in the park. You have several large and small shows inside and outside here, and we discuss the most important ones here.

Ice Arena: this show in theme area Greece is all about figure skating. Of course, a story has been devised to shape the show, and different dancers must search for a diamond and go to different countries to do so. The show on the ice looks spectacular and there is entertainment before the show, so you don’t feel like you are waiting a long time before the show starts. We visited on Halloween and then this show was also Halloween themed. Really a very cool show we thought.

Stunt show with horses: in the Spain theme area, you can watch a show in the Spanish Arena with horses. There is entertainment before the show, and during the show knights battle each other for the princess. All kinds of stunts are done here on horses, and especially for kids who love knights, you can’t miss this show when visiting Europa-Park with kids.

Theater performance (Globe Theater): this theater performance is in the England theme area. You and your kids must love this, of course, or you may find this show boring.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa-Park Teatro: In this show you will see musicians, artists and dancers at work. It is a mix of dance, acrobatics and juggling. You really have to love this show in themed Italy, too, and if you don’t have much time in Europa-Park with kids, you can skip it. By the way, you are not allowed to take pictures of the show during this show.

Parade: every day in Europa-Park you can go with kids to watch a parade through the park. It is somewhat similar to the parades in the Disney parks and, again, several of the park’s protagonists (Ed Euromaus and his friends) appear in the parade and there is dancing and, of course, lots of waving during the walking tour.

There are also several smaller shows in the different themed areas. For example, you can watch Spanish dancers in the open-air theater Spain, you can go to the children’s show Junior Club in Holland, there is a show with puppets in Ireland, there is an acrobat show in the open-air theater in Portugal, there is a show with soap bubbles in Italy and you can also celebrate the Venetian carnival in Italy. Furthermore, in France you can go to a 4D cinema movie, in which pirates have all kinds of adventures.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa park with kids: Foodloop (roller coaster restaurant)

Of course you can eat well at Europa-Park with kids! The amusement park has restaurants in all the different themed areas, so this allows you to eat very internationally. If you feel like Spanish tapas or just Dutch poffertjes, the different countries are available. With more than 50 catering establishments, there is always something for kids to eat that they like.

One of the most unusual restaurants in the theme park is the FoodLoop restaurant. At this restaurant, your food is served from a roller coaster. You order your food through a screen and the pans of food come in a roller coaster from the kitchen to your table. We thought this was a really super cool restaurant and definitely recommended if you visit the park!

Keep in mind that this restaurant is crowded and there can be quite a queue of waiting people. You’ll find this restaurant in the Luxembourg themed area. You also have this principle of a roller coaster restaurant in some other German cities such as the city of Dresden. We wrote about this earlier in our blog Dresden with kids.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

Europa park with kids: rulantica

During a vacation to Europa-Park with kids, it is also possible to spend a day at a water park. In fact, Europa-Park has built a large water park Rulantica next to the amusement park. In all, there are 28 water attractions for young and old. There is also a very large outdoor area with no less than 100 play opportunities.

For example, you have several spectacular slides that you have to go down with and without a tire. Please note that for some slides there is a minimum age and length requirement. There is also a whole children’s area inside and outside for the smallest kids. The indoor section is all about the trolls and the outdoor section there is a beach for the little ones.

There is also a spa area for parents at Rulantica. This is a separate section in the building, though. You do pay an additional fee to use this spa area. We also went to Rulantica for a day and found that a very nice day as well. We wrote the blog Rulantica with kids about it, in which we give all the information about this water park.

Waterpark Rulantica with kids
Waterpark Rulantica with kids

Europa park with kids: WHERE TO STAY

Europa-Park has six themed hotels located around the theme park, making it easy to spend a few days visiting Europa-Park with kids. The six themed hotels all have four stars and Bell Rock, Krønasar, Santa Isabel and Colosseo are even classified as four-star superior. Most of these hotels are really on the doorstep of the amusement park. We briefly name all the different hotels.

Krønasår: dithotel is dedicated to explorers and adventurers. The themed Scandinavian rooms can accommodate families of up to six. At all the hotels you can use the different pools of the different hotels. There are also several restaurants and cafes at this hotel. The hotel sits right at the entrance to Rulantic swimming paradise, and guests of the hotel also have free access to this huge indoor pool.

Bell Rock: At this hotel, you’ll follow in the footsteps of America’s pilgrims and explorers. It is possible in this hotel to sleep in the big lighthouse with the family what is built near the hotel. The price of the room includes breakfast and free parking in addition to access to all the pools. Attached to this hotel is a heated indoor and outdoor pool.

Castillo Alcazar: This themed hotel is all about the Middle Ages. Shaped like a medieval castle, the hotel has rooms for families of up to six people. One advantage of booking Europa-Park’s hotels is that guests can enter the park an hour before the park officially opens, which obviously makes it much less crowded at all the attractions.

Colosseo: This hotel is built entirely in the style of the historic city of Rome. The hotel looks spectacular from the outside and is in the shape of the Colosseum. Like the other hotels, you can book a room here with a family of up to six people. Inside the coliseum arch is a heated outdoor pool and sauna complex.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids

El Andaluz: This hotel is all about Spanish Andalusia. The rooms should give you the impression of being on a Spanish finca. This hotel has rooms for families of up to four people. An outdoor heated pool for guests sits in the hotel’s palm garden. The hotel is connected to Hotel Castillo Alcazar by a corridor system.

Santa Isabel: This hotel is built in the style of a Portuguese monastery. Again, you can book rooms for one to four people. At this hotel sits a heated outdoor pool, where you can unwind in monastic atmospheres, as the hotel itself describes it.

Camp Resort: this camp resort and also Europa-Park’s campsite are a 5-minute walk from the amusement park. This camp resort is all about the Wild West and families can sleep here in a tipi tent, covered wagon or log cabin. At the log cabins and tipi tents it is possible to book overnight stays for a maximum of sixteen people. So for large families, this is an ideal option. There is an indoor playground here, you can swim in the lake if the weather is good, and there are fire pits, where families can barbecue.

Europa-Park campsite: if you want to come to Europa-Park with kids with your own caravan or tent, it is possible to stay overnight at this campsite. This is the cheapest place to stay in terms of overnight stays from the theme park itself.

Europe Park with kids
Europe Park with kids


Hotel Restaurant Schiff

During our visit to the Europa-Park amusement park, we slept at Hotel Restaurant Schiff which is a few minutes’ drive away from the hotel. We could park the car there in front of the door for free and had a spacious room including a bathroom, which was fully equipped. In the morning we had a sumptuous breakfast buffet, which allowed us to visit the park the next day with a well-filled belly. We wrote about this hotel the blog Hotel Restaurant Schiff.

Hotel Restaurant Schiff with kids
Hotel Restaurant Schiff with kids

Of course, there are also plenty of accommodations around the amusement park for families with kids. We list some suggestions that are within a ten-kilometer radius of the amusement park.

Budget: B&B Hotel Rust-Ettenheim

Middle class: Eisberg Hotel & Gästehaus Rust

Luxury: Hotel am Park

For the entire list of hotels around Europa-Park with kids, click here.

As you can see, you can easily spend a few days at Europa-Park with kids. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees, hotels, restaurants and attractions, check out the theme park’s Dutch-language website.

Europa park with kids: conclusion

Europa-Park had been on our list to visit for a long time based on the good stories we heard about the amusement park and we really thought it was a super cool amusement park! We were really impressed with how beautiful the park looks and also found it super fun to walk through the different country areas.

In addition, you can eat delicious food and the choice is very large! In addition, they have lots of fantastic attractions, so we really had a super good time for two days. We think it is the most fun amusement park we have ever visited, and there are quite a few. We find that visiting Europa-Park with kids is highly recommended. For more information about the amusement park, check out Europa-Park‘s Dutch-language website.

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