Euromast Review

In this Euromast Review, we list our findings from the multiple visits we made to the Euromast in Rotterdam. We visited this observation tower in Rotterdam with our daughter and found it to be a fun children’s activity in Rotterdam. We also included the Euromast in our blog Rotterdam with kids, in which we listed all the city’s kids’ activities. Following our visit, we provide a review here and also give some important information for visiting the Euromast in Rotterdam.

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

Euromast Rotterdam accessibility

Because the Euromast is located fairly centrally in Rotterdam, this tower is also easy to reach. If you come by car you can park at the Euromast Rotterdam paid parking opposite the tower in a large parking lot.

The Euromast is also easily accessible by public transportation. For example, you can travel by metro from Rotterdam’s central station to Coolhaven metro station, from where you still have to walk about ten minutes. You can also take streetcar 8 to Spangen from the central station and get off in front of the tower at Euromast stop.

Euromast review
Euromast review

Euromast Rotterdam tickets

You can buy tickets for the tower on the website of the Euromast in Rotterdam and it saves a few euros compared to doing it at the box office. Especially if there are a number of you in the family and you are sure you want to visit the Euromast, it’s best to buy tickets this way in advance. Children under 3 are free, and for kids ages 4 to 11, tickets to the Euromast are cheaper.

Check out the Euromast Rotterdam website to buy a ticket.

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

Euromast discount ANWB

When you start searching online, you often come across various discount offers that can save quite a bit of money. Especially if there are a number of you. Therefore, always search online to see if you can find a discount somewhere. We ourselves received a discount on the entrance fee to the tower through our ANWB membership.

These promotions are often periodic, so you need to find out in advance what discount offers are available if you want to visit the Euromast in Rotterdam.

Euromast Rotterdam
Euromast Rotterdam with kids

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

At the Euromast in Rotterdam, you not only have a great view of the Rotterdam skyline. In fact, you can also do a fun questionnaire there with kids. When we visited the Euromast, they had a questionnaire about all kinds of things about the Euromast. While answering questions, we could also enjoy the beautiful view from the tower on the way to the top. Our daughter enjoyed answering these questions.

You can also visit Euroscoop at the Euromast Rotterdam with kids. This is a kind of attraction that takes you all the way to the top of the tower. It starts with lots of lights and you slowly go up. What’s really cool is that you can look down through the glass under your feet. If you find this too exciting, you can dampen the glass and you won’t be able to look down. This is also super fun to visit with kids.

Euromast with kids
Euromast Rotterdam with kids

High Tea Euromast Rotterdam

You can also grab a bite to eat at the Euromast in Rotterdam. At the top of the tower you have a restaurant sitting, where you can grab a bite to eat. We have had lunch here several times and it was great food and you also had a great view! By the way, this brasserie does not rotate, as you often see abroad with this type of tower.

This brasserie has several packages you can take here. So you can book a High Tea or High Wine here, as well as a complete brunch or lunch. Check the Euromast’s website for different options.

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

Spend the night in Rotterdam!

Rotterdam is a very cool city to take a city trip to. There is enough to do in Rotterdam to keep you entertained for at least a whole week. Meanwhile, through our many city trips to Rotterdam, we have slept in many different hotels and we have posted our findings about them in a blog. In the blog family-friendly hotel Rotterdam we list some hotels where we have slept and give the pros and cons of each hotel, so you can easily make a choice.

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

Euromast review: Conclusion

We found our visits to the Euromast a very cool experience every time. This observation tower is surely one of the most famous buildings in Rotterdam and from the tower you have a beautiful view of the city of Rotterdam. In addition, with the questionnaire and Euroscoop, they have also made it attractive for families with kids to visit the tower.

You can combine the visit to the tower with a lunch or High Tea in the tower. For more information on tickets and food and drink options, check out the Euromast Rotterdam website.

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