Escape Park Penang

Escape Park Penang: water park and climbing park in Penang

Escape Park Penang is super fun to go with kids. The park consists of a water park section and a climbing park section. They have special attractions there, such as the longest slide in the world and the longest zipcoaster in the world. For families with kids, you can have a great time there for a whole day. Following our visit to this park in Penang, we list all the information and our findings.

Escape Park Penang
Escape Park Penang

General information Escape Park Penang

The Escape park near Penang is a water park combined with a climbing park. You can easily take a Grab cab there from all over Penang. From Georgetown, it is just over half an hour away by car. We were at the Hard Rock hotel in Penang and from there it is about 10 minutes away by car.

You can easily buy tickets to the park in advance via the Internet or just at the door. When we got there a little before 10 a.m. (when the park opens) it was not yet crowded. You can rent lockers there for a small fee that you can open and close indefinitely throughout the day. This is nice because you may have to change clothes several times to switch between the water park and the climbing park.

Escape Park Penang
Escape Park Penang

The climbing park at Escape Park Penang

In this section, the dry section, you must wear clothes and closed shoes for all activities. So make sure you carry closed shoes in addition to your flip-flops for the wet part, for example, otherwise you can hardly do any activities in the climbing section.

There are several activities you can do. We went first off the Tubby racer. This is a brush job that you go off of with tires. To do this, you first have to take the chairlift up and then the straps at the top of the track are tied together so you can go down the track with the whole family at the same time. We found this to be a really super fun job. He also goes really fast!

Then we did some other climbing activities. For example, Joep and Sophie did the “Monkey Business” climbing course together. They took the most difficult course (course 3) and this was also the highest course and actually just a little too difficult for Sophie. You also have 2 lower courses that are more suitable for kids.

They are challenging courses though with several ziplines in between. You will need a climbing harness for this activity. You can pick up this climbing belt at a special desk at the beginning of the climbing park. Just keep the climbing harness on during all activities in the climbing section. Kids are given a loose belt for each activity.

Joep also briefly did the Slingshot where you are catapulted, so to speak, and shot into the air. Unfortunately, Sophie was not allowed to do this activity because she weighed less than 40 pounds.

Sophie then also did some climbing activities on her own such as the Gecko tower, for example. This is a climbing wall in the shape of a house that you can climb up in a secured manner. It goes in time so the goal is to press the button at the very top of the wall as quickly as possible.

She also did tricks on the Aerobat. This is an activity where kids swing down from a platform. Sophie also took another free fall from Atans Leap. At these activities, it really wasn’t crowded at all and Sophie was able to start right away.

The three of us also did the family trail. This is a climbing course especially for families and at no more than a few meters above the ground. This was super fun to do together and definitely recommended for smaller kids as well. For parents, it can be a little off-putting at times because the tunnels you have to crawl through are made more for kids.

At the end of the day, we took the chairlift back up to go off the Zipcoaster. The Zipcoaster is the longest Zipcoaster in the world! So we certainly didn’t want to miss that one.

Unfortunately, the Zipcoaster did have a somewhat longer line. We waited for about half an hour. We heard that on busy days there can be a 1 to 2 hour queue. This is also because only 2 people can get off the Zipcoaster at a time and the process of securing people takes quite a long time.

The wait was well worth it, because it is a really cool attraction. You hang in a kind of iron egg under a track that goes down pretty hard. The park is beautifully located so when you go down the Zipcoaster you also have a nice view.

Escape Park Penang
Escape Park Penang

Escape Park Penang’s water park

Then we went to the water park section. Here, among other things, you have the longest water slide in the world. You go from here with a band. This slide also has a listing in the Guinness Book of Records. Before you can go on this slide, again you have to take the chairlift up. You take your own tire in the chairlift.

You can choose between a band where you can go in as a couple and a band where you go in alone. When we arrived at the top, the three of us were able to go down the slide at the same time. They attached the band for 2 people and for 1 person. It was really a super fun experience. There seems to be no end to this slide! We timed; it takes you about 3:30 minutes to get down.

In addition, you have three other large slides with a band. You can get rid of this with a double strap or a single strap. You also have two towers with all kinds of slides that you have to go down without a tire. One for bigger kids and adults and one for some smaller kids. These slides are also really fun to go down.

Joep wanted to try the Banana Flip. This is a slide where you have to stand on a platform and the platform is pulled out from under you. At the end of this slide, you are launched and end up in the water. For the spectators, this looks very funny.

Sophie also tried out the different diving boards. There is also another slide you can go down with a mat, the speed racer. This is also a fun slide because you can all race past each other. This slide also goes really fast.

There is also a wave pool and a pool where you can have a drink at the bar. Sophie also enjoyed the inflatable climbing course in the water. There is also a lazyriver through which you can take a rowboat. Of course, you can also go through it with a tire.

Penang water park
Penang water park

Food and drink

You can get something to eat and drink at a fast food restaurant in the middle of the park. You can get burgers, chicken and fries here. There is also a store where you can buy swimwear and drinks. It is also possible to bring your own food and drink to the park.

Where to stay in Penang with kids?

We slept at the Hardrock Hotel Penang during our stay in Penang, which we thought was really super cool! The hotel is also super close to Escape park in Penang and in about ten minutes you can get to Escape Park Penang by car from the hotel.

We noticed that there were many Dutch families staying at this hotel (we were there in the summer vacations) and we understand that, since it has a very cool pool for kids with multiple slides. We had a very nice room, with an extra bed placed in the room for our daughter.

We also found the breakfast in the morning very extensive and very tasty. We had only booked two nights at this hotel, but would have liked to stay at the hotel a little longer afterwards. In fact, our daughter had a super good time at the hotel. For more information on the Hardrock Hotel in Penang, take a look here.

For a list of all family-friendly hotels in Penang, take a look here.

Hardrock Hotel Penang
Hardrock Hotel Penang

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