Eindhoven with kids

A weekend trip to Eindhoven with kids is super fun. Especially if your kids love big playgrounds. In fact, the city has some really cool playgrounds. In that regard, a city trip to Eindhoven need not be pricey, as most of the activities described here are free or cost a few euros entrance fee. Our daughter loves playgrounds, so you can imagine that we regularly visit this family-friendly city. Based on our trips to the city, we list the best activities and attractions in Eindhoven with kids for you!

1. The prehistoric village

One of the best outings in Eindhoven with kids is the preHistoric Village. We actually didn’t really know what to expect beforehand when we went there, but we found it to be a really fun activity with our daughter. At this open-air museum in Eindhoven, kids experience the past by exploring the village for themselves.

So kids can make a fire, bake their own bread, make bracelets, shoot bows and arrows, bake pots and much more. The nice thing about the village is that there are extras walking all around the village dressed in traditional clothing, which certainly impressed our daughter. Many of the extras really do this as a hobby and therefore live an entire weekend in the traditional way.

For example, we saw some knights marching through the village and our daughter was really confused whether they really lived here. What we really liked was that the extras really involved the kids in the activities. We ourselves as parents also found it very educational and learned a lot about what life was like in the past.

We had a great time here for a few hours. You can also have a good lunch at the village (they have an extensive lunch menu), so you can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon here entertaining yourself in this village in Eindhoven with kids. For more information on admission prices, opening hours and a map of the village, check out the preHistoric Village website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

2. Philips museum

You can also visit a museum in Eindhoven with kids. In fact, in the center of Eindhoven lies the old Philips factory where the light bulbs used to be made, and today it has become a museum, where the development of the company is explained interactively.

There is plenty for kids to do here, too. For example, kids ages four to eight can do a super fun light bulb scavenger hunt here, and kids around eight can use a tablet to go through the museum in groups and do different challenges.

Much of the information in the museum is given to visitors through displays. Philips, of course, is a company that makes numerous products, so there is variety in the museum. For example, you have devices that measure the heat in your body, children can look through VR glasses and kids have to move images by moving themselves.

During the vacations, kids can also participate (for an additional fee) in the Museum Kids Factory, where they can work with a 3d printer, they can solder and work with circuits. We were there during the vacations and found this to be a very nice addition to the museum.

Therefore, we really enjoyed our visit to the Philips Museum in Eindhoven. Our daughter absolutely loved the scavenger hunt and enjoyed making crafts in Museum Kids Factory afterwards. We as parents also enjoyed seeing all kinds of devices such as the cassette tape we used to use. For more information about our visit, read our blog Philips Museum Eindhoven with kids.

Philips museum Eindhoven with kids
Philips museum Eindhoven with kids

3. the Ontdekfabriek eindhoven

In an old factory in Strijp-S, kids can do and discover all kinds of things. We visit the Discovery Factory on a free afternoon during summer vacation and park the car (paid) near the Discovery Factory. When we enter the Discovery Factory, we see all kinds of tables where kids can do crafts.

We will first make a car out of wood using an example. Sophie gets to saw and carpenter and loves it right away. We build a car and run it from a wooden track. The car completes the entire track and our daughter is super proud of her car. Needless to say, this car will have to get off this track at least a dozen more times.

It is one of the many things you can do here at this factory in Eindhoven with kids. Kids can create their own cartoon, make a spectrum out of a toilet roll, design a letter with a 3D printer and much more. Of course, we as parents help occasionally, but most of the things our daughter can do herself and afterwards she is always very proud of her “crafts.

Kids can also engage in crafts outside on the front lawn. So they can build a cart here that goes over a track. In this they get to drill screws and all sorts of things with a drill. Furthermore, you can make some kind of movie inside, you can watch a movie in a movie theater, and now we’re probably forgetting a whole bunch.

We had a very nice afternoon here at the Ontdekfabriek in Eindhoven. And therefore find it highly recommended if you visit Eindhoven with kids.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

4. Playpark the Splinter

If you are looking for an affordable activity you can do with kids in Eindhoven, where you can have fun with the family for at least half a day then play park de Splinter is a very good option. The playground is free Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays and holidays you pay a few euros entrance fee for the whole family. This play park is really huge and a fun park for young and older kids. You can park your car for free in the area around the playground.

The play park is divided into several sections. So you have several playgrounds that are all connected to each other. For different age groups, you have different areas in the park where kids can have fun. Also included in this play park is a swimming pool, where your kids can cool off in the summer. There is also a small petting zoo on the premises, where kids can walk among the animals.

Of course, you can bring your own food, since the on-site eatery does not have very many choices. The first time we visited the play park, the eatery was closed and we took a moment to get some goodies for lunch at the supermarket near the park. There are several picnic benches on the grounds, so you can have a great lunch here that way.

It also includes a sort of water playground, where kids can take a ferry from one side to the other, and here too there are several pieces of playground equipment over the water. Kids here are busy using nets to catch tadpoles. We have been there a few times now and our daughter really enjoys herself here. Because there is so much playground equipment, your kids won’t get bored easily either. In our opinion, highly recommended if you visit Eindhoven with kids. For more information about this play park, take a look at the park’s website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

5. Philipsdorp Playground

Another playground you can visit in Eindhoven with kids is Philipsdorp playground. We didn’t really know beforehand what to expect from this playground, but what a fun playground in Eindhoven.

Again, you only pay a few euros entrance fee for the whole family to maintain the playground and have at least a few hours of entertainment. At first glance, the playground does not seem super big, but the play equipment is close together. You can also park your car for free in the neighborhood at this playground.

In addition to the many play equipment you have in this playground, there is also an area with water where kids can cool off in the summer. There is also a water pump with a beach sand area where kids can also play with sand and water in the summer.

The area is hilly, so parents can sit on the grass here. Keep in mind that there are not many benches, so you should bring something like a rug or chairs that you can sit on. It is possible to get something to eat and drink, despite the choices not being very wide. For more information about the playground, take a look at its website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

6. Evoluon

The Evoluon in Eindhoven is located just outside the center of Eindhoven and you can park your car in front of the door. At the Evoluon in Eindhoven, you can take kids to a different exhibition every few months. We visited the temporary exhibition RetroFuture at the Evoluon with our daughter, which is dedicated to inventions of the past and inventions of the future.

We visited Evoluon during a children’s day, with several children’s activities planned at the Evoluon. We first visited a book presentation and then did a scavenger hunt related to the RetroFuture exhibit. At this exhibit there was all kinds of things for kids to do and we had fun here for an hour or two.

Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at the Evoluon restaurant. They have plenty of tasty lunch dishes for the family here and they also have coloring pages and coloring for the kids. Because there is always a new exhibit for kids every few months, it’s a good idea to check the Evoluon website in advance to see what’s on offer. So for more information, check out the Evoluon website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

7. DippieDoe

You can also go to an amusement park in the Eindhoven area with kids. This amusement park is not located in Eindhoven, but in Best and can be reached by car from downtown Eindhoven in less than 15 minutes. This amusement park for young kids has an indoor section and an outdoor section.

We have visited this amusement park twice now and for our 6-year-old daughter, this is really an ideal amusement park. It is not super big and therefore manageable and in most of the attractions Sophie can go in on her own.

The two times we went with our daughter, we stayed until closing time. Outside, there are also plenty of terraces where you as parents can sit while your kids (if they are old enough) can go on the attractions and play in the playgrounds. If you want to visit a nice small-scale amusement park during a city break to Eindhoven with kids, this is definitely recommended. We already wrote the blog DippieDoe with kids about this amusement park.

DippieDoe with kids
DippieDoe with kids

8. Klimrijk Brabant

If you are looking for an active activity in Eindhoven with kids, Klimrijk Brabant is a fun option. Just over a 15-minute drive from the center of Eindhoven is Klimrijk Brabant. There is plenty to do here for families with kids. We climbed in the climbing forest here, where they have eight different courses for young and older kids. Near the climbing forest is also a fun playground and you can also have a great lunch at noon.

Our daughter here first completed the three courses of the Pico Parcours (for kids under 130 cm tall) and then also played at Nets Adventure, where kids can play at a great height in a course with nets. We found this a very fun afternoon activity with our daughter and wrote the blog Klimrijk Brabant with kids about it. If you are going to Eindhoven with kids who like climbing, this is a really fun activity!

Klimrijk Brabant with kids
Klimrijk Brabant with kids

Other children’s activities Eindhoven

9. Star Beach TerSpegelt

A fun children’s activity just outside the center of Eindhoven is the Sterrenstrand TerSpegelt in Eersel. From the center of Eindhoven, you can get to this pool in just over 15 minutes by car. This indoor pool / beach is part of recreation park TerSpegelt, but it is also possible to buy a day pass at the reception, which gives you access to this cool pool.

There are several sections for kids at this indoor pool, and there are plenty of play opportunities at all of them. For example, you have an area with a big slide, on the star beach you have several cool play equipment for kids and there are also two areas for the youngest kids.

In addition, you can have a great lunch by the pool, making it easy to spend a whole day there. Especially if you’re in Eindhoven and the weather is a bit off one day this is a very nice option to go with kids. We wrote about our visit to this Sterrenstrand in Eersel the blog Sterrenstrand TerSpegelt for more information and photos.

Star Beach TerSpegelt
TerSpegelt Eersel

10. Dierenrijk

You can also go to the zoo in the Eindhoven area with kids. The zoo Dierenrijk is located in the town of Mierlo. This zoo can be reached from downtown Eindhoven in about 15 minutes by car. In Dierenrijk, they have many large animal species you can admire, such as elephants, lions, rhinos and tigers.

In total, there are 64 different species of animals you can admire in this zoo. For us as a family, surely the highlight of the zoo was the section where you can walk among the ring-tailed lemurs. These animals are also very curious and therefore get very close. Our daughter loved this.

In addition to the various animals you can view at the zoo, there is also plenty of fun for kids to play with. For example, you have a very large playground sitting near the entrance and there are plenty of other play equipment along the walking route through the zoo, where kids can play.

This zoo is open 365 days a year, so you can always visit the zoo during a city break to Eindhoven with kids. We really enjoyed visiting the zoo and had a great time. We wrote about this zoo the blog Dierenrijk with kids, in which we discuss this zoo near Eindhoven in more detail.

Dierenrijk with kids
Dierenrijk with kids

11. Kinderkarten

You can also go go-karting in Eindhoven with kids. At Hezemans Indoor Karting in Eindhoven, kids can come karting on Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The karts are then limited for safety reasons, which also makes it a lot easier (and safer) for kids to take a lap around the track.

You can always book for an eight-minute heat. The kids are given an instructional video beforehand, which clearly explains everything. After this, they get a helmet and neck brace on and then the kids can start riding. If you book right away for multiple heats you will receive a discount per heat.

Our daughter found this karting super fun and we had first booked for one heat to see if she liked it, but then immediately booked an extra heat. For more information on karting, take a look at the Hezemans Indoor Karting website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

12. Aqua Mundo

You can also go swimming in the Eindhoven area with kids. Just over a fifteen-minute drive from the center of Eindhoven is the indoor water park Aqua Mundo that is part of Center Parcs de Kempervennen. You can also go swimming at this water park without staying overnight at Center Parcs. You then buy separate tickets for this water park.

This is also a great activity to do in the Eindhoven area with kids when, for example, the weather is not so good one day. The water park has several slides, hot tubs and pools. Our daughter especially loves the white water rapids and we went down them dozens of times.

You also have an area at Aqua Mundo specifically for the smallest kids with some play equipment and also some smaller slides. In addition, you have a pool that produces artificial waves. We have been to this water park several times now and have a great time every time.

At this water park there is also an indoor area where you can eat and drink something and where you also have water with different tropical fish. Performances for kids are also held here. We had a nice dinner here after swimming. For more information about this water park, check out Aqua Mundo‘s website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

13. The Park Playground

If you are looking for a special activity to do in Eindhoven with kids, then The Park Playground’s VR experience is a fun option for your family. At The Park Playground in Eindhoven, it’s all about VR. We didn’t really know what to expect beforehand, but we found this a really cool activity to do in Eindhoven with our daughter.

In advance, you can make a booking and choose from several experiences you can do. Do check the minimum number of people required for the activity and the minimum age the kids must be. We ourselves booked the adventure Don’t Scream here.

When we arrived at a large hall near Strijp-S, we first went individually to play a few games with VR glasses on. Here you could choose from four different games and this way you already learn how to handle the two controllers you have in your hand and get used to the glasses you have on your head.

Then the three of us played the game and this was very cool. You see each other in the virtual world and everyone looks crazy. You walk through a virtual world together and along the way we had to do all kinds of tasks. In the end, the activity lasted about an hour. We really found it super fun to do the assignments with the whole family and work together.

You can play this activity in Eindhoven with kids who are a little older. With very young kids, this activity is not really suitable. For more information on the experience, location and prices, take a look at The Park Playground website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

14. Glowgolf Eindhoven

Another fun activity you can do in Eindhoven with kids is Glowgolf. We really enjoyed doing this. Glowgolf Eindhoven is located slightly outside the city center and therefore you can also park your car in front of the door for free. This also makes Glowgolf Eindhoven super easy to get to.

The theme of this golf course in Eindhoven is adventure. You play miniature golf in a cool fluorescent environment. Between the different holes you will encounter temples, an old mine, spaceships and various dinosaurs. In total, the golf course has 18 different holes, which are also great for kids.

It is also possible to buy special 3D glasses that give depth to the floor, walls and scenery, but then the game becomes a bit more difficult. Maybe a tip for parents when playing against kids. We spent a total of an hour and our daughter had super fun playing.

If you visit this miniature golf course on weekends, be sure to book in advance as it may otherwise be fully booked. Check the Glowgolf Eindhoven website for the exact times you can make reservations.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

15. Jumpsquare Eindhoven

As in most major cities in the Netherlands, you can also jump with kids in Eindhoven at a branch of Jumpsquare. At Jumpsquare Eindhoven, you can buy a ticket for an hour (or two) and then you can enjoy jumping. Our daughter always loves this to expend her energy and for us it is a moment of rest. Although restful, the room in which jumping is done is a bit noisy ;).

You can park your car for free at Jumpsquare Eindhoven and kids get free springs socks when they book, which they can keep afterwards. Especially if, for example, the weather is less and you still want to do something in Eindhoven with kids, this is definitely a fun activity for an hour.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

16. Motion Experience

Another activity you can do with kids in Eindhoven is the Motion Experience. Motion Experience is located right in the center of Eindhoven (practically next to department store the Bijenkorf) and here everything is about light and sound. We visited Motion Experience on a Saturday morning, and that’s when the Motion Experience is all about kids.

This so-called Kidstime is on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the world consists mostly of flying unicorns and dancing dinosaurs. Also, kids can then enjoy coloring in the middle of the room. It is also possible to do a scavenger hunt, where you have to find different pictures back in space.

You can also take fun pictures of your kids at the different rooms with the different lighting effects. You could also have photos taken by devices from Motion Experience itself, but we were sorry to find out afterwards that you had to pay per photo. We expected that these would just be sent to our mail, how that often goes with this kind of activity.

All in all, we spent a little over an hour inside Motion Experience. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and the various exhibits, check out the Motion Experience website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

17. Monkey town Eindhoven

You can also visit a branch of Monkey Town in Eindhoven with kids. In almost every major city you have an indoor playground of this establishment and despite our daughter being almost eight, she still entertains herself very well in this kind of playground. We actually came across Monkey Town Eindhoven by chance when we finished at Glowgolf Eindhoven.

In fact, Monkey Town Eindhoven is located across the street from this, so you can perfectly combine these two activities in Eindhoven with kids. You only pay admission for the kids and, of course, you can park your car in front for free.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

18. Daf Museum

You can go to another museum in Eindhoven with kids besides the Philips Museum. After all, if your kids are total fans of everything to do with (cargo) cars, then the DAF museum is a good option.

You’ll find more than 60 different cars DAF used to make at the museum, and kids can take a scavenger hunt through the museum. They can also learn about traffic in the Traffic Zone. They can learn things here like what is actually the blind spot of a truck. For more information about this museum, take a look here.

19. St. Joseph Playground

As we wrote in the introduction of this blog, you can take kids to several large playgrounds in Eindhoven, and the Sint Joseph playground is another one of those. This playground is located slightly outside the center of Eindhoven and also has very nice playground equipment.

The entrance fee to the playground is less than one euro per person and you can really see that the playground is run by local people. The prices of food and drinks are therefore very low and because of this you can really consider an outing to this playground as a budget outing in Eindhoven with kids. The playground has enough equipment for a few hours of family fun!

We were there for a total of three hours and our daughter had a great time. You can also park your car near the playground for free. For more information about the playground, take a look here.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

20. Philips van Lenneppark

If you are looking in Eindhoven with kids for a city park, Philips van Lenneppark is a great option. Kids can also play to their hearts’ content in this park. You will find various climbing equipment in this park, as well as a skate park and a tennis court. There is also a basketball court and you can play soccer. This park is also a great option for picnicking.

21. Parktheater Eindhoven

You can also go to the theater in Eindhoven with kids. Parktheater Eindhoven is located slightly outside the city center, but you can walk there in about fifteen minutes from the center. There are regular performances at this theater for families with kids. Check the theater’s website to see if there is a suitable performance when you visit Eindhoven with your family.

22. Streetart Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven is known for its beautiful street art and if you are visiting Eindhoven with kids, you almost can’t ignore this street art. Indeed, it can be found all over the city. In the center, most of the electricity sheds are brightened up with beautiful street art, and you can find street art in tunnels and on buildings everywhere.

The best places to see street art are Strijp-S and the Berenkuil. We did a photo shoot with our daughter with a photographer at Strijp-S and the photos were really great.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

23. JumpXL Eersel

If you are still looking for a location near Eindhoven with kids where you can jump, JumpXL Eersel is also a great option. Because our daughter liked Jumpsquare Eindhoven so much, during a city trip to Eindhoven, we drove to Eersel the day after (about a 15-minute drive from the center of Eindhoven) and our daughter jumped here for another hour.

In that respect, it is similar to Jumpsquare Eindhoven and if you have to choose between the two, then obviously the one in Eindhoven is closer to the city center.

24. Gamestate Eindhoven

If your kids are absolutely crazy about playing computer games then Gamestate Eindhoven is a fun option. Gamestate Eindhoven is also located right in the center and you can play a total of fifty different types of arcade games here. You buy a card here for an hour (or two) and then get to play unlimited games in the hall during this time.

This is also an activity you can do excellently in Eindhoven with kids when the weather is not so good, and the activity is especially suitable for slightly older kids.

Family-friendly restaurant Eindhoven

Toasted and Roasted

You have plenty of family-friendly restaurants in Eindhoven, where you can grab a bite to eat with the family! Our daughter loves sandwiches, so for lunch we took her to Toasted and Roasted downtown. Here they sell all kinds of different sandwiches and burgers. This restaurant is in the middle of downtown and a three-minute walk from this restaurant is the Selfiehouse. This is a tiny section in indoor shopping center Hill Gallery, where you can take funny pictures of your kids for free.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

Down Town Gourmet Market

Another great place to eat in Eindhoven with kids is Down Town Gourmet Market. You have nineteen different international restaurants at Down Town Gourmet Market, and there is something tasty for everyone in the family. We love this kind of food market immensely, as the atmosphere in the hall is always very relaxed and we love to try international dishes. At Down Town Gourmet Market Eindhoven we ate Indian food and this was delicious!

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

Wood Pizzeria

Another nice restaurant to visit in Eindhoven with kids is Hout Pizzeria. This Italian restaurant is also located in the city center and you can eat delicious food here. We dined here during our city break and found the food very good! The restaurant has coloring books and a coloring page for the kids, so they can be entertained even while waiting for food.

By the way, we must say that the food was there very quickly. For kids, they also have a children’s menu. For more information about this restaurant, check out the Wood Pizzeria website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

Family-friendly hotel eindhoven

Of course, Eindhoven is a great place to stay with kids. There are plenty of family-friendly hotels in Eindhoven that offer rooms for families with kids. We list some of them below.

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Eindhoven, the van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven is an excellent choice. You can swim with kids at this hotel in Eindhoven in the hotel’s heated indoor pool, and outside you also have a fun playground. In addition, the hotel has several family rooms you can book.

For example, we slept in the hotel’s Jungle Family Room, which is really a fantastically large room with all the amenities. You can also enjoy good food and drinks here. We wrote the blog van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven with kids as a result of our overnight stay at this hotel.

Family-friendly hotel Eindhoven
Family-friendly hotel Eindhoven

Novotel Eindhoven

Another family-friendly hotel in Eindhoven is Novotel Eindhoven. Located slightly outside the city center, this hotel has several rooms suitable for families with kids. A garden with playground and heated outdoor pool is located at this hotel. Ideal to spend a few hours in the summer after you have walked all day in the city of Eindhoven.

In addition, the hotel offers a delicious full breakfast for guests in the morning. We wrote about our stay at the hotel the blog Novotel Eindhoven with kids, in which we report extensively on our experiences with the hotel.

Family-friendly hotel Eindhoven
Family-friendly hotel Eindhoven

Hotel Parkzicht Eindhoven

During our city trip to Eindhoven, we stayed at hotel Parkzicht Eindhoven. At this modern hotel we were able to park the car in front of the door for free and had booked a triple room, which was fully equipped. In addition, we had a delicious breakfast here in the hotel restaurant in the morning. We wrote about this hotel the blog Hotel Parkzicht Eindhoven, in which we give a comprehensive review of this hotel.

Family-friendly hotel Eindhoven
Eindhoven with kids

Eindhoven with kids: other options

Besides Park Plaza Eindhoven, there are several other options where you can stay in Eindhoven with kids. Click on the blue link for more information.

Budget: The Student Hotel Eindhoven

Middle Class: Queen Hotel

Luxury: NH Collection Eindhoven Centre

Click here for the entire list of hotels in Eindhoven with kids.

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