Eifel with kids

What to do in the Eifel with kids? This area of Germany has some nice cities, lots of nature and various sights and can even be visited in a weekend from the Netherlands. In fact, from Utrecht, you can reach the Eifel region by car in three hours. But even for a week-long vacation you can have a great time here with your family! We list the best activities and sights in the Eifel with kids for you!

Eifel with kids #1: cochem

Cochem is one of the most beautiful villages in the Eifel region. A good three-hour drive from Utrecht, this village on the Moselle River has plenty to offer families with kids. We previously wrote about Cochem and the sights along the Moselle River in our blog the Moselle with kids.

The center of Cochem is fun to visit with kids. It has a beautiful downtown that looks like a postcard with many colorful houses and terraces. The central point in this downtown area is the historic market square, where there are still many half-timbered houses that you can visit in the narrow streets of the downtown area.

In addition to the fun downtown, you can also visit Cochem Castle with your kids. A fun activity with that is to take the cable car up the mountain where the castle is located. Here you have a wonderful view of the surrounding area. In addition, you can also visit a nice family park in Cochem and there is an opportunity to go swimming both indoors and outdoors in a fine swimming pool, when the weather is hot or not so hot in the region. For more information about this village, read our extensive blog Cochem with kids.

Cochem with kids
Cochem with kids

Eifel with kids #2: Trier

If you and your kids are interested in Roman history, the city of Trier is worth visiting. In fact, you have plenty of sights here that have to do with Roman history. So you have an old Roman bathhouse which you can visit, an old city gate and an old amphitheater. We ourselves did not visit all of these sights, but enjoyed spending a day visiting this city.

Especially also because here the Old Town is pleasant to visit. You have plenty of terraces here where you can sit in the sun in the summer while enjoying a snack and a drink. Therefore, since most of the sights are in the city center, you can make a nice mix of seeing things and enjoying some food and drinks.

In addition, the city of Trier has a fun playground in the city’s city park, which is also great for kids. There is also a viewpoint, where you have a nice view of Trier and the surrounding area. Following our visit to this city, we wrote the comprehensive report Trier with kids , where we elaborate on all these sights and activities in this city.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Eifel with kids #3: eifelpark gondorf

You can also go to an amusement park in the Eifel with kids. This extensive amusement park located in the woods actually consists of several parts. For example, there is a section with animals (Wildlife Park section), where you can admire animals such as the deer, wolf and brown bear. There is a section where you can also run loose among the somewhat smaller animals such as the deer. At the animal section, you can also watch shows of dogs and birds of prey.

Of course, there are also plenty of attractions in the park for kids. There is a merry-go-round, a carousel (at a height of 80 meters), a whitewater ride, spinning drop tower (hard to describe exactly what it is, but it goes very high ;)), water scooters, bumper cars and many more attractions. There is also a large toboggan run through the amusement park. We had a great time there for a whole day!

Eifelpark with kids
Eifelpark with kids

Besides all the animals and attractions, you also have some great playgrounds and a water playground in the amusement park. In addition, you have several large slides. These slides take advantage of the height difference that is quite present in the park. Fortunately, a shuttle runs through the park, so you don’t have to climb too much and can take the shuttle up and walk down all the time. There are also dining options throughout the park to get something to eat and drink.

You and your family can easily enjoy a whole day here. There is plenty to do and see at this amusement park. The amusement park entrance fee is determined in part by your height. This is because there is a height restriction on some attractions, so smaller kids cannot go in everything. Following our visit to the park, we wrote the blog Eifelpark with kids, in which we give an extensive review of the park!

Eifelpark with kids
Eifelpark with kids

Eifel with kids #4: hike through the Devil’s Gorge

you can in the area the Eifel with kids also excellent hiking. For example, you have the Teufelsschlucht (Devil’s Gorge), where you can hike through the gorge with kids. Via a route through the nature park and the visitor center, the Devil’s Canyon trail begins and this trail is 1.8 kilometers long. With kids, this hike is fine.

The hike goes through a deep 30-meter gorge and is very narrow at times. You have several stairs to walk up and down here, and the views are really stunning at times. Consequently, the high rocks look spectacular and are very photogenic. Eventually the trail returns to the gorge visitor center where you can also get something to eat and drink. This visitor center does not open until 11 a.m.!

There are several hikes to do with kids in this area. Keep in mind that the area is hilly, so the distances do take you longer than usual. So over the 1.8 kilometers you can easily take an hour with kids. Of course, if you have the time, this is not a problem and we recommend you do it at your leisure.

A stroller or baby carriage is therefore unsuitable during this hike. By the way, you have plenty of other beautiful hikes you can do in the area. This is also where the Vulkamaar Trail is located : the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany.

Eifel with kids
Eifel with kids

Eifel with kids: other activities

In addition to the activities in the Eifel with kids described above, there are a number of other activities that we will briefly list here.

#5: Rursee: This is one of the largest lakes in the Eifel region and it is also located in the Eifel National Park. On this lake you can take a boat tour, as well as swim with the kids or rent your own boat. In this national park you can take beautiful walks with the family.

#6 Dinopark Ernzen: This dinopark can be combined well with the hike through the Devil’s Canyon. You will find life-size dinosaurs in the forest, which you can walk past via a route. In addition, kids can do dino-related things here such as digging out bones in the sand. The dinopark also includes a playground and a restaurant.

#7: Monschau: This is a small historic village and fun to visit during a vacation in the Eifel with kids. The village also has a fun experience museum, where kids can not only look at the stuffed animals but also touch them. Kids can do all kinds of things related to animals and nature here.

#8 Castle Eltz: A beautiful castle to visit is Castle Eltz. You can see the castle from the inside, but you’re just not allowed to take photos inside. The area around the castle is also very beautiful and you can also do great hiking with kids here. There is a free bus that will take you from the parking lot to the castle when you actually visit the castle.

Eifel with kids
Amersfoort with kids

Where to sleep in Eifel with kids

The Eifel covers a fairly large area, so we have listed a number of family hotels in some of the places discussed above. Looking for a hotel in another place or other hotels in one of the places below click on this link.


Budget hotel: Berghotel Kockelsberg

Mid-range hotel: ante porta DAS STADTHOTEL

Luxury hotel: Park Plaza Trier


Budget hotel: Gästehaus Ziemons

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Traumblick

Luxury hotel: Hotel Weingut Dehren

To search for other hotels in Eifel with kids click here for the entire list of hotels.

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