Durban with kids

Best travel time Durban with kids

You can visit Durban with kids all year round. The months of November through February are summer in Durban, but it also rains a lot more than in the winter months (June/July and August). During these winter months, although it is dry, temperatures can be around 15 degrees. Still, Durban is known as the city with a favorable climate, so you can also get lucky and it does get above 20 degrees in the winter. At least the sea water stays at temperature during the winter months and it is possible to swim then.

We ourselves visited South Africa during this winter period, and then the weather was fine, but too chilly to really go swimming. The best time to visit Durban with kids is in the months of March/April and September/October. Then it rains a lot less than in the summer months and the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees.

Transportation to Durban

Most families with kids discover South Africa with a rental car. You can travel by buses between cities, but then you will be on the road for a long time, and with a rental car you have much more freedom to go wherever you want. In addition, it saves you an enormous amount of time. We rented a car in South Africa 2 times and we did so through the rental company Sunny Cars.

Durban with kids

Children’s activities Durban

#1 uShaka Marine World

One of the best places to visit in Durban with kids is uShaka Marine World. uShaka Marine World is located in the center of town on the beach and here there is plenty to do for families with kids. First, you can visit a water park with kids at uShaka Marine World. The uShaka Wet ‘n Wild is a water park with several pools and several slides.

The water park has 10 different slides and also 2 different types of rivers, which you go on with an inflatable tire. The water park is open Wednesday through Sunday and you can have a great time here with the family for an entire day.

In addition, at uShaka Marine World, you can also go see various marine animals at Sea World. You have several aquariums to visit here, as well as several shows featuring dolphins, penguins and sea lions. In addition, at uShaka Marine World you also have a Shipwreck Aquarium, where you can see other marine animals. Please note that all these things require you to pay separate entrance fees for the family.

Furthermore, at uShaka Marine World there are several reptiles you can view, there is a play area for the youngest kids and it is possible to go climbing and ziplining in a climbing park here. In short, there is enough to do here to entertain your family for at least 2 days.

#2 Golden Mile Durban

uShaka Marine World is located on Durban’s Golden Mile. This is a kind of beachfront promenade of the city, where it is fun to walk around. Durban is not equally safe everywhere and this Golden Mile is well guarded by cameras and policemen. As a result, you can walk here safely, despite the fact that you still always have to remain vigilant (especially for pickpockets).

Of course, at the Golden Mile you can also go to the beach. This golden beach is more than 6 kilometers long and can be crowded. Because of the climate here, the ocean remains very warm even in the winter months, which means you can swim in the sea here all year round. Nets have also been placed in the water near the beach so that sharks cannot come near the tourists.

You have on the Golden Mile Mini World located that you can visit with kids. Here all kinds of buildings have been recreated in miniature. You can walk around here for about half an hour and then you’ve seen it. It’s not super big, but the entrance fee is also low.

To explore the Golden Mile in Durban with kids, you can rent bikes. They have different bikes you can rent such as a tandem, where you can ride together with your kid, but they also have kids’ bikes. With a family, it is also possible to rent a bicycle, on which you can sit with 4 people.

Durban with kids

#3 PheZulu Safari Park

It is also possible to go on safari with kids in the Durban area. The PheZulu Safari Park is just over a half-hour drive from downtown Durban. You can book a game drive of about an hour in this park. The park is not super big nor can you spot all the animals here. However, the park does have zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and several other animals.

You can also go on safari near Durban with kids in the Tala Game Reserve. The Tala Game reserve is an hour’s drive from Durban and here you have several animals you can spot such as the giraffe, ostrich, hippo, rhino and several other animals. Again, you can go out with a guide to spot the animals in the park.

Family-friendly tips Kruger Park

#4 Moses Mabhida Stadium

In 2010, the World Cup was in South Africa and Durban was also one of the cities of play during this event. For this World Cup, they also had a huge stadium built here, which you can still visit with kids today. You can book a tour of the stadium here, which includes a visit to the locker rooms. The stadium is still used for sporting and musical events.

Another spectacular activity you can do at the stadium is the Adventure Walk. This is a staircase of 500 steps that goes up to the ridge of the stadium where you have a great view of the city of Durban. Near the stadium is also People’s Park, which includes a playground for kids. This also includes a café where you can get a drink.

#5 Durban Botanical Garden

Durban Botanical Garden is the oldest garden in South Africa and these gardens are located right in the center of the city. It is a great place to go for a walk and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Admission to the garden is free, so this is also a great budget outing if you want to do something with kids in town. However, a donation is appreciated to maintain the gardens.

The gardens are open all year round and it is possible to spot monkeys here in these gardens. You can take a tour of the gardens and then you will be driven through the park in a golf cart and a guide will tell you about the flowers and plants of this garden. You can have a great time here for an hour (or 2) in these botanical gardens of the city.

It is also possible to have a family picnic in the garden. So a great place to have lunch in Durban with kids. You can park your car in front of the gardens for free.

Durban with kids

Other children’s activities Durban

In addition to the children’s activities in Durban mentioned above, there are other activities you can do in the city. We briefly list some more children’s activities in Durban below.

#6 Natural Science Museum: this is a museum right downtown that you can visit for free. You have several stuffed animals here that you can view and it’s in a beautiful building. Don’t expect super much from it, but if you like to visit a museum in Durban, this is a great option.

#7 Crocodile Creek: this tourist attraction is about a 45-minute drive away from downtown Durban. You have more than 2,000 animals here, including crocodiles and snakes. There are shows/education about the crocodile at Crocodile Creek. There is also a small play area for the kids at Crocodile Creek.

#8 Flag Animal Farm: this petting zoo is about a 3¼ hour drive from Durban. Here, in addition to the farm animals you can see, you also have an outdoor playground and a park with dinosaurs. You can also go pony riding and take a ride on a tractor here. There is also a water park that is open only during vacations and weekends. You pay for this water park by the hour. In addition, kids can buy feed and feed the farm animals.

#9 Mitchell Park Zoo: this zoo is located in downtown Durban and you can see mostly smaller animals here. There is also a playground in the zoo. However, online reviews of this zoo are very diverse. Many people with negative reviews indicate that the animals are in cages that are too small and not well maintained.

Durban with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Durban

You have several family-friendly restaurants in the Durban area that you can visit for a bite to eat. We list some of these family-friendly restaurants in Durban below.

O&O Cafe: This family-friendly restaurant is located just outside downtown Durban about 10 minutes away by car. There is plenty for kids to do at the restaurant. For example, the restaurant has a play area inside the restaurant, but there is also plenty for kids to do outside. For example, the restaurant has a beautiful garden, there is a climbing wall and you have a bouncy castle-shaped castle. Kids can also make their own pizzas here.

KZNSA Arts Cafe: This family-friendly restaurant is located in downtown Durban and is a very popular restaurant in the city. You can sit inside or outside at the restaurant, and the restaurant has a nice garden with a play area for the kids. So you can keep an eye on the kids here while you’re eating in the garden.

Marula Coffee Shop: this restaurant is located slightly outside the center of Durban about 15 minutes away by car. You have a playground outside at this restaurant and you can eat sushi at this restaurant, as well as other dishes such as a burger with fries.

Family-friendly hotel Durban

You can stay in Durban with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly accommodations in the city, giving you plenty to choose from. We have listed the best accommodations in each price range. These accommodations have very high overall ratings given by families with kids who have stayed here overnight. Click on the blue link for more information.

Organized trip South Africa

Of course, you can also choose to book a trip to South Africa with a tour operator like TUI. You won’t have to arrange everything yourself, and you can still go on a solo tour of this beautiful country with your family. For more information on this type of organized travel, check out the website of tour operator TUI.

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