South Holland with kids

Explore the province of South Holland with kids! South Holland, one of the liveliest and most diverse provinces in the Netherlands, offers a wealth of activities for families seeking fun, culture, and nature.

Start your adventure with a visit to one of the many amusement parks such as Attractiepark Drievliet or Duinrell, where kids can enjoy a day filled with excitement and fun. For a unique experience, pay a visit to Madurodam in The Hague, where you can explore the Netherlands in miniature.

For history and culture enthusiasts, the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam is a must-see, with interactive exhibitions that are both educational and enjoyable for kids. In Gouda, known for its cheese, you’ll find not only culinary delights but also family-friendly activities like Dinopark Gouda.

Relaxation by the coast can be found in places like Noordwijk, Katwijk aan Zee, and Hoek van Holland, where you can enjoy the beaches and the sea. For nature lovers, Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam offers a perfect escape with plenty of space for walks and games.

The province of South Holland is also known for its innovative urban spaces. Visiting cities like Delft, Leiden, and of course, Rotterdam, provides an opportunity to experience rich Dutch culture and history while enjoying modern facilities and attractions.

On this page, we share our personal recommendations and experiences to make the most of your visit to South Holland with kids. From thrilling amusement parks to relaxing beach walks, South Holland has something for everyone. Discover the most exciting activities and hidden gems in this versatile province with us!

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