The Hague with kids

What can you do in The Hague with kids? We first searched online for various tips and then visited The Hague several times with our daughter. We already included the city of Namur in the list of most fun cities in our blog South Holland with kids, in which we list all the province’s fun activities. Based on our own findings, we have compiled a list of fun activities to do in The Hague with kids.

1. Children’s Book Museum

You can go to several fun kids’ museums in The Hague with kids, and this museum is perhaps the most fun museum in The Hague. In fact, we really found the Children’s Book Museum to be a positive surprise. We didn’t really know what to imagine at this museum, but the stories on the Internet were very positive!

And that is only right! The museum is geared entirely toward kids and has a fun mix of play and learning. There are sections in the museum for young kids and older kids.

In the “ABC with the animals” section, the letters are of course the focus, but above all, the kids can have fun playing. This play area focuses on some familiar books such as Dikkie Dik, Vos and Haas, Little Polar Bear, Pim and Pom, Kikker and Caterpillar Never Enough. Our five-year-old daughter really liked this section. It did remind us a bit of the Miffy museum in Utrecht!

In addition, you have an exhibition the headstrong children of Annie M.G. Schmidt for kids ages 7 and up. Yet even here, some sections are fun for younger kids as well. There is also a kind of van there, where kids can sit in and change the radio to different children’s songs. For kids who can actually read already, this part of the museum is obviously a lot more fun.

In addition, you have the Papiria section, where kids can interactively activate all kinds of things with a slurper (a kind of bracelet) and where they can write their own story, listen to and record stories and eventually they can print out their own story as well. In the section where they can print out the story, there are also a lot of coloring pages and markers and pencils and kids who are younger can also just color.

There is also a kind of library with lots of books, where kids can dress up and take a movie.

We spent an entire morning here and found it to be a really fun museum for our five-year-old daughter. If you are in The Hague with kids, this is definitely recommended. If you have to choose from all the children’s museums in The Hague due to having limited time, we would definitely go for this museum with young kids.

We wrote about the museum the comprehensive blog Children’s Book Museum.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

2. Madurodam

You can take kids to one of the Netherlands’ most famous attractions in The Hague: Madurodam. Madurodam is a household name in the Netherlands and we must honestly say that we had never been there before (even as kids). What we knew about Madurodam is that it is the Netherlands in miniature. That’s a little too short of course, because there is more to do here than just look at buildings for kids.

In Madurodam you have a number of “attractions,” where we liked the new attraction The Flying Dutchman the most with our daughter. Here you sit in a plane and actually fly over different parts of the Netherlands. The plane has TV screens on all sides, so it does give a nice effect.

Other sections of the park are the Waterwolf (here kids can turn all kinds of cranes), Zo groot is Oranje (kids can play soccer against an interactive wall), Hof van Nederland and Nieuw Amsterdam (here kids can shoot a cannon).

You can also visit two playgrounds in this park in The Hague with kids. One for older kids in the shape of a ship and one for smaller kids with Miffy.

What we did notice is that many things did not work well in the park. You have certain buildings, for example, where you had to throw in a 50-cent coin, but they didn’t work. Also at the port section, kids can move containers with grabbers, but it didn’t work very well.

All in all, we certainly enjoyed a good morning here. We were able to go here ourselves with the Bankgirolottery pass, but if we had had to pay the full price for the tickets, we felt it was on the high side. We also found the food in the restaurant quite pricey.

For more information on ordering tickets check here. We wrote the extensive blog Madurodam with kids about this park.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

3. Duinrell

You can also go to an amusement park in the Hague area with kids! We are lovers of amusement parks and just over twenty minutes away by car or public transportation is the small town of Wassenaar amusement park Duinrell.

There are a huge number of rides and roller coasters in the park for young and older kids. We were there when the park opened and then you can immediately do quite a few attractions in a short time. We then walked straight to the back of the park to go on the family roller coaster Dragon Fly and the frog roller coaster. What we find a very nice concept of the park that the photos taken in the attractions can be ordered right away digitally for 2 euros each and they send this photo directly to your mail.

For our daughter there were really many attractions she could go in and for the parents and older kids you also have some really spectacular attractions. Some attractions made us nauseous just looking at them ;), but some bigger kids had the most fun here.

In addition to all these rides and roller coasters, you also have a huge playground in the middle of the park. Around this are all picnic benches, making it an ideal place for parents to enjoy a drink in the sun while the kids are playing. Because there is a sizable fence around this playground, the kids cannot easily run away either and you have good supervision.

There is also a traffic square where kids can ride small bikes, there is an indoor playground for when the weather is less, there are two different shows for kids, there are trampolines, you can play miniature golf, ride in boats and there is Rick’s Adventure Castle where kids can ride bikes with parents on a track above.

Of course, there are plenty of places to eat throughout the park. They have a pancake restaurant, two restaurants from chain La Place and also several stalls where you can buy candy, fries, poffertjes and something to drink.

In addition, near the amusement park is the largest water park in the Benelux! This water park has as many as 21 unique slides and is suitable for young and old kids. Some slides require kids to be taller than 120 cm, so check here in advance to see which slides are all suitable for your kids. There is also a large children’s area for slightly smaller kids (Playa) with four slides for this group. The water here is only 15 cm deep. In summer, it is also possible to swim outdoors at this water park. For the pool alone, you can set aside a day to go to Duinrell with your kids.

We found this to be a really fun amusement park for our five-year-old daughter and were the first in (literally) at ten and we were almost the last to leave when the park closed at five. And then we only went to the amusement park and not the pool! We can well imagine families going here for a weekend with the kids and staying at the campground next to the park or in one of the accommodations at the vacation park.

We wrote about the amusement park the blog Duinrell with kids.

Duinrell with kids
Duinrell with kids

4. Omniversum

This big-screen movie theater works with a particular technique, which allows them to show nature films on a huge screen (the screen runs halfway around the audience). With the sound quality of the hall, they provide a real experience of nature. We had already seen the cinema once when we visited Museon (this museum is located next to this cinema), but at that time we thought our daughter was just a little too young, so we added it to our list of things we definitely wanted to do again.

Now that she is a few years older, we were really curious about this cinema anyway. We looked in the movie section and saw that there was a documentary about our favorite animal the turtle! We got there on time and first had a nice drink in the lobby of the cinema. There was also an opportunity to buy some goodies to go with the movie, so our daughter got to pick out some for during the movie. 

A few minutes before the movie started, we were called to the auditorium by a staff member and were able to sit down in the regular seats listed on the tickets. The company that attends these films is very diverse, but the majority of visitors at our film were still families with kids. 

We thought it was a really cool experience to watch a movie on a screen like that. The screen is huge and you will be short of eyes during the movie. Therefore, it cannot be compared to a movie you watch in the theater. The films are usually around three quarters of an hour, which is also an excellent length for young kids, so it doesn’t take too long. We also found the film very educational and definitely think it is a fun activity if you are visiting The Hague with kids. 

5. Youseum

You can also visit an Instagram museum in The Hague. We always find visiting museums like this super fun. We had already visited Youseum’s branch in Amsterdam , and when we heard that a second branch was opening near The Hague, it was high on our list. Youseum is located in Leidschendam, which is less than a ten-minute drive from the center of The Hague.

Youseum is located in the beautiful Westfield Mall of the Netherlands shopping center. You can park here for free in the large parking lot in front of the mall. We were there on Saturday morning right when it opened, so it wasn’t crowded either.

You can store all your belongings in a locker when you enter, and with a pass you can have the pass scanned at various rooms and activate a camera that way. The pictures these cameras take are also right in your mail, so that’s super convenient.

Of course, it’s also smart to bring your own camera or phone to take pictures. In fact, in the different rooms you can take a huge number of funny pictures with the family. For example, the museum has thirty different installations where you can take pictures. You end your visit at the pool full of pink balls. Here it is also possible to have photos printed.

You should keep in mind that during this activity in The Hague with kids you will spend an hour. We again had a very good time at Youseum Leidschendam and again took many nice pictures. For more information on tickets, take a look here.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

6. Escher in the Palace

One of the most fun museums to visit with kids in The Hague is Escher in het Paleis. We have been fans of this artist’s prints and art for years, so this museum had been on our list for a long time. It is also a fun museum for kids to visit because of the fun scavenger hunt you can do through the museum.

We were there on a Saturday afternoon and knew there was a children’s workshop being offered that afternoon on how to make a linocut. Once we stowed our coats and bags in a locker, our daughter was able to get right to work in the museum’s studio creating a design and then using a gouge to cut out the design on paper.

What fun it was to see how serious she was about this and how proud she was with the final artwork. In the days following the visit, everyone around her got to see the artwork! Therefore, we think Escher in het Paleis is definitely one of the nicest children’s museums in The Hague.

After the creative session, it was time to visit the museum and our daughter got to work on the scavenger hunt. For example, they have to see which animals appear in Escher’s artworks, they have to draw their own patterns, and they have to count how many males they can see in one of Escher’s most famous works.

Because our daughter was busy with the assignments, we also had time to look carefully at Escher’s works. At the end of the visit to the museum, it is also possible to take a fun photo with the family for a few euros, which you will receive both on photo paper and digitally. We spent an hour or two there and found it really super fun to visit!

For more information on tickets to the Escher in the Palace museum, take a look here.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

7. Drievliet amusement park

Drievliet amusement park is located in the city of The Hague and has mostly attractions that you often find at the fairgrounds as well! A big advantage of this amusement park is that kids are allowed in almost all of the park’s attractions. Sometimes alone and sometimes under the condition that one of the parents goes with them. There are only two attractions that our daughter was not allowed in, so we liked that!

The various attractions are divided into four different categories: family, kid, thrill and shows. We also spent an entire day in this amusement park and had a great time. Also at this amusement park, we got there on time (half an hour before the park opened) and were already able to do most of the attractions in the morning. This allows you to let your kids play more in the playground in the afternoon when it gets a little busier.

The amusement park also has a spray park for when it is very hot in the summer, so bring swimwear on a hot day.

The Cinemagic 5D show Skull Rock is a bit on the scary side, especially for small kids. Our four-year-old daughter found it quite exciting at the time. For older kids, though, this “show” is fun.

Drievliet amusement park is only open during the summer and vacations! If you are in The Hague with kids, you have to take a whole day to do and see everything here. We wrote about this amusement park the blog amusement park Drievliet with kids.

8. museon

You can also go to a nice science museum in The Hague. Museon is the science museum of The Hague and comparable to NEMO in Amsterdam. The museum has two floors, where we liked the first floor the best. 

When we were there, the newest exhibit centered on music was on the first floor and we really liked it! Making music with your kids is always fun anyway! You have a silent disco, you can shoot a funny movie with the whole family, you can dance, drum, karaoke from a car and much more. As far as we are concerned, it was a very good start to the museum. Furthermore, on the first floor you will find another exhibition about plastic in the sea, but you couldn’t do much there. 

On the second floor, different rooms were arranged with different themes such as water, science, history, space, sound, highland/lowland, war, climate, humans and animals, volcanoes and earthquakes, Romans and more. We found this floor to be a bit more for older kids ourselves. Our five-year-old daughter had a great time, but we think if she were a little older, she could do a lot more here.

We ended up spending about 2.5 hours here in this museum and then we had seen it. For kids who want to do and read everything, we can imagine you need longer. In our opinion, it is one of the more fun museums to visit in The Hague with kids. 

For information on opening hours and ticket prices, check out the museum’s website here. 

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

9. Avonturia the Bird Cellar

We didn’t really know what to expect from this pet store at first, but how much we liked it here. Avonturia the Bird Cellar is a huge pet store, which is already fun to visit if you don’t need anything at all for one of your pets. There are already quite a few animals to admire here in the store itself, and you can even see certain animals here just roaming free through the store.

For example, there are dwarf flamingos in the middle of the store, you have a whole bunch of reptiles such as snakes and large spiders, and you can find many turtles. Of course, you also have several pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and also several fish. The store is free to visit, so it is an inexpensive activity if you are visiting The Hague with kids.

In addition, near the pet store you have the Mappa Mundia section, where you do pay a few euros entrance fee and kids are given an assignment sheet, where they can do assignments in different sections. In doing so, you follow the adventures of Professor Badger and in doing so, you enter ten different rooms.

For example, in the first section, kids can search for beautiful stones in the sand with a sieve (Archaeological Excavation). In addition, there is an adventure tree, a realm of Pharaoh Choepuloeku, Expedition Bombay, the Hague Rat Cave, the Penguin Academy, the Professor’s House, the Jan Hybergsplein, the naughty monkey cave and the Step Stones Cave. They did this really nicely and we spent at least an hour in this section.

We found the tasks very fun to do and along the way you also meet different animals like meerkats and little rats. Our daughter also really liked this part of the pet store. At the beginning of Mappa Mundia it is also possible to search for gold in the sand with water, but we ourselves found that less of a success. The pet store also has a restaurant with all kinds of exciting dishes. For more information, check out the pet store’s website.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

10. The Uithof

If you are looking for a fun place in The Hague with kids where you can do multiple activities under one roof, the Uithof in The Hague is a fun option. At De Uithof, our daughter went kiddie karting first and then we went laser gaming with the whole family and played a game against other groups.

First, our daughter went kids’ carting. Kids then enter the track in a kart and the kart is then limited in terms of speed. This makes it a lot easier for the kids to stay on the course. If you like to do this with the whole family, there are also sessions that you can go karting with families. Our daughter always finds this a very fun activity to do and this children’s activity in The Hague takes altogether about 15 minutes per heat you book.

After she raced against other kids, we went laser gaming after we had a drink in the cozy restaurant. Everyone gets a laser gun and the idea is to hit the other color as many times as possible and not get hit yourself. You have inside the room where you play the game of all kinds of obstacles that you can sit behind and where you can shoot the opponent. One game lasts 12 minutes.

Besides go-karting and laser gaming, you have all kinds of other activities you can do at De Uithof in The Hague. For example, here you can also go bouldering, sumo wrestling, play bungee soccer, archery and much more. Check out De Uithof’s website to see exactly what you can do here when you spend a weekend in The Hague with the family.

Children's activities The Hague
Children's activities The Hague

11. Art Museum

If you are looking for a fun museum to visit in The Hague with kids, the Art Museum in The Hague is a great option. Of course, the museum is all about (modern) art and you can admire various works by different artists here. Because there are constantly changing exhibits at the museum, you can admire different works at the museum all the time.

The best part for kids is in the basement, where you have the wonder rooms. Kids here are given an ipad and are sent by this ipad to the different rooms, where they can do all kinds of tasks. Of course, there is a link to art everywhere here. Through low-key assignments, kids learn to look at certain things like design.

Kids can also dress up here and you can take fun photos with your kids. We spent most of our time in the museum in this section. By the way, there is also a very nice indoor area in the museum, where it seems like you are sitting outside. Here you can grab a bite to eat and a drink.

All in all, we spent over three hours in this museum. For more information on the exhibitions, opening hours and wonder rooms, take a look at the art museum’s website in The Hague.

Children's activities The Hague
Children's activities The Hague

12. Rijksmuseum The Prison Gate

An interesting children’s activity in The Hague is a visit to Rijksmuseum de Gevangenenpoort in The Hague. We weren’t sure beforehand if our daughter would find this medieval prison interesting, but she certainly did. Indeed, she listened to all the audio clips in prison. 

The Prisoners’ Gate is located right in the center of The Hague and you can see here what things were like in a prison in earlier times. Our daughter especially found the way they tortured prisoners very interesting to see and hear about. Consequently, the audio you can listen to is very excitingly voiced. 

Here kids are introduced to the four main characters of the prison and they are the prisoner, the executioner, the judge and the jailer. They tell what things were like in this prison in earlier times. In all, we spent about an hour at this museum located across from The Hague’s Binnenhof. For more information about the museum, check out the Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort website

Children's activities The Hague
Children's activities The Hague

Other children’s activities in The Hague

13. Legoland Discovery center

You can also go to Legoland in The Hague with kids. Since 2021, Legoland Discovery Center has opened its doors on the boulevard of Scheveningen and here you can do all kinds of things related to Lego. For example, two different 4d movies were playing when we visited Legoland. We found these films to be perhaps the highlight of our visit. These films lasted about 15 minutes and especially the special effects with foam being sprayed into the room was very funny.

In addition to these films, you also have an attraction where you can use a star stick to shoot things during the ride. Whoever hits the most during the ride and thus has the most points wins “the game. There is also an area in the center where part of The Hague has been recreated and kids can use different buttons to trigger items. This section looks a bit like Madurodam, but then everything is made of Lego.

There is also a ninja test center where kids have to complete a course with laser beams and there is also a small play area where they can climb and scramble. For the rest, the center consists mostly of playing with Lego. For example, children can build a tower out of Lego and test it to see if it can withstand a bump, and kids can also build a car and drive it down a track.

There are also occasional workshops, where kids can also build something with Lego. The area looks beautiful and it also has a restaurant where you can have some food and drinks. However, we had seen it after two hours and we do think the price is a bit on the high side for what you get.

If your kids love Lego then they will probably enjoy themselves a lot longer, but if they don’t normally play with this, there are more fun activities to do with kids in The Hague as far as we are concerned. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and various activities, take a look at Legoland’s website.

14. The beach of Scheveningen

You can go to the beach in The Hague with kids! The borough of Scheveningen is known for its beaches. So if you are in The Hague with kids and want to enjoy a day at the beach, you can get to Scheveningen beach from the center by bike in 15 minutes.

At this beach you have dozens of beach bars sitting and it is very easy to get a bite to eat and drink on the promenade. There is also plenty to do with kids in Scheveningen.

For example, there is a large Ferris wheel on the promenade. Skyview the Pier is a Ferris wheel, taking you 50 meters above the North Sea. There are even opportunities to book a high tea or dinner with the family in one of the Ferris wheel gondolas. For more information on tickets and opportunities check here.

If you want to do a spectacular activity in The Hague with kids, you can also go Ziplining on the beach of Scheveningen. You have Europe’s longest zipline here and it is a whopping 350 meters long. You will make a speed of as much as 70 kilometers per hour in the process! We thought this was a really cool activity to do.

From the top of the Bungy Tower, take a scenic flight past the Ferris wheel, over the beach and down to the sea! Really a very nice experience! It is also possible to bungee jump with your kid in the form of a duo jump. For more information on ziplining, check out Zip Holland‘s website.

You will also find a trampoline park on Scheveningen’s boulevard, where your kids can have fun. As a final activity in Scheveningen, you can go to Sea Life. This animal park has 4,000 animals in 45 Aquariums.

As you can see, you can easily spend a day in Scheveningen district if you are in The Hague with kids. We write about Scheveningen the extensive blog Scheveningen with kids.

The Hague with kids-.
The Hague with kids-.

15. Monkey Forest

If you want to escape the city for a while during a city break to The Hague with kids and seek nature, the Monkeybos in Wassenaar is a great option. This play forest is twenty minutes away by car from downtown The Hague and has several natural play objects.

For example, there is a cable car, there are several wooden climbing apparatuses and a kind of swing on a tree. When you drive toward the Monkey Forest, you actually enter a nature reserve and it is possible to spot several deer. You can park your car for free at Meyendel Farm.

This farmhouse is also a great place to have lunch in the Hague area with kids. The farmhouse has a huge terrace and you are also very cozy inside. The restaurant itself also has a play area for kids. At the farm there is also a visitor center of sorts. which provides information about the nature reserve. Inside this visitor center, kids can also do some interactive things, but don’t expect too much of this.

The surrounding area is also great for hiking, and in just over a twenty-minute walk you’re on the beach. So if you want to do a day at the beach and park your car for free, this is also a great option to go to. In the Monkey Forest itself we also saw a scavenger hunt, which kids can walk, but we didn’t do this.

16. South Park

You can also visit a very nice city park in The Hague with kids. We found the Zuiderpark to be a really nice place to visit. We visit the park on a weekday during the summer vacations and park the car for free in the parking lot of the Zuiderpark swimming pool. This is an excellent pool to visit with a slide in the indoor pool as well.

Since the day we visit the park is very nice weather, we don’t visit the pool, but walk a nice lap around the entire park. The park is very nicely landscaped and you also have several bodies of water in the park. You also have several playgrounds to visit in the park.

In all, we visit three different playgrounds in the park. These are of varying sizes, but all three are fun for our daughter to play on. One of the playgrounds also has a water area, where kids can enjoy playing in the water. Especially on the summer day when we visit the park, we see many kids seeking coolness in the water here. The parents sit on the grass on picnic blankets and also have food and drinks with them. Great place for a picnic, then.

We also encounter a petting zoo with various animals along the way. We always like to take a walk around the farm and take a look at and pet the different animals.

We spent a total of two hours in the park, but this could have been more in retrospect. We got there around ten o’clock and by noon we were getting really hungry. Unfortunately, we didn’t really see any nice restaurants in the park, or we would have stayed longer. You can buy some food and drinks at the miniature golf course, but it is quite limited. We really liked this park more than we had thought beforehand and really do think it is a tip during a city trip to The Hague with kids.

The Hague with kids
The Hague with kids

Of course, we ourselves have not yet done everything in The Hague either. We still have plenty of reasons to spend several days in this fun city enjoying ourselves. Below we give some more tips you can do in The Hague with kids:

#17 Beeld en Geluid The Hague museum: you can visit this interactive museum in The Hague with kids as young as 8 years old. The museum has four floors and each floor focuses on a different theme related to communication.

#18 Louwman museum: if your kids are absolutely crazy about cars then this museum is a good option. However, you do have to keep in mind that the kids can only watch the cars and there is not much else for kids to do. For tickets to this museum in The Hague with kids, check here.

#19 Hague Historical Museum: this children’s museum in The Hague also has several activities geared toward kids. For example, children ages 6 and up can do a spider scavenger hunt (spider safari with Simon Narrow Leg) and kids ages 8 and up can do the Haga Rapper scavenger hunt. In addition, kids can color there, there are children’s workshops and there is a large dollhouse.

#20 Kijkduin beach The Hague: besides the aforementioned beach of Scheveningen, you can go to another beach in The Hague with kids: Kijkduin. This beach is a lot quieter than the beach in Scheveningen and you can park for free for the first few hours. In addition, kids can play in the dunes, there is a playground, carousel, play boat and observation tower.

We had lunch there in the winter, but can imagine it being very nice here in the summer. A great option for going to the beach in The Hague with kids.

#21 Indoor Playground The Hague: if you’re taking a city trip to The Hague with kids and the weather is unfortunately bad, it’s always handy to also have a plan B behind you with young kids. With us, that’s often an indoor playground. There is also this opportunity in The Hague with kids:

  • Southern Paradise
  • Monkey Town The Hague
  • Kid Island

#22 Canal Cruise The Hague: you can also see The Hague with kids from the water. This activity can be undertaken mainly during the summer season from April through October. The cruise takes about 1.5 hours and sails through downtown The Hague. Especially in nice weather, this is a fun option to see The Hague from the water. A free activity to see The Hague is, of course, a walking tour of the city. For example, take a walking tour of royal The Hague.

#23 Stadsboerderij de Kakelhof: Like almost every large city in the Netherlands, the city of The Hague also has a petting zoo. Everyone is welcome at this children’s farm, so this is a free children’s outing in The Hague. Between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., you can cuddle guinea pigs here every day. There are also two large rabbits on the loose.

#24 Cycling through The Hague: it is also possible to explore The Hague by bike with kids. The Dutch organization BajaBikes organizes guided bike tours of The Hague. These bike tours last 2.5 hours and pass by the various sights of the city. We ourselves took such a bike tour in Paris with our daughter and we thought it was super fun! Surely it is a very relaxing way to explore a city and you also get more information about the city!

Children can easily join these bike tours as they have children’s bikes and also high chairs for kids. For more information on these organized bike tours of The Hague with kids, take a look here.

#25 Park Playground The Hague: a very cool activity you can do in The Hague with kids is the VR experiences of Park Playground The Hague. We visited the Eindhoven branch and found this to be a really cool children’s activity.

You get VR glasses on in the first part and then you can do all kinds of individual games and once you get a little bit used to the controllers and the glasses then you start playing a game with the whole family. If you are looking for a special activity you can do in The Hague with kids then this is definitely a fun option!

#26 Clingendael with a Japanese Garden: if you are looking for a free children’s activity in The Hague then this is a fun option! You can play with kids in this park in The Hague in the various playgrounds, and there is also a Japanese garden in the park. This Japanese garden is open a few months a year.

#27 Sea Life Scheveningen: you can also visit a branch of Sea Life in Scheveningen in The Hague with kids. They have dozens of aquariums here and, as in most Sea Life establishments, you can admire turtles, rays, seahorses, lots of tropical fish and, of course, sharks. One of the highlights of this museum is the large tunnel where you can see all these sea creatures above your head. Sea Life Scheveningen also has animals other than fish such as penguins and caimans.

#28 Binnenhof: You can book a tour of the Binnenhof in The Hague with kids who are a little older. We ourselves have had a tour of the Binnenhof once and it is certainly fun to walk around here. We would recommend, however, that you only do this in The Hague with kids when they are older. Hence, we have not yet taken our daughter here.

#29 Canal Cruise The Hague: you can also see the city of The Hague with kids from a canal boat. The Ooievaart company organizes these one-and-a-half-hour boat tours and they are led by a guide.

#30 Peace Palace: it is also possible to visit a palace in The Hague with kids. Every now and then there are hour-long tours of this palace in The Hague. Check the Palace’s website (blue link at the beginning of this item) to see if tours are given and when you can book them with the family then.

#31 Palace Garden: a fun place to go on a picnic in The Hague with kids is the Palace Garden in The Hague. This garden is free to visit and on the lawn there is plenty of space for family picnics during the summer months. There is a permanent labyrinth in the Palace Garden, but it is not a maze. You walk this classic seven-path labyrinth as meditation, contemplation or healing.

#32 Passage: of course you can do great shopping in The Hague with kids and a nice indoor shopping street is the Passage. We stayed overnight there at the Novotel The Hague City Centre and also dined here at Gallery61 which is also definitely a family-friendly restaurant in The Hague. In any case, we really enjoyed eating and drinking here. The Passage itself looks beautiful here!

#33 Museum Voorlinden: you can take kids to yet another art museum in the Hague area. Museum Voorlinden is located in Wassenaar and this is another art museum your kids should love. Our daughter is not into these kinds of museums and we ourselves are not into art museums, so we haven’t visited it ourselves yet, but it is also a place where you can have a nice picnic in the Hague area with kids and go for a nice walk in the dunes.

#34 Mauritshuis: this museum in The Hague may not be a true children’s museum in The Hague, but it is one of the most famous museums in the Netherlands. You can admire the famous painting the Girl with the Pearl Earring with kids at this Museum in The Hague. This is one of the few works of art that our eight-year-old daughter knows then.

Still, the Mauritshuis is trying to attract more and more children For example, workshops are organized where kids get to work on the painting of the Girl with the Pearl Earring. These workshops are designed by well-known Dutch (with kids) Jill Schirnhofer. For tickets to this museum, check here.

#35 Panorama Mesdag: You can admire the famous painting by the famous Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag at this museum in The Hague with kids: the Panorama of Scheveningen. This painting gives you a feeling (because it is dozens of meters long) that you are standing on some kind of watchtower, and therefore it does look very special.

#36 Beach Sand Motor: that you can go to the famous beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin in The Hague with kids that most parents know, but a little south of these beaches is another beach. At the beach Zandmotor you can park your car for free at the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 175 in The Hague, and near the beach there are also three beach tents. If you are looking in The Hague with kids for a quiet beach, this is definitely a very good option for your family!

Family-friendly restaurant in The Hague

Where can you eat in The Hague with kids? You have several family-friendly restaurants in The Hague where you can have a great meal with the family! We list some of these family-friendly restaurants in The Hague below!

Grandma Toos: A pancake restaurant always does well with kids. This pancake restaurant is located in Scheveningen district. They generally serve Dutch food there, and inside there is a large play area for kids.

Waterkant: in the Westbroek Park is this family-friendly restaurant in The Hague. Westbroek Park is a nice park with a large playground. At restaurant Waterkant you can have lunch and dinner in The Hague with kids can have a sandwich or pancake. You can also rent rowboats with your kids at this restaurant.

Happy Tosti: here your kids can eat a sandwich on a swing! In summer, you can also enjoy sitting outside on the terrace here.

Pex: This family-friendly restaurant in The Hague has a playground in front of its large terrace. There is also an indoor play area for kids.

Family Rooms The Hague

Novotel The Hague City Centre

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in The Hague during your city break to The Hague with kids, the Novotel The Hague City Centre comes highly recommended! The hotel is really right in the center and has spacious and modern family rooms. The hotel is very family-friendly! For example, there is a play corner for kids in the lobby, there is a special kid’s buffet at breakfast and there is a family-friendly restaurant Gallery61 next to the hotel.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

We wrote about this hotel with family rooms in The Hague the blog Novotel The Hague with kids, in which we report extensively about the hotel.

Novotel The Hague City Centre with kids
Novotel The Hague City Centre with kids

Ibis The Hague City center

If you are looking for a family-friendly budget hotel located right in the center that is suitable for families during your city break to The Hague with kids, the Ibis The Hague City Centre is a great option! Especially if you are looking for a hotel with family rooms in The Hague.

In fact, the hotel’s family rooms are two hotel rooms connected by a connecting door. This actually allows both parents and kids to have their own hotel room, but walk right in on each other. This modern hotel is located in the middle of the city and offers a delicious breakfast in the morning.

If you want to sleep at this hotel in The Hague with kids, check here.

We wrote about this hotel the blog Ibis The Hague with kids, in which we give a comprehensive review of the hotel.

Babylon Hotel The Hague

If you are looking for a fine hotel in The Hague with kids, the Babylon Hotel The Hague is a very good option. The location of the hotel is perfect, as it is next to The Hague Central Station, so you can walk right into the center. This also allows you to easily reach the hotel by car, train and bus. The hotel has spacious rooms for families with kids, where you can enjoy a full breakfast at the hotel in the morning.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

We found it a wonderful place to stay during one of our city trips to The Hague. We wrote about the hotel the extensive blog Babylon Hotel The Hague with kids.

Of course, there are, in addition, plenty of other options for staying overnight in The Hague with kids. We have listed two different options for you from different price ranges.

Easyhotel The Hague: just a few hundred meters from the shopping area is this family-friendly budget hotel in The Hague. For families, you have fine basic rooms here with city views. If you are going on a city trip to The Hague with kids and are looking for a not too expensive hotel, this is definitely a good option.

Marriott Hotel The Hague: this is a hotel we would book ourselves if we were staying in The Hague with kids. This is a very luxurious hotel with family rooms in The Hague. The family studio actually has two separate rooms for sleeping. This gives you a little more privacy. The room is otherwise just luxurious, so it has everything you need to recover nicely after a day of activities in the city.

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