Delft with kids

Delft with kids: 11 fun activities in a row!

You can have a great weekend in Delft with kids. There are enough family-friendly activities in the city to keep you well entertained for at least two days. We already included the family-friendly city of Delft in the list of most fun cities in our blog South Holland with kids, in which we list all the province’s fun activities. Following our weekend trip to this city, we list the best activities and attractions in Delft with kids.

1. Downtown Delft

The center of the city of Delft is certainly fun to walk around. This historic city has plenty of historic buildings and picturesque streets to walk through. Because of the many canals in the downtown area, you can shoot very nice pictures in the city center with the family.

The central square of the city is the Market Square, which is a pleasant square with several restaurants and cafes with terraces where you can go for a bite to eat and a drink. For that matter, you have several squares that were pleasantly crowded. We were there during a weekend when the weather was lovely in Delft and then all the outdoor cafes were full as well.

Another fun way to explore the city of Delft with kids is through a scavenger hunt. At the tourist office (Kerkstraat 3) you can buy a scavenger hunt for kids aged about six to 12. As a prize, the kids will receive an ice cream. The tracking tour costs a few euros and is a great way to explore the city.

There is also another walking tour you can take for free using a Podcast that takes you through the city in an hour. The Delft VVV website has explanations and a map of this walking route through the center of Delft.

Another way to see downtown Delft is from the air. In fact, it is possible to climb the tower of the New Church. This 85-meter-high tower offers a great view of the city, and on a clear day you can even see the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.

The tower does not have an elevator so you do have to take the 376 steps up for the view. Unfortunately, at the end of the day we were just too late to go up, so we have a good reason to visit the city of Delft again with our daughter!

Delft with kids
Delft with kids

2. Cozy Delft

One of the nicest places we visited in Delft with our daughter is Knus Delft. We visited this waterfront restaurant on a Sunday morning on Mother’s Day, and the place was pleasantly crowded then. Besides eating delicious food here, there is plenty of entertainment for kids. For example, there is an excellent playground around the restaurant.

Because the restaurant is on the waterfront, you have a very nice view of the water. It is also possible to take a pedal boat or rowboat to explore the nature reserve from the water. We rented a paddleboat for an hour and took a round trip to the large lake located near restaurant Knus. Especially with the beautiful weather we had, this was very enjoyable to take a lap on the pedal boat.

Our daughter had a great time here with the other kids in the playground. There is also another maze at the playground and plenty of sand for kids to play with. We spent the entire Sunday morning there and it’s that we had other activities planned in advance for the afternoon, otherwise we would have been perfectly fine staying here.

Delft with kids
Delft with kids

3. Prinsenhof Museum

A family-friendly museum in Delft is museum Prinsenhof. This museum is located right in the center of Delft and from the Delft market you can walk to this museum in a few minutes. The museum hosts several exhibitions. For example, you can see the famous Delft blue here, there are beautiful paintings by 20th-century Delft masters, and there is an exhibition on William of Orange.

At that last exhibit at the museum, we stayed the longest. In fact, you can get a Cold Case detective case at the museum’s box office for a few euros, which contains all kinds of documents and tools for kids to investigate the murder of William of Orange. In fact, it was killed in the building of this museum.

Kids can then answer all kinds of questions about William of Orange in general and also about the assassination. We found very impressive that you can still see the bullet holes in the wall here. For example, kids should use a centimeter to measure these holes and also see how big, for example, the weapon used to kill William of Orange was.

Once they have answered all the questions, you will receive the answers at the museum’s box office and kids will also receive a small gift. We spent over two hours in this museum.

Delft with kids
Delft with kids

4. The poppy Delft

The place to learn more about nature with kids in Delft is at De Papaver in Delft. This sustainability center in Delft is all about nature. At the center, kids can already discover all kinds of things, and we did the water animal search activity here.

Kids are given a backpack and a large landing net and can then search for aquatic animals in the ditches around the center. Inside the backpack are a container (which you can fill with water), a jar, a chart with all kinds of aquatic animals and aquatic plants on it (so you can clearly see what you’ve caught) and a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the creatures.

And so a moment later we are walking through the pasture full of cows and getting down to work on our stuff by the adjacent ditch. A tip from us is to do put on something like boots, as it can be quite (despite the good weather we had) muddy and you can get very dirty shoes as a result. We ended up catching several animals and spent a total of an hour on this activity.

Children's activities Delft
Children's activities Delft

5. Round trip Delft

A fun way to explore the city of Delft with kids is with a canal cruise. We booked a canal cruise through Rondvaart Delft, leaving from the city center by boat. This cruise lasted about an hour, which was just long enough for our daughter.

In this canal tour, you will sail past the various beautiful historic houses of Delft and receive explanations from a guide along the way. He tells great stories about how things were in Delft in earlier times and what you can still see of this in the streets. These are fun details about the city that you might otherwise overlook without a guide.

We enjoyed this hour on the water and got a lot of information about the city during the cruise. Children up to and including four years of age may join the canal cruise for free, and kids ages five through 16 are charged a reduced rate. We had booked online in advance, so we were also sure there was room on the boat.

Canal tour Delft with kids
Canal tour Delft with kids

6. City Farm Buytendelft

When you visit Delft in the summer with the family, it can be nice on hot days if you and your kids can find refreshment. In Delft, they have two water playgrounds worth visiting. The first water playground is located at Stadsboerderij Buijtendelft about a twenty-minute walk from the center of Delft.

In fact, at this urban farm, in addition to the familiar farm animals, you also have a water playground for the kids. Admission is a few euros and your kids can play with water here. Surrounding this playground is also a grassy sunbathing area, so for parents it’s a good idea to bring something like a changing pad. We also saw entire families here picnicking in the grass.

In addition, it is also possible to have a bite to eat at this farm. The restaurant here works exclusively with local produce and organic products. We took a tour of this petting zoo when we were in Delft and we have to say that we found this really a super nice petting zoo.

We would also like to visit this petting zoo again when we visit Delft again with our daughter! This petting zoo is opposite the Poppy, so you can combine both activities perfectly.

The second water playground in town is to the south and is too far to walk to from downtown. By car, you can get to the playground in just over ten minutes. This is another petting zoo that has a water playground. At Tanthof Petting Zoo, they have a sunbathing area with a small sandy beach along a play channel with shallow water.

The play channel opens into an area where kids can get in the water. Also at the water playground are a number of playground equipment such as teeter-totters, slides and swings.

7. Playgrounds delft

Delft has a number of fun playgrounds worth visiting with kids. We list the best playgrounds you can visit in Delft with kids below:

Westerhonk Playground: just over a ten-minute walk from downtown, this playground is located. This playground is especially fun for young kids and you have a variety of play equipment here. You pay a small entrance fee for the playground and there is also someone to supervise the playground. There is also a small section with water at the playground. It is also possible to have a drink at the playground.

Playground Tree District: this playground is located more to the north of the city and is free to visit. Again, they have several pieces of playground equipment, including a cable car, a ferry across the water and a dance playground. Do check for opening hours, as they are somewhat limited. So this is a free children’s activity in Delft.

Playground de Bras: This playground is located in the north of the city and you can walk to it from downtown in just over twenty minutes. Again, you have a variety of play equipment such as a cable car, a balance course and a climbing and sliding tower. Again, it is helpful if you check in advance what the opening hours of the playground are, since, like Playground Tree District, they are limited.

8. Royal Delft

Delft is world famous for Delftware, and Delft, of course, has a museum entirely devoted to this world-famous export product of the city. This museum is iet outside the city center, but is fine to walk (if the kids are not too young). We walked this stretch from downtown with our eight-year-old daughter in about fifteen/twenty minutes and it was fine. Along the way we came across another playground, which was a nice break in between.

At Royal Delft, everything revolves around Delftware and you get an inside look at exactly how it is all made. For kids, there is a separate audio tour they can do, which also requires them to answer various questions through the device the audio tour is played on.

Our daughter sat attentively listening to the various stories told about the history of Delftware. Afterwards, we sat in the sunshine in the museum’s garden and had some cake. It is also possible to have a bite to eat here at the museum. Of course, this food is served on a Delft blue plate ;).

Family-friendly museum Delft
Family-friendly museum Delft

Other children’s activities Delft

There are even more activities in Delft with kids than the kids activities listed above. We briefly mention below the other children’s activities in Delft.

9 Street art in the city: we love street art and in Delft there is plenty of cool street art to be found. For example, we found this cool Street Art Route online beforehand, whose various artworks we had pre-populated in the app We actually always use this app during our travels because you can use it even without internet.

Thus, during our visit, we visited most of these street art and among them were some very cool works of art. We also always find it a fun way to explore a city.

10 Botanical Garden: Delft University of Technology is inseparable from the city and at this university you can also take a nice walk through the university’s gardens. You pay a few euros entrance fee to enter the gardens, and occasionally there are workshops for kids here, such as craft workshops.

11 Bleekemolen Race Planet: in case the weather is not so good for a day, you can go here for some indoor activities. For example, you can go-karting here on three different go-kart tracks spread over four different floors of the building. In addition, you can also go bowling with the family in the same building!

We did not include the Science Center in Delft in this list, as they are moving and will only be partially open for the next few years. This museum is not expected to reopen until 2024.

Streetart Delft
Family-friendly restaurant Delft

Family-friendly restaurant Delft

Restaurant Knus is certainly not the only family-friendly restaurant in Delft that you can visit with the family. There are several restaurants in the center that you can visit with the family. We list below the restaurants we visited during our city trip to Delft with our daughter.

Huszár: This brasserie is located slightly outside the center of Delft, but the atmosphere at this restaurant is very convivial. When we dined there, there were lots of families inside having drinks and eating. The restaurant has a lot of toys that the many kids in the restaurant were playing with.

We ourselves, because of the nice weather, ate outside by the water. This was a very nice place to eat. You have plenty of tasty options at Huszár (also for kids), which is why we really recommend this family-friendly restaurant in Delft.

Family-friendly restaurant Delft
Family-friendly restaurant Delft

Stads-Koffyhuis: this restaurant is located right in the city center and this restaurant is close to the Prinsenhof Museum. It is not immediately family-friendly in the fact that there is a play corner or something like that, but they have won various awards for several years including the tastiest sandwich and you can sit at this restaurant nicely on the canals of Delft. As a result, there is plenty for kids to see while eating and drinking on the terrace.

Family-friendly restaurant Delft
Family-friendly Delft

Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre

Of course, during our weekend in Delft, we also stayed in a hotel. We slept at the Hampshire Hotel in Delft, which is a little outside the city center, but from the hotel you can be at the market in downtown Delft in about a ten-minute walk. At this hotel, they have family rooms for families of four.

We had a room on the top floor of the hotel and had a fantastic view of the city of Delft. Really great that we had such a beautiful view of the city of Delft from the double bed in the room. There was an extra bed in the room for our daughter and otherwise the room was fully equipped.

In the morning we used the breakfast buffet here and it was very extensive and very tasty. So we left the hotel on Sunday morning with a well-filled belly. We parked the car in the paid parking garage opposite the hotel, where you could buy a 24-hour day pass.

Family-friendly hotel Delft
Family-friendly hotel Delft

Other family-friendly hotels in Delft

In Delft, you have some nice family-friendly hotels with family rooms. We list a few options.

Budget hotel: Hidden Gem next to TU Delft Campus

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Johannes Vermeer Delft

Luxury hotel: WestCord Hotel Delft

For the entire list of family-friendly hotels in Delft, check here.

This blog was created in part through a collaboration with the city of Delft.

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