Darwin with kids

What to do in Darwin with kids? Darwin is located in northern Australia and most families with kids visit the city because of the beautiful national parks you have in the Darwin area. Besides nature, you also have several fun children’s activities you can do in Darwin. In this blog, we list the best activities to do in Darwin with kids.

Best travel time Darwin with kids

Darwin is known for its high temperatures and you can therefore visit the city of Darwin year-round just fine. The temperature is always between 25 and 30 degrees in this city, so for example, most days you can just go swimming with kids. However, June through November are the months when it does rain less often in Darwin. As a result, June through November is the best travel time to visit Darwin.

Darwin with kids

Transportation to Darwin

There are several ways to visit Darwin. For example, there are families with kids who do most of their travel through Australia by plane because the distances in Australia are huge. For example, there are not really many large towns around Darwin and you will be on the road to the city for many hours by car. You can also get around Australia on Greyhound buses, but that’s not the most ideal way with kids.

Transportation in Darwin

Darwin is not a very big place and you can already visit several sights in the city on foot. If you want to see the area around Darwin, then a rental car will come in handy. If you absolutely do not want to drive, it is of course also possible to book a tour from Darwin, but especially with a whole family, this can be pricier than renting a car.

Keep in mind that people drive on the left side of the road here and that takes some getting used to when you first start driving. We personally rented a small van in Darwin to explore the parks and it took quite a bit of getting used to driving.

Darwin with kids

Children’s activities Darwin

#1 Kakadu National Park

One of the biggest reasons families with kids visit Darwin is because of the Kakadu National Park. This nature park is about a 3-hour drive away from Darwin, so it is possible to visit this park in a very long day trip. It is Australia’s largest national park. We drove our van to the national park and spent two nights here at a campground near the park with our van.

You have several highlights you can visit in the park. So you can see beautiful waterfalls here in the park. Jim JIm Falls and Twin Falls Gorge are the most famous waterfalls in the park. Another great place to visit in this national park is the Gunlom infinity pool. In this natural pool you can swim and the surroundings here are beautiful.

Kakadu National Park with kids
Kakadu National Park with kids

#2 Litchfield National Park

The second national park that many families with kids visit in the Darwin area is Litchfield National Park. This national park is a little closer to Darwin and in just under 2 hours you will reach this park. The park is known for its many waterfalls that you have here. There are also many places here where you can go swimming with kids.

Litchfield National Park with kids

You have several waterfalls in this national park that are easily accessible with kids. For example, Wangi Falls and Florence Falls. Wangi Falls is a great place to swim with kids, and this swimming spot is quite large. If too much rain has fallen, it may be too dangerous to swim at this waterfall and then this swimming spot will be closed. You can also hike to the top of the waterfall here.

Litchfield National Park with kids

#3 Aqua Park

We mentioned that it can be very hot in Darwin, and then of course it is great to spend a few hours cooling off. Aqua Park on Darwin’s waterfront could be a nice option then. This park is located in a bay and consists of all inflatable devices. You pay by the hour here for kids to play on these inflatables.

Kids here can even jump from a 4-meter-high device into the water. This park is suitable for children ages 6 and up, and kids ages 6 to 9 must be accompanied by an adult. For kids ages 4 to 6, they have a small circuit for these young children. By the way, the Waterfront in Darwin is also a great place to walk around. You also have a beach near here, which is great to go to. You won’t have to deal with the crocodile or Jellyfish on this beach either.

You can also go to another free water park in the Darwin area with kids. Palmerston water park is a 15-minute drive from Darwin and you have several water slides here. It is not a super big water park, but for an hour of swimming it is a very nice place. You also have a kiosk here where you can buy something.

#4 Aquascene

A fun activity to do in Darwin with kids is to visit Aquascene. Located right in the center of the city, Aquascene is a natural waterfront phenomenon. When the tide is out here, you can feed the fish that are there then in large numbers. You can do this from the concrete wharf, but you can also go into the water with kids and feed them from the water.

You pay a few euros entrance fee to get in here, and check the Aquascene website for exactly when the feeding times are. This is because they are very different and sometimes there are sometimes two feeding times in a day. There are several species of fish you can feed here. This activity takes about an hour.

#5 George Brown Darwin Botanical Garden

A fun place in Darwin to go with kids are the city’s botanical gardens. The George Bown Darwin Botanical Garden is located in the middle of the city and you can walk to it from downtown. You can take a great walk here and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a while. You have several trails, bridges and waterfalls here that you will encounter on your hike.

This botanical garden also contains a small playground for kids. The gardens are open every day and admission is free to these beautiful gardens. In this botanical garden you also have a fine restaurant located where you can have lunch (for more information look under the heading family-friendly restaurant Darwin below).

Children's activities Darwin

Other children’s activities

You can do several other activities in Darwin with kids. We briefly list below several other children’s activities in Darwin.

#6 Crocosaurus Cove: the area around Darwin is home to a huge number of crocodiles and, of course, it is possible to go and see the crocodiles as well. The Crocosaurus Cove is right in the center of town and you can watch the crocodiles here. There are also shows with the crocodiles where they are fed pieces of chicken.

In addition, it is possible when you pay extra that you can also swim with crocodiles. You then go into a kind of cage and are then put with the crocodiles. Online, opinions are vastly divided. One person loves it and another person thinks it is pure animal cruelty. Make a choice about that for yourself.

Children's activities Darwin

#7 MAGNAT museum: if you and your kids enjoy visiting a museum during your city break to Darwin, this museum is a good option. Kids can learn all about Aboriginal art, animals, the country’s history and also natural phenomena such as hurricanes at the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. You can visit the museum for free and you will need about an hour to see the museum.

#8 Territory Wildlife Park Darwin: this park is about a 45-minute drive from Darwin and it is a kind of zoo. The park which is quite large has many of the animals you also encounter in the area of Darwin and Kakadu National Park. You can walk your own route through the park, and online reviews of the park are very good. You can easily spend an entire morning or afternoon in this park.

#9 Berry Springs Nature Park: this is another nature park you can visit in the Darwin area with kids. This park is a 45-minute drive from Darwin and you can also swim in this natural park here. You have 2 spots in the park where you can swim, but it is possible that during heavy rains here the swimming spots may be closed.

#10 Mindil Beach: you can also visit beaches in the Darwin area. The most beautiful beach in the area is Mindil Beach which is practically in the center of the city and can be walked to from the center. You have a beautiful sunset here. Please note that because of the Jellyfish, you cannot swim in the sea here at some times of the year.

Children's activities Darwin

Family-friendly restaurant Darwin

You can eat well in Darwin with kids at several places. You have a number of family-friendly restaurants in Darwin that we describe below.

Eva’s Btanic Gardens Café: this family-friendly restaurant is located in Darwin’s botanical garden and you can go here for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Near the restaurant there is a playground for children and also at the restaurant there are toys for kids to play with. The restaurant also has a special children’s menu. A nice area to have breakfast or lunch with kids.

Darwin Trailer Boat Club: If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant for dinner, this one is a nice option. Come here just before the sun sets and you will have a beautiful view of the sunset. Located near the beach, the restaurant has both a playground and a swimming pool. So bring swimwear for the kids too if you’re going to grab a bite to eat here.

Mindil Beach Market: if you visit Darwin during the months of April through October, you can also visit this market from Thursday through Sunday. It’s a bit of a hippie market and they sell all kinds of clothes and goodies here, but there are also food stalls. You can even eat Dutch poffertjes at this market.

Children's activities Darwin

Family-friendly hotel Darwin

If you’re visiting Darwin with kids, it’s nice if you can have a swim at the pool at the end of the day. So we looked at family-friendly hotels in Darwin with a pool. You have several nice options and we have listed the best rated hotels in each price range. Click on the blue link for more information.

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