Cochem with kids

The area around the Moselle River is much visited by tourists because of the beautiful villages that surround it. We already wrote the travel blog the Moselle with kids about this. Cochem is one of the most beautiful villages in this area. The village has just over 5,000 inhabitants and attracts many tourists every year. You drive there by car from Utrecht in just over three hours. You can therefore easily visit the village on a weekend with the family from most cities in the Netherlands. There is also plenty to do for kids to keep you entertained for at least a weekend in the area. We list the best activities and sights in Cochem with kids for you.

Cochem with kids #1: Reichsburg Cochem

If you enter the village of Cochem by car, you cannot avoid the castle on the hill. In fact, Reichsburg Cochem is built on a rock that rises about 100 meters above the town. You can also visit the castle with kids. From the center of Cochem, you can walk to the castle in about 15 minutes. During the summer season, shuttle buses also run from Cochem to the castle.

You can visit the castle and have several options. So you can see just the courtyard of the castle, but you can also see the rest of the castle through a guided tour. Again, in terms of tours, you have several choices. So you have children’s tour of the castle with and without a robber’s meal included. These tours last up to an hour.

A visit to the castle is worthwhile just for the view of the surrounding area. You have a beautiful view of the Moselle River and, of course, the town of Cochem. At the castle there is a restaurant and with this there is also a terrace, where you also have a beautiful view. Having a drink on the terrace of the castle is therefore highly recommended.

In the summer months (April through October), the castle is open every day and there are more tours than in the winter period. So check out the castle’s Dutch-language website in advance for information on opening hours, entrance fees and various tours the castle offers.

Cochem with kids
Cochem with kids

Cochem with kids #2: Wild Freizeitpark Klotten

A really fun activity to do in Cochem with kids is to visit family park Klotten. The park has several attractions, playgrounds and also a number of animals that you can visit in the park.

The family park caters mainly to young kids and has about 15 smaller attractions such as a roller coaster, whitewater rafting and horse racing. There are few attractions where there is a height restriction, but some attractions allow young kids to enter the attraction only when accompanied by an adult. There are also plenty of climbing equipment throughout the park for kids to climb and clamber around.

You can also admire some of the animals in the family park. These animals are primarily petting zoo animals with a few others such as the brown bear, red nose bear, raccoon and ostrich. You can also go to the park to watch a bird of prey show.

Bonn with kids
Bonn with kids

Cochem with kids #3: Moselbad

In Cochem, you also have a large indoor and outdoor pool located in the center. From the center of the village you can walk to this pool in about 20 minutes. Because the pool has a large indoor and outdoor pool, it is a great option when the weather is warm or, conversely, when the weather is cooler.

The indoor pool has a 55-meter pool, two slides, a kid’s land for the youngest kids, as well as a sauna and tanning beds. Outside you have two pools, including a large paddling pool and several diving boards. There is a large sunbathing area around the pool, where you can enjoy the sunshine in summer. There is also a small playground near the outdoor pool.

There is also a restaurant by the pool where you can have a pizza or pasta meal while you are in the pool. The entrance to the pool costs only a few euros. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and different pools, take a look at the swimming complex’s website.

Cochem with kids #4: cable car cochem

You can also take the cable car up the mountain in Cochem with kids. You walk to the cable car from the center of Cochem in five minutes to get here. The old-fashioned chairlift takes you up the hill for a few euros, where, again, you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. You can also clearly see the castle from here. You can also combine a ride on the cable car well with the Klotten wildlife and recreation park. From the mountain station of the cable car, you can walk to the family park in 20 minutes.

At the top of the mountain is a small cafe where you can get something to eat and drink. The cable car is open from April to mid-November, and kids up to three years old can go up for free. For all information about Cochem’s cable car, check out the cable car’s Dutch-language website.

Cochem with kids
Cochem with kids

Cochem with kids #5: Moselle Valley wein express

The center of Cochem is compact and you can easily explore the center on foot. The center of the village is cozy and has plenty of colorful houses. Of course, there are plenty of outdoor cafes to enjoy some food and drinks. In the center you will also find many tourist stores. There is also an old mustard mill in the center, where they make mustard the traditional way and you can take a tour.

With kids, it’s fun to take the tourist train in Namur. This Moselle Valley Wine Express drives around the center in 25 minutes and has Dutch audio with information about the village and the region. You pay only a few euros for the little train.

Cochem with kids
Cochem with kids

Where to sleep in Cochem with kids

Budget hotel: Gästehaus Ziemons

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Traumblick

Luxury hotel: Hotel Weingut Dehren

To search for other hotels in Cochem with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Cochem with kids

Christmas market: you can also visit a Christmas market with your family in the village of Cochem. Of course, it is not as big as those of the big cities, but the village really exudes Christmas during this period. The Christmas market starts about early December and ends when Christmas begins. During this period, the Christmas story is also told on two different days around a manger with live animals.

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