Children’s activities Uden

What are fun children’s activities in Uden? We never wondered before, but over the years we have discovered several fun kids activities in Uden, so it was really time to list the best activities in Uden with kids. In that regard, there is enough to do to keep you entertained for at least a weekend in this city in North Brabant. So here are the best children’s activities in Uden.

#1 Climbing Park Uden

A fun children’s activity in Uden is Klimpark Uden. This climbing park had been on our list to visit for a long time and had already been cancelled once due to storms, but this past Easter weekend the weather was finally nice and we visited the climbing park. You can climb with kids at this climbing park, of course, but there is much more to do.

We park the car for free in front of the climbing park and walk right into the climbing park grounds, where you can do several things. We are there on Sunday and do various activities with our eight-year-old daughter at this climbing park. So we start the day in the bouldering garden. Kids can climb different routes of different levels here. This is also quite a strenuous activity, where you really use the whole body to climb.

Climbing Park Uden
Children's activities Uden

After entertaining ourselves here for an hour, we then actually go climbing. Because our daughter is not yet 1.40 meters tall, she gets to do the blue, green and orange courses and these are a lot of fun. After we get our climbing belts on, we start climbing and the first thing we find out is that the climbing system is very easy to use. This also allows our daughter to climb very easily and does not need our help. As far as we are concerned, a huge advantage compared to many other climbing parks.

For a total of two hours, we climb and swing across the water several times on the zip line. Super fun to do with kids!

As a final activity, we do the Ninja Warrior course. Our daughter is a fan of the Ninja Warrior programs on TV and loves climbing, so we quickly entertained ourselves here for an hour. This Ninja Warrior course is suitable for kids ages ten and up. In addition to these three activities, you can also play miniature golf, disc golf and there is also an excellent playground on site for younger kids. In addition, it is possible to rent all kinds of bicycles to explore the area.

There is also a terrace on the grounds, where you can have some food and drinks. We wrote about the climbing park in Uden the blog Klimpark Uden, giving more information about this climbing park.

Climbing Park Uden
Children's activities Uden

#2 Your play farm

A super fun play farm in Uden is Hullie play farm. We have been here three times now and our daughter has had a great time here every time! Too bad that for us (we live near Tilburg) it is just a bit too far of a drive, otherwise we would go here much more often. In fact, at Hullie play farm there really is all kinds of things for kids to do.

This converted farmhouse is huge and has several sections inside where the kids can play with all kinds of playground equipment. That’s not the only thing you can do here, as there is also a craft room, where the kids can color, paint and craft. There is also an area with building blocks, where kids can build heavily. In another room are a variety of games for the kids to play.

There is also a kind of pedal train running inside, where kids can take a lap above the heads of parents. Therefore, you can easily spend a whole day here if the weather is not so good, but there is also a whole section outside if the weather is nice. Then parents can sit outside and the kids can play outside on the farm’s playground equipment.

What we also really like about Hullie Play Farm is that, as parents, you can actually sit there and be cozy. It’s not a standard indoor playground, where you usually don’t sit very cozy. That is the case at Hullie play farm! There are also TV screens in the room where you can watch soccer, for example, and this really gives you the idea that you are in a restaurant.

#3 Kart track Uden

Another fun kids’ activity in Uden that we have already done once with our daughter is the kids’ karting at Kartbaan Uden. Kids as young as 1.25 meters tall can come here to go-karting. Our daughter really enjoyed doing this and you can book by heat. The kids are instructed beforehand about such things as the different flags and then allowed to go out on the course.

In kids’ karting, the karts are limited in speed, making it a lot easier for the kids to keep the kart on the track. Keep in mind, of course, that a heat lasts only ten minutes, so the activity can be quite short. Of course, you can book multiple heats for your kids.

In addition to kids go-karting, you can also come to laser tag at Kartbaan Uden. We have done this in several locations with our daughter in recent years and she always finds this a very fun activity. This laser gaming is in an old factory hall. A game of laser tag lasts 12 minutes and you can come here for as little as two people to play laser tag. Usually we as a family join other groups who are going laser tagging at that time.

#4 Play Forest Maashorst

In the Uden area you can also enjoy nature with kids. You have play forest Maashorst located in Uden itself. A nice little play forest, where kids can play in nature just fine. A special feature of this play forest is the large statue of a sleeping giant located in this play forest. A fun climbing device for kids.

In addition, at this play forest in Uden you have a climbing course, where kids can enjoy climbing with ropes. There is also another play equipment with a slide and there is also an area with water where kids can have fun. You will also find several cabins made for the kids in this play forest. In that respect, it is not a big play forest, but that also makes it nice and clear. We spent an hour here and already wrote the blog Speelbos Maashorst with more information and photos.

Another fun play forest is play forest Docus de Das which is about a 15-minute drive from Uden. You can take a 1.5-kilometer family hike here, while searching for all kinds of animals. Along the way, you will come across all kinds of playground equipment. At the end of the trail you come to a lake, where there is even more playground equipment for the kids. If you are looking for a free children’s activity in Uden, these two forests are excellent options.

Play forest Uden with kids
Play forest Uden with kids

#5 Bowling at the Free rein

The last activity in our list of children’s activities in Uden is family bowling at the Free rein. This bowling alley is located at hotel Fletcher Uden and you can rent lanes here for 55 minutes. Because you pay per lane, it also doesn’t matter too much with how big of a family you are going to do this activity.

Especially if the weather is not so good, this can be a fun activity to do for an hour (or two) with your kids. You can also book packages here, which include food and drinks.

This was the last activity in our list of children’s activities in Uden. These are the biggest activities to do in the city with kids. You also have a petting zoo in town (as in almost every town) that you can visit and there is also a theater, where you can go to a performance. In short, there is plenty to do to enjoy yourself for at least an entire weekend in Uden with kids.

#6 BillyBird Park Hemelrijk

The next children’s activity is not in Uden, but in Volkel. From the center of Uden you can drive to BillyBird Park Hemelrijk in about 10 minutes. We have visited this BillyBird Park several times now with our daughter and she has had a great time here every time! After all, there is plenty to do for kids at BillyBird Park Hemelrijk.

For example, you can swim at BillyBird Park Hemelrijk in the summer. We visited the park once on a hot summer day and it was really lovely. You can rent beds at the pool, and kids 10 and older can have fun unaccompanied on a large play area in the water with all the inflatable play equipment. Our daughter loved this activity and had a great time here for an hour. You do pay a separate fee for this play area.

Uden with kids

In addition to the water area, there is also a large play area. This playground equipment is all around the lake. In addition, BillyBird has an indoor playground, a huge ball pit and an indoor theater. The park also has a fun roller coaster for the kids. Every time we visit BillyBird our daughter wants to be the first to go on this roller coaster.

Volkel with kids

You can easily spend an entire day here and even then you may not have seen and done everything. Especially on sunny days when you can also go swimming in the park. If you are visiting Uden with kids, then a trip to BillyBird Hemelrijk, is definitely a fun option. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and various activities, take a look at BillyBird Hemelrijk’s website.

By the way, there is more to do for kids in Volkel. Also check out our blog Volkel with kids for more information about this village.

Uden with kids

Where to stay in Uden with kids?

If you’re looking for a nice family hotel where you can stay with a family of four, you don’t have many options in Uden. You can then choose, for example, to spend the night in Den Bosch, where you have several nice family hotels and which is a half-hour drive from Uden.

You can then go on a weekend trip, taking a day to Den Bosch and a day to Uden. About the family-friendly city of Den Bosch, we wrote the blog Den Bosch with kids, in which we list all the fun kids’ activities in Den Bosch.

Nice options in Den Bosch where we ourselves have slept and can definitely recommend are:

  1. Keershuys Den Bosch
  2. Hotel Julien
  3. Hotel the Blue Peacock

If you want more information about how our experiences are with these hotels, read our blog family-friendly hotels in Den Bosch for more information.

Family Hotel Den Bosch
Family Hotel Den Bosch
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