5 children’s outings in Schiedam

Children’s activities Schiedam: 5 children’s outings in Schiedam!

What children’s activities can you do in Schiedam? Schiedam is a place located against the big city of Rotterdam. About Rotterdam we already wrote the blog Rotterdam with kids, in which we listed all the activities you can do in this city with kids. Yet Schiedam is also quite a large city with a population of nearly 80,000. For kids, there are several things to do in Schiedam. We list the different children’s outings in Schiedam in this blog.

Children's activities Schiedam
Children's activities Schiedam

Children’s activities Schiedam #1: Beatrixpark

A fun park to visit in Schiedam with kids is the Beatrix Park. This is by far the largest park in the city, and you can have a great walk here with kids during the summer months. Princess Beatrix Park has a large playground, a petting zoo and there is a family-friendly restaurant in the park.

The playground located in the middle of the park is called Fort Drakensteijn and you can visit this playground for free. This is also a great place to have lunch in Schiedam with the family. Restaurant Parckhoeve is located next to this playground and you can eat and drink on the restaurant’s terrace and the kids can have fun in the playground. If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Schiedam, this is definitely a good choice!

There is also a petting zoo in the park. Petting Farm ‘t Hoefblad is also located almost next to the playground and restaurant and, in addition to the animals, has several pieces of playground equipment for the kids. In addition, there are several farm animals that the kids can cuddle with on the farm.

Children’s activities Schiedam #2: Play Island

Another fun children’s activity in Schiedam is the play island. This play island is located in Vlaardingerdijk Park and is run entirely by volunteers. You can come and play with your kids on this island for less than a euro. For parents, there is a large terrace at this play island where they can sit while the kids play.

You can buy a few things like a candy, a sandwich and some drinks at the playground’s store. The playground is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday if the weather is nice. For more information about this play island, take a look at the Speeleiland Schiedam website.

Children’s activities Schiedam #3: The windmills of Schiedam

In the center of the city of Schiedam, kids can see several windmills and it is also possible to climb several of the tallest windmills in the world here. These are in fact in Schiedam. One example is the mill De Walvisch, which is set up as a kind of museum. You still have several mills in the city center that you can see and visit.

In addition, you have plenty of nice restaurants and cafes sitting in the city center for a bite to eat and a drink. Or visit the theater in the center (Theater aan de Schie) and attend a fun children’s show with kids. Especially if the weather is a little cooler, this is a great option to do with kids in Schiedam! For theater offerings, take a look here.

And if you are not so fond of the theater and the weather is not so good anyway, you can always go to the cinema in the center of Schiedam. At Pathé Schiedam, you have plenty of fun kids’ movies running.

Children’s activities Schiedam #4: Speelpolder het wijland

In the north of the city of Schiedam, you have another very nice play area for kids. Playpolder Het Wijland is especially fun to visit in the summer, as it is mostly water-related. You can reach the playpolder with a pull raft and kids can cross the ditches here with all kinds of natural tools such as tree trunks, ropes and other materials.

There is also a beach near it where you can sit down as a parent in the summer and where it is also possible to have a family picnic by the water. Near this playpolder about a kilometer away is also the natural playground Kethelpoort Schiedam. Here kids can also play in nature and there is also a whole scramble course with all kinds of obstacles for the kids here.

Near this nature playground, you also have an Experience Trail to the play and fantasy polder. In short, there is plenty for kids to enjoy playing in nature in this area.

Children’s activities Schiedam: other activities

In addition to the above mentioned children’s activities you can do in Schiedam, there are a number of other things you can do here. We briefly name them below.

#5 Glowgolf Schiedam: It is possible to play miniature golf in Schiedam as a children’s outing. This is another children’s activity in Schiedam that you can do throughout the year. The theme of the golf course is World of Fantasy, and on the course you will encounter flying dragons and strange creatures. You can buy special 3d glasses at the golf course to enhance the experience even more.

#6 Swimming in Schiedam: You can also go swimming in Schiedam. The city has two different swimming pools that you can visit with kids. For example, you have pool South and pool Groenoord, where you and your kids can go swimming for a few hours. Especially if the weather is not so good, this can be a great option to do as a children’s outing in Schiedam.

Also check out the blog Tips Schiedam, for even more general sights of Schiedam.

Where to stay in Schiedam with kids?

You can stay in Schiedam with kids just fine. There are a number of family-friendly hotels and otherwise, of course, there is plenty to choose from in Rotterdam. We already wrote the blog Rotterdam with kids about Rotterdam and there we also reviewed several hotels. In Schiedam, we list a number of options. Press the blue link for more information!

Budget option: Novotel Rotterdam- Schiedam

Mid-range option: Family Penthouse

Luxury option: City Villa Mout Rotterdam-Schiedam

For a list of all accommodations in Rotterdam, take a look here

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