9 free activities you can do with your kids in Dubai!

It is often thought that Dubai is a city for the very richest of the earth. Of course, you can make it as crazy as you want, but there are plenty of ways to arrange a cheap vacation to Dubai. So you have plenty of activities you can do with your kids that cost virtually nothing. Here we list nine free activities you can do in Dubai with your family!

Cheap vacations Dubai
Free activities Dubai with kids

Cheap vacations Dubai with kids. Here are 9 free activities:

#1. Dubai’s beaches

#2. Dubai Marine and the Walk

#3. Dubai’s many souks

#4. The malls of Dubai

#5. Souk Madinat

#6 Burj Khalifa

#7. Fountain show

#8. The playgrounds in public parks

#9. Sunset viewing in the desert

Free activities Dubai with kids #1: The beaches of Dubai

Dubai has some beautiful beaches and admission is completely free. For example, you have the famous beaches of Kite Beach and Jumeirah beach , where you can spend a wonderful day with your family without it costing much.

Buy lunch for the family in one of the large Carrefour supermarkets and eat it cozily on the beach. This way, you will totally have an affordable day in the sun.

Free activities Dubai with kids #2: Dubai Marine and the Walk

This activity can again be combined well with a day at Jumeirah beach. On this 1.7-kilometer-long promenade, it is fun to watch the huge boats moored in the harbor with your kids.

There are also several activities here for kids such as a splash pad and an inflatable water park, but there is a cost for those. So if you don’t want to spend too much money go to the beach, eat a lunch you brought yourself on the beach and then walk around the harbor with your kids afterwards.

Free activities Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #3: Dubai’s many souks

The city’s many traditional markets are fun to walk around with your kids. At the famous Gold and Spice souks you also have many stalls with lots and lots of cheap toys. Of course, most of the stuff is fake. We really enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours at these markets and our daughter was looking her eyes out.

In addition, you can use wooden boats for 1 dirham (20 euro cents) to take you around the water. This way, you can have a great cheap half-day of fun with your kids here and soak up some culture in the meantime.

Free activities Dubai with kids
Free activities Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #4: The malls of Dubai

As long as you don’t go shopping in Dubai’s malls, you can have quite a few hours here with the family. Thus, the Dubai Mal l, the largest aquarium in the world with lots of different large fish. You will also find a large waterfall, a store with Ferraris, a large original dino skeleton , so you and your kids will be quite busy here.

You also have plenty of things to do in other malls. For example, in Mall of the Emirates the ski run with penguins. There is also a food court here, where you can eat relatively cheaply. This way you can easily combine, for example, a day at the beach with the malls of Dubai.

Free activities Dubai with kids
Free activities Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #5: Souk Madinat

Near Jumeirah beach is the Venice of Dubai, Souk Madinat. Nice to walk around here from 11 am with your kids along the water, the little bridges and the many stores with all kinds of Arab stuff. From here you also have one of the best views of the Burj al Arab, the luxury seven-star hotel.

Free activities Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #6: Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is perhaps Dubai’s most famous building and the city’s main landmark. If you do go to the Dubai Mall, you can take a closer look at this building outside the mall. If you still want to buy a ticket to see the city from these platforms after seeing the tallest building in the world, it is best to do so online rather than at the ticket office on site. That saves another time standing in line with your kids.

Free activities Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #7: Fountain show

If you are at the Dubai Mall anyway for the free sights you can see in the mall itself with your kids and have already been outside to admire the Burj Khalifa on the waterfront, you can watch a free fountain show every half hour starting at 6 p.m. The fountain is 275 meters long and the water reaches a length of as much as 150 meters. If you watch the first show at 6 p.m. with your kids, they can be in bed on time, too.

Free activities Dubai with kids #8: The playgrounds in the public parks

In Dubai, you have several large public parks (with playgrounds), where your kids can enjoy themselves for a few hours. We went to a park with playground almost every day with our daughter to let her play.

From the Mall of the Emirates, it is only a short cab ride (you could possibly walk if it is not too hot from the shopping mall) to the All Barsha Pond Parc, where they have a fun playground. For a small fee, you can also ride a solar boat in the lake with your kids. Buy lunch for your family at the Mall of the Emirates’ large supermarket and eat it in the park on the large sunbathing lawn. There are also barbecues on which you can prepare your food, if necessary.

In addition, as far as we are concerned, the Zabeel park is highly recommended, where for a small amount of money (5 dirhams, 1.25 euros) you have a huge number of playgrounds, where the kids can really enjoy themselves for many hours. You can also easily picnic with the family here on the many grassy areas.

Free activities Dubai with kids
Dubai with kids

Free activities Dubai with kids #9: Watching sunsets in the desert

A 20-minute drive from Dubai is Al Qudra, which is something of an oasis in the desert. Here, if you have a car at your disposal, you can easily grab a bite to eat. For example, buy a disposable BBQ at the supermarket and enjoy the sunset with the whole family by evening.

If you don’t feel like arranging this yourself, there are of course plenty of fee-based tours can be found.

Where to sleep during a cheap vacation Dubai with kids ?

We slept at the Rose Garden Hotel Dubai which we were very satisfied with. The apartment had a room for us and our daughter, a kitchen and living room and it was close to the metro and shopping mall. This shopping mall had a large supermarket and a food court, so we could always get something to eat quickly. It is also centrally located. We had an excellent week here and always started the day on the balcony in the pool. Breakfast was included in the price.

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