Giethoorn 2 Stay with kids: a review

Giethoorn is a super nice village, where you must have been at least once in your life as a Dutchman. Last Christmas vacation we visited the village and since it is quite a drive from Tilburg anyway, we decided to book a hotel. We ended up at the hotel Giethoorn2stay and based on this overnight stay we are writing this review.

The hotel

The hotel is located at the edge of the village of Giethoorn. You can park your car for free behind the hotel in the parking lot. Next to the reception is a kind of conservatory where there are some sofas and a lot of magazines and where you can play a game with your kids.

The hotel rents bikes, so we were able to get on our bikes right from our hotel to explore the Weerribben- Wieden National Park. Do ask the hotel in advance if they can arrange a bike seat for the kids, as they do not have them in storage as standard.

Furthermore, the hotel can help you arrange such things as a boat, scooter or e-bike to explore Giethoorn and its surroundings. In total, the hotel has 15 rooms, including some for families with kids.

Giethoorn with kids
Giethoorn with kids

The room

We had booked the four-bed Punter room. This room is 23m2 and has a double box-spring bed and a bunk bed. There is also a bathroom with a walk-in shower in the room. The room was on the ground floor and was equipped with a TV, which allowed us to enjoy watching TV in the evening. Of course, there was also WIFI in the room. What we found convenient about the room is that the sink was in the room and not in the bathroom, which made it easier for several of us to get ready in the morning.

The hotel also has two different rooms for families up to 6 people. One room is 30m2 and the other room is 40m2.

Giethoorn with kids
Giethoorn2stay with kids

Food and drink in hotel

Unfortunately, due to the (corona) measures, the hotel restaurant was closed and we could only eat in the room. That was very unfortunate because the restaurant’s menu has delicious things including sushi! For kids, there are also plenty of tasty things on there like fries and sandwiches. As a result, you basically don’t have to leave the door to eat.

In the morning we had booked breakfast with it and it was very extensive as you can see in the picture below. So we left the hotel with a well-filled belly.

Of course, there are plenty of other restaurants within walking distance of the hotel where you can grab a bite to eat with your family.

Giethoorn with kids
Giethoorn2stay with kids


Since we were on the road all day in Giethoorn, we didn’t get to the room until the evening. What we really liked is that right from the hotel we could rent bikes and visit the national park. Unfortunately, because of the measures, we were not able to eat in the restaurant, but we can imagine that this is a big plus of the hotel. We found the room absolutely fine and the breakfast in the morning was very extensive.

If you want more information about the rooms, restaurant and rental options, check out the hotel’s website.

This blog was created through a collaboration with the hotel in question.

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