Rent a car Sunny Cars Sicily

Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily: all the information!

The Italian island of Sicily is a beautiful island to visit and many Dutch tourists visit this island every year. A large proportion of these tourists fly to Sicily and rent a car in Sicily to further explore the island. When renting a car in Sicily, there are a number of issues involved, and we list these in this blog. We also provide tips for renting a car in Sicily and explain why we are such fans of Sunny Cars Sicily rental cars.

Rent a car Sunny Cars Sicily
Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily

Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily

How do I get to Sicily?

Most tourists take the plane to Sicily. You fly to Sicily in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Most tourists take a rental car from Sicily’s airport to explore the rest of the island. For a flight to Sicily, we recommend the website Through this website we book all our flights, as it is a very clear website.

For a list of all flights, take a look here.

Car rental Sicily: what to look out for?

If you’re going to rent a car in Sicily, it’s helpful to take a few things into account. We list these things to consider when renting a car in Sicily below.

  • Insurance: this is perhaps the most important thing to consider when renting a car in Sicily. You don’t want to be underinsured abroad when you rent a car. Pay attention to the different insurance policies you have such as non-life insurance, third-party insurance, theft insurance, as well as insurance that covers for damage to certain parts of the car such as the roof, tires and glass.
  • Excess: many companies that rent cars in Sicily work with an excess. This means that if you make damage with your rental car, you have to pay the first so many euros yourself. This can sometimes be a hefty amount and you will still lose a lot of money if you do damage with your car.
  • Size of the rental car: perhaps a redundant item in this list, but check carefully in advance how many people you are with and also how many suitcases you are carrying. If you are going to explore Sicily with a rental car, you will often stay in several places on the Italian island and then it is quite convenient if the suitcases can also come with you and not that one of the persons in the car has to carry a suitcase on his or her lap the whole trip. Generally this is clearly stated online.
  • Fuel arrangement: obviously the gasoline in the car is not yet included in the rental price and rental companies have different arrangements in terms of fuel. We have seen a lot of schemes when we rent a car, but our preference is still the full=full scheme, where you get a full tank and you have to make sure that when you return the rental car in Sicily that the tank is full again. Often the rental company has a gas station nearby.
  • How many kilometers can you drive: some rental cars only allow you to drive a certain number of kilometers per day. Sicily is a pretty big island, so chances are you’ll also cover quite a lot of miles on the island. Then, of course, it is nice that you have no limit on the number of miles you can drive, since otherwise you will have to pay extra per mile. Companies that rent cars in Sicily do so because of the depreciation of the car. If you drive a lot of miles, the car depreciates more than if you drive few miles on the island.

For all the options of renting a car through Sunny Cars Sicily, take a look here.

Rent a car Sicily: Useful tips!

In addition to the list of things to look out for when renting a car in Sicily, we also have some tips that are useful when renting a car in Sicily. We briefly name them below.

  • Do not rent a navigation with your car. with most rental cars in Sicily, you pay extra money if you want navigation in the car. We actually never rent this as we use the app We actually use this app on all of our trips and we really super like this app. This is because you can already download it on your phone at home and also already have the map of Sicily and when you are on vacation you can use the navigation offline. As a result, we never have to rent a navigation with our rental car, which often saves quite a bit of money.
  • Rent a car from home. Since there are quite a few things to consider when renting a car, it is best to do this in advance at your leisure. If you still need to rent a car locally, a language barrier can be a problem. Many Italians speak only very poor English, so you quickly have miscommunication. We always rent a car when we are at home in the Netherlands and online.
  • Rent on time. These days it is important to rent a rental car on time, as there is a shortage of rental cars in many places. Especially if you visit Sicily in the summer months, the demand for rental cars is high. Therefore, make sure you rent a car on time. We missed out on a rental car during our trip to the Seychelles, as we were late in booking.
  • Look at more things than just price. We have done this too often in the past: looking only at price. While that price often depends on many factors, so not always the cheapest rental car is the best option. If you have a very cheap rental car, but you are not (properly) insured or you have a very high deductible, then you are running a lot of risks. Therefore, consider several things besides price when renting a car in Sicily.
  • Avoid fines: some offenses such as running a red light and talking on the phone in the car carry quite high fines in Italy. You even pay a 30% surcharge if you commit these offenses between 10 p.m. in the evening and 7 a.m. in the morning. Also, you have certain Zona Traffico Limitato in certain cities and these are areas in the city that only permit holders are allowed to drive in. So pay close attention to this, as otherwise the fine will come to you through the rental company.
  • Avoid discussions afterwards. Even though we are often well insured for everything, we always take a few photos and videos of the car before we take it to the rental company. Of course, we walk around the car with an employee, but also take pictures of the damage already on the car ourselves. That way you avoid discussions afterwards. Fortunately, we ourselves have never had those discussions.

Rent a car San Antonio Ibiza
Rent a car from Sunny Cars Sicily

Rent a car from Sunny Cars Sicily

Sightseeing Sicily

Sicily is wonderful to visit and you have many beautiful places to visit on this island. We list below some of these activities and sights you can do and see in Sicily.

  • Volcano Etna: One of Sicily’s most famous sights is the volcano Etna. You can hike to the crater of the volcano or take the cable car to the top. From the volcano you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. We found it a nice hike up
  • Palermo: we also found this city definitely recommended to visit. The city has a beautiful old center with many nice buildings to visit. Also around the streets of Piazza Domenico you have a lively market district, which is fun to visit.
  • The Aeolian Islands: these islands may not be well known to the general public, but they are stunning to visit. You have several islands that you can visit by ferry and it is also possible to stay overnight on the islands. We visited several islands and also stayed overnight on the islands. Here you also have the black volcanic beaches to visit.
  • Apennines: this is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Italy and this mountain range extends all the way to the north of Sicily. Riserva Naturale Orientata is fun to visit and has a two-kilometer footpath (Cava Grande del Cassibile). You descend about 300 meters into the gorge to finally emerge at Lake Cavagrande.
  • Taormina: you still have a lot of Roman influences on the Italian island of Sicily, and you can still see things from this in several places on the island. In the city of Taormina you have several of these Roman sights such as the Roman theater.

Of course, you have many more beautiful things to see in Sicily with your rental car. As far as that goes, you can easily spend a few weeks driving around this beautiful island. In that regard, it is then very nice if you have a rental car from Sunny Cars Sicily at your disposal.

Public transportation Sicily or a rental car from Sunny Cars Sicily?

You can also visit the Italian island of Sicily by public transportation. It is possible to travel between major cities by train. We have also traveled by train in Sicily in the past, but keep in mind that there are long delays. Whereas trains in northern Italy generally ran on time, this was much less the case in the south. If you want to visit some of Sicily’s smaller cities, you can use the island’s local trains, but keep in mind that these trains take a very long time.

Buses also run between and within cities. In the major cities of Palermo and Catania, you can then also use the subway. All in all, it is certainly possible to use public transportation in Sicily, but keep in mind that it does take much longer to get to your destination and you may sometimes have to change from the train to the bus.

In that respect, you then have much more freedom with a rental car. With a rental car, of course, you get to your destination much faster and have virtually nowhere to wait. That’s the reason we always opt for a rental car ourselves. In Sicily, it is possible to rent a car through the organization Sunny Cars. In the rest of this blog, we are going to explain why we are fans of Sunny Cars Sicily rental cars.

Advantages of a car from Sunny Cars Sicily

As you may have read in this blog, we are fans of Sunny Cars Sicily’s cars and there are a number of reasons for that. We are happy to list the various reasons for this below.

  • Sunny Cars’ insurance policies. Few car rental companies in Sicily have such a comprehensive insurance package than Sunny Cars Sicily. This is perhaps the main reason for us that we always (if of course) can rent a car through Sunny Cars. The insurance package is so complete that you don’t need to purchase any other insurance for your car on the spot either.
  • Own risk. We don’t like having a deductible on a car. Especially if it is high, since you feel you are at quite a risk anyway. We do not drive around with a nice feeling when we know that in case of damage, we first have to pay 1000 euros ourselves before the insurance company covers the rest of the damage. With Sunny Cars, you get the excess back, so there are no financial consequences in this area.
  • Cancel. You can cancel Sicily with Sunny Cars such short notice, so you won’t be stuck with your reservation if you can’t get to Sicily, for example. This also allows you to book your rental car on this Italian island early, as you can still cancel free of charge.

Because of these things, you can have a nice vacation in Sicily without having to worry about your rental car all the time. Because everything is so well arranged with Sunny Cars Sicily , you will still go on vacation with a much nicer feeling! At least we think so.

Sicily with kids
Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily

Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily

What is all inn with Sunny Cars Sicily?

Sunny Cars Sicily works with an all inn formula and below we list the most important things about this all inn formula.

  • Own risk. We have just talked about this. Sunny Cars Sicily will refund your excess in the event of damage. As a result, there are no surprises afterwards.
  • Damage insurance: the most important insurance for your rental car in Sicily is super well arranged with Sunny Cars Sicily. The rental company also does not recommend taking out additional insurance related to damages, as Sunny Cars’ insurance is sufficient.
  • Damage to roof, glass, tires and the bottom of the car. Many rental car insurance policies do not cover these parts of the car, even though they are the parts that very often get damaged during a road trip through Sicily. A flat tire, a stone on the window or a scratch on the roof are common damages and this is insured with Sunny Cars Sicily.
  • Mileage. When you are in Sicily with your rental car, you just want to be able to drive comfortably and get miles without having to be careful not to drive too many miles. With Sunny Cars Sicily, you may drive unlimited miles with your rental car on the island.
  • Theft: suppose the car is stolen during your trip in Sicily you are insured for this with the all inn formula of Sunny Cars Sicily.
  • Third-party insurance: if you choose a rental car in Sicily from Sunny Cars Sicily, an additional third-party insurance is included in the package, insuring you up to ten million euros.
  • Fueling: the rule regarding fueling at Sunny Cars Sicily is that you get the rental car with a full tank and you must return it with a full tank. As far as we are concerned, the finest arrangement.
  • Car towing: suppose you come to a standstill with your rental car in Sicily and the car needs to be towed away, you are insured for this with Sunny Cars Sicily.
  • Car key: you have people who lose everything during a vacation and so, for example, the key to the rental car. The costs involved are insured in Sunny Cars Sicily’s all inn formula.
  • Local charges and delivery costs: sometimes you still pay local taxes and any delivery costs of your rental car in Sicily on the spot. All of these costs are already included in the Sunny Cars Sicily rental price.
  • Emergency assistance: with Sunny Cars Sicily’s all-inclusive formula, you always have roadside assistance and a number you can call 24/7 if something is wrong with the rental car. This way, you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Cancel: you can still cancel your reservation shortly before arrival.

These are the main things that are included in the all inn formula of Sunny Cars Sicily and for us, these are all the things that we consider important when renting a car. In this way, you can have a worry-free vacation on the Italian island of Sicily and enjoy all the wonderful things the island has to offer.

For all the options of renting a car through Sunny Cars Sicily, take a look here.

Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Sicily?

You can rent a car in a huge number of places in Sicily. In several cities on the island, you have branches of Sunny Cars where you can rent a car. Most tourists rent a car right at the Palermo and Catania airports when they arrive in Sicily.

In the following cities you can also rent a car through Sunny Cars Sicily: Palermo airport, Palermo center, Trapani airport, Giardini Naxos, Milazzo, Messina, Syracuse, Cefalu, Catania, Comiso airport, Pozzallo, Agrigento, Noto, Ragusa, Sciacca, Termini Imerese, Avola, Sant’Agata Li Battiati, Augusta, Caltanissetta, Carini, Gela, Misterbianco, Ozieri and Trapani.

So there are plenty of cities where you can rent a car in Sicily.

For all the options of renting a car through Sunny Cars Sicily, take a look here.

Sicily with kids
Sicily with kids

Car rental from Sunny Cars Sicily

Where to stay in Sicily?

You have plenty of nice hotels in Sicily where you can stay during your vacation on this Italian island. We have listed the best option in each price range in several popular cities. From these cities you can explore the entire island perfectly well with a rental car.


Budget hotel: Alba central City

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Elite

Luxury hotel: Hotel Politeama

For a list of all accommodations on Palermo, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Stesicorea Palace

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Agathae

Luxury hotel: Airone City Hotel

For a list of all accommodations on Catania, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Deep Sea Residence

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Della Valle

Luxury hotel: Hotel Villa Athena

For a list of all accommodations at Agrigento, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Mareblu B

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Mediterraneo

Luxury hotel: Horizon Suites

For a list of all accommodations on Cefalu, take a look here.

For all the options of renting a car through Sunny Cars Sicily, take a look here.

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