Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga

Car rental from Sunny Cars Malaga: all the information at a glance!

Malaga is a cool city to go to and for most tourists this is where a tour of Andalusia starts. We ourselves also took a beautiful tour of the various highlights of Andalusia with a rental car and we really had a wonderful trip. To explore Andalusia and the Malaga area, a rental car is necessary.

To rent a car in Malaga, there are a number of things to consider. We provide in this blog all the information that comes with renting a car in Malaga and we also give tips on renting a car. In addition, we explain why we are such a fan of Sunny Cars Malaga‘s rental cars.

Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga
Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga

How do I get to Malaga?

It is possible to drive to Malaga by car, but you will soon be more than 25 hours on the road. Most tourists therefore take the plane to Malaga and from there rent a car to explore the region. If you go looking for a plane ticket, we always check the Skyscanner website. These always provide a complete listing of all airlines flying to a specific destination.

For a list of all flights to Malaga, take a look here.

Car rental Malaga: what to look out for?

Most Dutch people visiting the city of Malaga look online in advance for a rental car. When looking for a rental car in Malaga, there are a number of things to pay close attention to. We list these below.

  • Car rental insurance: if you rent a car in Malaga to take a scenic tour of Andalusia, it is important that the car is properly insured. You certainly don’t want to drive around abroad with a rental car that is barely insured. This can obviously save some money, but if you cause an accident you have a very big problem. Look at the different insurance policies that come with the car, such as non-life insurance, third-party insurance and theft insurance.
  • Excess: many car rental companies in Malaga operate a deductible on the rental car. That is, when you make a claim, you have to pay the first so many euros yourself. Sometimes these are quite high amounts, which means that you will still face hefty financial consequences during your trip through Andalusia if you accidentally damage the car. Therefore, pay close attention when renting a car in Malaga what the excess of the rental car is.
  • Miles you may drive per day: a car depreciates with use, and rental companies take this into account. This is why some car rental companies in Malaga operate with a limited number of miles you can drive per day in Spain. If you drive more miles, you often have to pay an additional amount on those miles afterwards. You obviously want to make the best use of your rented car in Malaga, and so you don’t want to be limited in the number of miles you can drive with it.
  • Fits everything in the car: If you take a trip to Malaga with a rental car, of course you want to be a little comfortable. Keep in mind that you will probably have suitcases with you and they will also have to come with you in the car. Usually each rental car says exactly how many suitcases will fit in the rental car. Obviously, you don’t want to be at the Malaga airport and have the suitcases not fit in the car.
  • Refueling: with regard to refueling the rental car, you have different arrangements that rental companies have in place. For example, we ourselves always find the arrangement where you get a rental car with a full tank and where you also return the car with a full tank to be the finest arrangement. This can vary quite a bit from provider to provider, which can sometimes be quite tricky. For example, the arrangement that you return the car with as much gasoline as you take the car with you is sometimes quite tricky, since you then have to look exactly where the arrow is at the time and estimate carefully how much you then have to refuel extra when you return it.

Malaga car rental: Useful tips!

Besides the things to look out for when renting a car in Malaga, we also have some tips on how to rent a car in Malaga. We list these tips below.

  • Navigation. at most car rental companies in Malaga, you pay extra money for things like navigation, a high chair or an additional driver of the car. We always save the money for navigation, since we use the app on our phone. You can use this free app without internet while abroad and it ensures that we never actually walk or drive the wrong way these days. That could save you a hundred euros on a vacation to Malaga in no time.
  • Look for damage on the car. To avoid unnecessary discussions afterwards with the car rental company, we always take a few photos and videos of the damage already on the rental car. If you rent a car in Malaga, chances are that damage has been done on the car by previous users. Of course you walk around the rental car with an employee beforehand, but often they walk past the car very cursory. Just take some time for this and try to capture most of the damage to the car for yourself.
  • Don’t go renting another car on the spot. Many Spaniards in Malaga speak poor English, which often makes it difficult to communicate. In addition, it is often less convenient to map out the above points you need to consider on the spot. Therefore, it is best to rent a car for your city break to Malaga in advance and online.
  • Hire as soon as possible. If you have booked a flight to Malaga and are sure you are going to rent a car in Malaga, make sure you rent a car right away. Currently there are too few rental cars in many places and you don’t want to run out of rental cars. Especially during the summer months, Malaga is well visited and car rental is in high demand.
  • Price does not always tell everything. Don’t be tempted by looking only at the price of the rental car. We made that mistake when we rented a car in Barcelona and only saw afterwards that the car was barely insured and that we had to buy all kinds of additional insurance on the spot. So always look at the total picture when you rent a car in Malaga.
  • Avoid fines: they also have speed cameras in Spain and around Malaga. In fact, speed cameras in the Malaga area are in the top 10 for most fines. If you are flashed, the fine comes to the rental company who, of course, forwards it to you.

Rent a car San Antonio Ibiza
Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga

Sightseeing Malaga

In the city of Malaga, you have a number of sights worth visiting with your rental car. We list them below.

  • Cathedral of Malaga: this cathedral stands in the center of the city and has different architectural styles.
  • Alcazaba Malaga: this is a Moorish fortress and it is possible to visit this fortress. The fort also contains a museum that you can visit.
  • Picasso Museum: for art lovers, you can visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga, where more than two hundred of his paintings hang.
  • Malaga Castle: this castle is located on the 130-meter-high Gibralfaro Mountain and on top of this mountain you also have a beautiful view of Malaga.
  • Roman Theater: in the center of Malaga you can still find remains from the Roman period, including this Roman theater.

Sightseeing Andalusia

Many of the travelers who rent a car in Malaga do so because they are going on a tour of Andalusia. We did this ourselves and really loved it! We list some not-to-be-missed spots.

  • Granada: this is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia and the city is mostly visited because of the Alhambra. These palaces are beautiful to visit and once belonged to the Islamic Sultan of Granada Muhammed III. We loved visiting these palaces and also took very nice photos in the palace here. Just keep in mind that in the summer months it can be quite crowded and there can be queues as they only allow so many visitors in per hour.
  • Seville: this is also a very cool city to visit if you are touring Andalusia. Seville’s downtown is very green and also has some beautiful and cozy squares in the city. The most famous square is Plaza de Espana which is built in a semicircle and where you have several fountains and bridges. You can also have a horse and carriage ride around town. When we visited the city in the summer, it was really so hot during the day that we mainly lounged by the pool at the hottest hours of the day and visited the city mainly in the early morning and afternoon.
  • Ronda: This is a somewhat smaller city in Andalusia and Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain. The city’s Arab baths are very popular among tourists to visit.
  • Cordoba: this is also a somewhat smaller city and Cordoba is also the hottest city in Europe. You also have beautiful old Arab buildings here, and the city’s cathedral is also a popular attraction.
  • Marbella: If you also want to spend a few days at the beach after your tour, then this resort is perfect. You have many nice stores, restaurants and cafes here near the beach promenade.

To visit all these places, a rental car is ideal. For different rental car options, take a look at the Sunny Cars Malaga website.

Public transport Malaga or a rental car from Sunny Cars Malaga?

If you want to use public transportation in Malaga, it is best to use the city buses in the center. We don’t find the bus itself super nice, since it’s always a question of exactly where the bus all passes by and exactly where to get off. However, the bus is a cheap option when exploring Malaga.

If you want to explore Andalusia by public transport, you can also use various buses that run between the different cities. Just keep in mind that it will take you a lot longer than if you drive yourself. The roads in Spain are very passable and comparable to those in the Netherlands.

We ourselves found it very doable to drive around Andalusia in a rental car. We rented a car through Sunny Cars Malaga at the time, and we explain in the next section of this blog why we like this rental company so much.

Benefits of renting a car from Sunny Cars Malaga

As we mentioned in this blog, we rented a car through Sunny Cars Malaga and were very satisfied with this company. We must say that we actually always book a rental car abroad through Sunny Cars, as there are some great advantages to this company as far as we are concerned.

  • Super good insurance. If you book a rental car through Sunny Cars Malaga then you know you are super well insured. Sunny Cars works with an all inn formula and that ensures that there is a huge amount of insurance in this package. In the next section, we discuss this in detail.
  • You have no cost to your deductible. If you cause damage with your car, you may have to pay the first part of this damage yourself. This is called the deductible, and with some companies we’re soon talking about a thousand euros. With Sunny Cars, you are insured for this and get your excess (if you have to pay it) back from Sunny Cars Malaga.
  • Cancel. The past few years were still sometimes uncertain whether we could fly to our destination, and it would be a shame if you could not cancel your reservation. With Sunny Cars Malaga, you can cancel this up until shortly before your reservation. Of course, always check this carefully in advance, but the arrangement Sunny Cars has is very good.

These are all good reasons for us to rent a car through Sunny Cars Malaga. In fact, you don’t have to worry about your rental car at all and you can completely focus on your vacation in Malaga and Andalusia and we do think that’s very important.

For more information on car rental in Malaga through Sunny Cars Malaga, take a look here!

Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga
Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga

What is all inn at Sunny Cars Malaga?

We just talked about the all inn formula of Sunny Cars Malaga in this blog and in this section of the blog we explain in detail what all this includes.

  • Sunny Cars Malaga refunds your excess if you have damage;
  • If you have damage to your roof, bottom, glass or tires, you are insured for this with Sunny Cars Malaga’s rental cars. Often it is precisely these damages that are not covered in ordinary non-life insurance, even though it is the parts of the car that are most at risk.
  • You are allowed unlimited mileage with Sunny Cars Malaga cars. We ourselves always like that we don’t have to pay attention to this. Especially in the Malaga area, you will soon make quite a few kilometers with your rental car, so then it is nice not to have to worry about this.
  • Sunny Cars Malaga has super good insurance against damages, so you don’t have to buy extra insurance on the spot at the rental company. We have had to do this in the past with other airlines and the cost of the rental car ended up being very high. Sunny Cars Malaga also advises its customers not to take out additional non-life insurance policies.
  • If your rental car is stolen in Malaga, you are covered for this at Sunny Cars Malaga with insurance against theft.
  • If you cause damage to another person, you are insured for this in the Netherlands and also in Spain with a WA insurance for a damage of five million euros. Sunny Cars Malaga has additional third-party insurance, even insuring you up to ten million euros in damages.
  • With a rental car from Sunny Cars Malaga, you get a car with a full tank and you have to return it full again. They call this the full=full fuel arrangement. We personally find this the nicest arrangement, as it means you don’t have to fill up first when you arrive in Malaga, but can drive straight to your hotel.
  • If your car needs to be towed away because the car can no longer drive any further, you are insured for this at Sunny Cars Malaga with towing insurance.
  • Suppose you lose the key to your rental car in Malaga you are insured for this.
  • Local tax and any airport delivery costs are already included in the price and you don’t have to pay extra on the spot at Sunny Cars Malaga.
  • You can make use of the breakdown service at Sunny Cars Malaga if there is something wrong with the car. You can call the local car rental company, and Sunny Cars also has an emergency number you can call 24/7.
  • Canceling your reservation can be done one hour in advance. Always check this carefully, as it changes frequently.

As you can see above, the all inn formula of Sunny Cars Malaga is very comprehensive and you are tremendously well insured against all kinds of damages. As a result, you will travel with a nice feeling and can fully focus on all the beautiful things Malaga and the Malaga area have to offer.

For more information on car rental in Malaga through Sunny Cars Malaga, take a look here!

Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Malaga?

You can rent a car from Sunny Cars Malaga in several places in Malaga. They rent out cars in various places around town. Most tourists rent a car at the Malaga airport, so they can drive their own rental car to the hotel right from the airport. This is also possible with Sunny Cars Malaga.

It is even possible for them to deliver the rental car to your address in Malaga itself. This may be the case, for example, if you want to rent a car for a few days but not for your entire vacation.

For more information on where to rent a car in Malaga with Sunny Cars, take a look here.

Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga
Rent a car Sunny Cars Malaga

Where to stay in Malaga?

You can stay in Malaga just fine. You have plenty of nice hotels. We have distinguished between separate hotels, where you still have to book a flight yourself, and hotels including a flight. Click on the blue link for more information.

Budget hotel: H-A Hotel Trebol

Mid-range hotel: Eurostars Astoria

Luxury hotel: Only YOU Hotel Málaga

For a list of all hotels, see in Malaga for a moment here.

Hotel + Flight:

Ilunion Malaga: This hotel is very centrally located near the port of Malaga. The hotel is modern and has a rooftop pool so you can swim here all year round. In addition, the hotel has a spa with a Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath and jacuzzi. You can fly to Malaga from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven with this package tour.

Malaga Alameda Centro Affiliated by Meliá: This is a hotel with central, yet quiet location. The hotel is near the Larios shopping center and you can walk to the city center in 15 minutes. Again, you can fly to Malaga from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports.

Soho Boutique Colón: This is another very modern hotel on the outskirts of the city. Most attractions are within walking distance of the hotel, such as Malaga Cathedral (ten-minute walk). Malaga beach is also only two kilometers from this hotel.

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