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Car rental from Sunny Cars Lisbon: all the information and some super tips!

Lisbon is a beautiful city and for many travelers, Lisbon is also the starting point to take a beautiful tour of Portugal! The easiest way then is to fly to Lisbon and rent a car there. We ourselves also rented a car in Lisbon and took a nice tour of Portugal from there. We rented this car through Sunny Cars Lisbon and we were very satisfied with it! In this blog, we provide information and tips on renting a car in Lisbon and explain why we are such fans of Sunny Cars Lisbon cars!

Car rentals from Sunny Cars Lisbon
Lisbon with kids

How to get to Lisbon

You can, of course, travel to Lisbon in several ways. The train and car are an option, but keep in mind that you will spend more than 24 hours on the road to get to Lisbon. Because of this, most tourists go by plane and rent a car from Lisbon to explore the rest of the country.

There are several flights a day to Lisbon, so it is good to compare the different airlines based on price and the times the airlines fly. We think Skyscanner is really the best website for that!

For a list of all flights to Lisbon, take a look here.

Car rental Lisbon: what to look out for?

When renting a car in Lisbon, you need to ask yourself a few questions beforehand. We list these important questions for when looking for a rental car in Lisbon.

  • How big is the rental car? Obviously, you don’t want your rental car in Lisbon to be too small and not all your bags to fit in the car. Certainly not if you are going to take a whole tour of Portugal. Map out in advance how many suitcases you will take with you, and when renting a car in Lisbon, check in advance exactly what will fit in the rental car. You won’t be the first to stand at the Lisbon airport and not get all your bags in the car. Of course, you don’t need to rent a huge car in Lisbon either, because that’s also a waste of money.
  • How many kilometers can you drive the car? If you rent a car in Lisbon because you want to take a scenic tour of Portugal, you don’t want to be limited in the number of miles you can drive by the rental company. You want to get the most out of your rental car in Portugal. Therefore, always check carefully what is told about this when you go to rent a car.
  • How well is the car insured in Lisbon? This is perhaps the most important point for us to look at, as this is often where the big differences are between the different companies that rent cars in Lisbon. You want to travel well insured and not run the risk of not being properly insured in the event of an accident or damage and thus receiving a huge bill afterwards. It’s always getting used to driving a rental car abroad anyway, which is why we always want to be properly insured in terms of damage, theft and third-party liability.
  • What is the car rental deductible in Lisbon? Again, there are huge differences between rental cars in Lisbon. Of course, you can imagine that the higher the deductible in case of damage, the lower the price of the rental car. Sometimes a rental car in Lisbon does have a deductible of more than 1,000 euros, which means that if you have damage to the car that you pay 1,000 euros out of pocket yourself before the insurance company will pay the rest of the damage. This can cause unpleasant surprises afterwards.
  • What is the regulation of the rental car in terms of fuel? This may not be the biggest point you need to select a rental car in Lisbon on, but take a moment to look at it. There are different regulations how it is regulated with fuel. For example, we always like the full=full arrangement best. This means that you get a rental car with a full tank and you also have to return the car with a full tank.
    Other arrangements are, for example, that you return the car with the amount of gasoline in it, but then you have to check carefully in advance how much fuel is in the rental car, and then you have to refuel the car again after you leave so that there is that amount of fuel in the car. Under this arrangement, you then often tank more than what you were given in the car anyway.

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Rent a car Lisbon: Useful tips!

Besides there are a number of things to look out for when renting a car in Lisbon, our experience with rental cars has also given us several useful tips when renting a car in Lisbon. We list them below.

  • Do not rent a navigation with your car. If you rent a car in Lisbon, you generally pay extra money for an in-car navigation. We ourselves never book navigation with a rental car because we use app on our phone. You can use this app offline during your tour of Portugal, saving you the cost of a navigation.
  • Paying tolls: on many roads in Portugal you pay tolls, and most of those tolls are paid electronically. Many airlines have an electric box in the rental car that pays the toll right away. We too had a locker in our rental car in Portugal with which we paid those tolls. We found that system really super easy. You can often choose on the spot whether to use it or not.
  • Online car rental: at the Lisbon airport you have several offices of companies that rent cars. Just keep in mind that English is often poorly spoken, so it is preferable to rent a car online in advance. Then you can see at your leisure what the differences are in rental car and not waste time on your vacation having to figure it all out.
  • Shortage of rental cars: in recent years there has been a shortage of rental cars in some places around the world, and especially in the summer months, Lisbon is very crowded. Therefore, make sure to rent a car ahead of time so that, like us in Seychelles, you won’t have nowhere to rent a car and thus have to get around by cab.
  • Price is not sacred! One of the biggest mistakes tourists make when renting a car in Lisbon is to look only at the price. You can go for a low price, but then if you’re barely insured and have a very high deductible, you’re running huge risks at your destination. Therefore, when looking for a rental car in Lisbon, look at the overall picture of the rental car.
  • Pay attention to speed cameras: around Lisbon, 21 new speed cameras were recently put into service that are very sophisticated and check for car speed. Obviously, it is a great waste of your money if you get unnecessary fines for not keeping to the speed limit. Usually the fines come in to the landlord and are, of course, recovered from you afterwards.

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Car rentals from Sunny Cars Lisbon

Sightseeing Lisbon

You have several sights to visit in Lisbon. Of course, you also have some cool places to visit in Portugal itself. So you can visit the city of Porto, it is cool to visit the beautiful beaches of the Algarve and we also visited the special palaces in the town of Sintra. In addition, there are plenty of other cool places in Portugal that are worth visiting with a rental car.

For the city of Lisbon, we briefly list some of the sights below.

  • Alfama: this is the oldest and nicest neighborhood of Lisbon and you have lots of cozy pubs and restaurants here.
  • Torre de Belem: one of the most famous buildings to visit in Lisbon. You can visit this tower and from the tower you have a nice view of the city.
  • Streetcar 28: This is a kind of tourist streetcar that goes right through the city. You can buy a ticket from the driver and take a ride in these historic streetcars around town.
  • Castelo de Sao Jorge: This is the oldest castle in Lisbon and this castle is located on a mountain. From this mountain you have a beautiful view of the city.
  • Santa Justa elevator: special elevator in the city center that connects two neighborhoods.

Public transportation Lisbon or a rental car from Sunny Cars Lisbon?

You can get around Lisbon just fine on public transportation. Thus, Lisbon has a subway, streetcar, bus, cable car and regular train to get you around the city. So you don’t necessarily need to rent a car if you’re just visiting Lisbon itself. If you want to see a bit more of Portugal, then a rental car is still very handy.

It gives tremendous freedom as far as we are concerned, and the roads in Portugal are super good. Especially on the toll roads (when we were there) there was hardly any traffic, which made it very easy for us to drive from place to place. Also, to visit all the different beaches in the Algarve, it was easy to have a rental car to drive to the different beaches. Of course, this does really take a lot longer with public transportation, and we find that when we are on vacation a waste of our time.

When we took a nice tour of Portugal, we rented a car from Sunny Cars Lisbon and we were very satisfied with this. We compared several companies, but in terms of insurance and service, Sunny Cars Lisbon really stood out for us. In the following sections, we will explain why we chose Sunny Cars Lisbon.

Benefits of renting a car from Sunny Cars Lisbon

As we mentioned, during our tour of Portugal, we rented a car through Sunny Cars Lisbon. Below we put the main reasons why we came to this decision.

  • The insurance package. When we looked at the different packages offered by car rental companies in Lisbon, Sunny Cars Lisbon’s all-inn formula really stood out. You’re super well insured here in terms of damage, theft and third-party insurance, that you also don’t have to take out additional insurance locally and we didn’t have to worry about this.
  • No financial implications of the deductible. What we noticed when we wanted to rent a car in Lisbon is that many rental companies have a pretty high deductible. This is completely insured with Sunny Cars Lisbon which ensures that we didn’t have to worry about this anymore.
  • Cancellation is possible shortly before your reservation. During the corona era, we had to cancel a lot of vacations and trips, as we were not welcome as Dutch people. With Sunny Cars Lisbon, we could cancel everything shortly before departure, so we would never be stuck with it.

These three main things were the reason for us to rent a car from Sunny Cars Lisbon. Certainly the company’s all-inn formula is very powerful. In the next piece, we will go into a little more detail about this all-inn principle.

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Car rentals from Sunny Cars Lisbon
Car rentals from Sunny Cars Lisbon

What is the all-inn formula of Sunny Cars Lisbon?

We find the all-inn formula of Sunny Cars Lisbon very powerful. We discuss the main points of this formula below.

You have a number of top insurance policies that we discuss below:

  • You are super well insured against damage. Because the insurance is so good, Sunny Cars Lisbon also recommends that you do not take out additional insurance for this locally, because it is super well taken care of.
  • Damage to glass/ tire/ bottom/ roof. This is additional insurance for these parts that are often not included in regular property damage insurance, but are often vulnerable while driving a rental car. With Sunny Cars Lisbon, you are assured of this.
  • Theft: suppose your car is stolen in Portugal, you are insured for this with Sunny Cars Lisbon.
  • WA: in the Netherlands you are standardly insured for when you cause damage with your car to others. In the Netherlands, you are insured for five million. With Sunny Cars Lisbon, you are extra insured for this and up to an amount of ten million euros.
  • Excess: as we mentioned earlier in this blog, with Sunny Cars Lisbon you are fully insured for this. You will pay your deductible to the company in case of damage, but will get this amount back from Sunny Cars Lisbon.
  • Loss of keys: you are insured for this with Sunny Cars Lisbon.
  • Towing costs: if your car in Lisbon can no longer continue and the car needs to be towed then you are covered for this with Sunny Cars Lisbon’s all-inclusive formula.

Other advantages of all-inn formula of Sunny Cars Lisbon.

  • You have unlimited miles that you can drive per day with your rental car in Lisbon with Sunny Cars Lisbon rental cars;
  • You get a car from Sunny Cars Lisbon with a full tank and return it with a full tank: the so-called full=full arrangement. We personally find this to be the finest arrangement.
  • You have a 24/7 emergency number from Sunny Cars and roadside assistance is also included in the rental price.
  • Some hidden costs (with other rental companies) are already included in the price here such as local taxes and delivery costs of the rental car.
  • You can still cancel shortly before your reservation. Sometimes up to an hour before booking.

These are all reasons why when we chose a rental car in Lisbon, Sunny Cars Lisbon came out as the ideal company to rent a car from. At Lisbon airport we picked up the car and in Faro in the Algarve we returned it. This went off without any problem!

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Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Lisbon?

You can rent a car in Lisbon through Sunny Cars Lisbon at various places in the city. There are eight places in the city where you can rent a car from Sunny Cars and, of course, you can also rent a car at the airport. For example, you may not need a rental car in Lisbon for the first few days, and so you will only pick up your rental car later at one of the offices in the city.

We ourselves rented a car right at the airport, so we could also drive from the airport to our first hotel by car right away.

For all locations to rent a car through Sunny Cars Lisbon, take a look here.

Lisbon with kids
Lisbon with kids

Where to stay in Lisbon?

You can spend a great night in Lisbon. You have plenty of accommodations where you can stay wonderfully We list some good options that are all rated 8 or higher. Press the blue link for more information about the hotel.

Budget hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel Lisbon

Mid-range hotel: Grape Harbor Prata Apartments

Luxury hotel: Hotel Santa Justa

For a list of all hotels in Lisbon, take a look here.

If you want to rent a car in Lisbon through Sunny Cars check here.

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