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Car rental from Sunny Cars Faro: all the information and tips!

A vacation to the Algarve is really super fun and most people come to the Algarve by plane. Most tourists then fly into Faro to explore the rest of the Algarve from there. A rental car is then ideal, as it allows you to visit the various nice places and the beautiful beaches that the Algarve has to offer. We also visited the Algarve by rental car and you can rent a car in Faro through Sunny Cars Faro. We provide information on renting a car in Faro in this blog and also give several tips. We also tell you why we are such a fan of Sunny Cars Faro rental cars.

How to get to the Algarve?

There are several ways to get to the Algarve. We list some of the options below.

By car: Every year, Dutch tourists drive to the south of Portugal by car. This trip is quite long, and you should expect to spend at least 22 hours in the car. This is the travel time without traffic jams and roadworks. Most tourists will divide this monster ride into several stages, driving to southern Portugal in about three days. So you will be on the road for almost a week driving to and from the Algarve.

By plane: most tourists take a plane to visit the Algarve in Portugal. You fly to Faro from the Netherlands in about three hours. There are daily flights to Faro from the Netherlands, and especially in the summer months, even more flights in a day. All these flights differ in time and price, so find out in advance what is the best time and price for you to fly to Faro. For airline tickets, we always look at We really like that website!

For a list of all flights to Faro, check here.

Consequently, most tourists rent a car right at the Faro airport. This way you can very easily explore the rest of the Algarve and Portugal. We ourselves started in Lisbon with our rental car and ended in Faro and returned the car there. We rented a car through Sunny Cars and were very satisfied with it.

For a list of all rental cars in Faro, check here.

Car rental Faro: what to look out for?

If you’re going to rent a car in Faro to explore the Algarve and the rest of Portugal, there are a number of things to consider when renting a car.

For example, it is important what insurances the rental car all has. When you rent a car in Faro, you want the car to be properly insured and not have any surprises in case of damage. You need to think not only about non-life insurance, but also insurance such as third-party, theft and additional insurance. Sometimes a car seems well insured, but you read in the little rules that a lot of things are still not insured.

It is also good to check if the car rental in Faro has a deductible. With some companies in Faro, you have a deductible of hundreds of euros which means that if you have damage, you have to pay the first so many euros yourself. As a result, you can still lose a lot of money in the event of a claim, despite being properly insured.

Also, check carefully beforehand exactly how big the car is. You are going on vacation to Faro or the Algarve and generally there are several of you and everyone has a suitcase with them. Because of this, you may need to rent a slightly larger car in Faro due to suitcases. You don’t want to be at Faro airport and not get your bags in the car. You can choose to rent a small car in Faro and take the suitcases on your lap, for example, but for the longer journeys this is obviously not ideal.

Another thing to pay attention to when you rent a car in Faro is how many kilometers per day you are allowed to drive with your rental car. Some rental companies only allow you to drive a limited number of miles per day due to wear and tear on the car. If you end up driving more miles, you will pay a fee for these extra miles afterwards. Obviously, you don’t want this and you also don’t want to be unable to view some things because you’re already at your mileage limit.

The last thing to look out for when renting a car in Faro to go sightseeing in the Algarve is how the gasoline is regulated. Sometimes you get a full tank and sometimes just an empty tank or something in between. Different car rental companies have different arrangements in this regard. We ourselves always like it when we get a car with a full tank and that we have to return the car with a full tank as well.

Car rental Faro: six handy tips!

On our many trips and vacations, we have very often rented a car abroad and based on this experience, we have another six tips that are useful when you book a rental car in Faro. We list them below.

  1. In Portugal, you have several toll roads and these toll roads can be paid electronically with a special box that is in the rental car. Most rental cars have this locker and we found it super nice to use. You can choose when you rent a car in Faro whether you want to use the locker or not. We definitely recommend this cabinet.
  2. In the Algarve, they have a very special way of doing speed checks. After all, they have traffic lights here that turn red if you drive too fast. In this way, it does not pay for rental car drivers to drive too fast. It is smart anyway when visiting the Algarve with a rental car to stick to the speed limits, as a traffic fine is a waste of money.
  3. You don’t want to have to figure out exactly which rental car you want at the Faro airport. Many Portuguese speak poor English, and at the various counters at the airport it is confusing exactly what is included in the price. In addition, you have a chance that all the rental cars are already gone, as there is currently a shortage of rental cars in many places. Especially in the summer months, rental cars in Faro and the Algarve are popular.
  4. When you pick up the rental car in Faro, always check carefully where there is any damage on the car and take photos and videos of this as well. That way, you also don’t have to argue with a rental company employee afterwards whether or not you caused certain damage to the car.
  5. Use the app and save money for a navigation system this way. Often you can easily pay a hundred euros for a navigation system you use for two weeks. With this app you can also navigate offline and thus we always save the money of a navigation for a rental car.
  6. You may have heard of the saying cheap is expensive. Many tourists who rent a car in the Algarve mainly look at the price and not at the other things we just mentioned such as insurance, deductible and how many kilometers per day you can drive the car in the Algarve. Always look at the total picture so that you don’t end up being much more expensive with that very cheap rental car.

For a rental car through Sunny Cars Faro, take a look here.

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Rent a car Sunny Cars Faro

Sightseeing Faro and the Algarve

Many tourists who fly into Faro do not stay in Faro itself but vacation in other resorts in the Algarve. Nevertheless, it is well worth visiting Faro, as there are quite a few things to see. For example, in the city’s historic center you will find Capello dos Ossos, where you can view the bones of as many as 1,000 monks who died here.

In addition, in Faro’s Old Town you have an old gateway, a church and a cathedral that are worth seeing. You also have plenty of cozy cafes in downtown for a bite to eat and a drink. The port of Faro is also nice to visit. If you rent a car at the airport in Faro, it is also possible to see the rest of the Algarve (and Portugal). We list some of the most famous sights in the Algarve.

  • Ria Formosa Nature Park: this is a beautiful nature reserve located between Tavira and Faro. You have all kinds of small islands here and also a large lagoon. Many different types of plants and animals live here.
  • Albufeira: this is perhaps the most famous seaside resort in the Algarve and many tourists vacation here every year. We already wrote about this resort in the blog Albufeira with kids, for families with kids.
  • Praia da Marinha: The beaches of the Algarve are really beautiful with all those different red rocks on the beach. We visited a different beach almost every day for a week and really loved it! Praia da Marinha is such a beautiful beach and it is also a place where you can snorkel very well.
  • Lagos: this is another beautiful city in the Algarve that you can visit with a rental car. We spent that week we vacationed in the Algarve in Lagos and from there discovered the rest of the Algarve with our rental car. We found this a wonderful place to vacation.
  • Benagil Cave: If you see pictures of this place, you’ve probably seen pictures of it passing by before. Benagil Cave is a super photogenic spot and you can visit this cave by kayak or SUP board. For great photos, visit the cave early (at 9 a.m.) because during the day it gets increasingly crowded here.

Public transport Algarve or a rental car from Sunny Cars Faro?

We also took a very brief look at public transportation when we booked a vacation to the Algarve, but soon realized that this was not an option. There are certainly buses between the major places, but it is quite a bit of figuring out and of course the bus takes quite a long time. Also, then you can’t easily get to all those different beautiful beaches.

We ourselves quickly decided that we wanted to explore the Algarve by rental car. That way we had freedom and the roads in the Algarve were nice and quiet, so we were quickly from one place to another. We ourselves have not regretted for a moment that we rented a car in Portugal.

At Faro airport it is possible to rent a car from Sunny Cars Faro and we also rented a car in Portugal through this company. We listed and compared everything beforehand, and then Sunny Cars Faro’s overall location turned out to be the most accurate. We will outline below why we came to this conclusion.

Want more information about a rental car in Faro through Sunny Cars Faro? Then click here.

Algarve with kids
Algarve with kids

Benefits of renting a car through Sunny Cars Faro

When we were looking for a rental car to visit the Algarve, Sunny Cars Faro rental cars turned out to be the best choice for us. Below we give three different reasons for this choice.

  1. Of course, we have put the different rental companies side by side in terms of insurance. This is a very important item for us when we rent a car abroad. Sunny Cars Faro has the most comprehensive insurance package in terms of damage, third-party, theft and other insurance. In fact, they have the all-inn formula and it is very comprehensive. We will come back to this later.
  2. We also looked at the deductible and it turned out that with Sunny Cars Faro, you get the deductible refunded if you make damage with your rental car in the Algarve. For us, that’s another hedge against quite a financial risk.
  3. We could cancel just before departure if we wanted to. Especially in recent years, several vacations and trips have been canceled by corona and then you don’t want to be stuck with a particular reservation, but be able to cancel it shortly before time. That was possible with Sunny Cars Faro.

These were important points for us, which made us make the choice to rent a car through Sunny Cars Faro. That way we don’t have to worry about our rental car. In addition, Sunny Cars Faro’s all-inn formula had other advantages. We list them below.

What is all inn at Sunny Cars Faro?

Now what is this all-inn formula from Sunny Cars Faro. This formula is very comprehensive and has several other benefits in addition to a lot of insurance. We discuss them briefly below.


With Sunny Cars Faro, there are really super many insurances in this all inn formula. So with Sunny Cars Faro, you have excellent insurance against damage. Therefore, you do not need to take out additional insurance in Faro for your rental car. In addition, damage to the tires, floor, windows and roof are often not covered by damage insurance with rental companies. Sunny Cars Faro has additional insurance for this, so this is also included in the price.

In addition, with Sunny Cars Faro, you are insured if you lose your papers and keys on vacation. Even if your car is stolen, it is insured with Sunny Cars Faro. As we just mentioned, you are also insured against the deductible. Because of this, you do not have to worry that if you have damage to your rental car in Faro that you will lose a lot of money.

Another insurance that is very well arranged with Sunny Cars Faro is the third-party insurance. Up to as much as ten million euros are insured if you cause damage to others with your rental car in Faro. You are also insured if your car has to be towed away because the car no longer runs. In short, really a super good insurance package.

Other benefits:

In addition, Sunny Cars Faro’s all-inn formula has other great advantages. For example, you have roadside assistance if you find yourself with pieces on the road and Sunny Cars Faro has an emergency number you can call 24 hours a day. You are also allowed unlimited mileage with your rental car, so you never have to worry about getting too many miles in a day.

In addition, when you rent a car through Sunny Cars Faro, you get a full tank with it and so should you return the car. As far as we are concerned, in terms of fuel regulation, the best regulation. Also, all hidden costs such as local taxes and delivery costs are always already included in the price. In addition, as we mentioned, we really liked the fact that we could cancel shortly before booking.

These are all advantages that were the deciding factor for us to rent a car through Sunny Cars.

For an overview of Sunny Cars Faro’s entire all inn formula, take a look here.

Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Faro?

You can rent a car in several places in Faro through Sunny Cars Faro. Most tourists rent a car at Faro Airport, but it is also possible to rent a car in Faro itself. You can rent a car in Faro at as many as four different addresses. If you are not staying overnight in Faro, then obviously the easiest option is to rent a car at Faro Airport. Then you can take your rental car straight from the airport to your vacation address or start your tour of the Algarve.

For a list of all the places you can rent a car through Sunny Cars Faro, take a look here.

Where to stay in the Algarve?

For a vacation in the Algarve, you have several nice beach towns where you can stay. Of the three most famous seaside resorts in the Algarve, we list the best option in each price range! Press the blue link for more information!


Budget hotel: Aqualuz Lagos by The Editory

Mid-range hotel: Marina Club Lagos Resort

Luxury hotel: Agua Hotels Vila Branca

For a list of all accommodations in Lagos, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Ondamar Hotel Apartamentos

Mid-range hotel: Vila Petra

Luxury hotel: Albufeira Sol Hotel & Spa

For a list of all accommodations in Albufeira, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Alameda Exclusive House

Mid-range hotel: Roots Hotel

Luxury hotel: Aqua Ria Boutique Hotel

For a list of all accommodations in Faro, take a look here.

For a list of all accommodations in the Algarve, take a look here.

To rent a car in the Algarve, take a look here.

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