Rent a car Sunny Cars Alicante

Car rental in alicante through Sunny Cars Alicante: all the information!

Most tourists who fly to Alicante do so to visit the Costa Blanca. Consequently, a large proportion of these tourists rent a car in Alicante, in order to explore the area and drive to their destination. In this blog, we provide tips on renting a car in Alicante and give tips on what to look out for when renting a car in Alicante. In addition, we explain why we are such fans of Sunny Cars Alicante rental cars.

Rent a car Sunny Cars Alicante
Rent a car Sunny Cars Alicante

How do I get to Alicante?

Alicante is located in the south of Spain and by car it will take you almost 20 hours without traffic jams and roadworks. So you will be on the road for a few days if you want to drive to Alicante by car. Another possibility could be the train, but it would take you more than 32 hours and require several changes.

Most tourists therefore take the plane to Alicante, and from the Netherlands you fly to Alicante in about 2.5 hours. Several flights depart daily from the Netherlands to Alicante. So compare different flight providers in terms of price and time. We book everything through Skyscanner, as we really find that the finest website to book flights on.

For a list of all flights to Alicante, take a look here.

If you are going to fly, it is also easy if you have a rental car at your disposal.

Look here for an overview of rental cars through Sunny Cars Alicante.

Car rental Alicante: what to look out for?

If you are going to rent a car in Alicante, there are a number of things to consider. Often tourists look only at the price when renting a car in Alicante, but it’s important to look at the total picture.

Thus, when you rent a car in Allicante, it is important that the car is properly insured. In this there are great differences between different car rental companies. You need to make sure you are properly insured for damages, and preferably check to see if you are insured for all damages. Often damage to the roof, tires, windows and bottom of the car is not included in the insurance package. Also important is whether you are insured if the car is stolen and if you cause damage to other people.

Another important thing to pay attention to when renting a car in Alicante is whether you have to pay a deductible in case of damage. Sometimes this deductible is quite a high amount, which means that when you have damage to the car, you have to pay the first part of this damage yourself. In this way, you may lose more than 1,000 euros extra in the event of damage.

In addition, always look carefully at the size of the car. Many tourists forget that when they rent a car in Alicante that they are carrying much more stuff than usual. Most tourists carry a suitcase and you won’t be the first tourist to rent a car at Alicante airport, where not all the suitcases fit in the car.

Also, with certain rental cars in Alicante, you have a limited number of miles you can drive. This is to ensure that the car is not overused and therefore there is no need to write off too much on the car. If you drive more kilometers than stated in advance in the contract, you will pay an additional amount per kilometer after the contract expires.

You can also take a look when you go to rent a car in Alicante to see what kind of regulation the rental company has in terms of fuel. You may get a car with almost an empty tank and then you have to return the car with an empty tank as well. Of course, it’s annoying when you arrive in Alicante and have to fill up right away with your rental car. It is also difficult to return the car in the same condition in terms of fuel. We prefer to get a rental car with a full tank and return it with a full tank as well.

Sunny Cars Alicante is one of the best companies in Alicante as far as we are concerned. Look here for a list of all rental cars.

Car rental Alicante: Useful tips!

In addition to the things to look out for when renting a car in Alicante, we also have several tips that may come in handy when renting a car in Alicante due to our vast experience in car rental abroad. Thus, we always recommend renting a car on time. There have been times in the past when we wanted to rent a car shortly before we left and this is no longer possible. In recent years, there has been a shortage of rental cars in some places and especially in the summer months, Alicante is very busy. So book your rental car on time!

If you want to find out everything right with regard to a rental car in Alicante, make sure you book the car in advance online. We actually always do that, since if you have to do this on the spot with the various rental companies it is a lot of hassle (Spaniards often speak poor English) and it is also not very clear what exactly is included. Besides, you’re on vacation and don’t feel like figuring that sort of thing out on the spot.

As we mentioned earlier, it is good to look at the total package and not just the price. For example, in Barcelona we sometimes made this mistake. We found a very cheap car, but when we re-read the reviews just before our trip, they were super bad and it turned out that there were all kinds of extra charges at the airport regarding insurance, local taxes and other things. In the end, we were still able to cancel the car and only lost our reservation fee. As it is sometimes said: cheap is expensive.

Save the cost of in-car navigation by downloading the app ahead of time on your phone. With this app, you download the map of Alicante and the surrounding area in advance so you can use it offline on the spot. A navigation in a rental car quickly costs a hundred euros, and you save that this way. Also, check in advance if you’re going to rent a car in Alicante what the extra costs are for these kinds of things.

In Spain, the speed of cars is heavily monitored, and Spanish police even occasionally deploy drones to check the speed of cars. Therefore, make sure that you are not speeding abroad, as a fine is just a waste of your money. The fine comes in to the landlord who, of course, passes it on to you.

Also, when you get a rental car in Alicante, always take a lap around the car beforehand and take pictures and possibly a video of damage already on the car. Usually, companies are very quick to check the car for damage beforehand, and you don’t want to get a hassle afterwards about damage that was already on the car that they say you caused.

Rent a car in Alicante? Then take a look here.

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Rent a car Sunny Cars Alicante

Sightseeing Alicante

Most tourists visit Alicante for its beautiful beaches, art, culture and delicious food. We list some of the attractions of the city of Alicante below.

  • Alicante Castle: this castle is located on a 166-meter-high mountain and you can climb the mountain while walking. You will take an hour on this hike. You can also go up the mountain by elevator. You do pay a fee for the elevator but you can see the ruins of the castle for free. From the castle you have a beautiful view of Alicante and the surrounding area.
  • Explanada de Espana: this is a pleasant boulevard, where you can have a bite to eat and a drink at one of the many terraces.
  • Playa Del Postiguet: this is the most famous beach in Alicante and also the one most visited. There are plenty of facilities on the beach to spend a lovely day lying on the beach during your city break to Alicante.
  • Casco Antiguo: Alicante’s historic city center is definitely worth a quick visit. The center has some top attractions such as Plaza Ayuntamiento, the central market hall and the city’s basilica.
  • Tabarca Island: you can take a nice day trip from Alicante to this little island. From Alicante you can reach the island by boat in about 45 minutes and you can snorkel well at this island. The island is also known for its many different species of birds.

Sightseeing Costa Blanca

Most tourists rent a car in Alicante to see more of the area or to get to their destination on the Costa Blanca. You have plenty of nice places on the Costa Blanca that are well worth visiting. We list them briefly below.

  • Benidorm: this is the most famous resort on the Costa Blanca. In addition to the place’s many beaches, visit Balcón del Mediterráneo, from where you will have a wonderful view of Benidorm and its beaches. The Mirador del Castell is another viewpoint worth seeing and also has several castle ruins.
  • Castle of Denia: you can visit a beautiful palace in the town of Denia. The castle is located on a rock and from the castle you also have a beautiful view of the city of Denia. The town itself is also pleasant to visit and have a bite to eat and a drink.
  • Villajoyosa: this is another nice seaside town to visit on the Costa Blanca. This village is known for its many colored houses and its beaches are also very pleasant to visit. The village is also known for its chocolate and of course you can taste it everywhere here.
  • Elche City Park: this is one of the most famous city parks in Spain in the town of Elche. This city park is famous for its many thousands of palm trees in the park. A walk through these gardens and park is beautiful and some of the gardens require an entrance fee.

And so, of course, there are plenty of other beautiful things to see when you book a vacation to the Costa Blanca. We always find it very nice then to have a rental car, so we have the freedom to go wherever we want. It is possible to rent a car through Sunny Cars Alicante.

Public transportation costa Blanca or a rental car from Sunny Cars Alicante?

It is possible to use public transportation on the Costa Blanca, as buses and trains run between the various coastal towns. However, you should keep in mind that these buses and trains take a lot longer than having your own rental car.

We have also traveled by bus in the past, but it still takes quite a bit of time to get to the bus station, figure out which bus you need, wait for the bus, stop several times along the way with the bus, and then from the bus station in the other city, get back to the next place of interest. Sometimes we were spending double the time than driving a rental car.

In Alicante, you can rent a car from the rental company Sunny Cars Alicante, and we always look first when we are somewhere abroad to see if Sunny Cars rents cars. We have rented a car many times through this company and have never had any problems unlike many other companies we have rented cars from. We explain below why we prefer Sunny Cars Alicante.

Benefits of renting a car from Sunny Cars Alicante

In our opinion, renting a car in Alicante through Sunny Cars Alicante has several major advantages over many other car rental companies in Alicante. For example, Sunny Cars Alicante has an all-inn formula that is a huge package with insurance and other benefits. In particular, all the insurance that comes with this package is really top notch. In the next part of this blog, we will look at this in more detail.

In addition, the package also includes insurance for your deductible. Suppose you incur damage with your rental car in Alicante, Sunny Cars Alicante will refund the amount you lost in excess. As a result, you won’t face any financial surprises if you damage your rental car in Alicante and the Costa Blanca.

You can also cancel the car shortly before your reservations. Especially in recent years, when travel has become a lot more uncertain, it’s nice that shortly before you rent a car, that you can cancel it if you can’t go on a trip to Alicante after all.

With us, this ensures that with Sunny Cars Alicante, your worries are taken away regarding your rental car and you can fully focus on your vacation! We also don’t mind having to pay just a little more for it in some cases.

For an overview of all rental cars in Alicante, take a look here.

What is all inn at Sunny Cars Alicante?

We just discussed that Sunny Cars Alicante has an All-inn package for rental cars in Alicante. In this part of the blog, we discuss this package and what the package all consists of. 

The insurances included in this all-inn package are really super good. For example, it includes a very comprehensive damage insurance, with Sunny Cars Alicante stating that this insurance is so good that you no longer need to purchase insurance for damages on the spot. In addition, with Sunny Cars Alicante you are insured for parts such as the bottom, roof, windows and tires that are not included in the insurance package with most rental companies. For this, Sunny Cars Alicante has separate insurance in the package. 

Even if your rental car in Alicante is stolen, you are insured for this at Sunny Cars Alicante. Even if you happen to lose the key or the car’s papers while on vacation, you are insured for this through Sunny Cars Alicante and it won’t cost you any money. Also, Sunny Cars has super good third-party insurance. This is insurance for when you cause damage to other people and where normal third-party insurance usually covers five million euros, Sunny Cars Alicante’s insurance covers up to ten million euros. In addition, you are also insured for your deductible. 

In terms of service, too, you’re in the right place in Sunny Cars Alicante’s all-inn formula. So you get roadside assistance if you get stuck with pieces on the road in Alicante and if your car needs to be towed away then you are insured for this with Sunny Cars Alicante. Sunny Cars also has an emergency number you can call 24 hours a day. Also, the flex service allows you to cancel the booking up to shortly before your reservation. 

Other benefits you have through Sunny Cars Alicante’s all-inn formula are unlimited mileage you can drive and that costs such as local taxes and delivery charges are already included in the price. With some rental companies in Alicante, you still pay for this on the spot. Finally, we like the fact that the cars from Sunny Cars Alicante come with a full tank and you have to return it with a full tank as well. As far as we are concerned, the most fine arrangement. 

All these things in the all-inn formula of Sunny Cars Alicante ensure that we find it a really fine car rental company. And the advantage is that you can also rent a car in Alicante through Sunny Cars Alicante. 

For an overview of the different rental cars in Alicante, take a look here. 

Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Alicante?

You have several options where you can rent a car in Alicante through Sunny Cars Alicante. Thus, most tourists rent a car at Alicante Airport. From the airport, you can then take your rental car straight to your vacation destination. It is also possible to rent a car in the city of Alicante. This can be done at seven different locations around the city.

It is also possible for Sunny Cars Alicante to deliver the rental car to your vacation address. Then you can take a cab from the airport to your vacation destination first and your rental car will be delivered later. This can be an advantage if you don’t need a rental car in Alicante every day.

For a list of all the places you can rent a car through Sunny Cars Alicante, take a look here.

Where to stay in Alicante?

Dutch tourists who fly into Alicante usually stay in Alicante itself or go to the resort town of Benidorm. For these two places on the Costa Blanca, we have listed the best option in every price range. Press the blue link for more information.


Budget hotel: Hotel Villa San Juan

Mid-range hotel: Eurostars Mediterranea Plaza

Luxury hotel: Hotel Serawa Alicante

For a list of all hotels in Alicante city center, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Casual Pop Art Benidorm

Mid-range hotel: Mercure Benidorm

Luxury hotel: Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia

For a list of all hotels in Benidorm, take a look here.

For an overview of all rental cars in Alicante from Sunny Cars Alicante, take a look here.

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