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Car rental from Sunny Cars Mallorca: all the information!

Mallorca is a beautiful island to go on vacation and many tourists go to this Spanish island every year. Many of these tourists also rent a car on the island to see a bit more of the island itself as well. If you’re going to rent a car abroad, there are a number of things to consider. In this blog, we’ll take you through what all those things are and why we generally always choose Sunny Cars rental cars on our trips. In fact, you can also rent a car in Mallorca from this company.

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Sunny Cars Mallorca

Car rental from Sunny Cars Mallorca

Car rental Mallorca: what to look out for?

There are a number of things to consider when renting a car in Mallorca. We list a few things to keep in mind when renting a car in Mallorca.

  • Size of the rental car: check the size of the rental car beforehand and whether all suitcases will fit in the car. Basically, you often only have to drive your bags to and from the airport. Perhaps you could put the cases in the back seat or temporarily on your lap for a while. This way, you also have to rent a lesser rental car. Often at the rental company, the salesperson will offer you a larger car, since the person gets a commission on it. We never actually do that.
  • Number of kilometers: some Mallorca rental companies allow you to drive a maximum number of kilometers per day with the rental car. Now of course Mallorca is not a super big island, so the distances per day are not super big by car, but check with the rental company beforehand.
  • Insurance: you want when you rent a car in Mallorca that the rental car is properly insured. We always think this is super important, so we can be sure there won’t be any surprises if something happens to the car. Often car rental companies offer insurance, but it turns out that it is not sufficient upon arrival and you have to purchase additional insurance.
  • Excess: when renting most cars abroad, you have a deductible. This can sometimes be more than 1,000 euros. Look carefully in advance at how much the deductible is and then weigh what risk you are willing to take and what you can bear.
  • Fuel arrangement: you have different arrangements regarding fuel and sometimes airlines make money from this as well (then they fill up the car for you upon your return, for which of course you pay a fee). We have had several of these arrangements with our car, but we personally like the full-full arrangement the best. You get a full tank and return a full tank again when you return the car.

Rent a car Mallorca: Useful tips!

In addition to the various things to look out for when renting a car in Mallorca, we also have some useful tips if you are then going to rent a car in this island. We list them briefly below.

  • Use the app We really are total fans of this app! We use it continuously during our travels and also when we are traveling by rental car. You download in advance this app on your phone and also download the map of Mallorca. You put your hotel and all the sights in the app in advance and on your vacation you can use the app without internet.
  • Take pictures of the car in advance. We do this as standard with every rental car. Just taking some pictures of any damage and also a video around the car. Then you avoid a discussion afterwards. By the way, we have never had this discussion, but fortunately we have never had any damage either.
  • Rent a car in advance online. Of course it is possible to rent a car locally, but we still always like to do this in advance. Saves time on your vacation and you’ll have time to figure it out at your leisure.
  • Rent on time. In some destinations, there is a shortage of cars. For example, in the Seychelles, we did not manage to book a car shortly before our vacation and that was very galling. As a result, we did the whole trip by cab, which was obviously a lot more expensive than if we had rented a car on time.
  • Don‘t always go for the cheapest airline. Cheap is expensive. We now know this from our own experience. When we had rented a very cheap car for our trip to Barcelona, we read tremendously bad reviews right before we left, so we took our loss and rented another rental car. Find out well in advance!
  • Stick to traffic rules: in some countries, fines are huge. You also have speed cameras on Mallorca and they look different from those we are used to in the Netherlands and Belgium. Therefore, stick to the speed and you won’t have to worry about fines either. Fines actually always come to the customer through the rental company.

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Sunny Cars Mallorca

Car rental from Sunny Cars Mallorca

Sightseeing Mallora

Naturally, you will want to see more of the island of Mallorca when you visit the island on a trip or vacation with a rental car. In Mallorca there are several fun sights and activities you can see or do. We list them briefly below.

  • Palma de Mallorca: the capital of Mallorca is definitely worth a visit. You have a beautiful old center here with many pleasant streets and squares. Definitely recommended to visit one afternoon during your vacation.
  • Water parks: you have several cool water parks to visit on the island of Mallorca. The most famous water parks are Western Waterpark, Aqualand El Arenal, Kathmandu Park and Hidropark Alcudia.
  • Alcudia: this town also has a beautiful old town and it is also praised for its beaches. It is also very nice to rent a boat here in the harbor of this city.
  • Beaches: of course, many tourists go to Mallorca because of its beaches. You have several beautiful beaches, so of course it is fun to take a rental car to different beaches. We always enjoy that variety. Beautiful beaches in Mallorca include Cala Cap Falco, Es Trenc and Playa Formentero.
  • Torrent de Pareis: magnificent canyon in northern Mallorca, where you can go hiking in the gorge.

And so you have more wonderful sights and activities to visit in Mallorca with a rental car.

Public transportation or a rental car from Sunny Cars Mallorca?

It is possible to travel the island of Majorca by public transport, despite it not being ideal. There are six different bus routes across the island and the buses get to many parts of the island. If you want to take a whole tour of the island of Majorca, then public transport is a bit difficult, as it will take you a lot longer than taking your rental car to visit the various sights.

Of course, it’s a lot cheaper than renting a car. Personally, we prefer to use a rental car, as we don’t feel like taking much longer to each destination than we would by car. Of course, that is a consideration you have to make for yourself.

We ourselves love the independence you have with a rental car and A rental car from Sunny Cars Mallorca provides that independence.

Benefits of renting a car from Sunny Cars Mallorca

The reason we are such fans of Sunny Cars’ rental cars has to do with a number of things. We list below the benefits you have when renting a car from Sunny Cars Mallorca.

  • All insurance is included in the price. With Sunny Cars Mallorca rental cars, all insurances are included in the price. We really like this, as it means we never have to worry about whether we are adequately insured or face surprises of having to get additional insurance locally.
  • You are also insured for your deductible. As we mentioned earlier in our blog, many rental companies charge a deductible. As a result, sometimes the price of a rental car from another company is slightly cheaper, but you will pay a considerable amount (sometimes up to 1,000 euros) if you have damage to the car. With Sunny Cars Mallorca rental cars, you are insured for this.
  • You can cancel an hour in advance. Especially in the uncertain times we’ve been in with travel in recent years, it’s nice to be able to cancel shortly before the start if necessary if your trip doesn’t go through. As a result, you don’t lose your money right away.

When we go on vacation we certainly don’t want to start worrying about our rental car. It always gives us a very nice feeling when we have therefore booked a car through Sunny Cars.

For an overview of all options, check out the Sunny Cars Mallorca website here.

Majorca with kids
Sunny Cars Mallorca

Car rental from Sunny Cars Mallorca

What is all inn at Sunny Cars Mallorca?

Sunny Cars has the all inn formula and of course now you are wondering: So what is the all inn formula of Sunny Cars Mallorca? We briefly explain that below.

  • Indemnity insurance: this is perhaps the most important insurance included in the package. In case of damage, you are covered with Sunny Cars Mallorca and they also recommend on the website not to take out extra insurance locally as it is not necessary at all. In the past we did have to deal with this with other airlines and sometimes paid many extra euros. Here you just know for sure that you don’t have to.
  • Theft insurance: it would just happen to you that your rental car is stolen in Mallorca. With Sunny Cars Mallorca’s all inn formula, you are assured of this.
  • Refund deductible. If you have damage to the car and have to pay your deductible you will get the money back from Sunny Cars Mallorca.
  • Glass-tire-bottom-roof damage coverage. Separate insurance for parts of the car that are frequently damaged and often not covered by other insurance policies. A pebble on the window resulting in a crack, a flat tire or a branch making a scratch on the roof. With this insurance you are all insured for this with Sunny Cars Mallorca.
  • Unlimited mileage. Always nice not to have to pay attention to this. Despite the distances you drive across the island of Majorca are usually not huge.
  • Extra WA insurance: in the Netherlands, the WA coverage is five million euros, but at Sunny Cars Mallorca you have an extra WA insurance. As a result, you are insured up to ten million.
  • Fuel Scheme Full-Full: As we mentioned earlier, this is our favorite scheme. You can drive away from the rental company right away and fill up the car before you return it.
  • Reimbursement of towing costs: suppose you have a breakdown on the road due to a flat tire, for example, and you can no longer continue driving, Sunny Cars Mallorca will reimburse the towing of the car. You just check the voucher you had from Sunny Cars Mallorca for the number to call and everything is taken care of.
  • Loss and damage of the car key and/or papers: although it is of course stupid to lose your car keys or papers, the damage is compensated by Sunny Cars Mallorca.
  • Local tax: in the past, these costs were sometimes added when we went to pick up our car. These costs as well as any airport delivery charges are already included in the price you paid in advance.
  • Breakdown assistance: if you find yourself with a breakdown somewhere on the road in Mallorca, it is nice to be helped quickly and the costs are simply reimbursed. In addition, Sunny Cars Mallorca also has a 24/7 emergency number in case something goes wrong.
  • Flexservice included for free: you can cancel your reservation one hour before arrival at no charge.

As you can see, the package of all inn formula of Sunny Cars Mallorca is very comprehensive allowing you to have a carefree vacation on the beautiful island of Mallorca. And after all, that’s the reason you go on vacation!

Where can I book a car from Sunny Cars Mallorca?

You have several options at Sunny Cars Mallorca where you can rent a car in Mallorca. Most tourists rent a car right at the airport, but there are many other options. It is also possible for the rental car to be delivered to your hotel. This may be because you only want to rent a car for a few days of your vacation. You can do this too!

There are also several places in Mallorca where you can rent a car through Sunny Cars. You can do this, for example, in Cala Millor, Alcudia, Cala Ratjada, Can Picafort, Cala d Or, Can Pastilla, Paguera, Santa Ponsa, Arenal, Palma, Palma Nova, Puerto Pollensa, Capdepera and Sa Coma.

As you can see, there are quite a few places in Mallorca where you can rent a car from Sunny Cars Mallorca.

For all the options of renting a car through Sunny Cars, take a look here.

Majorca with kids
Majorca with kids

Car rental from Sunny Cars Mallorca

Where to stay in Mallorca?

You can find plenty of nice accommodations in Mallorca where you can spend your vacation on the island. From a number of popular vacation destinations on the island, we list some great options. Press the blue link for more information.

Palma de Mallorca

Budget hotel: The Boc Palma Hostel – Albergue Juvenil

Mid-range hotel: Catalonia Majórica

Luxury hotel: Hotel Saratoga

Look here for the entire list of accommodations in Palma de Mallorca.


Mid-range hotel: PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

Luxury hotel: Agroturismo Son Siurana

Look here for the entire list of accommodations in Alcudia.

Cala D’Or

Budget hotel: Prinsotel Alba & Spa

Mid-range hotel: Apartamentos Parque Mar

Luxury hotel: Alua Suites Las Rocas

For all your car rental options through Sunny Cars, take a look here.

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