Bucharest with kids

Visiting Bucharest with kids is well worth it. Romania’s capital has enough fun children’s activities to keep you entertained for at least a day or two to three. In addition, Bucharest is also definitely a low budget destination, so a city break to this city with the family certainly does not have to cost that much money. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Bucharest!

Bucharest with kids

Transportation in Bucharest with kids

You can use the metro in Bucharest just fine. You have several subway lines in the city and the subway arrives every few minutes. This gets you to the destination of interest fairly quickly. Prices for a day ticket of the subway are very low and cost only a few Lei. In that regard, a day pass is very convenient since you don’t have to buy a new ticket each time and can use the subway all day. We found it a fine way to travel around the city.

What a disadvantage of the metro is that you have to walk quite a lot from the metro station to the sight, for example. Especially with smaller kids, that may not always be ideal. Therefore, you can also use a cab just fine. In some countries, we almost exclusively used cabs, because they are very easy to call via the app on the phone and the cost is very low.

You can use the Uber cabs in Bucharest. You know in advance exactly the price of the ride when you provide the address where you want to go, and within a few minutes a cab is often at the door. Especially with small kids, this can be a nice option, where you have to walk a lot less.

Bucharest with kids

#1 Parliament building

The first attraction may not be the most family-friendly outing, but the parliament building is Bucharest’s great landmark. The famous parliament building built by former leader Nicolae Ceaușescu stands right in the center of the city and obviously has quite a history. Entire neighborhoods were sacrificed to put up this building.

The building is one of the largest buildings in the world and you can book a tour here. This tour takes about an hour and you will visit different rooms of the building. You can hardly imagine how big the building is, so we found this tour very impressive. Eventually you get to the balcony, where you have another nice view of the city.

Bucharest with kids
Children's activities Bucharest

By the way, if you are interested in the life of former leader Nicolae Ceaușescu, you can also visit the family’s former residence. The family left here headlong and now it has become a museum of sorts. We did find it interesting to see how the family lived in great wealth during that period. Here you get a good idea of how things used to be here.

Sightseeing Bucharest with kids
Sightseeing Bucharest with kids

#2 Edenland Park

If you want to do something active in Bucharest with kids, the Edenland Park is a nice option. This park is about a 20-minute drive from the city and you can do several activities here. For example, here you have a climbing park in the woods that has 14 different courses. You will then climb among the trees and this activity can be booked for three hours. These courses vary in difficulty and you can go climbing here with kids as young as 4 years old.

You also pay a lot less for the younger kids than the older kids because the older kids get to do more courses than the younger kids. In addition, at Edenland Park you also have a zoo located with various animals such as the ostrich, camel and llama. It is also possible to go horseback riding at Edenland Park and you can play paintball.

#3 Therme pool

You can also go swimming in Bucharest with kids. Therme Bucuresti is located slightly outside the center and has several pools and relaxation pools. These pools are both indoor and outdoor. You can book for three hours here and there is also a whole section for kids with different slides.

Kids up to 16 years old are also only allowed in this children’s area, which does make it difficult as parents to also go to the adult spa area (or you have to split up as parents).

You get a bracelet upon entry, which you can use to pay for everything. The entrance fee is not super cheap by Romanian standards. Be sure to bring flip-flops here, as they are mandatory. Otherwise, you can buy them at the box office.

#4 Muzeul Naţional al Satului “Dimitrie Gusti

This is an outdoor museum located in a park by a small lake. Admission is 30 Lei (about 8 euros) for adults and kids up to 6 years old have free admission. You will see many houses, churches, workshops, farms, schools and other buildings from past times in this open-air museum. The buildings come from all parts of Romania and have been rebuilt at the museum.

What is a drawback of this museum, however, is that unfortunately you cannot see many of the cottages inside. Still, there are some houses and churches that you can see inside. Unfortunately, there is little information about the buildings.

In this way, you get an idea of what the Romanian countryside used to be like. With kids, it’s a fun walk past the different cottages and a nice way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Bucharest for a while.

Other children’s activities in Bucharest

Besides the above mentioned children’s activities you can do in Bucharest, there are more. We briefly list the best children’s activities in Bucharest below.

#5 Herastrau Park: this is the park where the open-air museum is also located and therefore these two attractions in Bucharest are great to combine with each other. The Herastrau Park is a great place to hike. We found it a very nice park to walk through. You have several playgrounds in the park for kids and there is also a lake where you can rent a boat to sail on the lake. There are also several eateries in the park, where you can go for a snack and a drink.

Day tour Bucharest with kids
Brasov with kids

#7 Tineretului Park: this Bucharest city park also has plenty of things for kids to do. Also in this park you have several playgrounds and also several attractions such as a Ferris wheel. Again, you can take a boat out on the lake and this park also has a skate park for kids. You can also do some great hiking here, and there are plenty of joints in the park for snacks and drinks as well.

#8 Museum of Senses: this museum is dedicated to the senses. Kids can discover all kinds of things here and there are also several well-known optical illusions that you know from other similar museums, such as that there is a room where the parents appear smaller than the kids. We always find these kinds of museums very enjoyable to visit.

Therefore, you can definitely take fun pictures of the kids in this museum. Tickets are cheaper Monday through Thursday than Friday through Sunday, and you can buy family tickets at a discount.

#9 Fountain show: you can also go to see a fountain show in Bucharest with kids. This show can only be seen Friday through Sunday and begins at 8 p.m. in the evening. The show lasts about an hour and the fountains dance to the music. We did enjoy seeing this fountain show, but we can imagine that with small kids it is a bit on the late side. The fountain show takes place in Union Square.

#10 Children’s Town: this small amusement park is more like a carnival. You have several attractions here for kids, as well as several air cushions. There is also a little train running around the grounds. This amusement park does cater to slightly younger kids.

Fountain show Bucharest

Family-friendly restaurant Bucharest

You can also eat very good and cheap food in Bucharest with kids. You have dozens of restaurants downtown, so the choice is huge. A nice area to look for a restaurant is the Lipscani district. This is the old center of the city and this district is also car-free. Because of this, this is also a great place to walk with kids.

You’ll also find many old buildings here, so it’s also definitely fun to take a walk around. We list some notable and family-friendly restaurants in Bucharest below.

Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest: Hard Rock restaurants are found in most major cities around the world, and you can visit one in Bucharest as well. Inside this restaurant there is all kinds of things to see and you can order here for kids, for example, a burger with fries. The Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest is located in the center of the city of Bucharest.

White Horse Pub: this family-friendly restaurant in Bucharest has a playground and you can go here for both lunch and dinner. There is also an employee at the playground who keeps an eye on the kids. The menu is not super large, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Family-friendly restaurant Bucharest

Family-friendly hotel Bucharest

You have plenty of family-friendly hotels in Bucharest, where you can stay with the family. We list in the different price ranges the hotels that are highly rated by guests who have stayed there. Click on the blue link for more information.

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