Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp: adventure city for kids!

A visit to the Bubble Jungle in Leiderdorp had been on our list to visit for a very long time when we would take another city trip to Leiden. We have visited this family-friendly city several times now and wrote the blog Leiden with kids about the city, in which we listed all the fun activities (including the Bubble Jungle). Last weekend we finally got around to visiting Adventure City De Bubbeljungle in Leiderdorp. In this blog, a comprehensive review!

General information

Adventure City The Bubble Jungle is located in Leiderdorp and is a few minutes by car from the center of Leiden. This is also where we ourselves had spent the night that weekend and so on Sunday morning we drive to the Bubble Jungle. We can park the car for free in front of the door and be at the ticket office of this activity center within two minutes.

You cannot make reservations in advance for most activities such as the play city, the climbing park and the Golf in the dark, but you can book all of these at checkout. The Bubble Jungle has several cool combo deals, where you can do different activities at a very competitive price. We booked almost all the activities for our daughter.

In terms of food and drink, you can do just fine at the Bubble Jungle. You can have a great midday lunch here and there are plenty of options of sandwiches, fries and other goodies for families with kids. Of course, for families with kids, there are all the facilities you would want.

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp
Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp

The indoor playground

First we start in the indoor playground. We like this indoor playground right away because it is a little different from most standard indoor playgrounds. You have different sections here for different age groups. For example, you can already come here with kids who are very young (they can go in the section for kids up to five years old).

For our daughter (8 years old), there is also a large play area, with different climbing equipment and several slides. In addition, there are several trampolines. There is also a kind of attraction that you often see at carnivals, where kids play a camel race against each other and have to use balls they have to throw into a hole to get the camels to move forward. There is also an attraction with some kind of boats, but it was not open the day we were there.

Our daughter played here all the time between other activities. The great thing is that all other activities are also always in the same room of this indoor playground, so most activities can be done independently by the kids.

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp
Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp


Upon entering the Bubble Jungle, we sign our daughter up for laser tag and we are given a card when it is her turn. This activity is free with the entrance to the indoor playground. Kids receive instructions from a supervisor and then go into the room, where they can shoot at each other. This activity lasted about ten minutes total and was a fun break from playing in the indoor playground. This laser game is suitable for kids ages five through 12.

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp
Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp

Climbing Park

We had also signed up our daughter to go climbing. This climbing is in the same room as the indoor playground. The kids climb above the kids playing and the parents sitting at a table. Super relaxing again that as parents you can keep a close eye on where the kids were climbing.

The kids first received extensive instruction from an instructor and then got their climbing gear on. After this, they were able to climb independently. Of course, there is no way the kids can get loose and the kids can climb different courses. In doing so, they occasionally have to wait for each other when they want to pass each other.

In total, this activity took about an hour and our daughter thought this was perhaps the most fun she had this day at the Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp.

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp
Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp

Golf In The Dark

The fourth activity you can do here is Golf in the Dark and we did this together as a family. You can pick up colored balls and sticks at the cash register, and in total you have eighteen different holes you can play. We thought it was a very fun course, with challenging holes.

At the golf course there is also some kind of mystery, but we must honestly say that we didn’t do much with this ourselves. You have to take turns at this golf course, which is obviously different from most miniature golf courses in the Netherlands. Because of this, it happens that with your ball, you move another family member’s ball. And that may even result in that ball going in after all. We thought this was a nice addition to the game. In total, we spend about three quarters of an hour doing this activity.

Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp
Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp

Kids Escaperoom

Finally, it is possible for kids to do a kid escaperoom. We didn’t do this one ourselves, but it sure looked nice in the pictures we saw of it. However, you do need two to eight kids for this, so it was a little difficult with just our daughter. However, parents can come along as accompaniment in this escaperoom. Especially if you are having a children’s party, this can also be a really fun addition to the party.


We had a great time for a whole day at the Bubble Jungle Leiderdorp. Because kids can do so many different activities in one location, the day flew by. As parents, you can sit just fine, and because all the activities are in the same room, you can also sit at a table all day. As for food and drink, there are plenty of options, making it a great day out with the family. For more information on all the activities you can do at Bubbeljungle Leiderdorp, take a look at the Bubbeljungle Leiderdorp website.

Where to stay in Leiden with kids?

Leiden is a super family-friendly city, where you have really nice museums. Therefore, you can have a great time in Leiden for a whole weekend. Of course then you need a family-friendly hotel in Leiden. We list some great options.

Budget: Ibis Leiden Centre

Middle Class: Golden Tulip & Tulip Inn Leiden Centre

We slept at the Tulip Inn Leiden Centre and this hotel is right in the center. We had a nice family room with bathroom with bathtub which was very nice. In the morning, the hotel serves a delicious breakfast that is definitely recommended. If you are looking for a mid-range hotel with kids in Leiden, this is definitely a nice option. For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

Luxury: Van der Valk Leiden Sassenheim

We also slept in this hotel. The hotel is in a fine location in Leiden and has plenty of facilities for families with kids. We had a super de luxe family room here that was completely set up for kids and was fully equipped. In addition, the hotel has three restaurants, where you can enjoy good food and drinks. We had delicious meals here both in the evening and in the morning. These restaurants also cater to families with kids. For more information about the hotel, its restaurants and family rooms, take a look here.

For the full range of accommodations in Leiden with kids check here.

Family-friendly hotel Leiden
Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim Leiden

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