Bremerhaven with kids

What is there to do in Bremerhaven with kids? Port city Bremerhaven in Germany may not be the most well-known tourist destination in Germany but it is an ideal destination to visit on a weekend with the family. It has enough fun activities to have a good time with your kids for at least 2 days. You drive to this city from Utrecht in just over three and a half hours. So it depends a bit on which city you drive from in the Netherlands to Bremerhaven whether it is possible to do it in a weekend. We list the best activities and sights in Bremerhaven with kids for you.

Bremerhaven with kids #1: Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 degrees Ost

This is a very special experience museum that we have not often seen anywhere else. The museum is all about climate and you walk through the museum through different climate zones. In this way, you come into contact with different countries, all with their own climate.

You start at the museum, of course, in Bremerhaven which is at 8 degrees east longitude. You walk from Bremerhaven, to the Swiss Alps and from the Alps to Sardinia in Italy. Along the way, you will walk on rails, you can milk cows and walk through a glacier tunnel. Of course, temperatures are always changing in the rooms you are in.

From Europe, you walk on to the continent of Africa, and there you do begin to feel the heat. In the country of Niger, it feels like you are really walking in the hot arid desert. Each room exudes the atmosphere of the landscape you are moving into. Always exciting for kids too, as you don’t see what the next country/space is on your journey through the world. Niger is followed by the tropical rainforest of Cameroon, where kids can also climb and scramble.

This is followed by a great contrast, because the next room is centered on Antartica and, of course, the temperature here is just very low. Eventually you will arrive in Alaska via the tropical island of Samoa, where the environment is central. Having seen this world, you then arrive back in Germany.

In addition to this tour around the world, there are other parts of the museum where kids can also engage with climate in an interactive way. It really is a museum that appeals to all your senses and is also very educational. In our opinion, a not-to-be-missed attraction if you visit Bremerhaven with kids.

Bremerhaven with kids
Bremerhaven with kids

Bremerhaven with kids #2: Zoo am Meer

This zoo, which as the name suggests is located by the sea, is not too big, but certainly provides a few hours of entertainment. The location of the zoo does make it very cool and it’s actually kind of a mix between a zoo and an aquarium. Most of the animals you can admire in this zoo live in or around water or live in a very cold climate. So don’t expect the standard African animals here when you visit this zoo.

The zoo is very rocky and kids can do quite a bit of climbing and scrambling here. In terms of animals, though, the polar bear is the absolute highlight of the zoo. You can view these animals above and below the water which is very impressive. Check the website for feeding times for certain animals. The zoo also has several aquariums.

The playground at the zoo is also zoo-style and is a wooden ship. Which fits perfectly with this seaside zoo. The zoo also has a restaurant with a rooftop terrace, where you have a nice view of the sea and the zoo. The zoo is open 365 days a year and the entrance fee is a bit on the high side compared to the size of the zoo. Check out the zoo’ s German-language website for more information.

Tip: Across from this zoo is also a fun playground for kids with a high tower and slide. In that respect, you’ll be fine in Bremerhaven with kids, as there are quite a few playgrounds in the city center.

Bremerhaven with kids
Bremerhaven with kids

Bremerhaven with kids #3:Deutsches Auswandererhaus

Because Bremerhaven is an important port, many people left Germany from this port for various reasons. For example, you have people who fled during World War II, as well as people who went to seek their fortune in New York and left the country by boat for that reason. Following these various population movements, the Museum of Emigration was created.

When you enter the museum, you get a boarding pass and each family member gets a different character. For example, this could be someone who has to flee because of war or someone who just went to seek his happiness abroad. Thus, you will experience the journey of these individuals in this experience museum. You also actually walk into a ship and see what it looked like on the inside of the ship. Also when you arrive in the destination country, you get a sense of what this was like. The beauty of the museum is that it is, of course, based on real characters and real stories of emigrants.

The second part of the museum focuses on immigrants who came to Germany. The stories are all in English and German, though, so you have to translate everything with young kids, of course. This does make the museum more suitable for older kids than younger kids. These will often not have the patience to follow all the stories of the various characters. Expect to spend an hour or two at the museum.

The museum is located at downtown near the zoo and the Klimahaus, making everything easy to walk to.

Bremerhaven with kids
Bremerhaven with kids

Bremerhaven with kids #4: Sciencemuseum Phänomenta

This museum, unlike the aforementioned three, is located a bit outside the city center. You can get there in just over half an hour by foot or public transportation, or in about seven minutes by car from downtown Bremerhaven. Located in an old shed, the museum does not look as slick as other science museums such as Nemo in Amsterdam and Universum in Bremen. The museum is a bit smaller in scale, and kids can get their own hands on the various experiments here.

Small-group workshops and demonstrations will also be held. For example, kids can make shower gel, hand cream and slime at the various workshops and there will be demonstrations related to energy. Expect to spend an hour or two at this museum entertaining your kids. Also, kids can go to the center of the earth and there are all kinds of colored crystals in this room. This looks very cool. The staff at the museum is very friendly and they really try to consider kids who don’t speak German. So this makes it a fun activity for those kids as well.

The price for the museum is very reasonable and for a small fee you can purchase a family card from the museum for the whole family.

Bremerhaven with kids
Bremerhaven with kids

Bremerhaven with kids: other activities

With the previously mentioned four activities, you can already fill an excellent weekend in Bremerhaven with kids. Below we describe some other activities in Bremerhaven with kids for when you have a little longer in this port city.

#5 Port tour: you can take a one-hour tour of the port from the new port. The departure point of the tour boat is at the city’s zoo, after which you sail past the city’s various ports. Along the way, of course, you will encounter several mega ships and get a good impression of what things are like in a port. Because the sailing time is only an hour, it is also quite manageable for small kids.

#6 Maritime Museum: this museum is all about shipping. You will find many ship models inside the museum, and there are also three ships outside for you to view. There are a fair number of interactive displays and kids can climb into some of the boats. If your kids love ships then visiting this extensive museum may be an option.

#7 Small beaches: if you visit the city of Bremerhaven with kids in the summer, it can be nice to cool off by the water. The Weser-Strandbad is then an ideal beach right in the center on the water. Nearby, you also have a playground on the beach and a two-minute walk from the beach is also a playground. At the beach itself there is also a small restaurant with a terrace. An ideal way to cool off by the water and relax in hot weather.

#8 Radar Tower: if you want a nice view of the city of Bremerhaven with kids, this 107-meter-high radar tower is definitely a fun option. At 59 meters high, you have a viewing platform where you have a 360-degree view of the city. Admission for the whole family is only a few euros in total.

Bremerhaven with kids: Christmas market

Like almost every city, the city of Bremerhaven has a Christmas market. The Christmas market also definitely takes kids into consideration. For example, fairy tales are played out every day in the center, you will encounter angels and Santa Clauses on skates at the market, and kids can play curling at the ice rink. There is also a real toboggan run at Theodor-Heuss-Platz during this time, where you can take a ride down the hill. And at Christmas there is a high Ferris wheel at the Great Church and from this Ferris wheel you have a great view of Bremerhaven’s Christmas market with kids!

Bremerhaven with kids
Bremerhaven with kids

Where to sleep in Bremerhaven with kids

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Mid-range hotel: Amaris Hotel

Luxury hotel: Best Western Plus hotel Bremerhaven

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