Bremen with kids

You can have a great weekend of family fun in Bremen with kids. The city, which is 3.5 hours by car from Utrecht, has a cozy compact center with nice streets and it has some nice family-friendly museums. This city in northwest Germany is also known for a fairy tale we had never heard of: the Bremen Town Musicians. We list for you the best 9 activities and sights in Bremen with kids.

Bremen with kids #1: Universe

The most family-friendly museum in the city of Bremen with kids is the Universum Museum. The museum is located in the north of the city and by streetcar you can get to the museum in about 15 minutes from the center of Bremen. It is a museum where you can easily have a half to full day of fun with your kids. In this science museum, they have several floors and each floor has a theme. These themes are technology, humans and nature. There are a total of more than 300 exhibits in the museum.

So there is plenty for kids to do on all three floors with the different themes. Some of the setups are the same as at the Nemo in Amsterdam, for example, such as allowing kids to make figures with soap using all kinds of shapes, but there are also very different setups such as making a whirlwind and experiencing an earthquake in a room. Also, the setup where kids can row and then watch a skeleton imitate the same movement looks very cool. For the youngest kids, there is also a play area in the museum.

The museum also has an outdoor area which is great fun for kids. Here you will find an observation tower, slides, a water playground, a funny swing that connects to another swing and many more pieces of equipment. Of course, here again the museum links to the themes of technology and nature, despite the fact that most kids here especially enjoy playing.

There is an opportunity to eat at the museum’s Cube restaurant. You have plenty of tables here overlooking the outdoor area, allowing parents to eat and drink at their leisure while the kids are outside playing. If you are only in Bremen for a short time with kids then don’t miss this museum. By the way, the museum itself looks quite futuristic on the outside and inside.

Bremen with kids
Bremen with kids

Bremen with kids #2: Botanika

Botanika is located in Rhododendron Park in the northeastern part of the city, and you have to get here by car (a little over 15 minutes away) or public transportation (just under half an hour by streetcar). Basically, the park in which it is located is already a great place for kids to play. For example, in the park you have great playgrounds with cool play equipment such as a cable car, bridges between different cottages and slides.

The park is also a must visit because of its botanical garden with beautiful flowers. Especially in summer, this is a very nice place to spend time with the family. There are several lakes in the park and small streams flowing. In summer, these streams are also busy for kids to play in. So you can also do some great hiking through this park.

The park also has a small museum dedicated to nature. Kids get a passport and can collect stamps throughout the museum. There are also several interactive elements related to everything related to nature. The museum looks modern and is great for entertaining your kids for an hour.

Bremen with kids
Bremen with kids

Bremen with kids #3: exploring downtown

Bremen’s downtown is fun to visit and is partly the focus of a fairy tale: the Bremen Town Musicians. We did not know the fairy tale, but it is about a hungry donkey, dog, cat and rooster who are put on the street by their owners, due to old age, and who then want to perform as street musicians in Bremen. They pass by a house with robbers, where there is an enormous amount of food, and they chase the robbers out of the house and live happily ever after. No one knows exactly whether the four animals have arrived in Bremen yet.

In downtown Bremen, the fairy tale is referenced in several places throughout the city. Consequently, you will see the four animals popping up in various places around the city. The most famous statue in the city is a bronze statue of the four animals standing on each other’s backs, which has now become a real tourist attraction of the city. Consequently, this statue is often crowded with tourists who want to have their picture taken with it. With kids, of course, it’s fun to look for the four animals while walking around town. Our daughter always really enjoys games like that (especially if we make it a competition).

You can find a nice walk through downtown here. This route is 3.5 kilometers long and takes you past all the interesting parts of downtown. For parents with small kids, this route is also good to walk. Here you will pass the famous bronze statue of the street musicians, encounter a large statue of knight Roland and walk down the fun street the Böttcherstraße. In this street, the buildings have a special architecture with all kinds of protruding stones and here you will find nice stores and also an aquarium.

In addition, during this route you walk through the nice neighborhood of Schnoor, with the narrowest street in Bremen where there are also many souvenir shops, where of course they sell many items with the four animals of the fairy tale on them.

Bremen with kids
Bremen with kids

Bremen with kids #4: climbing bremen cathedral

Bremen Cathedral is located in the center of the city and the cathedral inside is not super spectacular (nice stained glass windows though), but it is possible to climb the tower of the cathedral here. Of course, here you have a great view of the city of Bremen. Just keep in mind that taking photos does get tricky because there is some kind of mesh in front of the window, so you will see this in the photos as well.

This costs for the whole family, only a few euros and we always find climbing something in a city a fun activity with our family. By the way, there is also a small museum in the cathedral itself, but it is not very interesting for small kids.

Bremen with kids
Bremen with kids

Bremen with kids: other activities

#5 Pancake Boat: a fun activity in Bremen with kids can be the pirate ship Admiral Nelson that houses a restaurant that serves pancakes. You can sit on the boat at picnic tables on the deck and look out over the river here. The reviews online do vary on the taste of the pancakes, which does differ somewhat from those in the Netherlands.

#6 Day trip Bremerhaven: From Bremen with kids, you can take a day trip to the waterfront town of Bremerhaven . By car and train you can get here within three quarters of an hour from Bremen. Here you have several family-friendly museums and there is an opportunity to go to different beaches. This can be a fun day trip especially when the weather is excellent, combining museum visits with an afternoon at the beach.

#7 Uberseemuseum: this museum is located fairly in the center of the city near the central station nearby. This modern museum is dedicated to different cultures. You and your kids must really be a fan of this type of museum to visit this one. The museum is not super interactive for kids (kids can do some assignments in some places, but not a lot) and you should set aside about an hour to two hours to visit the museum.

#8 Boat tour: from downtown, walk to the boarding point of this tour boat in a few minutes. In a 75-minute trip, you can see the city of Bremen with kids from the water.

#9 Civic Park: this is a huge city park located in the north of the city and can be reached from the center by streetcar in 10 minutes. The huge park has several playgrounds and several lakes. You can also rent rowboats in this park. It is also a great place to have a family picnic on one of the many grassy areas. You see many people sunbathing in the grass here in the summer.

Bremen with kids
Bremen with kids

Where to sleep in Bremen with kids

Budget hotel: Ibis Styles Bremen Altstadt

Mid-range hotel: Arthotel Bremen

Luxury hotel: Atlantic Grand Hotel Bremen

To search for other hotels in Bremen with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Bremen with kids

Bremen card: just like every major city, Bremen has a card, which allows unlimited public transportation and gives you many discounts on many attractions in Bremen. Take a look at what you want to visit in Bremen with kids and then calculate if the card is advantageous for your family.

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