Bochum with kids

What to do in Bochum with kids? And are there enough attractions in Bochum with kids to go there for a weekend? Yes indeed you can take a weekend trip to Bochum with the family! Less than a two-hour drive from Utrecht, the city has enough in store for families with kids to keep you entertained for at least two days. A visit to this town in the Rurh region can also be combined well with towns surrounding it. We list the best activities and sights in Bochum with kids for you!

Bochum with kids #1: Bochum Zoo

This small zoo is just outside the city center, an 18-minute walk (9 minutes by streetcar). This zoo does not have the big African animals, but mostly small animals like the turtle, flamingo, iguana, caiman and more such small animals.

Also included with this zoo is an aquarium and terrarium which of course is indoors, so you can still visit half the zoo properly in less weather. For parents and kids, it’s nice that there is a very large playground near the zoo’s restaurant, making it easy to grab a bite to eat at noon while your kids have fun in the playground.

The entrance fee of the zoo is reasonable and less than half the entrance fee of an average Dutch zoo and you can have a great time here for a few hours with the animals and the playground. For more information on the zoo’s opening hours, entrance fees and animals, visit the zoo’s German-language website.

Bochum with kids
Bochum with kids

Bochum with kids #2: downtown + Stadtpark bochum

For families who love shopping, Bochum is an ideal city. The city center has about 500 stores and also plenty of restaurants and cafes with terraces to enjoy shopping, a bite to eat and a drink in the summer.

In addition, you have a large city park here (Stadtpark Bochum) located a 15-minute walk from the center. In this city park (where the Bochum Zoo is also located) you have the Bismarck Tower, where you have a nice view of the park and the city. In addition, this large city park also contains a fun playground for kids to climb and clamber around. Near this playground is also a water playground.

In addition, the city of Bochum is often visited for its largest indoor shopping center in Germany: the Ruhrpark. This large shopping center is located slightly outside the city center and by streetcar it will take you just under half an hour. The indoor mall has more than 120 stores and attracts more than 16 million visitors annually. If you visit Bochum by car, you can also easily drive to the shopping center by car, since parking here is free.

Bochum with kids #3: Botanical garden + Kemnader see

In Bochum you have plenty of opportunities to go for a nice walk with your kids. For example, the city has a Botanical Garden that is free to enter, and these gardens in the south of the city can be reached in 25 minutes by streetcar. These gardens located near the city’s University have different plants and trees on different plateaus, and there is also a Chinese garden here that is very photogenic. There is also a restaurant with a terrace in the middle of the garden.

From the Botanical Garden, it is fun to walk to the town’s lake (Kemnader See). This is a twenty-minute walk and highly recommended to have a drink at beach club StrandDeck. This beach club is located near the lake and the beach feel is all over the place here with beach sand everywhere on the terrace, beach chairs, fun music and cocktails.

Near the lake is also a nice outdoor pool (Freizeitbad Heveney) that is fun to visit in the summer. You can walk here from the Beach Club in 8 minutes. This pool has both an indoor and outdoor pool and several slides and is a great option to entertain yourself for half a day during bad weather or when the weather is very hot.

This swimming pool is located on Lake Kemnader See where you can take a tour of the lake in various boats. For example, opposite the pool is a boarding point of the boat company MS Kemnade and MS Schwalbe, where you can take a tour of Bochum’s beautiful lake with kids.

Bochum with kids
Bochum with kids

Bochum with kids #4: Family-friendly museums

In Bochum you have a number of museums that are reasonably family-friendly, but you have to like the specific museum. If you and your kids are not fans of museums, then it’s best to skip most of them during your city break to Bochum with kids.

Bergbaum Museum: this museum is dedicated to coal, mining and minerals. We are obviously in the Rurh area of Germany, and in this area you obviously have a lot of heavy industry and also several mines. You can take a one-hour tour of the mines here and get to see the various instruments and tools. You also have a nice view of the city from the museum.

Eisenbahnmuseum: In Bochum, they also have a railroad museum. This museum does lie slightly outside the city and you can get there from downtown in just over 20 minutes by car. Don’t expect a family-friendly museum here like the Railway Museum in Utrecht, but really a museum where you can see old trains. So really only visit this museum if you and your kids love trains.

Zeiss Planetarium: if your kids are very interested in the universe with its planets, this museum could be a good option. The museum is located fairly downtown and the show you get to see inside about the universe lasts about an hour.

Bochum with kids
Bochum with kids

Bochum with kids #5: day trip Dortmund + duisburg

The city of Bochum is located in the Rurh region among all other nice cities worth visiting. If you are in the city of Bochum with kids a little longer, consider taking a day trip to another city.

For example, you can reach the city of Dortmund from Bochum in 10 minutes by train. For example, Dortmund has several nice parks, a beautiful soccer stadium, a zoo and a cool industrial museum with playground. You can therefore easily spend a day in this great city and if you want to know more about this city, read our extensive blog about this city: Dortmund with kids.

Another nice city located near Bochum that can be reached in 26 minutes by train is Duisburg. This city has a fun children’s museum, a huge cool city park in an industrial setting, a zoo and a climbing apparatus in the shape of a roller coaster. We also wrote the extensive blog Duisburg with kids about this city.

Dortmund with kids
Duisburg with kids

Where to sleep in Bochum with kids

Budget hotel: Parkhotel Bochum by stays

Mid-range hotel: Acora Hotel und Wohnen Bochum

Luxury hotel: Mintrops Land Hotel Burgaltendorf (Note: this hotel is located 9 kilometers outside of town!).

To search for other hotels in Bochum with kids click here for the complete list of hotels.

Further information Bochum with kids

Discount cards: there are several discount cards you can purchase for Bochum and the region. The cards are not cheap, but if you regularly cross the border to cities in the Rurh region or plan a longer vacation there, then one of the cards could be inexpensive for your family.

You have an annual pass for the entire Rurh area that is valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, and this allows you to enter 90 attractions for free and more than 50 for half price. If you plan to visit a number of theme parks in Germany, for example (but also Slagharen in the Netherlands, for example), then you can quickly have the price of the card out of your pocket. 

If you visit the city of Bochum by car, you will need an environmental sticker. These can be ordered on the ANWB website and will be sent to you within 5 days.  To do this, you need to provide the registration number and report code of the car (found on the registration certificate) and then the correct color will be selected.

Bochum Christmas market: the Christmas market in Bochum is located throughout the city center and there are about 200 stalls in the city in the pre-Christmas period where you can do Christmas shopping or get some good food or drinks. There is also a show with a flying Santa every day in the center of town. He then flies around the Christmas market in his sleigh. There is also a medieval market during this period. 

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