Black forest with kids

You can have a great vacation in the Black Forest with kids. Especially if you like an active vacation in nature, this region in southern Germany is an excellent place for a family vacation. The Black Forest gets its name from the fact that the Black Forest region is about 60 percent covered with trees. For kids, there is enough to do here to keep you entertained for at least a week. We list the best sights and activities in the Black Forest with kids for you.

Black Forest with kids: black forest map

Many of the sights and activities described below are free if you hold a Black Forest card. As a result, you can save a lot of money during your vacation in the Black Forest with kids. We list the different cards!

Black Forest map: you have two different versions of the Black Forest map. The base map and map365 . With the first card, you get free admission for three days at more than 190 attractions in the Black Forest region. The second card is valid for the whole year, but of course that is not necessary for just a vacation in the Black Forest with kids. There is also an option to buy a card for three days, one day of which you then go to the Europapark amusement park with the family. Check beforehand what activities you want to do and then calculate if the card is advantageous for you.

Hochschwarzwald Card: another card that can be beneficial if you are going to the Black Forest with kids is this card. You get this card when you book two nights in the region at one of the 500 accommodations, and the card gives discounts or free admission at more than 100 attractions. So it can be advantageous to book one of the accommodations, offering the card if you want to do a lot of family activities in the Black Forest.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Black Forest with kids: Discovering nature

Of course, in the Black Forest you have plenty of opportunities to explore nature with the family. We list the best activities here.

#1 Baumwipfelpfad: This trail is in the woods and you walk between the trees here. Along the way, kids can climb and scramble on an alternative path, in addition to the regular path. At the end of the path you come to a tower, which slowly goes up in circles and where in the middle there is a very long slide. For kids, of course, it’s very cool to slide down this slide. From the tower you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area and forests. Next to this tower is also a large adventure forest, where for a few euros you really have a mega playground in the woods. You can also have a great time for several hours in this adventure forest.

#2 Bächlewald Adventure Trail: this trail is 4.5 km long and the terrain is slightly hilly. The total walk takes about 2 hours. During the hike you will pass the “Willy-Kern-Hütte” where you can picnic. Along the trail you will find no less than 34 information boards and there are also play equipment in eight places for the kids to climb and clamber around. At the end of the trail you will come to inn “Waldseeterrasse,” where you can have something to eat and drink. Also at this restaurant is a playground and you can play miniature golf.

#3 Triberg Waterfalls: these waterfalls are one of the popular attractions in the Black Forest with kids. Triberg Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Germany. At the falls, you can take a nice 2.5-kilometer hike with your kids. Along the way, you have a number of points where you have a nice view. Near the falls is also a climbing park with suspension bridges and a climbing wall. Keep in mind that you have to pay to see the falls.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

#4 Schlühüwanapark Adventure Trail: this 2.6-kilometer hike goes past various play equipment and during the hike you will meet all kinds of gnomes and other figures. There is a kiosk at this park where you can buy some drinks, and in the summer kids can swim in the swimming pond.

#5 Water path Sulzbachtal: Near the village of Sulz you will find the water path Sulzbachtal. This hike is 4.5 km long and fine to walk with small kids. During the hike, you will encounter all sorts of fun obstacles and interactive information boards. Kids will learn all about the surrounding nature on this hike. You can hike this trail only from May through September. Through all kinds of footbridges you walk to the end of the trail which is at the Rennweghütte. During the route, kids can do experiments at five water work stations.

#6 Baumkronenweg Waldkirch: This is another hike among the trees, where you also get more information about nature and the environment during the hike. You’ll also have great views of the town of Waldkirch during the hike. There is also a playground with lots of wooden play equipment, where kids can play.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Black Forest with kids: fun cities in the region

The Black Forest region has two major cities, which we discuss below.

#7 Karlsruhe: in this green city you can easily spend one to two days having fun with your kids. There are many parks in this city with nice playgrounds, swimming pools, a nice zoo that looks just like a big city park and also a nice mountain where you can do a lot with the kids and have a beautiful view with your kids. Read our separate blog about this city.

#8 Freiburg: especially the old town is fun to visit. Freiburg’s Old Town is completely car-free. Only streetcars run through the Kaiser Joseph Strasse shopping street. You will find many medieval buildings as well as many cozy terraces.

Karlsruhe with kids
Karlsruhe with kids

Black Forest with kids: Amusement Parks

There are several options when it comes to amusement parks during a vacation to the Black Forest with kids. We list the most important ones below.

#9 Badeparadies Schwarzewald: since few hotels have pools, the region started a partnership and built one big tropical pool for the entire Black Forest region. This large pool near Lake Titisee has as many as 18 pools and a total of 23 slides.

There are several slides for different age groups. Some slides require you to go down the slide with a strap and some slides with a mat. In that respect, you can easily have a whole day here with the kids. This pool is also definitely a good option if the weather is a little less and you still want to do something in the Black Forest with kids.

It is a really beautiful pool and you also have lots of sunbeds to just read a book inside or outside. Also at this pool you can enter for free for a few hours with the Hochschwarzwald card.

#10 Europapark: the biggest amusement park you can visit in the Black Forest with kids is Europapark. It is one of the largest and most beautiful amusement parks in Europe. To fully visit the amusement park, you should actually set aside two days.

The amusement park is divided into country themes, including many countries from Europe (the Netherlands is also represented). In the area of a particular country, everything is themed. For example, the staff is dressed in the style of the country and the buildings, restaurants and even the trash cans are also in the style of that country.

The amusement park features more than 100 attractions. For example, there are already 13 different roller coasters. With the purchase of the Black Forest card, you get a discount at this amusement park.

Karlsruhe with kids
Karlsruhe with kids

#11 Ravenburger Spieleland: this is an amusement park especially for younger kids (up to 12 years old). In total, the amusement park has more than 70 rides divided into eight themed areas. It’s really just one big playground with several smaller attractions such as a little train, roller coaster, water boats and toboggan run. For young kids, this amusement park is really great and you need at least a day to do everything offered at the amusement park. A very fun activity when you are in the Black Forest with kids!

#12 Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald: This is a park with wolves and bears that are taken in because they can no longer live in the wild. You can get up close and personal with the various bears and wolves that are sheltered here. In addition, the animal park includes a fun nature playground for the kids.

#13 Steinwasen Park: this is a combination of an amusement park and an animal park. You have a large playground lying here for the kids. There are also several attractions such as a toboggan run, a slide where you go down a piranha boat, a roller coaster train, small boats and more small attractions for kids. The amusement park also has an indoor playground, for when the weather is not so good. The animals you will find here are in the farm animals category such as goats, pigs and deer. As far as that goes, you can easily entertain here for half a day.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Black Forest with kids: playtime fun

As you read above, there are plenty of playgrounds in the Black Forest region. Yet there is even more to do in the Black Forest with kids when it comes to fun and games, and we list the most fun two activities here.

#14 Kletterwald on the Feldberg: this is an activity with kids that you can also easily set aside a day for. For example, here you have Fundora climbing forest with six different courses for kids of all ages. Kids as young as three can climb and clamber among the trees here. They can climb a route where they are one meter above the ground. For the older kids, there is higher altitude climbing. Beforehand, kids receive instruction from an instructor and can practice. This activity lasts about 2 hours. Near the kletterwald is also a small playground for kids.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

You can also go here in bad weather because it also includes a whole indoor climbing park for kids. Here there are also several trampolines in the space and they also have an indoor skating rink here. Also with the Black Forest card, you can do these activities for free with your kids. 

What is also fun to do here is to take the cable car on the same property to go up and visit the observation tower at the top of the mountain. From the cable car, it is a two-minute walk upstairs to the tower, and you can also visit the tower for free with your card. You can also take a 1.8-kilometer hike on the Wichtelf Trail, where you will encounter gnomes everywhere during the hike. Also on the grounds is Haus der Natur, which is a visitor center with lots of information about the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. 

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

#15 Toboggan runs: you have several toboggan runs that you can do in the Black Forest with kids. Obviously, it’s not an activity in the Black Forest with kids that you do for a half or full day, but nevertheless, it’s fun to take your kids off one of the courses once. We list some of them:

Poppeltal toboggan run: this run is 1,500 meters long and there are few curves in it, so you get quite a bit of speed. You also have a miniature golf course at this toboggan run and also a climbing forest.

Gutach toboggan run: this toboggan run is 1150 meters long and has a fair amount of curves. Prior to each turn, it is clearly marked when to slow down. You can buy a card for six rides and then get a discount on the single fare. Near the toboggan run is also a small playground.

Todtnau toboggan run: this is the longest and most spectacular toboggan run in the Black Forest. The toboggan run is 2.9 kilometers long and has many steep turns and sudden elevation changes. Children from three years of age with a height of at least 95 cm may go down the track accompanied by one of the parents, and kids from eight years of age with a minimum height of 1.40 meters may go down the track alone.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Black Forest with kids: other activities

We couldn’t really categorize the last two activities in the Black Forest with kids anywhere under the other themes, so we placed them under other.

#16 Boating on Titisee and Schluchsee: On both lakes you can take a boat out yourself or book a tour. Titisee is the highest lake in Germany. The lake is beautiful and in addition to the half-hour boat tours you can book, you can also rent electric boats and pedal boats. At Titisee there is a very large parking lot and there is a tourist village near it. On the other side of the lake you can possibly swim. At Lake Schluchsee it is actually exactly the same as Titisee in terms of facilities. Here you also have a small water park with a big slide. It is by the lake and you can lie here in the sunshine just fine. Most of the tours offered here are free with the Black Forest card.

#17 Open Air Museum Gutach: This is a small open air museum with a number of farms, where they show old crafts. Kids can play games along the way or take a special route where adults are not allowed. There is also a fun playground with water play area at the museum. You will learn how people used to live here and the staff is also dressed in traditional clothing.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Where to sleep in the Black Forest with kids

Budget hotel: Berggasthof & Hotel Brend

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Das Landhaus

Luxury hotel: Hotel Rebenhof

To search for other hotels in the Black Forest with kids click here for the entire list of hotels.

Further information Black Forest with kids

Environmental sticker: keep in mind that in some places and parts of the Black Forest region you need an environmental sticker if you visit the area by car. These can be ordered from the ANWB website and will be sent to you within 5 days. To do this, you need to enter the car’s registration number and report code (found on the registration certificate) and then the correct color will be selected.

Climate information for a vacation to the Black Forest with kids

Best travel time for a vacation to the Black Forest with kids

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