Funniest spas in Iceland with kids

These are the five best spas in Iceland with kids!

What are the best spas in Iceland with kids? That’s what we wondered when we started planning our tour of Iceland with our daughter. The country is known for its many spas and hot springs, but which spas are really suitable to visit with the family? We must honestly say that in the Netherlands we never visit a spa with our seven-year-old daughter, and when we do go there, we see almost no kids. Fortunately, there are plenty of spas in Iceland that welcome the whole family! We list the five best spas in Iceland with kids below.

Blue Lagoon with kids
Laugarvatn Fontana Spa with kids:

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids #1: Laugardalslaug!

Reykjavik is where most families with kids start and end their trip when they visit Iceland. Because of this, of course, you may spend a day (or two) here and then it is nice to go to Laugardalslaug. Laugardalslaug is Iceland’s largest swimming pool and a place where many locals also come to relax.

If you are looking for a cheap option to visit a spa then Laugardalslaug is definitely a good option. You pay a few euros entrance fee per person and the warm pool is very nice for kids. So you have a cool slide and there is also a playground equipment in the water. Because the pool is heated, you can visit this pool all year round. They also have an indoor pool.

We visited this pool when it was really stormy outside, which made it not super pleasant (when you got out of the pool it was pretty cold), but we really liked the pool. Besides the pool, you have several hot water baths with different temperatures as well as steam baths. This makes it a combination of a pool and a spa. Unfortunately, the pool is not well maintained and you can see that in the pool.

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids #2: Laugarvatn Fontana

This beautiful spa is on the route of the Golden Circle. We visited this spa when we visited the various sights on this route. Because we covered the Golden Circle route in several days, there was also time in between to chill out at the Laugarvatn Fontana Spa, among other places.

We visited the spa when it opened at 11 a.m. and it was still nice and quiet in this spa at that time. The spa has several hot water baths as well as steam rooms and a sauna. The location of this spa is very nice and you look out over a large lake when you sit in the hot water baths.

We stayed here a total of about three hours. For more information about this spa, take a moment to read our blog Laugarvatn Fontana Spa with kids, in which we give a detailed account of our visit to this spa.

Laugarvatn Fontana Spa with kids:
Laugarvatn Fontana Spa with kids

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids #3: VIK swimming pool

This spa is located in the town of Vik which is in the south of Iceland and is only interesting to visit if you are really going on a tour of Iceland. Vik is one of the bigger places in Iceland (big is relative, though, as it is still really a village) and has a nice swimming pool in the village.

Besides the pool with small slide, it also has a hot tub and also a sauna. So it is the ideal combination of swimming and relaxing and therefore ideal for families with kids. Hence, we also put it in the list of nicest spas in Iceland with kids. The entrance fee is not too bad and it is mainly a spa that you visit for a few hours at most!

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids #4: secret lagoon

Another fun spa that definitely belongs in the list of best spas in Iceland with kids is the Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is easy to get to if you are going to visit the sights on the Golden Circle. The Secret Lagoon is one of the cheaper spas in Iceland (kids are allowed in for free) and is great for families with kids.

The spa consists of a large lagoon with all kinds of toys in the water for kids. There is also a small playground, but it does not amount to much. It is also possible to have a drink in the water. We spent a total of three hours there and found it a very nice change during our tour of the various sights along the Golden Circle.

If you want more information about the Secret Lagoon, read our blog Secret Lagoon with kids for more information.

Secret Lagoon with kids
Secret Lagoon with kids

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids #5: Blue Lagoon

Of course, the Blue Lagoon cannot be missing from our list of the best spas in Iceland with kids. Despite we may have to substitute the word nice for beautiful. Our daughter especially found it very annoying about this spa that she had to wear swimming straps. This is mandatory for kids up to eight years old. But other than that, she had a great time here!

The Blue Lagoon is beautiful, but you obviously have to weigh up whether you think it’s worth the money. After all, the Blue Lagoon is not cheap and it can certainly get crowded. When we were there, it wasn’t too bad in itself. Our daughter enjoyed putting on a mask in the water. These are handed out for free at a separate booth near the lagoon.

In addition, the entrance fee includes drinks, including the somewhat more expensive alcoholic beverages (alcohol is quite pricey in Iceland). We hesitated for a long time whether to go to the Blue Lagoon (mainly because of the price), but we thought it was worth the money. If you want more information about the Blue Lagoon, read our blog Blue Lagoon with kids.

Blue Lagoon with kids
Blue Lagoon with kids

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids: free tips

In addition to the aforementioned spas, there are also opportunities to float in hot pools with your kids completely free of charge. Thus, we visited two hot baths, which cost no money at all.

Reykjadalur Hot Springs: the first of these two hot baths does require some walking with your kids. You should allow about half a day for this. We had read on the internet that it was a small brisk walk, but in practice it was a bit disappointing. It is quite a hike and less suitable for very small kids. Our seven-year-old daughter (not really an extreme runner) ran all by herself, but that was kind of the max.

However, the hike you take is beautiful and for the walk alone it is highly recommended. You walk a route in the area to the hot springs that are beautifully set among the mountains. It is a river and at several points in the river you can lie down and the temperature is variable. The higher you go down the river the warmer the water gets. There are primitive huts at this little river where you can change, but you don’t have much privacy!

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids
Funniest spas in Iceland with kids

Nautholsvik: A second free spa is located in the capital city of Reykjavik. South of town you have a little beach, where they also have hot water baths and a steam room. You see few tourists here and mostly local people. Many of these locals first go swimming in the icy sea and then warm up in the hot water of the hot spring. Admission is free and you can also park your rental car for free in the beach parking lot. At this beach you can also find a small tent, where you can eat and drink something.

Funniest spas in Iceland with kids
Funniest spas in Iceland with kids

Where to sleep in IJSland with kids?

Sleeping in Iceland is not cheap! We spent quite a long time looking for suitable accommodations for our family of three.

In the capital city of Reykjavik, we slept for three nights. From here we also visited the Golden Circle and we slept here at hotel Muli. This was a fine hotel just a little outside the city center, where we could park the car in front for free. We had a fine room and downstairs at the hotel there was a place to eat and warm up food. There is a large supermarket a few minutes’ walk from the hotel and we found it a pleasant place to sleep. For more information about this hotel check here.

For a list of all accommodations in Reykjavik, take a look here.

We spent the other days in Iceland in various accommodations that were not super nice to us. If we had to do it again now, we would definitely stay overnight in the town of Vik on the way, as there are a few more facilities there and that would be handy with kids anyway. Now we were often in accommodation, where it was still a half-hour drive to, say, a restaurant or a supermarket.

For a list of all accommodations in Vik, take a look here.

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