Bavaria with kids

Can you have a nice vacation in the German state of Bavaria with kids? Then you certainly can! The state of Bavaria located in the south of Germany has enough fun cities, nature and amusement parks to keep you and your family entertained here for at least a week. Due to its southern location, you have an extremely favorable climate here, especially in summer. In addition, you can do the state just fine when you are on your way for a vacation in Italy, for example. We list the best activities and attractions in the state of Bavaria with kids for you!

Bavaria with kids #1: Munich

Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria and has enough activities and attractions for families with kids to have a good time for at least a few days. For example, the city has the largest science museum in the world, where kids can do all kinds of experiments on as many as six different floors. Especially for slightly older kids, this is a really fun museum.

There are also several cool city parks such as Olympiapark and Englischer Garten, where you can enjoy hiking, surfing, pedal boats, climbing towers, biking, riding the tourist train and playing endlessly in the many playgrounds of these parks. In addition, for soccer fans, there is the opportunity to book a stadium tour of Germany’s biggest soccer club Bayern Munich.

Furthermore, the city has a city beach, you have several swimming pools, you can visit Sealife and the Hellabrunn Zoo, and it has a cozy downtown where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. Therefore, this is a city you should definitely not miss if you are planning a vacation in Bavaria with kids. If you want to know more about visiting the city of Munich read our extensive blog Munich with kids, where we give you 15 great tips about the city.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

Bavaria with kids #2: Nuremberg

The second largest city in the state of Bavaria is the family-friendly city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg has a large zoo with many large animals such as the polar bear, lion and rhinoceros. There are several playgrounds throughout the zoo and kids can take a tour of the zoo on a small tourist train. A big plus of this zoo is the entrance fee, which is less than half the average price of a Dutch zoo.

In addition, you can visit the Playmobil Funpark in Nuremberg. This entire park is obviously dedicated to Playmobil, and especially for young kids, this is a true play paradise. You obviously have playground equipment, go-karts, rowboats, bouncy castles and kids can play with playmobil to their hearts content here. Like the Nuremberg Zoo, you quickly spend a day at this park for young kids.

Also in this city you have an excellent city park on a large lake where you can play and rent pedal boats. Furthermore, in the city you can visit a castle, go to a railroad museum and see the city’s underground corridor system. If you want more information about this city, check out our blog Nuremberg with kids for extensive information about the activities and sights in this city.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Bavaria with kids #3: Sankt Englmar

Sankt Englmar is a somewhat smaller town in Bavaria than the previous two cities, but even here there is a huge amount to do in the area for families with kids. For example, here you have the Somerrodelbahn, where you not only have several toboggan runs, but also a water course, a large playground, various attractions, lots of climbing equipment, bumper boats, trampolines, a large traffic square and many more activities for kids. There is so much to do here for kids that you can easily spend a day here entertaining yourself during your vacation in Bavaria with kids.

In addition to this huge toboggan run park, you can do other fun activities with the family in this place. For example, there is also a Kletterwald for the older kids, where they can climb and clamber among the trees. After a guide explains how everything works, your kids can follow a course at a certain height among the trees according to age and height. For young kids as young as four, they also have a kids’ trail they can climb.

As in more towns in Germany that surround the forest, Sankt Englmar also has a Waldwipfelpad. Here you walk along a path high among the trees and even have a beautiful view of the Alps. At this path you also have a playground, several animals and a house that stands upside down where you can take funny pictures with your kids. As you can see, you can also easily spend two to three days around this city during your vacation in Bavaria with kids.

Bavaria with kids
Bavaria with kids

Bavaria with kids #4: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

If you want to take a trip back to the Middle Ages in the state of Bavaria, you should visit the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber with your family. Surrounding the medieval city center is a large city wall, which is completely covered and from which you have a great view of the city. During this walk along these city walls, you will also encounter several towers.

The downtown area is also nice to walk around and have some food and drinks on one of the cozy terraces. The downtown area is very photogenic and most tourists take pictures at Plönlein. It has appeared in several of Instagram’s “most instagrammable place” lists before. It also looks beautiful with the towers, the colored houses and the beautiful streets that differ in height from each other. A fun place to take lots of pictures with your family.

Marktplatz is the busiest part of the city by tourists and you can climb the tower of the Rathaus here. The 220 stairs to the top of the tower are fun to climb and you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the city. It is nice to visit this city for half a day with the family, take nice pictures and then you have seen it. Especially if you are near this place, you cannot skip this place.

Bavaria with kids
Bavaria with kids

Bavaria with kids #5: Neuschwanstein Castle

There are more things to do with the family in the state of Bavaria besides these four fun cities. Thus, you have more than fifty castles in this state, some of which you can also visit. Surely the castle that stands out the most from all the castles is Neuschwanstein Castle. This fairytale castle with towers, battlements and carvings looks beautiful and was also the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disney.

You can also see the castle from the inside. From the ticket office, you have several ways to get to the castle on the mountain (walking, bus, carriage). The rooms in the castle look beautiful and a big advantage is that they have Dutch audio with information about the castle. The only drawback is that you are not allowed to take photos inside and keep in mind that you are not allowed to enter the castle with a baby carriage either. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the castle itself check out the castle’s website.

As you can see, you can have a great week in Bavaria with kids. For families who like hiking, you can also take beautiful walks through the mountains. Indeed, in the south of the state of Bavaria you have the Bavarian Alps. These Bavarian Alps border Austria and here you will also find the highest mountain peak in Germany: the Zugspitze of 2,962 meters high. So there is something for everyone in this state in Germany!

Bavaria with kids
Bavaria with kids

Where to sleep in Bavaria with kids

The state of Bavaria covers a fairly large area, so we have listed a number of family hotels in some of the places discussed above. If you are looking for a hotel in another place or other hotels in one of the places below click on this link.


Budget hotel: B&B Hotel Nürnberg-City

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Fackelman

Luxury hotel: Hotel Agneshof Nürnberg


Budget hotel: Hotel Eder

Mid-range hotel: AWA Hotel

Luxury hotel: VI VADI Hotel Bayer 89

To search for other hotels in Bavaria with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

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