Bali with kids: 17 family activities!

A vacation to Bali with kids is top notch! This island of Indonesia is very popular among families with kids and for good reason! Of course the climate is wonderful (even in our summer vacations) but in addition you have enough beautiful nature and culture to enjoy yourself for a few weeks on the island. We visited the island for over a week and list all the fun activities you can do in Bali with kids!

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids: knowing in advance

You can book a trip to Bali with kids just fine and we are sure you will have a wonderful vacation. Still, there are a few things to consider in advance before boarding the plane.

  • Transportation: public transportation is poorly regulated on the island and therefore not really a good option for getting around the island this way. You can rent a car on the island, but often it is cheaper to have a car with driver arranged through your accommodation. You don’t need to have a car at your disposal every day anyway, so for those number of trips around the island, it’s often cheaper to rent a chauffeured car for a few dollars a day. Especially with kids, this is nice.

    You can arrange this on the spot. What we do recommend arranging in advance is transportation from the airport to your accommodation. That’s always nice when you’ve flown for so many hours with your kids, to have someone waiting to take you straight to your hotel.

  • Crowds: keep in mind that Bali is a popular island and it can be quite crowded especially in certain places. On the other hand, this also ensures that there are a huge number of facilities for tourists. In addition, there are still plenty of places in Bali where it is very quiet and where you can enjoy the island.

  • Travel time: the best travel time to visit Bali in terms of weather and temperatures is from April to October. This is because this period is the dry season, making it ideal for exploring Bali with kids. This ensures that parents with kids can visit the island just fine during the summer vacations.
  • Visa: You do not need a visa for Indonesia if you stay in the country for less than 30 days. Just make sure you can show an exit ticket, as they want to be sure you are going to leave the country after 30 days. If you stay longer than 30 days then you do need to arrange a visa for the country.
Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids #1: Ubud

If you spend a vacation in Bali with kids, then a visit to the town of Ubud really cannot be missed. Ubud is in the middle of Bali and we found it to be the nicest place we visited on the island. First, it is fun to visit Monkey Forest Ubud. The entrance fee to the forest is a few euros and the monkeys roam freely in the forest.

It is also possible to buy bananas on site that you can feed the monkeys. Just make sure that you don’t carry things they can take away (like sunglasses, for example) and don’t give your kids the bananas right away, as there can be quite a few monkeys walking up and that can be quite scary for your kid.

You can pay a free visit to the Royal Palace of Ubud and further, it is fun to rent a scooter and explore the area around Ubud this way. Also read the blog Ubud with kids.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Be sure to rent a scooter from a larger party or check with your accommodation to see what a reliable rental is. In addition, make sure you bring an international driver’s license in addition to your regular driver’s license. You can buy these at the ANWB. Also, of course, make sure everyone (including the kids) has a helmet on. In addition, you need to find out about insurance. Some scooters are motorcycles and then you may not be insured both in the Netherlands and Indonesia. Renting a scooter costs quite little and gasoline is also cheap.

For example, in the area around Ubud you can see several rice fields. You have Tegallalang rice field here, which is the most beautiful rice field to see in Bali with kids. These rice fields are about a twenty-minute drive from Ubud. It is also possible to see a nice waterfall from Ubud. The Tegenungan Waterfall is a twenty-minute drive from Ubud and it is also possible to swim at this waterfall.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

A beautiful temple to visit in this area of Bali with kids is the Pura Tirta Empul temple. This is the temple of the holy water spring and locals come here to cleanse themselves in the water. When we visited the temple, it was only for locals, but nowadays tourists are also allowed to enter the water to cleanse themselves here.

Finally, you can visit the elephant cave (Goa Gajah) in Ubud. Definitely fun to take a tour here and, of course, take a picture at the particular cave.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids: Beaches

Most tourists who go to Bali with kids also come here for the island’s climate and beautiful beaches. Of course, there are dozens of beaches all over the island and also plenty of seaside resorts where you can stay with your family. It also depends a bit on what you yourself like as a family.

In the south of the island, the island’s most famous resorts are located near the airport. For example, Kuta is the most famous resort on the island and this is the resort where most of the young people are and where most of the nightclubs and pubs are also located. This may not be the most suitable place for families (or you must love stepping ;)).

Canggu is about ten kilometers from Kuta and this is somewhat the backpacker’s area. There is a different atmosphere here than in Kuta. This is also a great place to take surfing lessons or rent a surfboard for the day. Canggu’s most famous beaches are Berawa Beach, Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach and Pererenan Beach. If you are looking for a place with luxury hotels and resorts, Seminyak is a good option to stay.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Of course, there are also some beautiful beaches you can visit in Bali with kids. For example, in the resorts we just described above you have great beaches with good facilities, but of course there are several more beautiful and fun beaches you can visit in Bali with kids. We briefly list some of the cutest and most beautiful below.

#2 Dreamland Beach: if you are looking for a good beach for surfing, this beach in the south of the island is a good option. The beach is near Kuta and is not very big. The beach has white sand and is situated against a cliff.

#3 White Sand Beach: located in the east of Bali, this beach is a lot quieter than the beaches in the south of the island. You can drive a car all the way to the beach. However, there can be quite a current here, so the sea can be less suitable for kids. You have at the beach several amenities such as sunbeds and some eateries.

#4 Nusa Dua Beach: You can visit this beach in Bali with kids in the south of the island. This beach also offers excellent snorkeling. Around the long stretched beaches you have a number of fine beach clubs, where you can enjoy lunch with the family at noon.

#5 Sanur Beach: at Sanur beach, the wind is generally not strong, so the waves here are not high. This is less for surfing, but obviously fine for families with kids. The facilities here are also good. You can rent sunbeds and there are several nice eateries where you can get something to eat and drink!

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids: Nature

You can also find plenty of places in Bali with kids to explore nature. We list some of these activities and attractions.

#6 Batur Volcano: You can visit several volcanoes in Bali with kids. The most famous volcanoes on the island of Bali are the Agung, Batur and Bratan. The most accessible volcano to visit is the Batur volcano, but this is only suitable for families with older kids. In fact, you can climb to the top of the volcano and from there you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. You can do this only with a guide.

There are many tours offered across the island to the volcano, with most tours leaving in the middle of the night at about 2/ 3 in the morning, so that when the sun rises you are at the top of the mountain. The hike up takes about two hours. Of course, for slightly older kids, going to climb a volcano in the middle of the night is a very cool activity. You may find that if you are at the top of the mountain you will also encounter monkeys (who know that tourists hike up the mountain daily and often carry food with them).

#7 Bali Barat National Park: you can also go hiking in Bali with kids in the island’s rainforest. The Bali Barat National Park is located in northwest Bali and you can spot animals like turtles, iguanas, leopards, buffalo, snakes, tortoises, deer, monkeys, geckos, scorpions and quite large spiders. There are plenty of guides who offer a hike through the national park, and you can also agree with the guide in question what is the ideal hike for your family.

#8 Campuhan Ridge Walk: this is an easy hike you can do in Bali with kids, where you walk on a paved path for about a kilometer and a half, and where you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. You can also take this hike near Ubud. There are plenty of tents on the trail where you can get something to eat and drink along the way.

#9 Rice Terraces: we already described in the piece about Ubud that you can visit Bali’s most famous rice field there: Tegallalang. But there are other rice terraces on the island that are worth visiting and are often a lot quieter. For example, in the east of the island you have the rice terraces of Tirta Gangga. Another very beautiful rice terrace is that Jatiluwih north of Ubud. This is another rice field that is a lot less crowded than the former near Ubud.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids: temples

Of course, in Bali with kids you can also see several temples. Maybe not the first thing kids like right away, but just pick a few things from the whole list of sights that you think would be fun to do with the family and put together a nice program that way. Do keep a few things in mind when visiting temples in Bali with kids.

  • Wear a sarong. This is a type of skirt and is for men and women. At many temples, you can also rent them temporarily before entering the temple. Make sure you dress appropriately, so not too much nudity.
  • Check beforehand to see if you are allowed to take pictures inside the temple. In most temples this is allowed, but without flash.
  • Some temples have a minimum age requirement which may prevent your kids from entering certain temples. Check this carefully before visiting a temple.

We list some beautiful temples.

#10 Pura Besakih: This is the most important and impressive temple complex on the island of Bali. Built against the Gunung Agung volcano, the complex is located in the east of the island. From Ubud, it is about an hour’s drive to the temple by scooter.

#11 Pura Ulun Danu Bratan: This temple is located north of Ubud about an hour’s drive away and is very beautiful on a lake. The temple seems to float because the surface of the water has a reflective effect. Many pilgrims also come to this temple and you pay an entrance fee to enter the complex. It is also possible to take a boat out on the lake in the area and view the temple from the water.

#12 Pura Tanah Lot: This is another beautiful temple to see in Bali with kids. The temple was built as an ode to the god of the sea, and at high tide the entire temple is surrounded by water. At low tide, it is possible to walk toward this temple. You pay a small entrance fee to visit the temple.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Bali with kids: other activities

You have a number of other activities you can do in Bali with kids. We briefly list the best activities below.

#13 Waterbomb Bali: You have several water parks in Bali, but this is the most famous water park on the island. Located in the south of the island, the water park has a number of spectacular slides. It also has a pool especially for the youngest kids with a large playground in the pool. This water park also has a lazy river, where you can take a nice lap through the water park in a tire.

#14 Splash Water Park: this is another water park to visit in Bali with kids. This too is located in the south of Bali and here too they have a number of slides. This park is a lot smaller than Waterbomb Bali, though. The entrance fee is on the high side for what you get at this water park, though.

#15 Dolphin spotting: you can spot these animals in the north of Bali with kids. The town of Lovina offers these tours, but online reviews of the tours are very mixed. For example, there are stories about the boats from the various providers chasing the dolphins, which is obviously not good for the animals that live here. So check carefully in advance exactly which boat you’ll be going with and then weigh up whether you think it’s worth it.

#16 Bali Swing: You can also swing on huge swings above the ravine near Ubud. At this Bali Swing, they have several swings where kids as young as five can swing. You pay a flat fee as admission and then you can stay as long as you want and that includes food and drinks. This organization also organizes raft trips in the area.

#17 Nusa Penida islands: you can take a day trip to this archipelago from Bali. You have beautiful white beaches on this island and also beautiful nature. A beautiful beach to visit here is Kelingking Beach which is beautifully nestled among the rocks. If you want to see both the east coast and the west coast of the island, consider staying one night on the island as well.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids

Where to stay in Bali with kids?

You can stay in Bali with kids just fine. In several places on the island, you have hotels that offer rooms for families with kids. We list the best options in different price ranges for some of the island’s key locations. Press the blue link for more information on that hotel.


Budget hotel: Puri Padma Hotel

Mid-range hotel: Gayatri

Luxury hotel: Arya Arkananta Resort & Spa

For a list of all accommodations in Ubud, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Peneeda View Beach Hotel

Mid-range hotel: Grand Palace Hotel Sanur – Bali

Luxury hotel: Andaz Bali – a Concept by Hyatt

For a list of all accommodations in Sanur, take a look here.


Budget hotel: Wasabi

Mid-range hotel: Puri Canggu Villas & Rooms

Luxury hotel: THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa

For a list of all accommodations in Canggu, take a look here.

Bali with kids
Bali with kids
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