Bali with baby

Can you take a trip to Bali with baby? Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island where you can definitely go on vacation with a baby. The climate in Bali is wonderful and there is plenty to see. In addition, Bali has plenty of facilities for your family, making it a very good vacation destination. In this blog, we list all the information you need to travel to Bali with your baby and also list several fun destinations you can visit in Bali with the family.

Bali with baby: general tips

If you are traveling to Bali with a baby, there are obviously some things to consider. Here we list some of the things you need to consider.

Flying to Bali with a baby: it is recommended not to fly with a baby until it is about 6 weeks old. If so, your kid must not have been born prematurely, or this will not apply. Even if you are flying to Bali with a baby, it will need a passport. Usually you can fly with a baby for free on airlines.

Just keep in mind that then your baby is usually sitting on your lap and does not have its own chair. If you want to bring a car seat, check with the airline in advance exactly what the rules are. If you are no longer breastfeeding your baby, you will need a bottle of boiled water and powdered milk.

You are usually allowed 10x 100mililiters of liquids on the plane. You can possibly ask the cabin crew to heat the water. Baby food and pumped milk are usually allowed on the plane in larger quantities.

Health care: health care is excellent in Bali, and of course check in advance exactly what vaccinations your baby needs to travel to this island. Make an appointment at the GGD for this and get proper information about which vaccinations your baby needs and which vaccinations it does not need.

Bali with baby

Transportation in Bali: Bali is not a super big island, so distances on the island are not too great. Especially with a baby, it is fine to travel for a short period of time, since most babies sleep at noon. You can rent your own car in Bali, or you can hire a private driver. This seems very expensive, but in Bali this is not so bad.

We had a super driver in Bali, who was also super sweet to our son. If we took a quick photo at a landmark, he watched our son. We paid this driver about 30 euros per day. You have several drivers you can find online who also have a baby seat in the car. Then you don’t have to bring this from the Netherlands.

Stores: obviously you can already bring many products for your baby from home, but in Bali they also have several stores that have products like diapers, baby milk and other baby products. What is handy to bring enough are swim diapers, as we did not come across them in the stores on the island.

It’s also best to bring a UV shirt and something like a hat for your baby from home, since the sun shines brightly in Bali. By the way, you can breastfeed just fine in Bali. This is also done in public by local women and they really do it everywhere.

Bringing a baby carriage: you can bring a baby carriage in Bali just fine, but of course sometimes it can be difficult to walk (if there is no sidewalk, for example). Therefore, bringing a baby carrier for your baby is not an unnecessary luxury, even though it can be warm. You can then choose what is most convenient for you when you are at a particular sight. If you have a car with a private driver, leave the baby carriage in the back if a baby carrier is more convenient locally.

Visa: you need a visa to visit Bali. As long as you do not visit the island for more than 30 days, you can get it on the spot. Still, it can be convenient to apply for this visa online in advance so you don’t have to stand in line for a long time when you arrive in Bali. In general, you do have priority at customs with young kids.

Bali with baby

Best travel time Bali with baby

The average temperature in Bali is always around 30 degrees. The best travel time to visit Bali with baby is from April to October. Of course, keep in mind that the months of July and August are very busy on the island, as that is when the summer vacation of tourists in most Western countries is.

So Bali does have a rainy season, but usually that is also often over after a good shower! We visited Bali with our baby in November, so it was officially rainy season then, but we barely had a shower. So you can also have excellent luck with the weather in Bali during certain months of the rainy season.

Sightseeing Bali with baby

#1 Sanur

We had booked a private villa with a private pool in the town of Sanur. We found this really ideal with a small baby who still sleeps most of the day. We are staying with our son in Sanur at Mahagiri Villas. For more information on these private pool villas in Sanur, take a look here.

Sanur is a nice coastal town with beautiful sandy beaches, lots of restaurants and stores! If you’re traveling with a baby in Bali, it can also be nice not to plan too much and just spend all day lounging by the pool and taking a quick tour of the city center. In Sanur, you can do this just fine!

Be aware that the streets of Sanur and especially sidewalks are not very buggy-friendly ( high sidewalks and lots of bumps in the road ). What was also nice for our son was that there was always a breeze in Sanur along the coast. So we were also able to stroll along Sanur beach! We already wrote about the destination Sanur in the blog: Sanur with kids.

Bali with baby

#2 Kuta

Kuta is another place on the coast of Bali where you can have a great time with your baby. You can also spend a great day at the beach here. In addition, you can enjoy fine dining and shopping here. We drove on to the Bukit Peninsula with our private driver after visiting Kuta. This stretch of Bali has a pristine rugged coastline with many high cliffs and many beautiful viewpoints!

In this part you also have very beautiful beaches that are great to visit with a baby. We went to 2 well-known beaches in this area: Pantai Pandawa and Pantai Padang Padang. These are very beautiful sandy beaches with super clear blue water and so highly recommended! What we especially liked about these beaches is that they were quite easy to reach by car. So ideal if you want a day at the beach in Bali with a baby.

Kuta with baby

#3 Tegallagang rice fields

When you are in Bali, of course you want to visit the beautiful rice fields that dot the island. We visited the Tegallagang rice fields near Ubud. The distance from Sanur to Ubud is about 1.5 hours and this is an excellent sleep break for a baby. You drive from Sanur already via a very beautiful route through a lot of rice fields towards the Tegallagang rice fields.

You have a beautiful view of these green fields at these rice fields. What is also nice if you are traveling with a baby in Bali is that there is also a restaurant (Café Dewi) near these rice paddies with of course the necessary facilities. By the way, you can also have a great lunch at this restaurant. In addition, you can take really wonderful long walks through the beautiful rice fields here, but this didn’t seem very ideal for now with a baby, so we kept it to a small round.

Bali with baby

#4 Monkey Forest

A fun activity to do in Bali with a baby is to visit the Monkey Forest. You can walk through this forest with a stroller just fine, and of course the monkeys are interesting to watch with a baby. Our son Lev absolutely loved the monkeys and thus preferred to sit on the arm rather than in the stroller.

We didn’t think it was too bad about how brutal the monkeys were in this forest, but of course you have to be careful not to get too close. Of course, you don’t want your baby to be bitten by a monkey. The entrance fee to this forest is €4 per person and for your baby you pay no entrance fee. So a great low budget activity in Bali with kids!

Bali with baby

#5 Jatiluwih rice fields

Another rice field we visited in Bali with our son are the Jatiluwih rice fields. We first wanted to visit the Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple, but unfortunately you are not allowed to enter here with a baby. So we visited these rice fields but and it was certainly not a punishment. The rice fields here are a little less touristy than in Ubud, so it was a lot quieter.

These rice fields were about 1.5 hours away by car from Sanur, so this drive was another ideal nap for our son. You can visit these rice fields for free.

So, as you can see, you can do just fine with some of the sights of the island of Bali without having a huge travel pace. Especially with a baby, it is important that you travel slowly and that you also relax mostly on the island. You can therefore book a vacation to Bali with a baby just fine. In any case, we as a family enjoyed this Indonesian island immensely!

Bali with baby

Spending the night with baby in Bali: some family-friendly hotels

You have great accommodation options for families with young kids at the various destinations in Bali. Here we looked at family-friendly hotels, which have been very well reviewed by the families with kids who have stayed here. We list some options for the different destinations where you can stay in Bali with a baby just fine. Click on the blue link for more information about the respective hotel.

You can stay in Sanur with a baby just fine at the following hotels:

Budget hotel: Parigata Resorts and Spa

Mid-range hotel: THE 1O1 Bali Oasis Sanur

Luxury hotel: Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Among the above options, isn’t there a suitable accommodation in Sanur for you? Then check out the entire list of family-friendly accommodations in Sanur.

You can stay in Ubud with a baby just fine at the following hotels:

Budget hotel: Puri Padma Hotel

Mid-range hotel: Gayatri

Luxury hotel: Arya Arkananta Resort & Spa

For a list of all accommodations in Ubud, take a look here.

You can stay in Canggu with a baby just fine at the following hotels:

Budget hotel: Wasabi

Mid-range hotel: Puri Canggu Villas & Rooms

Luxury hotel: THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa

For a list of all accommodations in Canggu, take a look here.

Ubud with kids

About the author: We are a family of now 4 people! Elise (33), Gert (44), Lev (4) and Vik (3). Our motto is: it’s better to regret things you do, than things you didn’t do! We love traveling immensely and especially to faraway destinations! We can be followed on our Instagram page

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