Amsterdam with kids

Amsterdam with kids, what is there to do in our capital city? That was the question we asked ourselves when we wanted to visit Amsterdam with our daughter. Soon we found out that we couldn’t possibly plan all the fun activities we came across in a weekend. Hence, we visited Amsterdam several times with our little daughter so that we could get a good overview of all the fun activities in Amsterdam with kids. Below is a list of the best activities in Amsterdam with kids.

1. The UPSIDE DOWN amsterdam

You can take kids to no less than three Instagram museums in Amsterdam! The Upside Down Amsterdam is Europe’s largest interactive Instagram museum and is fun for young and older kids (and, of course, parents ;)).

Influencer Anna Nooshin’s still-new Instagram Museum features twenty-five rooms with different sets and art installations that make for hilarious photos. Central to this is that in most photos it looks like you are floating or glued to the ceiling.

Our daughter absolutely loved it because it seems like one big playground in every room. She was therefore less concerned with taking pictures, than the teenagers who were also frequently walking around. She especially enjoyed playing in the different rooms. Of course, we did take pictures of our daughter in the meantime.

When you walk in, you get a card with a QR code, which you can have scanned in various areas and have your kids photographed by professional cameras as they jump on a trampoline under an ice cream cone. The photos will then be sent to your email within 24 hours. The museum itself has plenty of staff members who can help you get your photos taken.

In addition, you can also take many pictures yourself in the museum with your phone or camera. In doing so, the spaces are all set up to take cool photos that you can share on Instagram, among other things, because of the bright colors, mirrors, weird patterns on the walls and the sight gags that make you look upside down.

We didn’t really know beforehand what to expect, but quickly found that we really enjoyed it. The museum looks super new and it really is an experience for the whole family. So we spent an entire morning with our daughter and think this is one of the best children’s activities in Amsterdam.

Especially the ball pit with more than 80,000 see-through balls, the costume booth (where dozens of outfits hung) and the disco area where you can have a kind of silent disco in a too-crazy room were very popular with our daughter. At times we really had to tell people we had to go through and that other people also wanted to take pictures at the place where we were.

So as far as we are concerned, we really recommend it when you visit Amsterdam with kids for a few days.

For more information on tickets to the museum click here.

Amsterdam with kids

2. This is Holland!

We must honestly confess that we did not know this landmark in Amsterdam until we read the positive reviews in various blogs about this experience. And we can only agree that this really is a great fun children’s activity in Amsterdam that is also educational. Our daughter really loved the final Flight Experience and wanted another right away. She was still talking about it all day in Amsterdam ;).

The Flight Experience is what this activity is all about, of course, and there is a build-up to this experience. The experience is actually divided into three different areas.

Before you are picked up to enter these rooms, you can play an online quiz with all kinds of questions about the Netherlands. Consequently, the entire experience is dedicated to the Netherlands.

In the first room, you are shown a film about the origins of the Netherlands. Especially that our country was created in the midst of water is the focus here. Water has its advantages and disadvantages for the Netherlands is the focus here.

In the following space, you’ll get a sneak peek about the various locations you’ll be flying over in today’s Netherlands. In itself quite instructive we must say.

And then about the experience itself. We found it somewhat similar to the spectacular attraction at Disney Orlando: the world of Avatar, where people often have to wait in line for at least 3 hours.

You fly as it were throughout the Netherlands, passing by 22 highlights of our country, such as the Zaanse Schans, the Veluwe and the Amsterdam canals. The funny thing is that you really feel like you are flying. You are then also completely seated in a kind of chair that you normally have in roller coasters. This involves the use of effects such as scent, wind and mist, adding to the experience’s realism.

This makes this 9-minute flight really cool and definitely recommended to do in Amsterdam with kids.

Note: It is for kids 4 years and older who are at least 100 cm tall. Kids younger or smaller, pregnant women and people with heart problems are not allowed to take seats in this Flight Experience.

For more information on opening hours and tickets, click here.


The WONDR Experience is the second instragram museum you can visit with kids in Amsterdam. The WONDR Experience is also all about taking fun photos and also links to the social media platform Instagram. Again, you can take nice pictures in different rooms. There are also cameras from WONDR here in several rooms and by scanning a QR code you can get the photos right in your mail.

For kids up to 14 years old, you have special times when they are welcome. In total, you have 1.5 hours to walk the entire route through the various spaces. Afterwards, you can have a drink at Pink Beach. This beach including terrace is all about the color pink and even the sand of the beach is this color.

Again, we took many fun pictures with the family and if you enjoy taking funny pictures with and of your kids then this activity definitely belongs on your list of fun things to do in Amsterdam with kids. We wrote the blog WONDR Experience with kids about this fun activity . For tickets to WONDR Experience, take a look here.

WONDR experience with kids

4. NEMO Science Museum

We had never been to a science museum abroad before. We must honestly confess that we are not normally this into museums with our daughter. Maybe we missed a lot abroad, because we really liked NEMO a lot. It’s also highly recommended when the weather is less than ideal during your city break in Amsterdam with kids.

Nemo is all about science and kids can do lots of experiments which is obviously a lot of fun.

The museum has 5 different floors. You start on the second floor and eventually you will end up on the fifth floor if all goes well. Each floor also has a different theme.

The second floor is themed Phenomena, and here kids can experience how science works. For example, you can make big bubbles here, see how electricity works and there are dozens of other experiments that kids can do. We also saw a show here, in which all kinds of experiments were done by a museum employee, with the kids sitting breathlessly watching.

The second floor is dedicated to technology. Kids can see the whole process of purifying water here, can build a bridge and can do logistics experiments. In addition, you can take a funny photo with your kids in which it looks like your kids are taller than you are.

The third floor is dedicated to the elements. Learn all about planets and do experiments in a laboratory. The age limit here is from 6 years old, but our 5-year-old daughter was still allowed to do experiments under our supervision. Very fun to do with your kids.

The fourth floor was devoted to the human body. Again, all kinds of experiments could be done regarding the human body.

On the fifth floor is the restaurant and outside is another small section which is about energy.

We had a great time here for an entire morning and ended up having a healthy lunch on the fifth floor as well, with a nice view of the city of Amsterdam. We wrote about this science museum in Amsterdam the extensive blog NEMO Amsterdam, where you can learn more about the museum.

For more information on tickets just here.

Amsterdam with kids

5. Fun Forest Amsterdam

You can also go climbing in Amsterdam with kids. This climbing park in the Amsterdam forest in Amstelveen has ten different climbing courses.

Children from six years old with a height of at least 110 cm are allowed to do two courses in the climbing park, for kids from eight years old with a minimum height of 130 cm there are even eight courses they can do with or without adult supervision, and if you are 12 years old and at least 150 cm tall you can do all ten courses in the park.

Our six-year-old daughter is about 120 cm, so we did the first two courses, which we enjoyed very much. There is a lot of variety in the courses and for our daughter these courses were also high enough (course 2 is already at four meters).

In total, the activity lasted two hours. The great thing about this activity is that you can do this with young and with older kids. It is also fun for adolescents to climb (some courses go up to a height of 15 meters even).

We really enjoyed our children’s outing in Amsterdam with our daughter and will definitely come back again when our daughter is a little bigger and we can climb the other courses as well. For more information about this climbing park, read our blog Climbing Fun Forest Amsterdam with kids.

Climbing park Fun Forest Amsterdam with kids

6. The Amsterdam Dungeon

If you are looking for a fun activity in Amsterdam with kids, where you can enjoy a good scare, then you should definitely go to The Amsterdam Dungeon! We didn’t really know where we were going at first, but we found it really super fun!

The website states that The Amsterdam Dungeon is a unique and thrilling attraction that drags you into the most hair-raising moments of the past. This text did make us curious about what we were seeing here.

And so, on a weekday during the vacations, we found ourselves in front of this attraction. The website indicates that the attraction is suitable for kids ages 10 and up, and our daughter is seven, so we hesitated for a while whether she would find it too exciting.

Ok, it was very exciting for our daughter, but for the most part she found it very fun exciting. She was so impressed with the actors that she was still talking about them days later. Especially the actor who told the visitors he would knock the teeth out of their mouths ;).

Because The Amsterdam Dungeon uses different actors, you get a show of sorts in 10 different rooms in the building. In total, you’re in for an hour, walking from room to room. The interaction between the audience and the actors is very nice and at many moments they scare you quite a bit.

It’s actually kind of like a big haunted house, where you are entertained for an hour and you have a lot of scare moments. Because you do not know where you are going each time, it is exciting every time where you end up.

For families who love haunted houses, this is the ideal attraction if you are taking a city trip to Amsterdam with kids. The Amsterdam Dungeon is located right in the center, making it easily accessible.

We really thought it was a tremendously fun children’s activity in Amsterdam and because we didn’t really know beforehand what we were going to see, we were really positively surprised. For tickets, check here.

Amsterdam with kids

7. the vondel park

If you are in Amsterdam with kids you must also visit the Vondelpark and how fun is this to do by bike.

We had rented a cargo bike and a regular bike for two days through MacBike (which has several points around the city) and rode from sight to sight.

Our daughter absolutely loved this. She could look around wonderfully from the cargo bike’s cargo box, have the occasional drink and snack, and was transported like a princess from A to B. We also found it a very pleasant way to get around the city because you can just see a lot of the city in a short time and it’s also just nice to be active.

The vondelpark has several playgrounds and especially with kids it is fun to have a break here. Especially in summer, it is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

In the Vondeltuin (southern tip of the Vondelpark) is restaurant with playground in Amsterdam for young and old. It has climbing frames, a huge sandbox, and a slide. Here you can have a drink while your kids are playing happily.

Amsterdam with kids

8. Artis Zoo

If you want to go to the zoo in Amsterdam with kids you can! The Artis Zoo is located in the center of Amsterdam, making it easily accessible. We were able to get there on foot from our downtown hotel.

Artis is a city zoo and thus not super big, but we had a great time there for an entire afternoon. Consequently, there are quite a few animals to admire in the zoo. We always like to admire the big animals like the elephants and lions, but there is also a wonderful Aquarium in one of the indoor enclosures with lots of sea creatures.

You can also play a lot at this zoo in Amsterdam with kids. For kids, there are several playful elements created throughout the zoo, such as a rock climbing path and several stone animals for kids to climb on. For kids, the zoo regularly hosts workshops. When we were there, dozens of kids were doing an animal painting workshop.

Slightly behind the elephants is a large playground, which our daughter loved. This is a good addition for families with kids who want to visit the zoo. Here the kids can have a good time.

When it comes to food and drink, you won’t be short of anything at Holland’s oldest zoo either. Throughout the zoo are various stalls with food and drinks. So you have a restaurant, café, French fry shop and various take-out counters in the zoo.

Inside the Planetarium is a huge cinema screen where the children’s show Planet Sock is running. This fun children’s film lasts 25 minutes and is shown several times a day.

We wrote about this Amsterdam zoo the extensive blog zoo Artis Amsterdam, with lots of information and photos about this zoo.

Amsterdam Zoo

9. Maritime Museum

Het Scheepvaartmuseum is an Amsterdam museum that is definitely geared toward kids. When you enter the museum you arrive at a sort of plaza and then there are three different wings (North, East and West) where you can go. In the square itself, kids can create paintings based on different photos that will then be hung on the wall there.

A simple example of how to make a museum fun even for young kids. Anyway, our daughter totally enjoyed this and made two paintings. In addition, there is a very complicated task of folding a boat with a sheet of paper, which we saw most parents with kids struggle tremendously with ;).

We liked the west wing best with our daughter because this is where the story of the whale is told. There is a huge whale that you can walk in and here are some things that kids can do, like some kind of computer game where they have to drive a whale.

The east wing is not super interesting for kids. The museum here now does have a Virtual Reality show, where kids as young as 8 with VR glasses on “fly” through the time of ships in 6 minutes. This is a nice addition to this east wing though and makes it attractive to visit this wing with older kids as well. This VR reality show is available every 15 minutes. For the rest, you will find mostly paintings, atlases and navigational models.

At the North Wing, you have access to a copy of an old VOC ship from the 18th century. Inside the ship, you get an idea of how things used to be on the ship.

We found the Maritime Museum to be an excellent visit, as we could enter for free with the Museum Annual Card. We thought our five-year-old daughter was still just a little too young for the museum. You can entertain yourself quite a few hours here, but if you only have a day in Amsterdam with kids, it would not be the first attraction we would go to with our daughter.

For ticket information, click here.

Family-friendly museums in Amsterdam

10. The Rijksmuseum

One of the most famous museums to visit with kids in Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum. Despite the fact that the Rijksmuseum might not be the first museum you’d go to in Amsterdam with kids, we think this museum should definitely be on the list of things to see in Amsterdam with kids.

What we find an advantage of the Rijksmuseum is that you don’t have to see the whole museum, to see all the masterpieces together. In fact, these are all in the gallery of honor. This allows you to visit the museum in three quarters of an hour and still have seen all the masterpieces.

In addition, a big advantage is that kids up to 18 years old can visit the museum for free.

For the youngest kids, the museum has created a family guide, which is kind of fun for kids. There is some kind of scavenger hunt in it, kids can scratch, smell and put stickers. Our daughter absolutely loved this guide, and even after we visited the museum, we still had a low-key way to introduce her to Dutch art from earlier times at home.

For more information on Rijksmuseum tickets, click here.

Rijksmuseum with children

11. Canal tour

A visit to Amsterdam with kids isn’t complete until you’ve taken a canal cruise. Most tours take about 1 hour.

This is also a great spend if you have already spent all day walking around the city and want to take a break while viewing Amsterdam from the water.

There are several companies where you can book a canal cruise in Amsterdam with kids:

  • Lovers: this is where we had booked our cruise, as we still had a coupon for this. One of the pick-up points is near Amsterdam’s central train station. This tour lasts an hour, and with a five-year-old, that was just enough. You will be given earplugs with the cruise, so you will get all kinds of information about the places you pass during the cruise. Very nice to learn a little more about the city.
  • Canal Cruise Amsterdam: basically the same concept as Lovers. Be sure to check out the different airlines to see if they have offers and what the boarding points are. Then when you are setting up a program you can take that into account!
  • Blue Boat kids tour: on this tour of Amsterdam with kids, you’ll go on an adventure with Sjonnie the Amsterdam mouse and kids will be given audio and an assignment booklet and pirate viewers.

12. Amsterdam Arena

If your kids are soccer fans, then a visit to the Amsterdam Arena is a suitable option. You can book a tour of this stadium in Amsterdam with kids here.

Almost every day this is possible several times a day. During the tour, you will visit special areas of the stadium where you are not normally allowed, such as the locker rooms, the players’ tunnel and get to take a look along the field.

For more information on tickets and tour times click here.

Of course, you can also check for an Ajax game during your visit to Amsterdam with kids. Then check out the club’s website.

13. The Amstel Park

If you are looking for a fun city park in Amsterdam with kids, the Amstelpark is definitely a fun activity. It is also one of the free children’s activities in Amsterdam!

This park has the largest outdoor playground in Amsterdam and we found it to be a really nice park to spend a few hours like this. Besides the playground, there is also a little train running, you have bumper boats, excavators and dirigible boats that you can use if you pay a playground coin.

It’s also just fun to walk through the park and in some parts the kids can also play in the woods. There are also animals to admire here and there in the park, such as goats and deer. You can park your car in front of the park for free on weekends, and the park offers several dining options and a restaurant. In short, a completely free children’s activity in Amsterdam!

14. RTXP Amsterdam

RTXP Amsterdam is an Art Experience in Amsterdam that has not been open that long. In the museum you will find all kinds of famous paintings by world-famous painters that have been reproduced here. You have a collection of beautiful artworks here, the real ones of which you can see all over the world.

Located in the de Pijp district, this museum is also a fun children’s activity in Amsterdam. In the museum, there are all kinds of objects and dolls hidden around the works of art that the kids can look for and check off on the sheet they are given at the museum. Meanwhile, parents can look around the museum. Our daughter thought this scavenger hunt was super fun to do!

You will find replicas of paintings such as the Night Watch, the Girl with the Pearl Earring, Hieronymus Bosch’s famous triptych and the Birth of Venus in the museum. In total, we were inside this museum in Amsterdam for about an hour. For more information about this museum, check out the RTXP Amsterdam website.

Children's activity Amsterdam

15. Amsterdam forest

If you want to get out in nature with kids in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam forest is a fun option! You have enough to do here to entertain the family for at least half a day. At the Amsterdam forest you can park your car for free. With that, the Amsterdam forest can also join the list of free children’s activities in Amsterdam.

We parked the car in Meerzicht parking lot (near Meerzicht farm) and there was plenty of parking here as well.

In the Amsterdam forest you have the big pond, where you can rent pedal boats and where there is a play island with all kinds of play equipment on the water. Our daughter loved taking the ferry across each time by pulling the rope and pulling the ferry from one end to the other.

Especially in the summer when kids don’t mind getting wet, this play island is a really fun family activity. Of course, kids may get wet then, so be sure to bring extra clothes. You also have a cable car over the water, which will obviously delight kids.

After playing by the water for a while, we walk on to goat farm Ridammerhoeve. During this short walk, we also pass a playground for smaller children and a large public pool (where kids can play in the summer). Goat Farm Ridammerhoeve has a large terrace, where you can enjoy lunch while the kids are playing on the grounds. There are also goats and chickens running loose on the property.

Near this goat farm, you also have a play maze for kids. This doesn’t amount to much, but is fun to stroll through. Another option for lunch or a drink is farmhouse Meerzicht. Again, they have a large playground on site.

If you go by both farms mentioned here, you can have a day of fun in this Amsterdam forest during a city break to Amsterdam with kids in summer. Read our blog Amsterdam forest with kids for more information.

16. Youthland

If your kids love building and carpentry then Jeugdland Amsterdam is a really fun outing. This nature playground in the north is also a free children’s activity in Amsterdam, and it seems like a village in itself. In fact, a section of the site has been filled with wooden pallet houses by kids.

You also see kids everywhere using hammers and nails to further complete certain structures. We had never seen this anywhere else and have to say that we really enjoyed walking around it. Our daughter Sophie did not build herself, but really enjoyed climbing on the various structures several meters high. Of course, however, kids should be careful not to get stuck with their clothes behind nails.

Amsterdam with kids

17. East Park

You can go to quite a few parks in Amsterdam with kids, and the Oosterpark in the city is also a really nice park, where you can definitely have a few hours of fun with the family!

We visited the park on a Sunday and this allowed us to park the car for free along the road near the park (the other days you have to pay here). So for Sunday, this is a free children’s activity in Amsterdam. In the park we saw a motley crew of people. People were dancing, playing sports and having drinks in groups and we really liked the atmosphere in the park.

You can also play with kids in this Amsterdam city park. In the park you have two playgrounds sitting near each other. In one of these playgrounds, you have a piece of playground equipment that looks kind of like a roller coaster. There is also a skate track in the park, where many young people were practicing tricks on skateboards.

In addition, you also have a soccer field lying around. We were there by the afternoon and had dinner at the Tropen hotel Amsterdam. Here you can sit on the terrace overlooking the Oosterpark.

You also have the wading pool here, where kids can play by the water. This park is also a great place to take a stroll through during a city break to Amsterdam with kids. You have plenty of bridges and paths to walk.

Amsterdam with kids

18. The Savage West

That you can also get into green surroundings in Amsterdam with kids is evident at Woeste Westen. This is a kind of play forest near Westerpark. We visited this play forest in a weekend getaway to Amsterdam along with the Amsterdam Forest and saw a whole different side of Amsterdam.

Whereas with Amsterdam you often think of the big busy city, in the Woeste Westen you really feel as if you are just completely away from the big city and really in nature.

In the Wild West, you have several sections where there is water and they have made play equipment over it. There are slides, there is a pond and a cable car, as well as several cabins where kids can play. We ended up enjoying ourselves here for an hour or two.

You can park your car cheaply nearby at SDZ soccer club, after which it is a few minutes’ walk to the play forest. You can also combine a visit to Woeste Westen with a visit to Westerpark.

In fact, you can play very well in this park in Amsterdam with kids. This park is a few minutes away from this play forest and in this park you also have two playgrounds located. You also have several terraces here where you can get something to eat and drink. If you want to visit a play forest in Amsterdam with kids, this is definitely a fun option.

19. Fabrique des Lumières

A very special art exhibition is Fabrique des Lumières. We got a tip from a follower of our Instagram channel that Fabrique des Lumières was a cool activity to go to and so we booked tickets for the Saturday morning for these exhibits. Fabrique des Lumières is located in the 19th-century gas factory in Westergas and made this a very special exhibit.

The exhibition we saw here was centered on the artist Dali and the show in the factory is wonderful. Through light and sound, they illuminate all the walls and floor of the factory and a kind of story about this world-famous artist plays out, so to speak. They did that in a wonderful way and our daughter was also very impressed with the entire exhibit.

In this factory you have three different exhibits to view and in total we are inside for an hour. It is quite difficult to describe this activity in Amsterdam that is also definitely suitable for kids, but on the Fabrique des Lumières website you will already get a good impression of what to expect. For families, they also have special discounted rates! So for an impression, as well as tickets, check out the Fabrique des Lumières website.

Children's activities Amsterdam

20. Body Worlds Amsterdam

You can take kids to many different types of museums in Amsterdam. Body Worlds Amsterdam is another very different museum from what you are normally used to.

Located right in the center of Amsterdam, Body Worlds is all about the human body. Beforehand, we didn’t really know if this would be what for our six-year-old daughter, but it certainly was. Upon entering, she is given a packet of tasks to solve on the different floors of the museum.

We initially thought all those real bodies would scare our daughter, but that was not the case at all. In addition, it was also interesting for us as parents. All kinds of other aspects of the physical body also pass through this museum such as nutrition. Thus, they show in a very clear way what families in different countries now eat on average per month and that there are great differences in this between countries.

Also, at the end of the exhibition, it is possible to have another body scan of your own body and you will receive an explanation of the results from a Bodyworlds staff member. For more information on tickets, take a look here.

In addition to this village made of wooden pallets, kids can also play with the playground equipment located across the grounds, such as a giant slide. There will also be an opportunity to get something to eat and drink. Because it’s on the outskirts of town, you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of a busy city here.

Amsterdam with kids

21. Ripley’s believe it or not

How can we properly describe this attraction in Amsterdam with kids? We wondered about that when we visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Amsterdam. Located right in the center of the city near Dam Square, this attraction has hundreds of distinct and unusual objects to view. You come across all kinds of crazy things here that you almost can’t believe exist.

In all, Ripley’s Amsterdam has five different floors and as many as 600 crazy exhibits. From entry into this museum of curiosities, there is much for kids to see. For example, there is the tallest man in the world, kids can stick their face into some kind of wall with pins to see the shape of the face, and there is some kind of large robot that is up to two stories tall.

At the museum, they also have several selfie spots, where you can take fun photos with the family. There is also a section where all kinds of torture devices from the Middle Ages can be seen and you can choose to walk a scary route or a less scary route. Our daughter obviously wanted to do the scary route and for a six-year-old it is also perfectly doable.

What we really liked about the museum is that it also plays shenanigans on you in certain places, but for that you have to go visit the museum yourself! For more information tickets, take a look here.

22. Moco museum

Another museum you can visit in Amsterdam with kids is the Moco museum. The Moco Museum is the museum of modern art and street art. We ourselves love street art immensely and always like it when a city offers a street art tour.

When we visited the museum, there was just an exhibition of the famous artist Banksy. His street art and paintings are world famous, and perhaps his most famous artwork is the one that went through the shredder after it was auctioned off.

In an old historic building, you walk past the art pieces in different rooms on different floors. We really enjoyed looking at Banksy’s exhibit and our daughter also paused from time to time to look at the various artworks.

The most fun part of the museum for kids is in the basement of the museum. Here you have all kinds of brightly lit rooms, where it seems like you are in a whole other world. You can take fun photos with your kids here! Be sure to visit the museum early so it is not so crowded yet and you can take pictures at your leisure.

In total, you should allow for about an hour here inside the museum during your visit to Amsterdam with kids. For kids under 12, admission is free! For tickets, check here.

Amsterdam with kids

23. De Mirandabad

If you are looking for a fun pool in Amsterdam with kids, the tropical swimming paradise De Mirandabad is one of the nicest options in town. This pool is fun to visit in the summer months as well as the winter months. In fact, it has both an indoor and outdoor pool.

When we were there in October, the outdoor pool was closed and we spent an entire morning having a great time in the indoor pool. Nice and warm, several slides and also a small wellness area there. So we sat with the whole family in a nice warm private hot tub.

It is also possible to have something to eat at the pool in Amsterdam with kids. You should think of fries, sandwiches and snacks that you can order here. Outside are also several pools with different slides. It is a public pool, so the entrance fee is only a few euros per person.

24. Amsterdam Public Library

You may wonder why we include the Amsterdam Public Library in our list of fun outings in Amsterdam with kids, but there is plenty to do at this library! Also, it is a free children’s activity in Amsterdam. The library is near the city’s central train station, and you can walk from the train station to the library in a few minutes.

At the Amsterdam Public Library, the first thing you have is the mouse house. This is a very large house two meters wide and three meters high and has more than 100 rooms. It is funny to take a look at the house, because there is a lot to see. In addition to the mouse house on the children’s ward, there is also an area where kids can get creative. When we were there, there was a Children’s Book Week workshop on different professions.

Our daughter sat here coloring for quite a while and when she finished, her drawing was plastered by a staff member. Kids were also given a cup of lemonade while coloring. In addition, the staff member told us that a dance workshop was scheduled the next day. So check out the library’s website to see what’s on offer for kids if you’re taking a city trip to Amsterdam with kids.

We additionally had a drink in the library’s café. Sophie, meanwhile, was reading a book she had found in the children’s ward and we had a drink. The library is also a great option when the weather in Amsterdam is a little cooler.

25. Tropenmuseum

In our list of activities to do in Amsterdam with kids, the Tropenmuseum is already the tenth museum in this list. We ourselves are not much into museums, but since we could enter for free with the Amsterdam City Card, we visited the Tropenmuseum anyway for our blog about Amsterdam with kids. And we have to say that we liked it more than we had thought beforehand.

The first thing we noticed is that it is a beautiful building in which the museum is located, and certainly the large hall inside the Tropenmuseum impresses. We are immediately given a scavenger hunt to do in the museum by an extremely friendly woman at the box office.

Because it is very hot outside and we are right at the opening, we have the museum almost to ourselves. We still found the scavenger hunt through the museum a bit on the difficult side for our seven-year-old daughter, but she enjoyed looking for the pictures accompanying the tasks.

In the museum you have several interactive sections for kids and especially the part where they have to draw a picture of a doll and then enter it into the computer is very nicely done. The drawing is then projected on a wall, making it seem as if the drawing is hanging in the museum. Very nicely done. Still, we walk through the museum at a reasonable pace until we get to the section on Suriname at the bottom: Sabi Suriname.

Sabi Suriname is a temporary exhibition that will run until the end of next year. These exhibits change all the time, but are geared entirely toward kids. We are taken by an employee of the museum and the kids have to do all kinds of assignments related to the country of Suriname and its various inhabitants in different rooms such as a store, a kitchen and a music room. Very nicely done and we entertained ourselves here for quite a while.

Finally, we participate in the button-making workshop at the museum, which is dedicated to the Keti Koti celebration. Our daughter always enjoys these types of craft workshops! We ended up spending over two hours at the Tropenmuseum. If you are visiting Amsterdam with kids and love exploring all kinds of cultures then this is definitely a fun option. For more information tickets, take a look here.

Amsterdam with kids

26. Amsterdam Lookout

If you want to see Amsterdam with kids from a great height, the Amsterdam Lookout is a fun option. To get there, we take the free ferry across from the central station and after a few minutes’ walk we are in front of the tall tower. We know there are swings on top of the tower where you can swing, but we are surprised by the minimum length they recently lowered.

Where before kids with a minimum height of 130 cm and above were allowed on the swings, this is now 120 cm, which means that our daughter who is about 125 cm tall is suddenly also allowed on the swings. By the way, the swings are not included in the entrance fee and you pay for them separately. We visited the tower with the Amsterdam City Card, so we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee, but we did pay for the swing activity.

First, they take a picture on a bench, then later glue a background behind it. You will be given a photo card and then you can download them through the website afterwards. Then we thought that was neat that you can do this for free that way. Then we take the elevator up, where you get to see a kind of mini disco show in the minute you go up.

Upstairs there is a restaurant (with a view, of course) and also a viewing platform. The view is certainly beautiful, but we did honestly think it was quite a lot of entrance fee for what you get to see. Surely then the skyline of, say, New York is a lot more spectacular.

The activity with the swing, on the other hand, we thought was really cool to do. This one is very short, but our daughter found it both exciting and a lot of fun! Two photos are also taken here and a video that you can also download afterwards. As far as we are concerned, a fun activity in Amsterdam with kids taller than 120 cm!

Amsterdam with kids

27: the drinks boat

If you want to see Amsterdam from the water with kids and have a nice drink in the meantime, the boat tours by the company Bootuitjes are a nice option. We always find the canal tours of Amsterdam’s canals a very nice way to see the city, and if we can have a drink in the process, that’s totally awesome!

We book the Luxury Salon Boat Cruise with drinks and cheese on a Saturday afternoon and we are extremely lucky with the weather. The weather is beautiful and the roof of the boat can be largely opened, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine. A skipper and a guide/host will be present on the boat to entertain clients for 1.5 hours.

Always nice to see how many nationalities visit our country. We are on a boat with people from Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Italy and a bachelor group of women from Moldova. Our guide is from Brazil and in no time it is a convivial atmosphere on the boat. We take a nice tour of Amsterdam’s canals and of course there is plenty to see along the way!

For Sophie, though, the highlight of this boat trip was that she got to drive the boat with the captain of the boat. Nice that the boat also caters to kids. Surely that makes it as a fun children’s outing in Amsterdam. For a list of the different boat tours the company offers, take a look at the boat trips website.

28. treasure hunt through the Jordan River

You can visit plenty of different neighborhoods in Amsterdam with kids, and the Jordaan is perhaps one of Amsterdam’s most famous. The neighborhood is close to the city’s central train station and it is possible to take a street art scavenger hunt through this famous Amsterdam neighborhood.

You can order the scavenger hunt online and then you can pick up the goodies at Mr. B.’s office. Mokum in the Jordaan. You are given a bag here and in the bag is something to drink and something to eat and a sheet with a scavenger hunt. Here you can determine the route yourself, since there is no fixed route. Therefore, in some places it is really hard to search where you can find the street art, since some street art is not very big and sometimes a little hidden.

We found it a fun way to explore the neighborhood. We were struck by how many cozy cafes and restaurants you actually have in this neighborhood, and along the way we also came across several playgrounds. On average, you will spend about 2.5 hours if you want to find all the street art, but of course, like us, you can walk only part of the route. In total, you’ll easily take over 10,000 steps with this activity in Amsterdam with kids, so in that respect it’s a sporty activity too!

Amsterdam with kids

29. Rembrandt Park

That you can visit plenty of fun parks in Amsterdam with kids we already knew, but still we always try to find a new fun city park during a city trip to the capital. And Rembrandt Park also turns out to be a very nice park with plenty to do for kids. For example, here you have the Landje in the middle of the park on an island, where there are all kinds of things for kids to do. This is another free children’s activity in Amsterdam.

Kids can work with wood and other materials at the Landje and build cabins here. In addition, there are several play equipment on this play island and it is also possible for kids to take a ride on a pony. Just when we were there there was some kind of festival going on and there were also all kinds of nostalgic games the kids could do and a puppet show.

Besides this play island, you have another playground in the park in two different places. At the one playground, there is also a small petting zoo attached to it, but we didn’t think that was a big deal. The other playground is definitely fun to visit for a while if you visit this park in Amsterdam with kids.

By the way, we were there on a very hot day and the park was very crowded. We saw many families playing games and barbecuing on the lawns in the park. You will also find an outdoor pool in the park, with two different pools and a small playground. Ideal when the weather is warm to spend a few hours swimming here during your city break to Amsterdam with kids.

30. Amsterdam Beach

You can also take kids to the beach in Amsterdam. The first time we came across the term Amsterdam Beach on a map of Amsterdam, we actually had to laugh really hard.

In fact, by Amsterdam Beach, the makers of the map mean the seaside resort of Zandvoort. Because we think it sounds more appealing to tourists to call this beach the Amsterdam beach, that is how Zandvoort is represented on various tourist maps.

Zandvoort is the closest beach from Amsterdam and by car it takes about forty minutes to drive from the center to the beach. By public transportation, it is about fifty minutes. Zandvoort aan Zee actually has a train station, making it easy to take the train to this seaside resort from Amsterdam with kids.

Zandvoort beach is spacious, clean and has fine sand. Zandvoort has a small but cozy center with several stores and restaurants. In addition, you have some excellent beach bars on the beach where you can grab a bite to eat and a drink. In that regard, the resort has all the facilities you need for a nice day at the beach with the family.

If during a city break to Amsterdam with kids you feel the need to go to the beach, Zandvoort is a very good option. A second beach you could possibly visit, which is almost the same distance away is Bloemendaal aan Zee. Here the center is slightly smaller, but the beach is almost the same.

Amsterdam with kids

31. Amsterdam The Style Outlets

Of course, you can shop everywhere in Amsterdam with kids. The downtown shopping area is huge and you also have several shopping options outside the center. Surely one of the most family-friendly shopping malls is Amsterdam The Style Outlets. Throughout this mall (which, by the way, is outdoors) you have activities for kids.

For example, here you have different kinds of funny graffiti on the ground that give a 3d effect, there is a basketball court, a foosball table, a ping pong table and you can play four in a row on a life-size game. In fact, it was so bad that Mom finished shopping before our daughter finished playing.

What is a downside of this outlet is that we did not find the brands very special and we found the discounts a bit disappointing. But it is an ideal mall to take your kids to, as there is plenty of entertainment for kids as well. This outlet is a 15-minute drive from downtown Amsterdam. This is another free children’s activity in Amsterdam, as long as you make sure not to buy anything ;).

32. Sloterplas

One area that is fun to visit during a city break to Amsterdam with kids is the Sloterplas. This area lies just outside Amsterdam’s ring road and is a 15-minute drive from the city center. Sloterplas is especially fun to visit in the summer months when the weather is nice. Big advantage is that you can park here for free, which is a rarity in Amsterdam.

There is plenty to do around this Sloterplas to keep you entertained for a half to full day in Amsterdam with kids. For example, there is a fine beach at Sloterplas. When we visited the lake, it was just not warm enough to lie on this beach. Behind Sloterstrand is a small harbor (De Duikelaar) where you can rent a canoe in the summer and explore Sloterplas that way.

In addition, a few minutes’ walk from the Sloterstrand in Amsterdam with kids you also have go swimming. In fact, there is both an indoor and outdoor pool at this pool. The outdoor pool is not super big, but there is a huge playground next to it. Definitely a great pool to visit for a few hours on a hot day in Amsterdam with kids. Also across from the pool is a park with both a nature playground and a petting zoo.

At this petting zoo, they have several animals that you can get close to and the kids can pet the animals. They also have some bikes here that the kids can ride. Next to this petting zoo is a small nature playground, which has a fun pond, climbing equipment and a cable car over the water. We spent a total of about three hours in this area, which could have been a lot longer if it had been warm enough to also visit the beach. This is another free children’s activity in Amsterdam.

34. Rent your own boat

There are many ways to see the city of Amsterdam from the water with kids, and we have been on several canal tour boats, but we have long wanted to take a boat out on the canals ourselves. Especially during the summer months, you can see dozens of boats with residents and tourists cruising on Amsterdam’s canals, which we always think looks very relaxing.

On the Internet, we came across a boat rental company that rented electric boats, which was located near Amsterdam’s Central Station and where our daughter could also have fun fishing plastic during the cruise. We rented a boat here for two hours on a Sunday morning (for eight people, so these boats are also suitable for larger families) and loved exploring Amsterdam’s canals that way.

Because the canals are quite clear and we were also given a map, we were able to navigate our way through Amsterdam very easily. We love contemplating the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying a boat ride. Our daughter also fished a full plastic bag of trash out of the water, so we also did a good deed.

A fun and also environmentally friendly children’s activity in Amsterdam. For more information on renting a boat, check out Canal Motor Boats or Eco Boats Amsterdam‘s website.

Sailing in Amsterdam with your own boat-

35. Move Amsterdam

Sometimes you still sometimes find yourself searching on the Internet and suddenly come across a children’s activity in Amsterdam that you had never heard of, but ended up being a really fun activity. The Museum Move Amsterdam is one of those. We came across this museum online by chance and so we bought tickets for the kids mobility experience.

By the way, we found the price of the tickets very reasonable and if you are looking for an activity you can do in Amsterdam with kids for little money then this is definitely a great option.

We visit the museum located next to the Olympic stadium on Sunday morning and can park the car (for free!) near the stadium. When the museum opens at ten o’clock we are the first visitors and will remain so until about eleven/ half past eleven. That means we have the entire museum to ourselves.

The museum is about mobility, and kids can learn more about it through a variety of assignments. So you can ride along in a car of the future, you can ride a bicycle through a world what it will look like in the future, you can ride in a formula one car and so there are many other things you can do at this museum.

We ended up spending an hour or two in the museum and our daughter had a great time. There are also a number of fast cars in the museum for those who love them.

36. Park Playground Amsterdam

A fun children’s activity in Amsterdam is a VR experience at The Park Playground in Amsterdam. We got some instructions first and then got to work with VR glasses and some smaller games and experiences. Walking across a plank, where it looks like you are standing on a high apartment building, suddenly seems lifelike with VR glasses! Then we played a big game with the whole family.

We had already done another experience in Eindhoven with our daughter also from the company Park Playground, but also found this experience just like last time really awesome. You see each other and you play an escaperoom with each other, so to speak. Really super fun to do! In total, the entire experience takes about an hour.

Children's activities Amsterdam

37. Clip ‘n Climb Amsterdam

This indoor climbing park had been on our list for a long time, because it looks so cool with all kinds of colored objects you can climb against and so we had reserved tickets a few weeks in advance. Clip ‘n Climb Amsterdam is part of several indoor playgrounds and before we went climbing, we first enjoyed ourselves at Darteldome which is next door.

Darteldome is an indoor playground like you often see and yet again our eight-year-old daughter had a great time. After we played here for two hours, we went to jump in I-Jump’s trampoline park. This trampoline park is a little disappointing to us, because we have been to different trampoline parks before and at I-Jump there are not super many trampolines for our daughter to jump.

Eventually we are all set to climb, but the party still does not go on. Apparently, there had been an unexpected raid by the municipality a day beforehand and the business was not in compliance. Until further notice, the climbing park is closed. Unfortunately for us, since it seemed like a very cool activity. If it is open to the public again soon we will definitely visit again.

What is an advantage of these three children’s activities in Amsterdam together is that it is not quite in the center and you can park your car in front of the door for free. When we visited these three indoor playgrounds in Amsterdam, the weather outside was extremely bad and this was definitely a fun activity to keep us entertained for a few hours.

Other children’s activities Amsterdam

Of course, we ourselves haven’t done everything in Amsterdam either and there are plenty of other things to do in Amsterdam with kids. We still have plenty of reasons to spend several days enjoying ourselves in the capital. Below we list some more tips you can do in Amsterdam with kids:

#37 Micropia: This museum is found on the same grounds as Artis Zoo. It’s a museum for kids ages 8 and up, and it’s about micro-organisms that live in our bodies.

#38 Madame Tussauds: we think posing at wax statues is a bit boring, but reading the various reviews about this attraction, it is still a lot more interactive than just posing with different statues. We imagine it’s a lot more fun for slightly older kids, as they’ll also know most of the celebrities who are there. Also, you seem to have a nice view of the city of Amsterdam on the top floor.

#39 Anne Frank Museum: It is best to visit this museum in Amsterdam with kids who are older. In a previous visit to Amsterdam, we visited this museum and it made a great impression on us. With our five-year-old daughter, we definitely want to visit the museum again, but we will do that when she is a little older and she knows a little more the background of the war. Now we thought it was a little too early for her. Kids up to 9 years old pay only the reservation fee of 1 euro.

#40 Children’s Museum at Jewish Historical Museum: and this is another museum to visit with kids in Amsterdam. This huge museum focuses on Jewish culture. Not all of this will be of interest to kids, but the museum also has a children’s museum right next to the entrance. On the museum’s three floors, of course, kids can learn about Jewish culture, as well as do crafts and play instruments.

#41 Pedalo through Amsterdam’s canals: if you want an active activity in Amsterdam with kids, renting a pedal boat might be an option. The pedal boats are suitable for families of up to four people.

#42 The various playgrounds in Amsterdam: of course, there are also several playgrounds in Amsterdam where your kids can take a break. We have already described some of the playgrounds you can visit in Amsterdam with kids, but of course there are more playgrounds you can visit. For example, you have the Wittenburg and UJ Klaren playgrounds that are also fun to visit. We ourselves have not yet visited these playgrounds in Amsterdam and these playgrounds are still on our list to do.

#43 Eye Film Museum: we still include it in the list of sights Amsterdam with kids, but didn’t really like it at all ourselves. We read quite enthusiastic stories on the Internet about this museum, but we found it mostly very boring. Of course, that could be just us, and who knows, maybe your kids will absolutely love it.

#44 Museum the Canal House: this museum also focuses on the city of Amsterdam. For children, they have a dollhouse here and in the houses kids can also look at. This is a small museum where you can enjoy yourself for about an hour. These are museums that should appeal to you especially as a parent, though, as there are more fun museums in Amsterdam for kids.

Amsterdam with kids

#45 Indoor playgrounds: as in very many cities in the Netherlands, you can visit indoor playgrounds in Amsterdam with kids. They have several where in bad weather you can let your kids take a break:

  • Ballorig
  • Jimmy’s playground
  • Candy Castle
  • Monkey Town Amsterdam
  • Tunfun

#46 Climbing various towers: you can also see Amsterdam from a great height with kids. In fact, the city has three different towers that you can climb with kids and get a great view of the city. Your kids must be at least eight years old, as this is the minimum age required. You can also visit the towers only with a guide. In doing so, you can climb the Zuiderkerkstoren, the Westertoren and the Oudekerkstoren. All three of these towers are located in the center of the city.

#47 Organized bike tour: you can also see the city of Amsterdam with kids with an organized bike tour. The Dutch organization Baja Bikes organizes bike tours of our capital city and also has a bike tour of Amsterdam especially for kids. You’ll cycle in about 2.5 hours past well-known and lesser-known sights of Amsterdam, stopping frequently along the way for explanations of the city. It’s a great first introduction to the city and we really enjoyed this bike tour of Paris! The organization has bikes for kids as young as six, and child seats are available for younger children. For more information on this bike tour of Amsterdam with kids, take a look here.

#48 Snowworld Amsterdam: you can also go skiing or snowboarding in Amsterdam with kids. At Snowworld Amsterdam you can visit 365 days and they have two indoor slopes here with real snow where you can get active with the family.

#49 Race Planet Amsterdam: You can also go go-karting in Amsterdam with kids. For example, kids as young as eight can go karting at Race Planet Amsterdam. Our daughter finds this a great activity to do. However, it is an activity that does not last that long and, of course, it is quite a pricey activity to do with kids in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam with kids: I Amsterdam City Card

If you plan to do many activities in Amsterdam with kids, the I Amsterdam City Card can be beneficial. Here you can choose a card with a validity of 1 to 5 days. The more days you order a card for, the cheaper it becomes. This card gives you unlimited use of public transportation (metro, streetcar and bus) in Amsterdam, as well as access to more than 70 museums and top attractions.

These attractions also include many of the activities mentioned above such as Artis, Nemo Museum, boat tours, bike rentals and the Tropenmuseum. So take a good look in advance at all the things you want to do in Amsterdam with the family and then see if the card will benefit you. For more information visit the I amsterdam City Card website.

Family-friendly Restaurant in Amsterdam

Of course, you have plenty of family-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam. All over Amsterdam there are several pancake restaurants, so when we were in Amsterdam we obviously had to have a pancake here with our daughter. For the rest, of course, there are dozens of eateries with something for everyone. In that regard, finding an eatery in Amsterdam with kids is no problem.

If you want to have lunch in Amsterdam with kids somewhere with a playground, Groot Melkhuis in the Vondelpark is another nice option. It’s self-service though and we’ve had cozier lunches in the past, but it’s nice that it has a playground and also some bouncy castles. A great place in the center of Amsterdam to have a family meal and where the kids can have a good time. Besides, we always like to take a walk around Vondelpark. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Family-friendly hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam with kids: van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Amstel

A nice hotel to stay at during a city break to Amsterdam with kids is the van der Valk hotel Amsterdam Amstel. This hotel is located slightly outside the city center and by car you can get to the hotel from the highway in no time. Because the hotel is within walking distance of a metro station, you can also be in the city center within 15 minutes.

The hotel is very family-friendly partly because of the hotel’s pool and wellness. We ourselves spent a few hours relaxing here with our family during our city trip to the capital.

When it comes to food and drink, this family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam is also the place to be. We had dinner at the hotel in the evening and in the morning we had breakfast at the hotel and this was very good! We wrote about the hotel the blog van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Amstel, in which we give a comprehensive review of the hotel.

Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Amstel

Amsterdam with kids: The Albus Hotel

If you want to stay in the middle of the city center during a city break to Amsterdam with kids, The Albus Hotel Amsterdam is a good option! This luxury hotel is a three-minute walk from Rembrandt Square and has several family rooms for families of four. The friendly staff makes you feel very welcome and in the morning you can have a delicious breakfast there. In any case, you will be in good shape for the food, as the hotel has a restaurant that has won several awards.

If you want more information about this hotel check here.

We also wrote the blog The Albus Amsterdam with kids about this hotel.

Amsterdam with kids: The Unbound Hotel

If you are looking for an accommodation, where you can fully unwind after a full day in the city of Amsterdam with kids, then hotel The Unbound Amsterdam is a must! Located just over a 15-minute drive from the center of Amsterdam, this hotel has several cottages with hot tubs.

We really loved this to sit in our own hot tub at our cottage in the evening and in the morning. In addition, the hotel has a sauna, a private beach and a pedal boat in the shape of a swan.

If you want more information about this hotel check here.

We wrote an extensive review about this hotel, which you can read here.

The Unbound Amsterdam with kids
The Unbound Amsterdam with kids

Amsterdam with kids: Vondice Hotel

If you are looking for a special accommodation during your city break to Amsterdam with kids, then the Vondice Hotel cottage is a very nice option. The cottage is an old water treatment plant that has been completely converted into a luxury accommodation for families in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Amsterdam.

You can park your car in front of the cottage for free, and you also get two bicycles with the accommodation, so you can explore Amsterdam this way too. In addition, the cottage is in a tremendously family-friendly area with plenty of play opportunities for the kids. Because the cottage also has a kitchen and an outdoor seating area, this is a great place to enjoy family meals al fresco after a long day in the city.

If you want more information about this hotel check here.

We wrote the extensive blog Vondice Hotel Amsterdam with kids about it.

Amsterdam with kids: Art hotel Amsterdam

The Westcord Art Hotel in Amsterdam is all about art, and in the hotel you will find all kinds of works by Herman Brood. Besides being very colorful, the hotel is also very fresh and modern. There is plenty to do in the area such as visiting the Woeste Westen, Westerpark and Brediusbad. By public transportation, you can be in downtown Amsterdam in 15 minutes.

The room we booked here was very nice and the room had a separate room for Sophie. Ideal for families with kids, then! In addition, there is a restaurant at the hotel and they serve a delicious breakfast in the morning that is included in the price.

If you want more information about this hotel check here.

For a detailed report on our overnight stay at this hotel read our blog Art Hotel Amsterdam with kids.

Amsterdam with kids: Eden hotel Amsterdam

Located right in the center of Amsterdam on the Amstel River, the Eden Hotel has beautiful attractive family rooms. For most attractions in Amsterdam with kids, you don’t have to walk far or take public transportation. We had booked a spacious room here with sitting area and desk and had a top night here.

There are several restaurants in the hotel, and you also have plenty of choices for food and drink near the hotel.

If you want more information about this hotel, take a look here.

We wrote the blog Eden Hotel Amsterdam with kids about this hotel and you can read it here.

Amsterdam with kids: The Bank Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel in the middle of the Jordaan in the center of Amsterdam, then The Bank Hotel in Amsterdam is a good option. What we liked so much about this hotel is that the hotel is in a lively cozy neighborhood, where there is plenty to do, but when you are in the room there is instant peace and quiet and you don’t notice any of this at all.

The hotel is in an old bank building and has 20 rooms, of which we had booked the family room for four. This was a modern spacious room with a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. Certainly the latter is always a huge plus for the ladies.

If you want more information about this hotel, take a look here.

For a comprehensive review of this hotel, take a look here.

Amsterdam with kids: westcord fashion hotel Amsterdam

The Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam is near the Rembrandtpark and Vondelpark, and the hotel has large luxury rooms with a bath for families. We had booked the Junior Suite here and were very satisfied with this room. By car you can get to the hotel from the highway and you can park your car at the hotel. In addition, there is an excellent playground right outside the door, which allowed our daughter to play at the end of the day.

The hotel also has a café, restaurant/bar (Mme Coco) and sky bar (SKYY Bar) where you can grab a bite to eat and drink. There is also a wellness (WellCome Wellness) at the hotel with a pool, where you can have a swim with your kids at the end of the day. In our opinion, highly recommended if you are visiting Amsterdam with kids.

If you want more information about this hotel check here.

For a comprehensive review of this hotel click here.

Amsterdam with kids: Olympic Hotel Amsterdam

We stayed at Olympic Hotel Amsterdam in the May vacation during a city trip to Amsterdam with the family and we found it a very nice hotel.

The hotel is practically against the Olympic stadium and you can get to the hotel from the highway in no time. The rooms are modern and have beautiful views of the surroundings. In addition, you can enjoy good food and drinks in the restaurant and café located near the hotel.

A big plus of the hotel are the hot tubs the hotel has with stunning views of the Amsterdam area. We loved relaxing with the family in one of the hotel’s hot tubs after a day in Amsterdam.

If you want more information about this hotel, take a look here.

If you want to visit Amsterdam with kids then this hotel is definitely recommended! For a comprehensive review of this hotel check here.

Olympic Hotel Amsterdam with kids

Amsterdam with kids: Bank Mansion Boutique hotel

We stayed at Banks Mansion Boutique hotel during a weekend in Amsterdam and really liked it.

The hotel uses the All-Inclusive concept, where all drinks and snacks are included in the room rate. So we spent the entire afternoon having drinks in the lobby and playing various games with our daughter.

In addition, the rooms are tremendously luxurious and have very nice elements. The minibar is also included in the rooms and there are even bottles of spirits. We also really liked the bathroom with a spacious bathtub and wonderful rain shower.

Located right in the center of Amsterdam, the hotel is a very good option if you are going to Amsterdam for a weekend with kids. In any case, we enjoyed this place immensely.

If you want more information about this hotel, take a look here.

For a detailed account of our overnight stay at this hotel check here.

Amsterdam with kids: Volkshotel Amsterdam

We really liked the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. This is a hotel where there is a tremendous casual atmosphere. Downstairs, our daughter played in the cafe and in the game room for hours with all kinds of toys!

The hotel feels like a hostel in terms of atmosphere but the facilities are so good that it lives up to the name hotel. Upstairs, we had delicious evening and morning meals with a beautiful view of the city!

They also have some hot tubs on the roof and a sauna with a fantastic view of Amsterdam, where you can relax after a full day of visiting the city. We really recommend this super hospitable hotel in Amsterdam with kids and would book it again! We really enjoyed all the facilities that this hip hotel has!

If you want more information about this hotel, take a look here.

For a detailed report on our experience at this hotel click here.

Amsterdam with kids

Amsterdam with kids: Camping zeeburg Amsterdam

To give as diverse a picture as possible of the options in terms of accommodations in Amsterdam with kids, we also spent a night camping. Yes, you heard it right the city also has a campground! In fact, near the center of Amsterdam is Zeeburg Campground.

We were not there at the best time in late October. The day we were there it was storming quite a bit, but we can imagine that it is very nice to stay here in the summer.

The campground rents bikes and in 15 minutes you are in the city center by bike. In addition, it is located along the water and you can rent kayaks, for example. There is also a small beach for camping guests.

If you want more information about the accommodation options at this campground for your city trip to Amsterdam with kids, take a look here.

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