Amiens with kids: top 5 sights!

You can have a great time for a whole day in the city of Amiens with kids. Located in the north of France, between the major cities of Paris and Lille, it can be an ideal stopover for families with kids during a vacation to the south of France. Amiens is not a super big city, but definitely worth visiting. We list the best attractions in Amiens with kids.

Amiens with kids

#1: the historic downtown

During a city break to Amiens, it is definitely recommended to take a stroll through the historic downtown area. In Quartier Saint-Leu there are many old houses and alleys, but today this has become quite a hip neighborhood with several nice restaurants and trendy boutiques.

The main attraction in the city is Amiens Cathedral. This is the largest Gothic church in all of France. A fun activity is to climb the tower of this cathedral with kids and after you climb the 302 steps of the tower, at a height of one hundred meters you will have a beautiful view of the city.

By the way, downtown you have another tower you can climb. The Beffroi d’Amiens is a tower from the 13th century and at this tower you have to climb 100 steps before you can enjoy the view. From mid-June to mid-September, you can go to Amiens to watch the light show (Chroma) and various houses and buildings are illuminated, including Amiens Cathedral.

#2: Amiens Zoo

You can also visit the zoo in Amiens with kids. It’s not a super big zoo, but there are enough animals to keep the family entertained for several hours. For example, the zoo has several large animals such as the tiger, elephant, zebra and different types of monkeys.

You can also have great food and drinks at the zoo, as there is a restaurant at the zoo. You can eat here both inside and outside on the large terrace. You pay a few euros for this zoo and for families with kids they have discounted tickets. Near the zoo are two large parking lots where you can park your car for free.

The zoo is located in the park de la Hotoie, which you can walk to from the city center in about ten minutes. Especially on a fine summer day, you can easily walk from the city through the park to the zoo from downtown. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and different types of animals, take a look at the zoo’s website.

#3: the floating gardens of the city

One of the most famous sights to see in Amiens with kids are the city’s floating gardens (Les Hortillonnages). These are located in the east of the city and cover as much as 300 acres of land. The area is really a tangle of small canals and you can travel dozens of miles by boat here.

You can enjoy boating through the area during the summer months with a boat you rent yourself or with an organized guided boat tour. You also have an outdoor museum of art on part of the islets (The Art, Villes & Paysage festival). You can rent an electric boat here for two hours and view the artworks and gardens from the boat.

Another way to explore this area is on foot or by bicycle. On the other side of the Hortillonnages, you will find several footpaths and bicycle paths, allowing you to visit the different islets this way as well. In short, you have plenty of opportunities around the city to seek out nature with your family. Especially after a long car ride, that can be nice for a while.

#4: Park Samara

You can also go to a theme park in the Amiens area with kids. Park Samara is about a twenty-minute drive from the center of Amiens It is an archaeological park and is educational in nature. The park is great for families with kids, due to the activities you can do all in the park.

Thus, at the park it is possible to learn about sculpting, arrow throwing, painting, pottery making and that, of course, in the atmosphere of antiquity. You can book a tour of the park, after which an English-speaking guide explains about life in earlier times. It’s kind of like a village that you visit, with different houses, where there are different activities to see.

Near the village is also a restaurant where you can have some food and drinks. However, online reviews of the food are very poor. You can easily spend a few hours here in this village. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and a map of the park, check out Park Samara‘s French-language website.

#5: Park Samara Saint Pierre

Parc Saint Pierre, located in the heart of the city, is a beautiful park that has much to offer. The park is especially fun to visit in the summer, when the paddling pool with its fountains is a nice place for young kids. There is also a spacious sandbox for kids to play and build.

It is also possible to eat and drink in the park in Amiens. A kiosk offers drinks and snacks. There are also well-maintained play areas where kids are free to run, play and expend their energy. The park also offers grassy areas and shady spots where you can picnic with kids.

All in all, Parc Saint Pierre is a family-friendly park that is great for spending a few hours with the family!

Where to sleep in Amiens with kids

You can stay in Amiens with kids just fine. There are several hotels with family rooms for families with kids. We list the best options in different price ranges below. Click on the blue link for more information!

Budget hotel: The Originals Boutique Hôtel Amiens Sud

Mid-range hotel: Le Saint Louis

Luxury hotel: The Gem

For the entire list of accommodations in Amiens, take a look here.

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