Amersfoort with kids

Is it fun to visit Amersfoort with kids? Yes it certainly is! The city of Amersfoort may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a family weekend away, but it has enough to do to keep your kids entertained for a weekend. Following several visits to the city, here we list all the activities in Amersfoort with kids for you!

1. Amersfoort Zoo

You can take kids to a super fun animal park in Amersfoort! Dierenpark Amersfoort is an animal park for families with kids and here you can easily spend a whole day having fun with the family! We were there at ten in the morning and left the zoo by closing time.

First of all, you have a huge number of animals to see there! So you have the familiar animals like elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions and lots of different monkeys, but also lesser-known animals like the red panda, prairie dog and the gila monster.

What makes the zoo in Amersfoort really fun is that the zoo really caters to kids. Between the animals’ enclosures, climbing equipment with lots of different slides have been made everywhere. So kids can climb among the bears, they can slide down the slide in the elephants’ enclosure, and they can clamber among the parrots.

There are also paths made everywhere where you have to walk through some kind of tunnels and where you can look into the animals’ enclosures at various holes behind glass. The animals have space in the park and it all looks quite natural. In addition, certain part of the park, as the city of antiquity, are really beautifully built.

There are also several small attractions for kids. For example, there is a little train running through the animal park, there is a carousel, you can drive electric cars and there is a very large playground. In addition, you can also paddle along the animals in a pedal boat for a stretch with your kids.

There is also an entire section in the park dedicated to dinosaurs. Here, too, are several pieces of play equipment for kids standing among the dinosaurs. If you want to see and do everything in the animal park, you can really take a whole day for this.

Throughout the park there is the opportunity to eat and drink. For example, they have several restaurants and eateries. Near restaurant the Farm is also the large playground, allowing parents to eat and drink at their leisure and kids to have fun in the playground after dinner.

If you want more information about the zoo’s opening hours and ticket prices, check out the zoo’s website here.

Amersfoort with kids
Amersfoort with kids

2. National Military Museum

A fun museum to visit in Amersfoort with kids is the National Military Museum. We didn’t really know what to expect from the National Military Museum in Soest (a 15-minute drive from Amersfoort center). We have to say that we don’t have much with guns and war, but this is really nice set up for families with kids.

Throughout the museum there are things for kids to do. There are, of course, lots of different legen vehicles for the kids to see, but on the first floor there is also a whole room where there are all kinds of games and kids can shoot a tank, ride a horse, play drums, beat different dolls with a sword, drive a jet fighter and much more.

The rest of the museum also incorporates some interactive elements in the various rooms, where kids can do things like dismantle a bomb and play soldier. ‘

There is also plenty for kids to do outside the museum. For example, there is an assault course, where kids can clamber and there are two old jeeps for kids to play in. There is also an area where kids can ride along in all kinds of vehicles including a tank, but when we were there it was closed. We found that very unfortunate, since we thought it would be really cool. Also, the small Army electric vehicles were closed when we were there. So check the museum ‘s website carefully in advance to see what is and is not open.

There are also several eateries at this museum where you can get something to eat. We ended up spending an entire morning there, which could have been a lot longer if we could have done the things that were now closed to visitors.

Amersfoort with kids
Amersfoort with kids

3. Pyramid of Austerlitz

A fun activity near Amersfoort with kids is to visit the Pyramid of Austerlitz. You drive to this pyramid from Amersfoort in just over fifteen minutes. You can take kids on several walks here near the Pyramid. You can also climb the Pyramid itself which kids obviously find very fun to do.

Near the pyramid is also a very nice playground. This one is quite large and our daughter had a great time here for a few hours. There is also a large patio at the playground itself, where parents can grab a snack and a drink. We found it a very nice place to have lunch with our daughter. If you go hiking and also visit the playground, count on spending about half a day on this activity!

Amersfoort with kids
Province of Utrecht with kids

Other children’s activities Amersfoort

Of course, we ourselves have not yet done everything in Amersfoort either. Below we give some more tips that you can further undertake in Amersfoort with kids if you are going to this city for more than a weekend:

#4 Mondrian House: museum and birthplace of Piet Mondrian the painter. The museum hosts several activities for kids. These include creative workshops, a scavenger hunt through the museum and a do-it-yourself workshop, where kids can get to work themselves. If you want to go on an educational activity in Amersfoort with kids, this is a great option.

#5 The traffic garden: in a shed, kids can ride all kinds of bicycles on a kind of course. This traffic garden is open Wednesdays and Sundays and is run by volunteers. Admission is free.

#6 Tour boat: you can also take a tour of Amersfoort’s canals with kids. There are themed boats, including one for kids.

#7 Tourist Train: you can hardly believe it, but there is even a tourist train running through the city. We always find that a fun way to explore a city with our daughter.

#8 Escape Town Amersfoort: In this center they have no less than three different escaperooms. The escaperooms are for families with older kids. The escaperoom Wizard School is for kids ages 8 and up. This escaperoom is all about Harry Potter.

#9 Soesterduinen Nature Reserve: less than a ten-minute drive from Amersfoort Zoo are the Soesterduinen. There are several routes here, such as 3.5 and 5 km, which are great to walk with kids. You must then follow the colored posts. You will be on the road for a little over an hour.

#10 JumpXl Amersfoort: You can also go to a trampoline park in Amersoort with kids. Our daughter finds JumpXl’s parks that can be found throughout the Netherlands super fun and you pay by the hour at JumpXl. We usually book an hour of jumping for our daughter and this is always more than enough. This is a children’s activity in Amersfoort suitable for slightly older kids ages seven/eight and up.

#11 SuperFun: at this center you can do multiple activities with kids in Amersfoort. These are all children’s activities in Amersfoort that are indoors, making this a great place to go even on a rainy day in Amersfoort. At SuperFun in Amersfoort you can go gaming with kids, bowling and play an escaperoom with the family. In addition, you have a height course here for kids taller than 1.40 meters. In this height course, kids cross 13 times at a height of 6 meters with a variety of obstacles.

#12 VR Room Amersfoort: If you are visiting Amersfoort with kids ages 13 and up, this is a really cool activity to do with the family. At VR Room Amersfoort, you can play various escaperoom games through VR glasses. You can park for free at this location and afterwards you can have something to eat at VR Room Amersfoort’s restaurant. In total, you can play ten different escape rooms in Amersfoort with several people.

#13 Sloepje Huren: If you are visiting Amersfoort with kids in the summer, it can be fun to rent a sloop with the family and have a nice sail on the water. This is possible in the Vathorst neighborhood of Amersfoort, and you have several electric boats here that you can rent for an hour with the family. The advantage is that you do not need a boating license for the boats and because the boats are electric these boats also barely make any noise. This allows you to enjoy the summer months on the water in Amersfoort with the family.

#14 Bouldering Amersfoort: This is an increasingly popular activity among kids and in Amersfoort you have a bouldering gym, where you can do this activity with the family.

#15 Escape Town Amersfoort: You have three different escaperooms at this center in Amersfoort, where you can play an escaperoom with kids as young as eight. The other two escaperooms are suitable for kids 14 and older.

#16 Kunsthal Kade: You can also visit a modern art museum in Amersfoort with kids. Of course, your kids must love this, but at least kids up to 18 years old have free admission to the museum. Kids ages six through 10 can participate in a children’s tour of the museum. The museum also hosts workshops for kids ages six to 12.

#17 Nature playground park Schothorst: You can also go to a nature playground in Amersfoort with kids. This natural playground is located in the north of Amersfoort and you have all kinds of natural play equipment here. In the summer months, kids can also mess around with water here at the nature playground’s water pump.

Indoor playground Amersfoort

You have a number of indoor playgrounds in Amersfoort, where you can go if the weather is a little less than perfect during your city break to Amersfoort with kids. We list below all the indoor playgrounds in Amersfoort.

#18 Monkey Town Amersfoort: You can take kids to no less than two different indoor playgrounds of Monkey Town in Amersfoort. Monkey Town Amersfoort is located in the west of the city and has enough play equipment for the kids to have a great time for a few hours.

We always enjoy visiting Monkey Town’s indoor playgrounds. You only pay admission for the kids, you can park your car for free in front of the door, and as parents you can sit there and have some food and drinks while the kids are playing.

#19 Monkey Town Amersfoort Noord: This indoor playground in Amersfoort is located in the north of the city and actually has exactly the same setup as Monkey Town Amersfoort. Again, you have free parking right out front, you only pay for kids, and you have great seating. And here, too, they have enough trampolines and playground equipment to keep you entertained for a few hours in Amersfoort with kids,

#20 Indoor Playground Pleasure in Soesterberg: this indoor playground is a 15-minute drive from the center of Amersfoort and this indoor playground is a bit smaller than the other two indoor playgrounds in Amersfoort, though. Again, you can park your car in front of the door for free and the entrance for kids is still a lot lower than the other two indoor playgrounds in Amersfoort.

Children’s activities in the Amersfoort region

You can also do fun things in the Amersfoort area with kids. We list some children’s activities from the region, where you need to drive no more than half an hour by car from downtown Amersfoort.

#21 Media Museum: A 24-minute drive from Amersfoort is the new Sound and Vision museum in Hilversum. This media museum is the most interactive media museum in the world, and you can download an app before entering the museum and put your kids’ profiles in it. This app guides kids along the way in the museum. There are five different zones in this museum and they are the zones: share, sell, play, inform and tell.

#22 City of Utrecht: you can of course very easily go from Amersfoort with kids to the city of Utrecht for a day. By car you can get there in 25 minutes and by train you can even get there in thirteen minutes. Utrecht has lots of fun activities you can do with kids. We already wrote about this family-friendly city in the blog Utrecht with kids, in which we listed all the children’s activities. Certainly some family-friendly museums such as the Railway Museum and the Miffy Museum are great fun to visit with kids.

#23 Klimbos Ermelo: You can also go climbing in the Amersfoort area with kids. Klimbos Ermelo is exactly a half-hour drive from Amersfoort and you have nine different courses here, where kids as young as 1 meter tall can come and climb. You can come and climb up to a height of 12 meters here with kids.

Family-friendly restaurant Amersfoort

You have a number of family-friendly restaurants in Amersfoort, where it is fun to have lunch or dinner. We list some of these family-friendly restaurants in Amersfoort below.

Zandvoort aan de Eem: This is a very nice family-friendly restaurant in Amersfoort located near the city beach of Amersfoort. Kids can play in the sand or at the large playground at this city beach. There is also a water pump at this urban beach. They have plenty of tasty things for kids here on the kids’ menu like poffertjes or a sandwich. You can also book a High Limonade with your kids here at this family-friendly restaurant in Amersfoort.

Corazon Coffee: this family-friendly restaurant in Amersfoort is located right in the center of the city, and kids can play in this restaurant’s play loft. You can enjoy a sandwich here at noon or a piece of cake with your kids. This restaurant also has a children’s menu with different sandwiches, a pizza or a fruit platter.

Kroast: this trendy family-friendly restaurant in Amersfoort serves both lunch and dinner and also has a play corner, where kids can play games, do crafts and read a book. Also, the restaurant has a section on the menu with kid favorites such as pancakes, a kid snack board and a burger they can build themselves.

Zuid: Restaurant Zuid is also a great place to eat in Amersfoort with kids. This restaurant also has both indoor and outdoor play facilities. Outside, children can play on various playground equipment and inside are coloring pages, which kids can have fun with.

Dikke Dirck: They also have a play corner at this family-friendly restaurant in Amersfoort where the kids can have fun. The interior of this restaurant is also very special and very colorful.

Amersfoort with kids
Amersfoort with kids

Family-friendly hotel Amersfoort

Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Amersfoort, the Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort is a good option. We stayed here when we were on a weekend trip to Amersfoort and you can park your car in front of the hotel for free. We had booked a comfort double room here, to which the hotel added a bed for our daughter, but you can also book a family room for four at this hotel in Amersfoort with kids.

The hotel has a play area for kids downstairs, and the hotel also has a restaurant where you can eat three times a day. We ourselves dined here and also had breakfast in the morning. This was all very tasty at this hotel, so it is definitely a good option to visit if you are taking a city trip to Amersfoort with kids. We wrote about the hotel the blog Fletcher hotel Amersfoort with kids.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Amersfoort
Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort

You can stay at two other accommodations in Amersfoort with kids. We list them below.

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Het Witte Huis: This is another Fletcher hotel that offers family rooms for families with kids. These family rooms are 28m2 in size and have a double bed and two twin beds for the kids. For more information about Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant The White House, take a look here.

Hotel Randenbroek: this family-friendly hotel in Amersfoort also offers family rooms for families of four. This hotel is rated 9 overall by families with kids. For more information about Hotel Randenbroek, take a look here.

There are also a number of B&B in Amersfoort that you can visit. The Reisjager website lists three nice B&Bs in Amersfoort.

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